Who has the guts to flat-out wanna be in PotC Movies?

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talk @ getting thin and sex y

any way

well, that's good bc that's what i do, actually that's kind of inconventient in life, anyway i eat and its not bc of a burning stomach

i found this forum by searching for auditions which i wasnt going to attend

i didnt find anymore yet

People, remember this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG topic!

Want to waste away ur days in a POTC movie or elsewhere? No gettin' drunk, dorks.

Don't fluster too fastly to "privilege." I mean, would you just get upset at something? It's "kindovimpotant."

Aw.... Got to hit the gym..

I turned purple and blue and darkish red yesterday. I was so thin like esp in the face.

There needs to be another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They wanted Violet's real eyes bc it was cool how they weren't blue (that's what I say, I don't remember if I actually heard..) but I can really turn purple.. Yea, but not for theatres..

So, now, I can turn purple, which means blue and red, too. Yes, blue is harder, so yea, I can turn "blue".. (da ba da dee dee da ba di.... o so it's "da ba dee da ba die" maybe)

I can turn purple w/o messing my eyes up, it's looking more serious I turn blue. Something I do all the time now. Really, not like a fat veined guy, in a good way that makes life worth it. I said my head's always heated, I randomly always can be blue and purple and dark red.. and thick white.. yea, I'm bored, so I got what I wanted....

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