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Writer Lois Lowry, author of "The Giver," semi-confirmed that David Yates will be directing the final Harry Potter film. She wanted Yates to direct "The Giver" after he was finished, but, as she put on her page,

"...he has just decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years."

So... most probably we'll have Yates for DH. big grin

Topacio Fafalla
The Giver..Isn't that the story where the world is Black&White??
xD I love that story...

Confirmations :

David Yates WILL be directing DH, which will be split into two parts. The first part will be released in November of 2010, and the second part will be released in May of 2011.

"Producer David Heyman said the decision was made with some anxiety and only after considerable deliberations. The producer joked that "while my wife and Warner Brothers were pleased" to hear that the Potter movie magic will continue into the next decade, he himself fretted that the cynical observers would see the decision as a purely mercenary move.

"I swear to you it was born out of purely creative reasons," Heyman said during an interview in a converted airplane factory outside London that has been home base to all of the "Potter" productions. "Unlike every other book, you cannot remove elements of this book. You can remove scenes of Ron playing quidditch from the fifth book, and you can remove Hermione and S.P.E.W. and those subplots . . . but with the seventh, that can't be done."

Heyman said he approached Rowling with some trepidation about the strategy but found that she signed off on its logic rather quickly. "I went to Jo and she was cool with it," Heyman said, "and that was quite a relief.""

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Helen McRory (Narcissa Malfoy, movie goers might might recognize her as "Mrs. Tony Blair" from The Queen) is to reprise her role in Deathly Hallows.

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