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Captain REX

Captain REX
Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"Initiating defensive trial."

The sturdy young boy, at the sound of those words, activates his lightsaber. The blue blade shimmers brightly, even in the white-walled training room that he was now in. The walls are perforated with holes large enough for the training remotes to drift through, which they do shortly after he ignites his lightsaber.

The boy is Sunda Zannashar, from a sturdy stock of people hailing from the mountainous world of Zurtan. From what you've observed so far, Roan, he is a remarkable lad. That's why you chose him, after all. He is an up-and-coming swordsman with a combat instinct even you can admire, for someone so young.

But perhaps his greatest weakness so far is his lacking in patience. This test will see how is developing in that field.

You watch through the transparisteel window as Sunda holds his lightsaber out in front of him. He cannot see; his vision is obscured by a helmet. You can feel him sensing for the remotes, trying to find them in the Force so that he can defend against them.

Yay! Roan again! Sweeeet...

*Come on Sunda, you can do it... Relax...*
Roan mutters under his breath in encouragement of his anxious yet young Padawan.

Captain REX
The remotes float in the air about Sunda, circling him, surrounding him. They hover meditatively, hissing as their repulsor-motors thrust them through the air.

Sunda does not move, anticipating the first attack.

Bzzt! The first remote fires, but Sunda is ready. He twirls his lightsaber behind him, catching the bolt with his blade. It dissipates with a sharp crackle.

He brings his lightsaber around in front of him, angling it to deflect the incoming shots from the next four remotes. His lightsaber hums and snaps with each deflection, the beams disappearing in a brief flare against his elegant weapon.

But the final remote maneuvers behind him, away from the other probes. It zings his shoulder, causing him to gasp sharply from surprise.

The six remotes circle up for another pass as he readies himself, falling into another defensive stance.

Roan takes a sharp intake of breath as the remote hit Sunda. Yet he still remains confident in his abilities.
Anyone else watching with him?

Captain REX
Master Kellan Gundark did drop by earlier to greet Sunda. It has only been a few months since you took Sunda on as your apprentice, and Master Gundark is a valued Jedi, especially after what happened on Zeiton...

But currently, Roan is all by his lonesome.

This time, Sunda is ready for the remotes, prepared for stealth the remotes may try to employ, such as on the last pass. All six bolts that are fired are smacked loudly into his blade and no harm is dealt him.

Roan applauds lightly as his padawan trumps the remotes.

Captain REX
This time, Sunda has grown more confident in the practice. He tries to perform a few flashy twirls in between deflections, though a bolt strikes the ground near his foot. He falls back to the standard routine, striking the bolts as they zip towards him.

About this time, you notice that you have company. An old friend, a human female Jedi Knight named Sky Ninabu. She dons white robes with a light gray cloak, and her fair hair is pulled back into attractive braids.

She was assigned to assist you on a mission to the farthest reaches of Republic space about a year ago. Planets on the fringe were funding pirate incursions into Republic space, and the Jedi Order sent you to convince them against this.

The pirates, of course, didn't like this, and your vessel was attacked and badly damaged. Sky offered no solutions, nor did you have any yourself, but you ended up being rescued by none other than Master Gundark and her Jedi team as they raced out into the unknown edges of space to stop Kuylen. The rest is history.

Sky did not continue on with you to Zeiton, of course. She returned to the Republic to report on the pirate mission and Gundark as well.

"Good day, Roan Trilanger," she greets, standing beside you.

Haha, way to bring her back.

"Same to you Sky, it's been quite a while hasn't it. How have you been?" Roan asks.

Captain REX
"Not bad at all," Sky says. "Just returned from a mission. The Council considered our business with the pirates incomplete."

Sunda continues to smack aside bolts; he is doing so rather competently. He really has a knack for this sort of thing. The lightsaber, of all his Jedi training, seems to be his calling. Very direct and physical. The obscurities of the Force seem to alude him, but he will learn.

"I assumed they may, it seemed rather incomplete when we left. As you can see as well, life has been far from dull here. Working with Master Gundark and Marcus has never been boring."

Captain REX
"I have never had the pleasure, I must admit," Sky says, "but I have heard much of them. They possess great wisdom, no doubt. I am sure you may be able to borrow from their wisdom in training your Padawan."

Sunda has fallen back into a comfortable defense, easily deflecting and stopping any bolts coming his direction. The remotes attempt a variety of angles and attack patterns, but he is adapting to each in turn.

"That is true. I do owe quite a bit to Master Gundark. And I am very proud of how Sunda is doing with his training."

Captain REX
"I have no doubt of that," she says, turning her attention to your Padawan as he deflects and deflects and deflects.

It seems that Sunda is becoming bored, however, and cocky now that he has developed his defensive routine against the remotes. While deflecting bolts, Sunda suddenly tries to whip his lightsaber up into one of the remotes. It buzzes out of his reach and stings his arm with a jolt from its weak blasters.

Roan has a sharp intake of breath at the lack of patience from his Padawan.
At Sky's last comment he turns to continue to observe.

Captain REX
Sunda is very quickly becoming frustrated that he cannot whack the remotes with his lightsaber, despite his prowess in evading them. You know that the remotes are going to a higher setting each time he acts against them, but he does not.

Eventually, the test ends. Sunda tries again to swipe at a remote, letting down his guard and focusing too much on his target. His lightsaber bisects the remote, but the other five get him from behind. The bolts sting his thighs and his legs briefly numb. He falls on his face, then thumps his fist into the floor once before getting to his feet.

"Seems he will need to learn patience..." Sky says, crossing her arms.

"Indeed, but that can be worked on."

Captain REX
"Of course."

Sunda emerges from the test room looking down-trodden. He clips his lightsaber onto his belt without looking up at you.

"Somebody must've set the remotes too high," he grumbles. "I don't get it."

"You did very well. You simply need to be more patient with the remotes."

Captain REX
"Patience does not win fights..." Sunda grumbles.

"Patience can prevent fights though. And you never know which fights patience may play a part in."

Captain REX
Sunda nods. "I guess."

"Patience can save lives," Sky contributes. "Even our foes do not necessarily need to die, but to be apprehended. Patience is required to subdue without killing."

Sky Ninabu has long been a promoter of the idea that Jedi should bring as little harm to everyone as possible. While a respect for life is taught by the Order, Sky thinks that it should become the norm for all Jedi to subdue their targets without ending their lives.

She turns to you, Roan. "Actually, I have another reason for coming to see you, friend. The Council has requested your presence."

"Ahh, of course. Very well."
Roan motions towards the door, "Shall we?" Indicating that Sky and Sunda should go first.

Captain REX
Sky accepts your gesture and leads the way, but Sunda is content to stay by your side as you make your way to the Council Chambers. Upon reaching it, you are greeted by good old Trorn, representative and secretary to the Jedi Council.

He is busy jotting something down, but manages to give you a brief wave to go ahead, into the Council Chambers.

I will enter into the Council Chambers.
Is Sky coming with me?

Captain REX
She is.

Today the Jedi Council seems not to have convened. At least, not yet. But you are awaited by the venerable Mace Windu, standing with his back towards you, gazing out into the currently gray and stormy skies of Coruscant. Rain drizzles across the horizon.

"Welcome," Master Windu speaks, keeping his eyes on the cityscape, "Roan Trilanger."

"Thank you Master. What is todays business regarding?"

Captain REX
"Coruscant has received a transmission requesting assistance, specifically for the Order to send one of its Jedi Knights to help with a particularly dangerous terrorist organization. You were requested by name, Roan..."

He turns to you, his expression passive.

" an organization known as CorSec."

Roan breathes in rather sharply at the mention of the name. He silently forces calm upon himself, but when he speaks again, his voice lacks its usual clarity.

"Who was it that requested me?"

Captain REX
"The request was sent by an Officer Vathu," Windu says.

You know the name. Adnan Vathu is a notable veteran and officer within CorSec, a long-time friend to your father.

Windu walks towards you, hands folded behind his back.

"Normally, the Council would have no misgivings on sending you on this mission. But there are a few factors that I wish for you to consider, Roan. If you'll allow me..."

"Of course, although I feel I know those factors already."

Captain REX
"Even so, I feel they should be mentioned. If what you know I do not mention, please feel free to contribute.

"Our first and foremost concern is the political atmosphere on Corellia. It seems that the terrorists that CorSec is dealing with are threatening extreme acts of violence if the government does not accept their terms. They ask for nothing less than seceding from the Republic. But CorSec has not requested the Jedi Order to bring an end to the problem. What they need is protection for their leaders, the Diktat, the Senator, and the Council. Primarily the Diktat. They cannot seek out their enemies if they are being conscious about protection.

"Our second concern is that this mission will bring you into contact with your father. It is unorthodox for a Jedi Knight to have such connections, as you know well. I'm certain it is not an issue with you, Roan, but even so. Should CorSec come into open conflict with these terrorists, your father's life may be at risk. Don't allow it to cloud your judgement. It is part of his position, as it is part of yours.

"Our third concern is for your Padawan. This will be his first assignment in the field as a Padawan Learner, and he will be entering a dangerous climate..."

"I am ready, Master Windu!" Sunda exclaims.

Mace grins slightly. "I have no doubt of this, young one, but there are dangers that may even surpass what prodigious skill you have developed. Every Jedi may be skilled and formidable... but no Jedi is invincible."

Sunda gives a silent nod, slightly embarassed.

"I understand, I will do my best, and will keep my perspective."

Captain REX
"I am confident that you will, Roan," Windu says. "But to help you keep focus and aid with the mission in general, we have decided to pair you up with your old friend, Sky Ninabu. It has been some time since you have worked together. Perhaps it is time again.

"CorSec knows more about the situation than the Jedi Council does. They will provide all necessary information once you make contact with them on Corellia. Your own transportation will suffice, not to mention that I'm sure they will be appreciative of a Corellian Jedi arriving in a Corellian-made vessel.

"Unless you have further questions, you are dismissed to commence your mission."

"Thank you Master"
Roan will bow, and lead Sunda out of the Jedi Council Room.

Captain REX
Windu acknowledges with a slight nod, then returns to the windows.

Sky follows you out. "How exciting!" she says. "I will meet the progenitor of all your quirks and brash heroism..."

"Yea, lets go with that..."
Roan, not wishing to waste any more time will go to his ship.

Captain REX
To the hangars!

"Master, what is Corellia like?" Sunda asks. "Isn't it your homeworld?"

"I have not been to Corellia in a very long time padawan. Not since I joined the Jedi order. It is indeed my homeworld, but it is as foreign to me as any other place in the Galaxy."

Lets go!

Captain REX
"A home that isn't home," Sunda says. He shrugs. "Weird."

Your Corellian freighter (What is it called?) is very quickly prepared for launch. Soon enough, the fuel lines are detached, the engine is powered, the repulsorlifts kick in, and the thrusters roar as you guide the Corellian vessel out of the hangars of the Jedi Temple. Having clearance, you cut through traffic without a second thought and ascend into the skies of Coruscant, up past the skyscrapers and clouds until you break into the void of space.

"To Corellia," Sky says, sitting behind you in a passenger seat. Sunda rides as co-pilot, though he pretty much just stares at the controls.

Spirit of Corellia

"Lets go and see whats the force has in store for us today..."

Captain REX
Sunda and Sky strap themselves in as you push the lever forward. Power surges into the hyperdrive, a brief whoosh erupts from the engines, a flash from the thrusters, the stars streak, and the Spirit of Corellia launches into hyperspace! Coruscant is left far behind... and it takes no time at all to reach your destination.

"Aww," Sunda says. "We're done with lightspeed already?"

Before you, spinning in space, is the Earth-like globe of Corellia, with its vast green continents and blue oceans.

I will hail the starport and make my way in for landing.

Captain REX
The Corellian traffic control happily welcomes you to Coronet, the capital of their world. They express gratitude at the arrival of a Jedi Knight, let alone one native to Corellia, and refer you to their main starport with celebrity clearance! You are assigned to dock directly next to the Senatorial landing bay, a place of honor reserved for planetary ambassadors and the like.

Descending past air traffic and into the night sky of Corellia, you swoop low over the rolling green hills and murky blue lakes that cover the world and approach Coronet. This sparkling jewel of a city, in the days of the Republic, is a colorful spectacle, always ready to receive travelers and offworlders with its pleasant layout and awe-inspiring architecture.

The starport is near the center of the city, close to the massive Executive Building. It is constantly busy as ships come and go...

But you hit a snare in your descent when you reach the starport. As you ready to dock in your appointed bay, a massive fuel tanker suddenly drops past you, cutting you off!

I will veer out of the way, trying to avoid collision.

Captain REX
Your maneuver brings you terribly close to the control tower, but thankfully you are a skilled pilot and there is no collision.

The fuel tanker haphazardly settles down into your docking bay, landing roughly. It seems the pilot isn't very experienced... which is alarming.

"Of all the nerve!" Sky exclaims.

The control tower contacts you a moment later, having had your ship nearly crash into them. "Spirit of Corellia, this is traffic control. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Seems we almost had a bit of a collision, but its all sorted out now, Although we seem to be out of a docking bay, is there anywhere else we may go?"

Captain REX

They offer you a landing site that has just opened up, directly next to the fuel tanker that stole your originally designated position.

Sweet, I will land there.

Captain REX
Nobody snakes your spot this time! The Spirit of Corellia settles down into Docking Bay 03 of the highly sophisticated Coronet Starport. Immediately after landing, liscensed mechanics inform you that free fueling has been extended to all important persons landing at the Starport. Being a Jedi Knight, you qualify. Free fuel!

"I like Corellia already," Sunda comments.

"We should get to CorSec Headquarters," Sky says, keeping focused. "They are waiting for us."

Roan approves of not using council money to fuel his ship. (Yay mooching)

"Then let us. Do you know the route, perchance?"

Captain REX
The starport is all too happy to supply you with a landspeeder to reach your destination.

Well lets get this show on the road!

Captain REX
The provided landspeeder... well, speeds you along through Coronet, the sophisticated capital city of Corellia.

Coronet is the most up-to-date, modernized city in the Republic outside of Coruscant. The Corellian government spares no expense in keeping it that way, and it is relatively easy for them to do so as Coronet is one of very few cities on the world. Preservation laws and the high demand for agricultural goods from Corellia has kept the majority of the land rural. Good for business!

It is not far from the starport that the government complex begins to loom above you. The dark structure is wider than it is high, but even then it is a behemoth of a building.

But you are not headed there. Your destination is CorSec Plaza, headquarters to the dedicated forces of Corellian Security. Hiding in the shadows of the government complex, the Plaza is paved with green bricks and closed in by aged department buildings, equipment warehouses, speeder garages, and prison cells.

All quiet in the Plaza when the landspeeder pulls up to One CorSec Plaza, the central office of the organization.

"So, this is it?" Sunda asks.

"I suppose so. I was just planning on knocking, but if you have any other suggestions please feel free."

Captain REX
Sunda shrugs. "I wonder if I can reach that window..."

"Don't even think about it," Sky replies.

Roan will chuckle as he leads the way into the main building.

Captain REX
You come up to the thick wooden door to knock, but it is opened before you can. A middle-aged man with neatly combed but graying hair stands on the threshold. He is garbed in an orange buttoned dress shirt, a gray vest, gray pants with Corellian bloodstripes running up the seams, and there is a heavy pistol holstered at his belt. He also sports a thick, curled mustache.

"Are you the Jedi we sent for?" he asks.

"I am, This is Sky (whatever her last name is), Sunda, and I am Roan Trilanger."

Captain REX
He gives a curt nod, then steps aside and gestures inwards.

"Welcome to CorSec, Jedi Trilanger," he says. "I'm Officer Valru. I work with your father. I can see the resemblance." He looks to Sky and Sunda. "And welcome to you too. We appreciate all the help we can get. Come on in."

"Thank you very much. I'm sorry my briefing was rather quick, could you elaborate on the situation here?"

Captain REX
"I would, but I know someone who would rather do it more," Valru says, leading you farther back into the complex. The place is bustling with activity as CorSec officers rush back and forth, shoving criminals towards the cells, dropping off papers and evidence here and there, consulting with each other, etcetera, etcetera. You wonder if it is always this busy.

Finally, Valru stops in front of a door. A marker reads:

Office of the Commissioner
Officer Gabriel Trilanger

Roan stops and takes a deep breath.
Then he reaches forward and knocks.

Captain REX
There is a moment of silence, then someone calls "Come in," from beyond the door.

I will open the door and enter the office.

Captain REX
The office within would be considered spartan if it were not for the shelves of holo-tapes that line the walls and the desk that sits at the center. Each tape glows a dull green, made pale due to the singular lamp lighting the room from the desk.

Behind the desk sits a man who is undoubtedly Gabriel Trilanger, the head of CorSec and your father. He wears the traditional uniform of the CorSec officer, except his vest is not orange but dark green. His hair has gone gray at the temples but is otherwise thick and dark, as is his goatee. Definitely in better shape than most men his age, as betrayed by the sturdy build of his arms.

He sets down a datapad just as you enter and slides on a pair of spectacles, looking up to you with stern but tired eyes. It takes him a moment, but when he recognizes you, a smile comes to his face.

"Roan Trilanger," he says. "Well met, my boy."

"Thank you, How are you doing?"

Captain REX
"I could say that I'm fine, but I'd be lying," he says, not moving from his seat. "And nothing good comes from lying to a Jedi, no matter how trivial it is. I'm not sick or anything, but I haven't slept a wink this week. You could say you're here to help me with my sleeping problems."

He looks past you, to Sky and Sunda. "Three of you? Excellent. Certainly more than I asked for. Good to know that the Jedi Order still likes us, even after the Purin Scandal last year..."

"Gabe," Officer Valru says, cutting him short.

"Right." Gabe pauses. "Wait, they sent us a kid?" He is looking at Sunda quizzically.

"This is Sunda, he is my padawan learner, and he is as capable as any. And I hope I could help you with the problem...Although I must apologize, I have not been properly briefed, what does seem to be the issue here?"

Captain REX
"Ah, yes. The Chancellor alerted me that the Order had decided to leave briefing up to me, since I know it better than anyone, even the Diktat. I'm grateful for that. So... Roan, do you know any Old Corellian?"

If you had been brought up on Corellia, Roan, you might know it better. As it stands, you have little use for it outside of Corellia, but you might know a bit... but the Language roll says you don't know enough for what Gabe asks next.

"Do you know what the phrase 'Uhl Chirq Uldyr' means?"

"Unfortunately, I do not."
(and if you can't tell Roan is really awkward abou calling this man father.)

Captain REX
It is difficult for a Jedi such as yourself to have any connection to their family, whether they have met them or not. You have never looked up to his man or learned from him. It would be more likely for you to call your Master 'the father you never had.'

"It translates to 'The Red Rain,'" he says, matter-of-factly. "Here on Corellia, it has long been associated with crime-related deaths, usually multiple deaths, ranging from cases of serial killing to acts of mass murder to open gang warfare. Currently, the problem we're having on Corellia, especially in Coronet, is the latter.

"Over the millenia that Corellia has been inhabited, there have always been criminal organizations that spring up calling themselves The Red Rain or some equivalent in a variety of languages. The idea is that it is a threatening name and people would let them be. Unfortunately for them, CorSec has always been there to end such open threats.

"However, at the moment, we've got a problem with a criminal cell in Coronet calling itself The Red Rain. They started out small, but somehow they've become much more of a threat to planetary security."

"Interesting, Why is that?"

Captain REX
"For about a month now, they've been issuing open threats to the goverment. Before we would have had a laugh about it, shot someone, made some arrests, and come back to the break room for drinks. But... this is different."

Gabe taps at a keyboard on his desk and a holographic displayer rises from a slot on the desktop. The recording he shows you features dozens of armed thugs thrusting assault rifles into the air, vaguely reminscent in garb of Middle Eastern soldiers.

"They may have had a pretty figure in numbers before, but now they're being open about the size of their 'army,' as the media's calling it. Also of concern is where they got all the guns."

"Not normal for street scum to be packing military-grade blasters," Valru cuts in. "And don't forget the assassination attempts, Gabe."

"Yeah, those. We've had four attempts on the Diktat's life in the past week." Gabe brings up a recording of Valru taking the 'bullet' for the Diktat in the shoulder while Gabe himself annihilates the would-be assassin with a well-placed shot through the heart. "That was the most recent."

"Bacta or not," Valru comments, rubbing his shoulder. "It still stings."

"That is getting serious, what can we do to help?"

Captain REX
"We've got something in mind," Gabe says.

He brings up holograms of two people.

The first is a stately, older man. His hair is neatly combed, but unmistakeably white. He wears a emerald green cloak that is pinned to his right shoulder by a jewel-encrusted brooch, covering his left side. Beneath he wears a evening mess uniform, with a dark green vest underneath a white jacket. He resembles Derek Jacobi.

The second is a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length red hair and clear blue eyes. She wears an emerald green sheath dress with a tan denim jacket that stops just below her breasts. She resembles Kate Walsh.

"The first guy is the Corellian Senator, Com Fordox. The second is the Corellian Diktat, Shyla Merricope. Our political leaders."

Gabe brings up the recording the shooting, with Valru getting hit and Gabe destroying the shooter. He zooms in on the figure behind Valru; sure enough, it is Diktat Merricope seeking shelter in the landspeeder that her, Valru, and Gabe were riding in.

"As I said, assassination attempts have been made. Red Rain really wasn't much of a threat before. Mostly petty theft, the occasional robbery or murder, that kind of thing. Laughable stuff, compared to now. Now they're demanding that Corellia secede from the Republic. So far they haven't pulled anything serious... but they're threatening. We've made arrests during their armed marches in the streets, but they usually scatter when we show up.

"The thing is, a lot of our manpower is being dedicated to protecting the Diktat and the Senator. That's where you can help."

"You would like me to help protect the Diktat and Senator?"

Captain REX
"That's the ticket!" Gabe replies. "Leaving our politicians in your care will free up a great deal of CorSec officers to sweep the city for Red Rain."

"The Diktat will stay in the Capital Building," Valru informs you, as Gabe brings up a display of the ominous rectangular structure. "Merricope refuses to abandon her imperiled world. Under your care, she will be safe there."

"What of Senator Fordox?" Sky asks.

"Senator Fordox will seek refuge on Coruscant," Gabe replies.

"And I take it Corsec has taken all the nessesary security measures to ensure there are no bugs or other items in her house..."

(this seems oddly like a star wars book I once read.)

Captain REX
Does it now? Which one?


"You bet," Gabe replies. "The Capital Building is lined with CorSec sensors to detect any foreign systems or intruders not registered with the structure's security computers. Speaking of which, we'll have to get those identification chips implanted..." He shuts down the holographic display on his desk, relaxing in his chair.

"So, think you're up for this, then?" Gabe asks.

"I assure you that the Diktat will be quite safe under our watch," Sky says. "The Force is with us."

"That's excellent news. Now, about those..."

Roan, your danger sense triggers. Something is happening. Something terrible. A sound starts in the distance, but it feels so close, so dangerously close... a high-pitched whine crescendos sharply then is cut off with a loud mechanical whoosh... followed by the roar of a tremendous explosion, followed by more blasts and bursts... and pain. Great pain, Roan. Great pain that leads to darkness. Death.

"Master? What's wrong?" Sunda asks.

You have collapsed, Sky having caught you before you fell.

"I sense it too," Sky says, grimacing.

"Something has happened, Something terrible."
He turns to the Gabe and Valru.
"You must have some sort of mechanism to tell if things have gone wrong. Check it now. I don't often get visions, this has the potential to be terrible>"

Captain REX
It is then that you realize that the alarms have gone off within CorSec Headquarters, a pattern of two low notes.

A young man pushes his way into the office, looking frantic. He is distinguished by his tousled brown hair and his focused expression, but otherwise he is dressed in the uniform of a CorSec officer.

"Uncle, we've got a situation," he says hurriedly.

"What is it, what's going on?" Gabe asks.

"There's been an accident at the starport."

Gabe immediately rises from his desk, his jaw clenched tightly as he grabs his coat and holsters his pistol. "Shit, I knew this would happen..."

Roan motions for the others to get up
"We are coming with you."

Captain REX
Headquarters is bustling with activity as you follow Gabe out into the hallway.

"Details?" Gabe asks.

"Multiple explosions have been witnessed within the starport," the young man reports. "Debris has been flung into the city, buildings have sustained severe damage... hey, are those Jedi?"

Gabe rolls his eyes, then looks to you, Roan. "Roan, this is your cousin, Bren Trilanger. A fine officer, though young and sometimes... spacey..."

Bren gives a brief wave, eyeing you curiously.

"Bren, the report. Give me the report."

"Right. Well, actually, that's it. We can't get in touch with spaceport security or the control tower. Either the comms system is out or they've been incapacitated and/or killed by whatever caused this."

"What about the Senator?"

"No idea, sir."

"I guess we'll find out when we get there..."

"Lets go, What do you have for transport?"

Captain REX
Outside of headquarters, your question is answered. Pulling out of the garages and into the Plaza, a column of landspeeders hover up to meet you, thrust along by a set of twin ion engines. Despite the streamlined ovular shape of the hull, it is very obviously plated in thick armor, painted a pleasant emerald hue. A high-powered repeating rifle is fixed to a magnetic ring that rotates around the gunner seat at the rear.

A driver abdicates his seat for Gabe to take over, while Valru hops into the gunner spot. There is passenger room for three.

Well how convenient.
Lets hop in.

Captain REX
Gabe takes his landspeeder to the lead and jets off towards the starport, back in the direction you came from to reach headquarters. He takes shortcuts, zipping through alleyways with his siren on, red-and-green lights flashing on the sides of the thrusters.

There is a bright glow coming from the direction of the starport.

"Should we call the fire brigade?" Valru asks.

"I'm not sure yet, lets get closer first."

Captain REX
The landspeeders come within sight of the starport. A section of the starport has become a towering inferno!

It only takes you a moment to realize that this is the section of the starport that your vessel was ordered to land.

"The Force! We must figure this out!"

Captain REX
Gabe aims his landspeeder toward the docking bay two down from your own, on the other side of where the fuel tanker used to be and a blazing inferno now is. The blast doors have sealed themselves in an attempt to contain the fire.

"Make me an entrance," Gabe asks.

"With pleasure," Valru replies. Arming his gun, he unleashes a brief volley on the blast door that tears straight through it. "Done."

Gabe drives the landspeeder through the entrance and into the docking bay. It is empty, but evidence suggests that it has only just become so. Enormous gashes across the ground lead towards the wall dividing this docking bay with the next. Said wall is completely fractured, with a gap that exposes the next docking bay. Nothing but fire can be seen.

"Shit," Gabe says, running a hand through his hair. "This is terrible."

"Who's ship was here?" Sunda asks, gazing blankly at the gashes in the ground.

Gabe sighs. "Senator Fordox's."

"Oh no! What can we do?"

Captain REX
CorSec speeders are entering the ruined docking bay now.

"What should we do?" Gabe asks you. "You're the Jedi here."

Valru moves off to call the fire brigade.

"Well, this needs to be under control. But immediately we need to see to the security of the Diktat, Whatever she has now, double it. If they are so bold as to strike at the senator, they may try something against her. We also need to see if the Senator was actually onboard during this explosion, along with what caused it. What kind of explosive and how it was planted."

Captain REX
Something tells you that this was no bomb... but Gabe nods in agreement.

"Sweep the area," Gabe orders. He then speaks into his comms, acting on your decision to double the Diktat's security for the moment.

The CorSec officers begin fanning out, drawing their pistols all together in fluid motion. Their pistols are standard-issue heavy pistols resembling revolvers. Sky joins them, pulling her lightsaber from her belt but keeping it unlit.

Sunda stays by your side, not sure what to do.

I will scan the room, to see if anything sticks out to me, that may warrant further investigation.

Captain REX
There is something odd about the gashes in the floor of the hangar. You could explain the shattered walls and the fire with the bomb explanation, but these gashes look like something was dragged across the floor.

Also, you notice something on the floor. A small silvery object, glinting in the glow of the fire.

I will point that out to Sunda and then go over and take a look.

Captain REX
The object is very tiny, fitting in the palm of your hand. It is a device of some sort; there is a connecting port on one side. It possesses a single button and a lens.

I will ask Sunda what he thinks of it.

Captain REX
It does not appear to be.

"I say just push the button," Sunda says. "I mean, you would be able to sense if it was dangerous... right?"

Well I'll just push it then.

Captain REX
The lens glows briefly, then emits a holographic display an inch away from the object. It appears to have a screen and a keyboard within the hologram.

"Interesting. Lets see what this does now."
I will try to access the data on the device.

Captain REX
It seems to be encrypted, but you have no doubt about what it is.

This is the programmer piece to a computer spike. They are used to break into secure computerized systems.

Like the one onboard an important person's ship, possibly?

Captain REX
Possibly. You are not sure what they used the computer spike for, though. You aren't having any luck breaking into the thing.

Well I will pocket it, with the intent of getting someone who can use it better
(i.e. one with a better computer skill.)

Captain REX
"Maybe your father would know how to work it?" Sunda suggests.

Gabe is busy trying to hail the security team of CorSec officers that had been attached to Senator Fordox's party. He is unsuccessful.

I will go over to him.
"Hows the situation?"

Captain REX
Gabe sighs, pressing both hands against one of the landspeeders and leaning against it.

"We've lost the Senator," Gabe says. "Now we just need to figure out what happened." He stands, raising his comlink to his mouth again. "Control Tower, this is Officer Gabe Trilanger, do you read me?"


"Officer Trilanger to Control, do you copy? Over."


"Hmm." He taps his comlink, then looks up toward the tower. "Control Tower, can you hear me?"


"Well, thats not good. Lets go!"
Roan moves towards the control tower.

Captain REX
It is roughly at this point that your danger sense goes off, lessening as you move away from the landspeeder...

All bad!

"Get away from the speeder! Go now!" Roan will grab Sunda and run.

Captain REX
Nobody needs a second prompting to move when a Jedi shouts danger. Gabe and a few other officers dive clear just as a proton rocket collides with the speeder. It goes up in flames, scattering its flaming parts across the area.

"What the hell was that?!" Gabe shouts.

"We're under attack," Sky responds, igniting her lightsaber.

The proton rocket came from above.

I want to look for where the proton torpedo came from.
The control tower?
"Spread out! Lets not make a nice easy target! Move towards the tower!"

Captain REX
Yes, the control tower. Glancing up at it, you notice that it has tilted slightly to one side. The explosions must have damaged the structure.

Sniper fire has erupted from the highest windows, and a second proton rocket comes whistling down at the next speeder. It misses, only damaging the speeder, but it catches an officer in the blast.

Gabe takes shelter in the doorway that leads into the main service area and motions for you to join him.

I'll go over to where he is.

Captain REX
He leans out of the doorway to glance up at the tower, then brings his attention back to you.

"Roan, I'm sending you into the tower," Gabe says. "I need to get my men out of here, and frankly? The control tower looks... unstable. You've got your nifty Jedi senses, you'll get up there just fine. But..."

His eyes shift to Sunda.

"Leave the kid. We don't know what we're dealing with right now. It's too dangerous for him."

Sunda looks to you with a glare of protest.

"No, I agree. I have no idea what is in there. Besides, I need you to do something else."
I flip him the Key-code thing.
"I need you and Sky to figure out what this is all about, what is was used for, and more importantly who. This could be the key to the whole thing."

Captain REX
Sunda sighs and takes the device.

"Alright," he groans. He tucks the device into his robes, then reaches for his lightsaber as he heads off with the retreating landspeeders under Valru.

Sky is busy defending the CorSec officers that remain from sniper fire, using her skills as a Bodyguard to deflect incoming shots away from them.

"Get going, son," Gabe says, leaving the doorway and moving back out into the open, pistol raised toward the tower.

"Lets go."
I will move with Gabe.

Captain REX
Gabe would go with you, but he is worried that without Jedi senses the control tower could be much more dangerous for him than for you. You can sense which places to avoid in the damaged structure. He can't.

You move out of the Senator's hangar. Gunfire echoes off the wall of the inner service area. The section where the fuel tanker used to be has burst outwards and, as Gabe predicted, damaged the tower with debris and burning fuel.

The doorway to the control tower is dead ahead.

Roan distruction, all by himself...
I will open the door, but not be right infront of it, or to close.

Captain REX
It appears to have been jammed in the now-crooked doorframe.

Well I have a lightsaber for something.
Lets slice that ***** open.

Captain REX
Needless to say, your lightsaber makes short work of the jammed door. It falls inward and you step through.

The control tower has multiple floors, each of which can either be accessed by lift or by stairs. The lift seems to be out of service, but the stairs are mostly intact, spiraling around the inner walls of the place.

Thick smoke hangs in the air, from the outside fires.

Sounds good.
Lets go up.

Captain REX
The stairs, as stated, are mostly intact. Every few steps your senses flare and alert you to the danger. You are able to avoid any fatal footfalls so long as you concentrate.

On the third level, however, something breaks your concentration. There is a dark figure standing amongst the computer banks.

I will try to stay hidden, and shout out to him.

Captain REX
Despite your inexperience with Intrusion, it seems this one isn't much of a lookout. With the smoke and dim lighting, you are able to hide yourself behind a computer bank before you shout out.

When you do, he jumps and spins in the direction of the sound. He is packing a heavy assault rifle, a non-Corellian design.

"Who's there?"

"Someone you do not want to tangle with. Now put down your weapon and we'll talk."
If he moves towards me, I want to use the force to knock something over opposite of me.

Captain REX
"Come out from there!" he says, raising his blaster in your direction. When you knock over a small table off to his right, he turns in that direction and advances on it. "I'm warning you, I'm not someone you mess with..."

Then I will close with him.
Still trying to stay out of sight.

Captain REX
He attempts to stalk you through the computer banks, though of course in the completely wrong direction. It has him puzzled, but no less itching to pull that trigger.

I want to be within easy striking distance of him.
When I am, I will ignite my Lightsaber and repeat "I SAID put down your weapon."

Captain REX
Getting closer to him is another Intrusion roll... which you fail, making sound as you shuffle a bundle of wires at your feet. This spooks him and he turns around quickly to bring his assault blaster to bear... but your lightsaber ignites with a snap-hiss and emits its green glow as the blade extends to full length right in front of his face.

He does not drop the weapon, but he doesn't aim it at you.

"Who are you?!" he asks, in a hushed tone.

"Your worst fear, A Jedi."
"Now unless you would like to lose the arm, put down the weapon."

Captain REX
You are not much of an intimidator, Roan, but with your lightsaber to him, he doesn't need a second warning. He lets his weapon drop and raises his hands into the air in surrender.

"What do you want with me?" he asks.

"Just some information, have a seat."
Just for effect, I will pull a chair up for him, with the force.

Captain REX
He sits down in the chair, lowering his hands.

"You don't know what you're getting into, Jedi," he starts. "You're not from around here. You have no idea."

"What am I getting into? Do you think a group of terrorists frightens me?"

Captain REX
Even with your lightsaber threatening to cut him horribly, he cannot help but laugh.

"This goes beyond terrorism," he scoffs. "The Red Rain will bring enlightment and revolution to Corellia, not terror. But the people must be made to see! And the Dark Side will grant us the power to make them see..."

Oh boy, Roan. This is no terrorist sect; this is a cult!

"Ah, now you come to the heart, the Dark Side. Tell me, who is behind your organization? Who is filling you with the notions of the dark side."

Captain REX
"Wouldn't you like to know," he snarls. "I want a lawyer! I have my rights, you can't just weedle everything out of me..."

"And you can't shoot at my friends... I really don't think you have much to bargain with here buddy."

Captain REX
"Well, what are you going to do now?" he asks.

Your comlink beeps, Roan.

I will answer it.

Captain REX
"Roan, what's taking so long?" Gabe asks. "I've got three men down, I need those gunmen apprehended!"