Favorite Child Actor (in PotC-123+)

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Probably the BIGGEST topic! in the wirrrrrrld!

Cabin Boy looks good from this pic..

I don't think I remember catching Young British Girl.

I like Lizzies son. he's cute smile The pictures are really big though. Maybe next time you could make them smaller ? smile

But if an actor looks good .. a big picture tells you whether or not that was even true at all. stick out tongue

No, not really. stick out tongue

But William Turner II (Bootstrap's son, Elizabeth's husband) as a young boy makes me want to throw up bc of stuff like his freckle/mole mark.

The small pic looks disgusting but kind of pretty, even completely attracting.

On the other hand, sometimes a large pic makes it way sexy, like the boy from Ft. Lauderdale (Cabin Boy.)

sigh.. Ppl up north can look like that, too. Why, they can go outdoors all the time.

I think only the last 2 were ready. They could be real stars.

The others are just having fun, or not, actually..

It gives you the impession these others just got lucky. Anyone can make it now if they were really good.
Unless ppl don't want good stars, but who cares. Just, worry @ getting killed or tortured.
Which would defeat the entire purpose actually.

I wonder if it was a big circus of meeting Johnny Depp.
And if they got to meet Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and the other supporting characters.

As far as those connections go, I lost all mine. sad ::sobs::
I guess if you meet someone cool, if they like you, your next connection, if, should be good.
I never do anything with anyone. I so badly wanted friends and family.
But I have no one, and I am quite enraged.
I like long walks in Key West. I like challenging days on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.
I'd like to travel to Miami.
I just don't know. Ppl say maybe I don't have proper upbringing but that I am perfect.
It's plain torture.
My env. is always plain torture. I have no escape. I am not allowed to think. ::loud noise::
I just want that escape, so, you know, what happens, when this happens.

And I just want an escape, not, something else.
And the problem is ppl like to hang out w/ ppl who hurt them.. ::thinking:: sad

When ppl talk @this, it is a diff topic. Completely, though. They are goin for the wrong escapa.

The bloopers did disturb me. They made the world twice as worse w/ this.
I don't recall seeing the kids there.

I can tell already it wasn't a popular topic. But I think it's a big one no matter what, and I like it.
I should be a casting agent, of some sort, then.
O, you're from up north. You think I am s*** bc I am not like you and have no right or reason to say that to anyone in the world.
But, no, this person is not a person who thinks looks is not as imp. bc you are not an actor, so maybe that's why.
Maybe that is why this person seems to have failed at everything. (=dictionary)
But I think that the definition of an actor is not that you are the best actor bc anyone has the right to feel that just bc they want to,
even if they are not 1.
And then ppl forget it isn't right to just get mad at someone for going to the movies! And acting like you are better bc you are.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.