AWE: The Musical

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This was brainstormed from the off-topic thread, I think. Since AWE starts with a song, let's continue this operetta shall we?

(A Piece of 8 hypnotically falls to the ground with a single clink. We cut to a boy and several adults being led to the gallows in chains. A stool is placed underneath the boy's rope for him to stand on.)

Soldier: (singing) One boy/one special boy/one boy to go with/and talk with/and walk with.

Beckett: (spoken) Stop singing!

Boy: (gazes at his Piece of 8 and begins to sing) One boy/One certain boy/One boy to laugh with/To jump with/Have Coke with/One boy/Not two or three.

Adult captives: (singing) One day you'll find out/This is what life is all about/You'll need someone who/Is living just for you

Boy: (solo) One boy/one special boy...

(We see the stool kicked away, implying all have been hanged)

Soldier: (spoken) Sir, the prisoners...were singing!

Beckett: Excellent. (sings) One day, Jack/One day we'll be together once more/Some day, Jack/all will know what taking over the world is for/One day... (tosses a Piece of 8 into the air)

Someone else's turn!

Young-Looking Adult in Crowd: One day, that's the way it should b e e.

That's the way it should...

lol willo! Thanks for starting the thread I'll have my post ready in just a minute...

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Elizabeth: Row, row, row the boat
Gently down the stream
If you see a waterfall
Don't forget to scream (bit of for shadowing here huh guys?)
Row, row, row the boat
Gently down the river
If you see a EITC soldier
Don't forget to shiver
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

One day, Jack/One day we'll be together once more/Some day, Jack/all will know what taking over the world is for/One day...

Tai hung: (finishes song)...we'll be together once more!

i'll take another go later on

vision of Elizabeth: ....... -1- ....... guy

1 --- certain --- guy
1 guy to be with me - 4 ever and ever

1 guuuuuuuuuy..
not, 2, or 3 e e

(not even ROFL)

1 day, you'll find out, this is what life is all about.
You'll need someone who iis living just 4 u u
(higher) 1 guy, 1 special boy, one boy to be with me forever and ever.......
(another realm-) 1 guuuuuuuuuuuuuuy, or 2 or 3 e e

vision of Will: or 2 or 3-ee

vision of Elizabeth: or 103

Jack Sparrow, somewhere: You'll need someone who is living just for you.

Elizabeth: Oh....... I don't know... The Phantom of the Opera]

all urs savvy!

Okay I guess I shall have a little go at it until u post savvy!

Tai: Where do you think you're going miss?

Elizabeth: Going to find the man who gave me a kiss!

Tai: Where do you think you're going miss?

Elizabeth: Don't stand in my way...take this! (holds a knife under his throat)

Barbossa: Who painted the apples red? Who painted the apples red?

Elizabeth: Hector it's hardly time for a grand entrance!

Barbossa: There there! Why're you being so high maintenance?

Elizabeth: Seriously Hector! We already got more than two hours of screen time to cover...don't stretch it out.

Barbossa: jeeeeeez! So-rry!

All three: We're off/ we're off!/ we're off to see sao feng/ the powerful pirate lord with cause!

Okay! Some one else go!

Elizabeth: Why is Sao Feng so scary?

Barbossa: He wants every girl to marry./ He's a pirate lord, you know/ Just like me, but sense of humour.

Elizabeth: Knock the door, please.

Barbossa: But it's your turn, miss.

Tai Huang: (knocks the door)

Guard: Hoi, hoi, enter please/ Put your weapons on table/ Remove your clothes, miss

Elizabeth: But I am a lady/ and it's not available/to see the lady's skin/ that would be such a big sin.

I apologize, if it doesn't rhyme, but English isn't my first language

HAHA! I love it are you joking? It doesn't always rhyme in musicals. Love it! I shall have a go.

Elizabeth:in sleep he sang to me,
in dreams he came ...
that voice which calls to me and speaks my name ...

His eyes will find me there,
those eyes that burn

Sao and Elizabeth: The pirate lord of singapore is there! Inside your mind!

Sao: Do you know the eunuch boy? The eunuch boy?

Elizabeth: The eunuch boy?

Sao: The eunuch boy! Do you know the eunuch boy who tried to steal my map?

Elizabeth: I don't know the eunuch boy! The eunuch boy! The eunuch boy! I don't know the eunuch boy who tried to still your map.

Elizabeth: Will!!

Sao: Aha!

barbossa: On no!

Sao: Why do you want my map?

Elizabeth: To find Jack! To find Jack!

Sao: Why do you want to find Jack?

Elizabeth: To bring him back! To bring him back!

Sao: Where does it rain?

Elizabeth: In the plane! In the plane!

Sao: Where's the plane?

Elizabeth: In spain! In spain!

Enough! You sent a spy?

Barbossa: He's not ours!

Sao: He's not ours!

Will: Oh god!

Sao: The british are coming! The british are coming!

Will: What can I do to win you back?

Elizabeth: Find Jack! Find Jack!

Will: And what when we find Jack?

Elizabeth: Bring him back! Bring him back!

Will: Always Jack! Always Jack!

Elizabeth: The sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom piece of eight that tomorrow we'll find Jack!
Tomorrow! I love you're only a day away!

One boy/One certain boy/One boy to laugh with/To jump with/Have Coke with/One boy/Not two or three.

Barbossa: (enters stage left, singing) It's time! It's time! Now we're good and lost!

Will: Lost?

Barbossa: (singing) Yes, lost! For if all knew the way/t'would not just be Jack in the Locker...

Pintel and Ragetti: (singing) What's so bad about the Looooooccccckkker?

Tia Dalma: (singing) Attend the tale of Davy Jones
He has tentacles instead of bones
He stole the souls of gentlemen
Who never thereafter were heard of again.
He trod a path that few do go
Did Davy Jones, the captain of the Dutchman.

(They go over a waterfall.)

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GIRLS!! This is fabulous! I'm blown away by your creativity! big grin big grin


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Originally posted by willofthewisp

Pintel and Ragetti: (singing) What's so bad about the Looooooccccckkker?

i was just picturing them all singing this in full opera costume, in a very high falsetto--- ahhh, too much! loving it! smile

The crew tumbles off Stage Right looking sandy and wet - they've entered the Locker Set.

Barbossa: Aye, this is where he be.

Will: Does is matter? We're trapped here by your doings...

Elizabeth: Where is he? I cannot see...

Tia: Witty Jack is closer than you think...

Elizabeth(to the tune of "Popular" from "Wicked": Now that we've found Jack, we all shall be one and free. Don't worry, I'm determined to succeed. Follow my lead. And yes, indeed, you shall see...he will be....

Pintel: (breaking out of song) THERE!!! *points*


Sorry its so short!

Oh, Jack. I'm so depressed. I don't know what to do.

I think what you need most of all, Elizabeth Swann, is to come
right out and admit all of the things that are wrong with you.

All right, I'll try
I'm not very handsome or clever, or lucid,
I've always been stupid at spelling and numbers.
I've never been much playing football or baseball
Or stickball, or checkers, or marbles, or ping-pong

I'm usually awful at parties and dances,
I stand like a stick or I cough, or I laugh,
Or I don't bring a present, or I spill the ice cream
Or I get so depressed that I stand and I scream...

Oh, how could there possibly be
One small person as thoroughly, totally, uttlerly
Blah as me.

Well, that's ok for a starter.

A starter?

Certainly. You don't think that mentioning these few superficial
failings is going to do you any good, do you? Why, Elizabeth Swann,
You really have to delve.

You're stupid, self-centered and moody

I'm moody

You're terribly dull to be with

Yes I am.
And nobody likes me,
Not Will, or Will, or Norrington, or Norrington-

Or Jack.

Or Jack.

Or Will.

Or Wi-
Wait a minute. Will likes me.

He only pretends to like you because you kiss him.
That doesn't count.

Or Will.
Oh why- was I born just to be
One small person as thoroughly, totally, utterly-

You're not very much of a person...

That's certain

And yet there's a reason for hope.

There's hope?

For although you are no good at music,
Like Jones, or happy like Hector,
Or lovely like me,
You have the distinction to be
No one else but the singular, remarkable, unique
Elizabeth Swann.

I'm me!

Yes- it's amazingly true,
For whatever it's worth, Elizabeth Swann,
You're you.

Gosh, Jack you know something. I'm beginning to feel better already.
You're a true friend, Jack, a true friend.

That'll be five cents, please.

I'm so happy. That little red-headed girl dropped her medallion.
It has teeth marks all over it. She nibbles her medallion.
She's human! It hasn't been such a bad day after all.
Happiness is finding a medallion

Pizza with sausage

Telling the time

Happiness is learning to whistle

Tying you shoe
For the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum
In your own school band.

And happiness is walking hand in hand.
Happiness is two kinds of ice cream...

Knowing a secret...

Climbing a tree.

Happiness is five dif'rent crayons...

Catching a firefly...
Setting him free.

Happiness is being alone ev'ry now and then.

And happiness is coming home again.

Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

Happiness is having a sister

Sharing a sandwich

Elizabeth and Norrington
Getting along-

Happiness is singing together when day is through.
And happiness is those who sing with you.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime, too,

For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

You're a good man, Jack Sparrow.

Peaunut 1:

Charlie Brown = Elizabeth Swann
Lucy van Pelt = Jack Sparrow

Peanut 2:

Charlie Brown = Jack Sparrow
Snoopy = Beckett
Linus van Pelt = Norrington
Schroeder = Will
Sally = Anamaria
Lucy van Pelt = Elizabeth Swann

LOL!!! I love it...go on savvy. It was so good.

(The Pearl lands on the shoreline. Jack jumps out.)

Gibbs: It's Jack!

Tia Dalma: It's Jack!

Will: It's Jack!

(When it is Elizabeth's turn, she stays silent.)

Gibbs: (spoken) Jack! Are we ever glad to see you!

Jack: (breaks into song) Let's face it, I'm betrayed!
Boy, have I been taken
Oy, I'm so forsaken
I should have seen what came to pass
I should have known to watch my ass!
I feel like Othello
Everything is lost
Leo is Iago
Max is double-crossed!
I'm so dismayed
Did I mention I'm betrayed? (from The Producers)

Jack: (spoken) And why should I go with any of you anyway? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past. One of you succeeded (looks right at Liz).

Elizabeth: (singing quietly) It's true/In that moment I was weak/Please forget that moment/I am too pained to speak.

Will: (singing) It's true?/Can it be I was mistakeeeeen?/Oh, Elizabeth/during that kiss I had no idea you were fakinnnnnn'

hahahahahaha!!!!! Oh the producers--- and Will's last line, brilliant! smile This is freaking hilarious.

HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I love u willo...just great. Kate...write a few know u want to!

Hey, the first song, we did the summer my senior year of high school ended. XP

The third thing I posted, I played in that musical for the seniors my freshman year. When you play in a pit orchestra, you remember the entire show more than anything in the world, I swearrrrrrr. And it could go on forever. So, I know A Midsummer Night's Dream. That was the year I was in Talented Theater, and my Talented Music teacher arranged music for a performance of this there. I understood it from that rather than being able to read it in class. Since I helped with the singing fairies in teaching it, I was listed as the vocals, too..

Photos of me here -> if I can find them again soon.. ->

eww - blu da ba da bee da ba di - peache - younger

Gah! Someone...anyone?


AWE Scene: Going back and forth to Jack and Becket
Becket:"Welcome to your life. There 's no turning back, even while sleep we will find you acting your best behaver. Turn your back on mother nature everybody wants to rule the world.
Jack: Its my own design,Its my own remorse.Help me to decide,Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure,Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world"
(Song "Everybody Want To Rule The World" By Tears For Fears}

AWE Scene: Davey Jones is in his cabin and he just about had it with Becket. Davey Starts to sing
Davey: "There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And it's filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it.
But not for long...

They all deserve to die.
Tell you why, Mr Becket tell you why.
Because in all of the whole human race
Mr.Becket there are two kinds of men and only two
There's the one staying put in his proper place
And the one with his foot in the other one's face
Look at me, Mr Becket look at you.

No, we all deserve to die
Tell you why, Mr. Becket tell you why.
Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief
For the rest of us death will be a relief
We all deserve to die.

And I'll never see Calypso
No I'll never hug my love to me - finished!
(Song "Epiphany" From "Sweeney Todd"wink

Aw, cute.! I was thinking just the same thing.

HAHA! Love the sweeney the musical numbers

Eek, what comes next? Anybody know?


I think we missed the Weatherby death scene and then the flipping the ship over scene...there are bound to be some song about flipping stuff over right. For now I shall take it where you left off...

All: He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame.
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it

Elizabeth: I betcha you would have done the same!

Elizabeth (spoken): Girls! You all know Captain Jack Sparrow

Girls: He had it coming!

Elizabeth(spoken): We spent a lot of time on the Pearl and I thought he was a real swell guy you know? A real dog deep deep down.

Girls: He only had himself to blame!

Elizabeth(spoken) : So you can imagine how devestated I was to see him row away from the Pearl when the Kraken attacked. Of course he came back--

Girls: He took a flower in it's priiiiiiiime!

Elizabeth(spoken): I was feeling all grateful that he saved us. So grateful that I decided to greet him with a kiss....AND SOME SHACKLES!

Girls: And then he used it and he abused it!

Elizabeth (spoken): It was his fault for getting stuck in those shackled really.

Girls: It was a murder but not a crime!

All together: He had it coming! He had it coming all along.

Elizabeth: I didn't do it!

Girls: But if she's done it?

Elizabeth: How could you tell me that I was wrong?

(everything snaps back to locker setting everyone but Jack looks impressed. Jack simply walks along the line of people)

Jack(spoken): Now let's see who can come along?

Jack (to Marty): Yes!

Jack(to Barbossa): No!

Jack(to Gibbs): Definitely!

Jack(to pintel): Yes!

Jack(Cotton's parrot): Maybe!

Jack(ragetti): NO!

Jack(cotton): definitely.

Jack(finally reaching Tai hung): Whose side are you guys ooooon?

Tai: Whoever can get us going and goooooone.

Jack: Good!

(Barbossa holds up charts. Jack rolls eyes and nods)


(Elizabeth is below deck. Sitting on the stairs when Will comes in)

Will(spoken): Why didn't you tell me? You acted as if I wasn't even there.

Elizabeth (spoken): Will I didn't know what to do. That's why I avoided you--

Will:If someone stood up in a crowd
And raised his voice up way out loud
And waved his arm and shook his leg
You'd notice him

Elizabeth(spoken): I'm sorry.

Will: Cellophane
Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...

I tell ya
Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...

Elizabeth(spoken): It's not like that at all. I never loved him...I never stopped loving you. I just couldn't tell you--

Will: How can there be truuuuuuust? How can there be truuuuuuust if you never tell me muuuuuuuuuuuch?

Elizabeth(spoken): There can't be any trust.

(will walks out)

All yours ppl

My turn--Miz ToddianGirl, that is undoubtablely the sweetest acceptance of my turn I have ever seen anywhere. Thank you for the boost of sunshine and between you and Miz Tee, thanks for the laughing my head off this morning. I have only compliments to deliver, being musically challenged. Perhaps "people who need people" for Norrington, now I'm outta here before I embarrasment myself anymore. Y'all are funny and very very creative, piratistas!!

mr Cellophane shoulda been my name
you can look right through me
walk right by me
and never know I'm there

Will II walks out]

Elizabeth: are ya achin'
Will: yep yep yep
Elizabeth: for some bacon
Will: yep yep yep
Elizabeth: he's a big kid
Will: and you can be a big kid, too!
Elizabeth & Will: boo

Jack: and really bad eggs
Young Elizabeth: drink-up! me h'arties yoho!

Mama Rose = Elizabeth Swann
Mr. Goldstone = Jack Sparrow

Speaker: Elizabeth, this is Jack Sparrow.
Elizabeth: Have an eggroll, Mr. Sparrow.
Have a napkin, have a chopstick, have a chair.
Have a spare rib, Jack Sparrow.
Any spare that I can spare I'll be glad to share!

Have a dish, have a fork, have a fish, have a pork.
Put your feet up. Feel at home.
Have a smoke, have a Coke.
Would you like to hear a joke?
I'll have June recite a poem!

Have a leechie, Mr. Sparrow.
Tell me any little thing that I can do.
Ginger peachy, Mr. Sparrow.
Have a kumquat, have two!
Everybody give a cheer.
Santa Claus is sitting here.
"Jack Sparrow" I love you!

Have a Sparrow, Mr. Eggroll.
Tell me any little thing that I can do.
Have some fried rice, Mr. Soy Sauce.
Have a cookie, have a few!
What's the matter, Mr. G?
Have another pot of tea.
Mr. Sparrow I love you!

Speaker: There are good stones and bad stones
and curbstones and gladstones
and touchstones and such stones as them.
Elizabeth: There are big stones and small stones
and grind stones and gall stones,
All: but Sparrow is a gem!

There are milestones, there are mill stones.
There's a cherry, there's a yellow, there's a blue.
But we don't want any old stone,
only "Jack Sparrow" will do!
Moon stones, sun stones.
We all scream for one stone.
Mr. Sparrow we love you!

Elizabeth: LAT ME - EAN-TER-TRAIN U..

Marta: I will - make you smile...

Elizabeth: Let , me , do , a , few , tricks , wacko

Marta: some old ones and some new ones - im very ver sa tiiiiiiiile

Elizabeth: and if ur real good wink3

Marta: laughing out loud
ill make ya feel good


Baby June
Make me entertain you
Make me see you smile
I will do some kicks

I will do some tricks

Momma Rose
Sing out, Louise!

I'll tell you a story...
I'll dance when she's done

Uncle Jocko
Who said that?
Who's out there, George?

I don't know, I got all the mothers out of here!
Just like you told me!

June and Louise
Are you ready to smile?

You're behind, Louise
Get upon it!

June and Louise
Well, I'll try that through
Entertaining you

Uncle Jocko
Who's that?

Sing out, Louise!

Louise and June
You'll love our lullaby

Uncle Jocko
Get that mother out of here!

(I personally like the second girl or her health.. Yes, she uses 1 / 2 batons just to spin it. stick out tongue) (Now, this is rather hot.)

(How is my collage? sad Any problems? Let me know, please, pm me or whatever. I only write for the best with the best of intention, like.)

And how old is the 2nd girl? (Perfect....)

NOW.. do you know why I signed up for ballet etc.? I was able to do gymnastics age 1 - 9, be twirler of the year and leader in baton which I did grade 2 & 3, too.. Is that point acting? On MySpace I said I did baton like that, and a 15-year-old said so what I'm level 4 with awards, etc., so I said we did not compete and that I was in level 2 of 3. erm hm Plus I think she was lying for certain reasons. We were discussing child stars in POTC. I was discussing the politics of eligible kids, like. And she said nothing after..

(The Pearl has set sail, but night has fallen)

Off-screen choir: When the night has come/and the land is dark/and the moon is the only light we see...

(Several small boats drift by. Tia Dalma starts crying.)

Will: Who are they?

Tia Dalma: (spoken) They are the lost ones because Davy Jones will not take them to the afterlife. (begins singing)
A touch of destiny
Makes a person who they are
A touch of kismet
To those who wish upon a star...

(We see Swann float by one his boat]

Elizabeth: Dad! Dad! I do not understand
Are you all right? They said you'd gone away.

Swann: Now you are here/again beside me/now I can die in peace/for now my life is blessed.

Elizabeth: You will live/Papa, you're going to live/it's too soon/too soon to say goodbye.

Swann: Yes, daughter, forbid me now to die/I'll obey/I will try. (spoken) Meh, I'll see you later! (floats on, humming the rest of the finale to Les Mis)

(Elizabeth runs to the stern of the ship)

Tia Dalma: She cannot leave the ship!

(They all run after her. Will holds her and she cries)

Will: I'll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for you
Like I've been there before
I'll be there for you
'Cuz you're there for me too.

Willo LOL LOL LOL! The little flip from les mis to friends theme song. I absolutely adored it.

(It is the following day. The sea is calm but Elizabeth is distraught. Everyone looks a little frustrated and antsy. Jack is messing with the charts.)

Little Jack on one side of real Jack: I'm gonna make you bend and break
(It sends you to me without wait)
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show
(Let the good times roll, let the good times roll)

Other little Jack on other side: (spoken) Now, now, you can wait for the good times to roll.

Little "bad" Jack: Stab the heart! Come on! (singing) Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
And this crystal ball
It's always cloudy except for
When you look into the past (look into the past)
One night stand (one night stand off)

Real Jack: Shut up! I'm trying to think. (Plays with the chart, sees "up is down."wink Everybody, rock the boat!

Barbossa: So I'd like to know where, you got the notion
said I'd like to know where, you got the notion

to rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
rock the boat, don't tip the boat over
rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
rock the boat-t-t-t-t

(Has gotten everyone's attention)

Elizabeth: (sings to herself. It is unclear who she is singing about)
Up to now we sailed through every storm
and I've always had your tender lips to keep me warm
oh I need to have the strength that flows from you
don't let me drift away my dear, when love can see me through

(Everyone gets up and starts rocking the boat.)

All: So I'd like to know where, you got the notion
said I'd like to know where, you got the notion

To rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
rock the boat, don't tip the boat over
rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
rock the boat-t-t-t-t

(the Pearl is capsized)

AWE Scene: Jack sees Lizzie Walking away he's feeling very sad. Mr. Gibbs notices and starts to sing to him

Hey Jack, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

Hey Jack, don't be afraid.
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin,
Then you begin to make it better.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jack, refrain,
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders.
For well you know that its a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder.

Hey Jack, don't let me down.
You have found her, now go and get her.
Remember to let her into your heart,
Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey Jack begin,
You're waiting for someone to perform with.
And don't you know that its just you, hey Jack, you'll do,
The movement you need is on your shoulder.

Hey Jack don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember to let her under your skin,
Then you'll begin to make it
Better better better better better better, oh.

Na na na na na ,na na na, hey Jack...
(Song "Hey Jude" By the Beatles)

AWE Scene: 10 years later: Little Will is singing and Lizzie is walking behind him.
Little Will:"There was a pirate that Mommy loved and Sparrow was his name oh, S.P.A.R.R.O.W, S.P.A.R.R.O.W and Sparrow was his name oh"
Later on that day Lizzie is feeling restless, so she decides to take a walk on the beach it's almost sunset. As she walks along the shore her minds starts to fill of memories of her and Jack(her real love)
So She beings to sing
Lizzie: "There will come a day, Somewhere far away,
in your arms I'll stay, My only love.
You've reached the deepest part, Of the secret in my heart,
I've known it from the start, My only love,
My only love."
(Song "My Only Love"-By Jennifer Cihi)

Last one for fun
Lizzie is being to realize that Will is not the one for her so she beings to sing
Lizzie:"I got a new life you could hardly recognize me, I'm so glad how could a person like me care for you. Why do I bother when Will's not the one for me. Is enough, enough?. I saw the sign, and it opened my eyes I saw the sign. Life is demanding, without understanding. I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign, no one gonna drag Will up so, let him get into the light where he belongs. But where does he belong?"
(Song "The Sign" By Ace of Base)

LOL! Loved the splash of sparrabeth toddian...I LOVE IT and willo? OMG OMG OMG!!

Ur brilliant...I could hear Jack's voice melting in with little Jacks and BArbossa and Elizabeth sorta being the depressed distracted one in the middle looking into the distance and singing....BEAUTIFUL! I shall do one a bit later

Okay I'll do a little bit.

(The pearl is under water)

Pintel: Under the sea...

(Ragetti covers his mouth so he doesn't choke to death)

(They come up in the real world)

Jack: We're safe!

Will: We're safe!

Barbossa: We ARE safe.

Elizabeth(softly): We're saaaaaaafe!

Pintel and Ragetti: We're safe?

(They pull weapons on each other)

Will: You must all dieeeee!

Jack: But why?

Barbossa: (spoken)sush! (singing) We must go to the brethren court.

Jack: The brethren court?

Elizabeth: It's where you belooooong!

Pintel and Ragetti: What a horribly catchy soooong!

Everyone: SHUSH!

Barbossa: The brethren court and don't dare run away!

Jack: And who's gonna stop me??

(all the guns are pointed at him)

Jack: Whooo? You and you? And even you Gibbs? How could you?!
(spoken) Fine! I'll go but there better be rum.

hehe, there better be rum big grin big grin big grin

Lizzie is totally devastated that her father is now dead. She looks out to the sea to watch his ship float away into the dark night. Having the comfort of knowing that his now at peace. Lizzie beings to sing

Lizzie: "Goodbye father you have tough me so much about life. You were always there to guide me thought the storms that have passed through. You'll always be in my heart forever, I've always done what was best for me and gave up your freedom so I can be free and safe. I'll always love you father, thank you for always loving me". Tears start to fall down her face. Lizzie whispers "Goodbye Daddy I love you"

Tia Keeps reminding Will that he has a touch of density about him. Meaning his is the one to stab the heart and set his father free of Jone's curse. Tia is starting get a little crabby about having to continentally remind Will of this. Tia sees Will goes up and says

Tia: Touch of density William you must stab the heart and set free your father's soul

Will: I know what I must do but I'm torn between my father and Lizzie. I'm so confused!
Tia Beings to sing
TiasadTo The Tune of "Don't Turn Around" By Ace of Base)
Tia: "Just stab the heart, I'm getting tried of having to repeat this over and over. Don't walk away its tearing your father a part if you don't this. Just Lizzie go, Just stab the heart, whoa, whoa, Just stab the heart it's tearing your father a part if you don't do this, just Lizzie go. Just stab the heart!

Back at Jone's Ship Bootstrap beings to wonder if Will ever come and save him form Jone's horrible curse. He beings to sing
Bootstrap:"Set me free why don't you Will, I need you in my life Will. Cause I know that you really love me. Don't keep me hanging on"
(Song:"You Keep Me Hanging On" By the Dina Ross and the The Supremes )

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