aNt I sPaRrAbEtH

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Sparrabeth = Myth That Jack & Elizabeth are Bi-age-ly "Attracted"

however you may put it

so like dive in already~!



-I think they are bi-agely attracted, though.
-Basically, there is a point when things really aren't okay.
-I guess the relationship just didn't fit par. Need a different "Elizabeth" (not the @ the actor, "if you know what I mean."wink


Too many big pictures!!!!! It's hard on the eyes!!!!!

Tramps Lady
to be fairly honest, i am getting sick of all these posts christina...

i'd like them more if they werent such big pictures, if you made a bit more sense, and if you could wait until someone actually replied to you instead of replyingto yourself.

I'm in Australia, so not everyones on at the same time as me, so i just have to do something else while i wait for people to reply.

Otherwise, i just think your just a lonely person with too much time on your hands....not to be offensive..

Well, that's offensive. Too much time on my hands? You're sick.

You guys need to shut up just spending your time acting like I'm stupid and don't know what I'm doing.

What if I fairly honestly didn't care much for yourself at all, I wouldn't just spray it.

Someone might mail me @ spamming just bc ppl keep insulting my contributions. My post is perfect for PotC bc unlike yours it's on topic.

You swayed from answering what this forum was about.

You're not doing anything on here, why don't you just leave yourself. I'm not beginning to like this place.

What @ Australia?

Most ppl like pictures. You're just crazy.

So what. Now I can care less @ ppl wishing they would be more involved in things like movies.

christnabarrett those are really big pictures, for a poll too. Please try to post something a bit smaller. Also, there is no need need to double, or in your case triple post. You can always edit your post before 15 minutes are up.

I'm not sure what the pictures in your second and third post are related to POTC.

Lastly, please do not engage in member bashing (calling member names). That's offensive.

Therefore I'm going to close this thread. We have others like it already.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.