The Underdog, Little Mac

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Snafu the Great

They said he was too small.

They say he woudn't hack it in the world of professional boxing.

What could a 17-year-old nobody from some back street in the Bronx do in the ring?

Go for broke.

Little Mac is the underdog's favorite son. He has fought the likes of Piston Honda and Great Tiger on the NES Punch-Out!! and has also taken on heavy hitters such as Mr. Sandman, Bald Bull and Super Machoman.

And who can forget Mike Tyson, Mr. Dream and the Bruiser Brothers?

For that, we respect him.

Stand up, for Little Mac is passing.

And next, Little Mac's gonna be knocking out the likes of Mario, Link, Sonic, Snake, Fox, and many more, even if he is just an assist trophy.

Little Mac is back.

Akuma Killer
Lil Mac is my ace, yo.

He may be small but he can and will "knock you the f**k out" if you test'im.

Snafu the Great

Nintendo's resident underdog is back in an all-new Punch-Out!! and he is taking a shot at all of the titles! Bald Bull, Sandman, Super Macho Man, watch your backs!


Now the Champion of the Ring is knocking out the Smash Bros. competition as a playable character.

New Smash Bros. main!

Cool picture here.

All versions of Little Mac together.


Little Mac knocking out his opponents. He even knocks the extremely heavy King Hippo out of the ring (this is for certain people here who question his punching power).

A shame he cant take a shot from Tyson. That game drove me crazy when I got to Tyson. One hit and Mac goes down. Up, Mac gets hit again, and down he goes.

I respect him, it takes guts getting up again and again vs Tyson until Mario wisely stop the fight. Yeah I never did beat Tyson.

I did...and I felt lucky every time.

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