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jennifer simpson is the main protagonist of the games clock tower: the first fear (clock tower 1 in japan) and clock tower 1 (clock tower 2 in japan)
from wikipedia - edited slightly

The game immediately begins with the main characters walking towards the Barrows mansion and settling in the main foyer. Mary leaves to find Mr. Barrows, but she takes an unusually long time. Jennifer offers to investigate, and so the player takes control of her. Upon leaving the room, a scream is heard from main foyer.
After investigating she finds herself being stalked by a murderous little boy with deformed features, wielding a huge pair of scissors. This is Bobby Barrows, the Scissorman, who will be Jennifer's stalker and tormentor for the rest of the game.
As the player explores the mansion, it becomes apparent that there is something much more sinister at hand than just a murderous child. If she is knocked out during the game's events, Jennifer wakes up in a cage inside the courtyard shed and finds a haggard old man crouching in the corner of the cage. If Jennifer managed to procure a piece of ham earlier on in the game, she has the option of feeding it to him to avoid becoming his next meal. Once he has eaten, the man introduces himself as Simon Barrows, your supposed adopter. He mentions "the cradle under the star." Lotte rescues Jennifer from the cell afterwards, and shortly afterwards is shot by Mary.

If the above event does not happen, Jennifer can break a weak wall in a storage room and find a small padded room (akin to an asylum cell) with a fully dressed skeleton on the floor. Upon closer inspection of the name-tag on the skeleton's suit, the player finds out that this corpse is that of Jennifer's father, Walter Simpson. Further inspection of a notebook on the floor reveals that Walter Simpson was a doctor, and was called out one day to assist with the birth of the Barrows family twins. Witnessing the birth, he felt there was something extremely odd about the twins and one of them eats his hand. Mary responded by locking him in the room and plastering over the door to prevent his escape. Again, "the cradle under the star" is mentioned, and with his last breath he wrote Jennifer's name.

Searching through the mansion will get Jennifer into a room with two cages, as she turns the lights on, she will find the corpse of a crow on a table next to the door (apparently utilized for rituals), she can set free the one left alive from its cage; at this point Jennifer hopes to find a way out too.

One of the rooms in the mansion appears to be a small Satanic church, complete with altar and pentagram drawn onto the floor. If the player has collected all the necessary items and clues, then Jennifer is able to gain access to the underground catacombs of the mansion, through a trap door in the middle of the pentagram. After descending a long ladder down into a cavern, Jennifer sees a cloaked figure walking ahead of her. She follows it, wearing a disguise to fool the guard dog. Jennifer can find Lotte in her last moments near an altar of candles (if the player is not rescued by her from the cage) if the player explores the cave before entering a large room.

Jennifer enters the room and finds a massive pair of curtains. She lifts one of the corners and gasps, and then runs away in horror. It becomes apparent that this area is the place that was referred to by "the cradle under the star" (the star being the pentagram on the floor of the church, and this room being the cradle). At this point, the curtains are drawn and Bobby's brother Dan is revealed - he is a gigantic, disfigured baby. Dan crawls after Jennifer, shaking the whole cavern, and chases her to a slope. As Jennifer scrambles up the slope, she knocks down a crate of kerosene, which ignites on one of the candles connected to the cavern walls. Dan is blown up, and Jennifer escapes in a lift, heading up to the top of the Clock Tower.

On the ride up, Bobby Barrows jumps on the top of the elevator and uses his massive scissors to cut a hole to enter the elevator. Jennifer manages to stop the elevator, and runs out, Barrows on her very heels. Eventually, she finds herself in the room where the clockwork of the clock tower is stored. There, Barrows catches up with her. Jennifer slowly backs up, and seeing a switch, turns it on. The Clock Tower begins to ring, and Bobby Barrows throws his scissors to the floor, placing his hands to his ears. As the disturbed child paces back and forth, he hits the old wooden railing, sending him toppling over the edge into the gears of the Clock Tower.

Jennifer, glad the nightmare is finally over, walks to her left to find one of the two friends (depending on whom the player saved, if they saved them) unconscious on the planks. As Jennifer gets down to awake her friend, Mary rushes from the right, screaming at Jennifer, screaming "You... You killed my sons!" Jennifer, powerless, watches as in an unexpected turn of events, some crows nesting on the Clock Tower (along with the one you set free on the cage room) begin to swarm Mary, chasing her as she attempts to bat them away, eventually losing her footing and falling into the gears just like her son before her.

Jennifer's friend regains consciousness, and the two girls exit the Clock Tower. The rain begins to stop and dawn breaks as the two stare off into the newly-born day.

Ending S
This ending is unique and the most difficult to obtain. It is almost identical to ending A, however, instead of Jennifer's friend being pushed off the tower by Mary she is lying unconscious on the floor. Mary is thrown off the tower by an enraged flock of crows, one of which Jennifer freed from a cage earlier in the game. Jennifer is then joined by her one surviving friend for the credits. (If Jennifer saw Ann die, then Laura will join her, and vice versa. Lotte can not be saved.) However this ending is not canon.

Ending A
If Jennifer encounters Simon Barrows in the cage, and one of her friends survives, this ending is unlocked. After Bobby falls to his death, the surviving friend runs to Jennifer. Their reunion is cut short when Mary steps out and throws Jennifer's friend off the Clock Tower. Jennifer then defeats Mary as in ending B. But if the player previously freed the crow from its cage then the crow will peck at Mary until she falls off the tower instead of being electrocuted by the generator. This ending is considered canon, according to the events in Clock Tower (Clock Tower 2).

Ending B
Having seen all her friends die, Jennifer goes to the third floor using the elevator. Just before the elevator stops, Bobby attempts to break into it using an overhead vent. Jennifer escapes to the top of the clock tower using a ladder, and activates the clock tower bells, disorienting Bobby enough so that he falls off the top of the tower to his presumed death. Mary arrives, and hysterical at the deaths of her two children, attempts to throttle Jennifer. Jennifer throws Mary into a generator box, electrocuting her. Jennifer is the only survivor. This ending is considered canon, according to the events in Clock Tower (Clock Tower 2).

Ending C
Inside the elevator, Jennifer presses the button for the second floor, and finds Mary in the hall. Having seen her father's corpse, Jennifer talks to Mary before she attacks her with a knife. Mary then calls for Bobby to help her. Jennifer avoids Mary and climbs up a ladder to reach the clock tower. However, Mary grabs Jennifer's leg whilst she is climbing. Jennifer breaks free of Mary's grip and she is flung off the ladder to her death. At the top of the clock tower Jennifer faces Bobby again who is out to avenge his mother and brother, but she activates the clock's bell and the bell chimes disorient Bobby enough so that he falls off the top of the tower to his presumed death. Jennifer is the only survivor. This ending is considered canon, according to the events in Clock Tower (Clock Tower 2).

Ending D
Inside the elevator, Jennifer presses the button for the second floor, and finds Mary in the hall. Having not seen her father's corpse, Jennifer talks to Mary and Mary consoles her, telling her that "everything is alright", at which point Mary stabs Jennifer in the chest with a knife. With her dying breath, Jennifer asks why and Mary stands there with an evil grin.

Ending E
Inside the elevator, Jennifer presses the button for the third floor, and the elevator suddenly halts. Bobby breaks into the elevator through an overhead vent, and the screen fades black.

Ending F
If Jennifer does not see Lotte die, she will continue the game normally until the elevator sequence. Upon entering the elevator, the doors close, Jennifer screams, there is a cutting sound, and blood seeps from under the elevator doors.

Ending G
If Jennifer sees two of her friends die, she will leave in the car, successfully escaping the mansion and returning to the orphanage. A brief text cutscene tells the player Jennifer was found three days later in her room, dead. The cause of Jennifer's death in this ending is unclear; the two most common theories are that she is tracked down and killed by one or more of the Barrows, or that Jennifer committed suicide out of grief over the loss of her friends, and her inability to save them.

Ending H
This ending is the quickest to accomplish, and considered the 'worst'. Jennifer stumbles across an old car in the mansion garage, and finds the key to the car in a nearby crate. At first she is unable to leave behind her friends in the mansion, but eventually she gives in and escapes in the car. In the last cutscene, a pair of scissors can be seen in the front mirror, rising from between the back seats. Jennifer then screams and the screen fades black.

All Endings

has anyone here but me actually played clock tower?? erm

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