DMC: 1920s style

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Kate, if you don't mind, I'd like to kick things off...

(We hear only a heart pounding as the title comes up. We cut to a close-up of Elizabeth, in a stylish 1920s wedding dress. She hears a noise behind her in the pouring rain. She runs to Will and several police officers holding him.)

Elizabeth: Will! What gives?

Will: Search me. You look like a living doll. (she smiles)

Elizabeth: Bad luck seeing the bride before the wedding, though.

Beckett: Hello, I'm Mayor Cutler Beckett and you are both under arrest.

Elizabeth: Under what charges?!

Beckett: Relax, baby. I'm just putting the handcuffs on him before you do. You are both charged with conspiring with notorious mobster Jack Sparrow. I also have a warrant for ex-Commissioner James Norrington, is he here? Looks like you two are over-dressed for the occasion.

Will: No need to feed us any lines! We're getting the bum's rush here!

Beckett: Take them away! (smirks as they are led off) business...

It is beautiful to see your/willo's and everyone's writing improve, that is, develop from what our writing was previously. angel Quite pleased. Wow.. It sounds like we are honing in on something. Yess

Love it willo..."you look like a living doll"
I'll have a go at it in a while. You've inspired me to write

Just I just was just happy just to just see just Beckett just. (? Why does this coffee reflect the nature of KMC - POTC? Was that funny or somehow wounding? embarrasment )

(There's a shot of a state prison and the back door opens. A man puts out the garbage)

(Jack pokes his head out of a trash can and looks around to make sure there's no one there. As soon as he jumps out gunshots fire but the car has already pulled up and Jack jumps in before a bullet hits him)

(Jacks dusts his coat off and picks a banana peel from his shoulder)

Gibbs: Not exactly hotsy-totsy!

Jack: Ran into a couple bumps in the way pal. No worries!

Gibbs: Means you got the big cheese than?

Jack: Who do you think I am?! (takes out a cloth and shows them a secret path for smuggling hooch)

Gibbs and the others: Oh!

Gibbs: No dough involved? We haven't gotten a lot of profits as of late.

Jack: Pal! What do you think this map does?

Gibbs: Leads us somewhere! SO where ever this map leads us must have a lot of dough ain't it?

Jack: If we ain't know where the map go why should we go there?

Gibbs: So we've got to find out where the maps leading us.

Jack: And how do we know that if we don't go there first? Don't get bundled up so easy pal.

Gibbs: Where to now?

Jack: Someplace good you nit wit! Just drive!

Well done, Tee! I'm so glad you decided to jump in. Anyone else care to get in on the action? smile

I completely forgot about this, by the way... and I am dropping from exhaustion just now, but will go ahead wherever things are left off tomorrow afternoon.

I do think, in the name of pleasing our public, we ought to go overboard on the sparrabeth this time around....

You would really like the book A Confederacy of Dunces by John Toole, a guy from New Orleans, about New Orleans, who commited sad (sorry is it ok to write bc.. I dunno) su*c*de, the author. We read it in 12th grade in English V. I made my post @ New Orleans in the 1st 1920s Thread after this. smile It has the world Police stamped all over it, too. big grin The author went to the college next to mine, too.

My favorite line is (I don't have the book unpacked..) I read it over and over and couldn't get enough..

"You may be getting Scarlett O'Hara and her pet parakeet (something like this) but you ain' gettin' no fiel' han'." (It is the opposite of Scarlett O'Hara. It's some stupid knobbly hang about or something. It has lots of factory and unemployed scene, description of obesity. New Orleans stories are always 100% funny. Funny this one is a white one. One of a kind..)

It sounds just like us now..

That line was about putting on a show in a restaurant.. This guy always has a puff of smoke about him and a smile and gets yelled at for being black as he cleans the floor. Nice guy.. erm the girl was trying to get the parrot to strip her by putting food on her button maybe. And she just looked stupid then.. and sounded so ugly and s***. But the puff of smoke is like opaque I believe..

But it is set in the early 1960s.

Was this a good post or not.. I realized after that this was that new 1920s thing.. erm But I knew it was time..

I guess I am having a hard time being new. I am having so many physical problems right now, but I am getting bigger and bigger every day.

This feels like a library club, now..

I like the way you think kate! After all when one says Sparrabeth one thinks DMC non?

girls I love this 1920's style story.If I have any ideas I'lm gonna tell you,but you're doing so

GAH! We're kinda stuck now...we need help. Maybe I'll write something if I get the inspiration later

i'll try to think of something.The first story was so good.I loved it.

CUT TO...Beckett's office.

(Will is let into it. Beckett is mixing himself a martini. An ominous ceiling fan is spinning above them.)

Song on the record player: I wanna be loved by you/and only you/be boop ee doo)

Beckett: (quickly turns the record player off) Ah, Mr. Turner. I'm sure in all your reporting adventures you've managed to make quite a friend of Jack Sparrow.

Will: More acquaintance than friend. What's this all about?

Beckett: Relax, mac. I have a business arrangement for you. (stands up and looks out his window. A giant clock is being lifted onto the top of the building) Jack Sparrow is a dying breed, what with Ness and his Untouchables closing up the world of organized crime. What I need from you, is a certain item in his possession.

Will: You can forget it. I'm not taking the Pearl from him!

Beckett: His car? A few sticks short of a matchbox, aren't you, kid? No, this item is much smaller, one he keeps on his person at all times. His journal.

(Will looks completely dumbfounded)

Beckett: You don't seem to be familiar with it. Jack Sparrow has a journal. I know this to be true, chasing him for as long as I have. (sighs in an erotic way) He's a real shiek, that Sparrow. We've both left our mark on the other.

Will: What mark did he leave on you?

Beckett: Shut your trap! Find his journal, bring it back to me, and I'll release you and Miss Swann.

Will: What's the catch?

Beckett: I think the more appropriate question, Mr. Turner, is do you really want the first page on your own paper to recall all the details of Miss Swann's slow and painful death in the gas chamber?

Let's bring it back!

Great job Willo!

Come on everyone! This thread is too great and young to die! *exits dramatically stage left*

Good job Willo.I love it.

UR awesome willo! Let us bring it back indeed. Bring it on!!

CUT TO....Jack in what is his headquarters but is disguised as a doctor's office. He scribbles in a journal as everyone else is passed out on couches and doctor's beds.

Jack(whispers as he scribbles): The hooch is gone...(he grins)

Pulls out his flask but its empty.

Jack: The hooch is gone...quite ironic. Ah Applesauce!!

gets up and stumbles to the back.

Jack (hums): A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

He grabs a bottle off a shelf but jumps as he hears the window break. Pulls his gun.
Jack: Hands up pal! I got a gun and I'm not afraid to shoot a hole in your poor excuse for a brain.

Bill: I'm not bumping you off pal. It's just me...

Jack takes out a flashlight and steps towards the shadow near the window.

Jack: Bootlegger Bill....TURNER???

Bill: In the flesh ol' boy.

Jack: You gave me the hibbie jibbies pal! I thought you were done for.

Bill: It ain't that easy to get rid of me mac.

Jack pokes his head out to see if the woke anyone. Everyone is passed out.

Jack(shruggs): That's what brings you to my joint?

Bill: I got's to warn u pal.

Jack: I'm on the lam. What else can go wrong?

Bill: Lots it seems...when you're you.

Jack: Does this have anything to do with my map and things of the kind?

Bill:If by things of a the kind you mean you journal then yes.

Jack pulls a face.

Bill: Nice establishment you gots here though.

Jack: You're offspring helped me get it all back.

Bill: Will? You've seen him? He's an outlaw like us afterall.

Jack(snorts): Says you. He's quite a wet blanket actually.

Bill: Keep an eye out for my boy Jack...I gotta run.

He swings out the window. Jack stares after him and looks at the bottle in his hand with a smile. He knows exactly where and who to go to for help.

Jack(whispers with a smile): The hooch is gone...(yells) Get off your lazy bums. We're rolling the engines boys!

(Will searches Tortuga Joe's first.)

Random Gangster: Jack Sparrow? Last I heard he was sleepin' with the fishes.

CUT TO...another random gangster.

Random Gangster 2: If I know Jack, he's probably off watchin' a news reel and a talkie. Two talkies if he brought his dime.

CUT TO...Ruby and Jill.

Jill: Jack Sparrow?

Ruby: Psh, haven't seen him in over a month.

Jill: When you see him, will you give him this for me? (slaps Will pretty hard)

Will: (looks up at the sky) WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

CUT TO...a car driving out onto a desolate dirt road. We see the Appalachian Mountains in the background.

Will: Are you sure Jack Sparrow is out here?

Driver: This is where the Black Pearl was last seen. Hey, kid. Watch out for the hillbillies. (kicks Will out of the car)

(Will dusts himself off and looks around. It is almost a scene out of Deliverance.)

Will: Jack! Jack Sparrow! It's Will Turner! (takes out notebook and pencil) Should be an interesting story for later: Reporter Explores Appalachia.

(Something catches his eye. It is Gibbs' flask)

Will: Gibbs! So they are here. (opens flask and turns it upside down) And they've been makin' moonshine!

(Suddenly, a hillbilly pops out and scares Will. Will gets caught in a net.)

Kate, pocky, tex, someone...let's keep this alive.

hillbillies--- LOVE IT! smile

awesome smile

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Willo, I LOVE YOU!! That was awesome! Hehe, making moonshine, hillbillies - priceless!!!!!! *dies laughing*

Love it darling.I wish i had good ideas like you.Keep writing.

(Will, still tied, is brought to what looks like a rural picnic. Lots of hillbillies are gathered around a long table, topped with corn on the cob and all the other fixin's. He sees Jack sitting in a chair off to himself.)

Will: (starts laughing hysterically) Jack! Not to beat one's gums, but I'm actually glad to see you!

(Jack just looks at him.)

Will: Jack? Did you have too much giggle water? I need your journal! It's to save Elizabeth! Beckett will kill her if I don't!

(Jack gets up and addresses the hillbillies)

Jack: (clears throat) Ahem, fellow sons of the soil. This here varmint is Will Turner, eunuch.

(The hillbillies pick up Will and take him away.)

Will: No! Jack! Don't let them do things to me!

(Jack sits back down.)

CUT outhouse. Will is dumped inside.

Gibbs: Will? Will Turner, is that you?

Will: Gibbs! Why is Jack being such a palooka?

Gibbs: Because these hicks think Jack is some kind of god to make their cannabis grow. So he has to act like a god until it's time for them to "release" him.

Will: Guess that means bumped off? (sees Gibbs nod) Then we have to get out of here.

big grin

(Will and Gibbs and the rest of the men try to push over the out-house. It spills over. We hear grunts from the fall along with some disgusted sounds.)

Gibbs: Ugh! It's everywhere!

Will: Hurry! We have to get to Jack!

CUT TO...Jack and the hillbillies.

(The hillbillies have a nice barbecue pit going and start to push Jack into it.)

Jack: Wait! (Everyone stops) Look over there! (the hillbillies turn. When they look back, Jack has vanished.)

(Jack runs down the dirt trails as fiddles play in the background. He quickly turns into a smokehouse. He picks up a small button that a person would pin onto their coat. It says, "Vote for Beckett." Disgusted, he leaves.)

CUT TO...the Black Pearl.

(Pintel and Ragetti are there trying to hotwire it.)

Will: Pintel! Ragetti! Get the car ready!

Pintel: Uh...okay! (whispers to Ragetti) Listen, don't be a squealer and tell the kid we were tryin' to make off with it, see?

(They pile in.)

Gibbs: Let's beat it, Will!

Will: You flat tire! I'm not going anywhere without Jack!

(In the distance, he sees Jack running. A whole gang of hillbillies with pitchforks are behind him. Jack screams.)

Will: Never mind. Vamoose!

(Jack piles into the car at the last minute.)

Jack: (laughing) Pipe down, pals! You'll always remember this day as the day you ALMOST ate the infamous Jack Sparrow!

(In the car he looks at Will and then back to Pintel and Ragetti.)

Gibbs: (at the wheel) Let's put some distance between them and us and get nice and splifficated.

oh that was FANTASTIC!!!!!! Oh I can't believe I forgot about this--- this is too much fun, we have to continue!!!

Willo, You AMAZE me with your ability to write humor...

You gotta help me continue it, though, Kate. I got an email from Florencia telling me she just got hold of COTBP 20s Style and I reread it and really want to continue this. I need your creativity.

amazing smile


oh i swear every single damn time i sit down to write a bit here the phone rings... or various other distractions ensue. I am going to write a bit tomorrow and that is final. *phone is ringing* yes hello?

So, this is just random before I post the next scene, but I am using the T and T script of DMC off wordplayer to carry on, and there are a crap load of sparrabethical hints and tidbits scattered in it that were obviously cut from the film... or maybe I'm just twisting them in my little head...

from the prison scene:

will: if i hadn't set Jack free...

elizabeth: don't say that. you were right.

will: i never expected you would share the consequences.

elizabeth: i share the consequences... gladly.

CUT TO.... Liz. She's wearing prison garb and listening, bored, to a Janitor complain about not being able to drink on the job. Suddenly, another janitor comes in with her face down. Liz recognizes her as her maid from her old apartment in film 1.

Maid: Boss says they need you downstairs.

Janitor: Oh applesauce. Another upchuck?

Maid: (shrugs) Smells pretty bad down there...

Janitor exits. Maid yanks out some keys and begins unlocking Liz's door.

Liz: How'd you get in here?

Maid: I got a friend up in homicide. Let's just say a garter and some hooch did the trick.

They rush into a hallway, duck around a corner, and the Maid tosses Liz a slinky black dress. Liz changes in a rush, dropping her prison garb into a bucket of soapy water.

Maid: Come on, back door. (They duck down some stairs) Some of the boys got together at Tortuga Joe's. Shipments have been a bit off since you were taken in, and that Jack Sparrow up and vanished. They said if I got you out, we could re-organize the gang and get some booze back in this sad town.

Liz: I'm all in. There's just one thing I need to do first...


The Mayor's Office. It's night, but a light is still on. Mayor Beckett, his collar unbuttoned and his suspenders down, is sifting through typed notices on his desk. He opens a file cabinet to find an invoice, and realizes something is missing.

Beckett: Hey, Lizzie. If you're going to steal my files, you'd better know they're in code.

Liz: (stepping out from the hallway) Damn government officials. So let's crack it, big boy, or the newspapers will have something violent to print in the morning.

Beckett: What are you saying, honey?

Liz: (pulls out a Hotchkiss machine gun) I'm saying you're gonna give me the goods and I won't make you shimmy like a dame.

Beckett: Ah. Code explanation is in my desk drawer.

Liz: (rifles through, seizes a few files) Not the cleverest place for them.

Beckett: But those files are for legislation halfway to congress by now. It'll give me the authority to arrest anyone even suspected of slipping hooch on the side. You want me to stop it, you got to get Sparrow's journal. Which, considering what I've heard about you two, shouldn't be hard. A little persuasion...

Liz: Hey, what's between me and Sparrow stays between me and Sparrow. I'll remind you I was about to get married.

Beckett: Ha ha, don't remind me. Thank goodness for divorce courts.

Liz: Listen flyboy, you've been a pain in my patoutie since you showed up in this town. You'll be lucky if I leave you with your suspenders. (does a karate move on him, flipping him over and knocking him to the floor). Just you think about stalling that bill...

Runs out the door.

Great.I love it.Go on with writing please.

(Elizabeth runs back outside. She sees from a distance her maid is taken prisoner, the men from Tortuga Joe's gunned down execution-style by Mercer. She gasps and runs out of sight.)

CUT TO...a misty river.

(Jack, Will, Gibbs, Pintel, and Ragetti are in a small rowboat.)

Will: Why are we traveling here? We should be on our way back to Mayor Beckett by now.

Gibbs: Hold your horses, kiddo. Jack says we need to travel up-river, so we shall.

Will: But why? And why does he look so nervous?

Gibbs: He's got Davy Jones after him. (There is an ominous silence.) If anyone can help him out of this, she can.

(They stop at a small shack. Everyone looks a little nervous.)

Jack: Relax. Tina Damala isn't one to beat one's gums. We go way back and let me tell you, it was the berries. (whispers to Gibbs) Use the kid as a shield if things go sour.

(Inside, an exotic looking woman is looking through a crystal ball. She looks up.)

Tina: Jack!

Jack: Tina! (looks freaked out by the strange thingamajigs in her shack)

Tina: It's been too... (sees Will) Well, well, well, William Turner. I sense a significant fate in you.

Will: You know who I am?

Tina: Not as well as I'd like...

Jack: Hey, hey! No getting to know anyone here. (somewhat flirting with her) Besides, I'm the one that knows you.

Tina: Again, not as well as I'd have liked. You need help? (the men look in the back room. A glimpse of a body can be seen, but we cannot see who it is.)

Will: Yes. Uh... (just repeating what Gibbs told him) Davy the Squid is after Jack.

Tia: (freezes, then looks at Jack) The journal. The journal I gave you. Why can't it help you out?

Jack: Well, see, the thing is...

Tia: (starts laughing at him) Well it's finally happened. The heart and mind often conflict, Jack. (sits) Now, you want to know about the Squid? Oh, he was a great man, rich businessman, gave all his money to hospitals and orphanages. Talented, smart, handsome...and then something vexxed him.

Will: What vexxed him?

Pintel: Flivvers

Gibbs: Gold diggers.

Ragetti: Orchids.

Jack: (rolls his eyes at them) Dames, morons.

Tia: It was a dame. He fell in love with a woman who was spirited, tempered, and unable to be tamed.

Will: (growing impatient) What does this have to do with anything?

Tia: Well, she broke his heart. He became a violent mobster and smuggler, making people offers they couldn't refuse. He took a chest and buried in it his love song.

Gibbs: His love song?

Tia: Yes. A song he wrote for his beloved that no one ever got to hear. It was no longer worth feeling any love. He locked it away, the power of the song can still move him to tears, influence his decisions.

Will: (looks at Jack) Something tells me you have a plan.

Jack: Maybe I do and maybe I don't.

Tia: He keeps the key to it on his person at all times. Whoever has the song can persuade Davy Jones to do just about anything.

Jack: All right then! Let's vamoose!

Tia: Stop! He has threatened you! Since your journal is no longer "working" for you, I will tell you how to find the Flying Dutchman.

Will: The what?

Tia: His submarine, the greatest one since the Nautilus.

Will: Anyone who'd captain a ship with that name just sounds like a pushover...

HAHAHAHA Significant fate... the submarine... love it!!! smile

Well you get to continue, my dear, unless someone beats you to it. I'm jealous. You get to introduce us to Davy Jones and poor Will gets stuck with him.

Will: (sighing) Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt. (to himself) Man, that was the stupidest thing ever.

Willo if you want you should go for it. I'm in the middle of something and won't be able to post until later... so by all means, take it if ya want!!


*jumps to feet and applauds*

That was simply amazing, girls!! BRAVA!!! big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Ooh, okay, if no one wants it...

(The Black Pearl drives up to the pier. Out in the distance is a sinking ship.)

Will: That's the Flying Dutchman? Looks more like a balled up truck.

Jack: I could say the same about you. (Will gets out of the car) We'll be right here to back you up. Got a plan?

Will: I figure I'll shoot first and ask questions later (pats a gun under his coat). Then I'll write a story that will dismiss them as the guys who nabbed the Lindbergh Baby.

Jack: Ooh, I like it. All right, and remember, if you run into any trouble, just say, "Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt."

(Will jumps into the water and swims over to the ship. The Black Pearl drives to a safer distance.)

Will: (hops on board, sees a panicked guy) Well, hey there! Being on a ship isn't really the cat's pajamas right now, is it?

(Suddenly, a submarine surfaces next to the ship. Mobsters pop out and start rounding up everyone on deck, including Will. We hear footsteps.)

Davy: (has long beard and smokes a pipe. He has a hook for a hand. He bends down and addresses one of the crewman.) Do you fear death, that bleak, frightening abyss? (blows smoke in his face) Don't take any wooden nickels, bub. Just agree to serve me.

Crewman: O-o-okay.

Crewman: You dumb Dora!

Davy: So you won't serve, huh?

Crewman: I'd rather get hit by a jitney.

Davy: Sorry, not one around. (cuts the guy's throat with his hook and turns to Will) You're not dead or dying. What's your story?

Will: Uh...Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt.

Davy: Oh he did, did he?

CUT TO...the Black Pearl.

(Jack is watching through binoculars.)

Jack: Looks like it's going well.

Davy: Well hello, Jack!

(Jack screams. Gibbs is held in place by two thugs.)

Davy: You have a debt to pay! I gave you a whole neighborhood to run for 13 years.

Jack: Well, I didn't have it for that long...

Davy: Not my fault. Now, get that squirrely Mrs. Grundy off my sub and come serve your time with me.

Jack: If you think that kid's squirrely, you really don't know Will Turner at all, do you? Brave, talented, terrific soprano. Did I happen to mention he's about to go the middle aisle?

(Davy freezes. Jack smirks.)

Jack: I'm thinkin' maybe keeping the two of them apart would be far better than letting them go through with it, huh? Now, wouldn't you rather have more able bodies than just me?

Davy: (clams up) Fine. 100.

Jack: 100 people? Ok...hand me back the kid and I'll get right on it.

Davy: I keep the kid. After all, I might have him sing me a little tune. (laughs) You bring me 100 people in 3 days, and I MIGHT consider us square.

Jack: Want to shake on it? I mean, with your actual hand?

(Davy spits on him and disappears. We are left wondering if he is supernatural or not.)

Gibbs: You all right?

Jack: I have this sullied and unusual feeling.

Gibbs: Not to mention grabbing 100 people. Tortuga Joe's?

Jack: (grins) Tortuga Joe's.

Ah, a great bar scene coming up, Liz in the action, James drunk and violent. What's not to love about DMC?

Darling I absolutely love it.willo and Kate you do such a good work.Can't wait for you to continue it.

Tortuga Joe's, a bootleg selling nightclub in Chicago, is in full swing. A few Jazz singers are wailing in the background, everyone is living it up. Jack and Gibbs are sitting in wide-shouldered zoots near the back, both smoking and looking intimidating.

Gibbs: You wanna work for this gang, you gotta prove yourself.

Applicant 1: Ever since I was sprung from jail, all I wanted was to subvert the government, preferably while drunk...

Gibbs: Well, we've got that in common. Name and social on the line. (shooing him along) Next?

Applicant 2: The end is coming, this party ain't gonna last forever. It's pure economics. One day this nation will come up short and I intend to have a fair stash set aside before that time.

Gibbs: (scoffs) This party ain't gonna last? Kid, this is America.

Applicant 2: That's what they tell me on Wall Street. So that's a no?

Gibbs: A hearty yes. We could do with some apocalyptic fun. Next?

Applicant 3: My wife Roxie killed some sheik and dumbed off with my dough. If you don't give me this job, I'm gonna go spend some quality time with Lake Michigan.

Gibbs: A persuasive set of tonsils, kid. You're in.

Jack: This place used to seem classier...

Gibbs: No... you just used to be drunker.

Jack: (finishing his drink) Ain't that the truth. We gonna make it?

Gibbs: I think it's hell in a handbasket for us. (back to business) Yes?

Applicant 4: Why do I find I have the urge to call the boys downtown for a quick tape?

Gibbs: (looks worried) Damned if I know...

Applicant 4: Oh yeah... cause you're the boys that tore this town upside down and flushed me out of a job. Made me look real bad in the papers. You know what I'm saying?

Gibbs: It's a toss up... Commissioner?

Norrington: Ha ha, you're killing me. Do I look like a commissioner? (exhibits drunken swagger, wrinkled attire and a bottle)

Gibbs: Again, it's a toss up.

(Jack sees Norrington and slides out of the table, joining some flappers in the Charleston)

Norrington: So what's your next gig? Smuggler runs to Canada? (yanks out pistol) I oughta save those poor border guards the trouble... (points pistol at Jack)

Jack: (pulling a girl in front of him) Why don't you come along and find out, huh pal?

(Jack does a Charleston move that knocks Norrington off his feet. His gun goes off, and the club erupts into violence. Glasses shatter, flaming drinks are consumed, and suddenly, at the door, we spot Liz. She immediately throws herself into the action...)

Love it.Write more.

Love it, Kate! Apocalyptic fun...Gibbs with the gift of gab!

(In the midst of the brawl, Jack and Gibbs escape. Liz runs to Norrington's side and they are soon cornered.)

Norrington: All right! Who wants it! (Liz takes a bottle and brings it down on his head.)

Liz: (covering) Uh...boy was that fun!

(They toss Norrington out into the street. Liz drags him back to the curb before a cab hits him.)

Liz: Aw, James. You went from bluenose to bimbo way too soon.

(She helps him up. Neither one sees that Mercer has followed them.)

CUT TO...the Black Pearl.

Gibbs: We got the new recruits in the cars to follow us.

Liz: (calling to him) Jack Sparrow!

Jack: (to Gibbs) Ah, one more. (calls back) Glad to have ye here, kid.

Liz: I'm here to find the man I love.

Jack: Uh...very flattered, son, but bank's closed if you know what I mean.

Liz: I mean Will, Jack.

Jack: (turns) Lizzie. (to Gibbs) Hide the hooch. Well, well, well, last I saw you in this gin mill you had some loser cramping your style. (sees Norrington vomit into the street) I see little has changed.

Liz: Jack, where is Will? I know he came here to find you and get your journal.

Jack: I'll level with you, darling. In an unfortunate turn of events that don't involve me whatsoever, dear Will is now a captive of Davy the Squid.

Liz: Davy the Squid?

Pintel: (with Ragetti, walking by and getting into their car) Took him on board his sub, the Flying Dutchman.

Ragetti: Fun fact, by the way, Davy has a love song that he hid away and we can control him if we find it. (they pack some hooch into the trunk of their car)

Jack: Yes, that's more or less what you should know. (to Norrington, vomitting again) Painting the street there, ain't ye?

Norrington: Oh, neck me, you fink.

Liz: Please, Jack, I just need to find Will.

Jack: (aha!) Are you sure? Is that what you really want?

Liz: (shows him her engagement ring) See the handcuff? Pretty sure that's what I want.

Jack: (takes her hand and leads her away) Because, I would think, you would want to SAVE Will more than just find him. The two oil cans were right. There is a chest that has what is supposed to be the most romantic song ever written in it, and whoever has it can make the Squid do whatever he or SHE wants. (has her undivided attention) That would mean that if we get our hands on that, brave, noble Will goes scot-free.

Liz: How would we find it?

Jack: Glad you asked, love, glad you asked. (whips out his journal but does not open it) This, the much-coveted journal. In it, I have the clues to get to it.

Liz: Then why haven't you already done that?

Jack: Well, I had to find it and still have to decode it.

Liz: (takes it from him and holds it. He edges closer to her) You just don't remember where the chest is?

Jack: I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to remember. But, as I drive, you can decode it all. Imagine...(comes even closer to her, his eyes locked on to her lips) every important secret in the mobster world all in your pretty little hands there.

Liz: (entranced and blushing at his closeness) Jack...are you on the up and up?

Jack: Of course I am, doll. (steps back and lets her open the journal. She takes a pencil out of her cleavage and begins to work) Mr. Gibbs!

Gibbs: (comes back) Jack?

Jack: Take the ex-commissioner here and load him up in the front with you. (opens the backseat door for Liz) Miss Swann?

(Liz slides into the Pearl.)

Take it!

smile You're soo good.Good work.

i am sorry i keep stalling this from getting off the ground-- i'm just terrifically in over my head until thursday rolls around... i'll do my best to step it up on here, because it's been so much fun so far. and I'll get the first bit up to ff on thurs as well.

I'll tell you what, Kate. As a little incentive, I'll take on a Will/Bootstrap scene and give "Persuade Me" completely to you to do what you want with it.

CUT TO...The Flying Dutchman.

(It is underneath the water now, probably going 20,000 leagues or so. Will is acting as a part of the crew, racing down to the hull with buckets of water)

Crew member: We're taking on water! Where's the guy with the buckets?

Davy: Mr. Turner! Think you're such a big six! Get down there with those buckets!

(Suddenly, we see Bootstrap picking up buckets and bumping into Will who is also carrying buckets)

Bootstrap: What gives, kid?

Will: Hey! I don't want to be here, but things were all copacetic until you ran into me. (puts his fists up) Put up your dukes!

(Bootstrap then recognizes who he's talking to)

Bootstrap: Will?

Jones: Bootstrap! Worthless hood. What's the hold up here?

Bootstrap: Uh, just givin' a few pointers to the new guy.

Jones: Mr. Turner (to Will) looks like you're all wet. (Will has dropped the buckets and looks like a loser in addition to being literally wet. The crew stop and laugh at the pun) What you need is a good thrashing. (whipping out a whip)

Bootstrap: No! He doesn't need to do that. He's just a little slow on the uptake is all.

Jones: You bother to stick up for him? Are your lights on with no one home?

Bootstrap: He's my son. (Will looks at him, shocked.)

Jones: Now you're on the trolly! Nothing like fatherly discipline. (hands the whip to him)

Bootstrap: No, please...

Jones: Spare the rod, spoil the child, Bootstrap.

(Bootstrap whips Will once and then throws the whip to the floor. Will howls in pain from it and then limps off. Bootstrap follows him back to his bunk.)

Bootstrap: Wait! Wait, I didn't mean to...

Will: No, you just meant to leave me and not bother to tell me you were a mobster!

Bootstrap: I was trying to help you back there.

Will: Says you. Now scram. (walks off, leaving Bootstrap alone)

hahaha that was FANTASTIC, Willo! wonderfully done. smile I am having like the day of DOOM to end a horrible week so writing some persuade me parody is just what I need. I'll have it up in a bit!

CUT TO the Black Pearl cruising down a highway, a few other cars following, containing Jack's gang.

In the car, Liz reaches into her undergarments and pulls out the files she stole from Mayor Beckett. Jack is intent on driving, so she surreptitiously begins to read them.

Jack: Ah... I do love the smell of controversial and confidential paperwork...

With a free hand, Jack grabs the letters.

Liz: Funny, Sparrow. You give those back or I'll--

Jack: Flash me some kneecap? (grins and begins reading) Good thing I understand Big Cheese lingo. This here legislation offers me immunity... (Norrington, squished in the back, pricks up his ears)

Liz: Sure... provided you confess everything you know. Mayor Beckett said---

Gibbs: (from the back seat) Mayor Beckett? That no good, dirty son of a---

Jack: Mrs. Grundy! So he thinks I'd double cross my dearly beloved gang for a chance to swing out the death cab? Piker. I'm insulted.

Liz: That's just fine, Jack, because those files belong to me.

Jack: Hey, finders keepers, doll face. You'll have to think of a safer place to store your valuables. (tweaks her bra strap)

Gibbs: If this bill gets passed in the old house of machos, we're a couple of flat tires waiting for the junk yard.

Liz: Hey, I'm no Supreme Court Justice. I know what this could mean for us.

Jack: What are you, sleeping with the Mayor?

Liz: Maybe I am, and maybe I'm not. What's it to you?

Jack: I'd guess he keeps his valuables a bit south of his girdle...

Liz: Sure, but a bit of smooth talk and a look at my sweet trigger did him in.

Jack: Wouldn't your pretty boy be proud to hear that.

Liz: For the last time, Jack, give me back the files!

Jack: You show me your sweet trigger, and I'll give you anything you want.

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! My tummy just did some flip flops. You two are both a great. BTW I loved the Chicago refrence with the "Roxie" thing. If that was a Chicago salut to begin with.

Anyway please continue. I think I will jump into this at one point or's too good to resist. Keep going

Great banter, Kate! I have to look up the script to see what happened after that...

Please please continue.

well guys, I put the first part of DMC up on fanfiction! smile

Thanks, Kate! I am a little busy for the next couple of days so you can continue as much as you want. I'll just pick up wherever you leave off.

Don't mind me jumping in and writing for a bit but I'll stop before the curiosity bit cause I don't have the heart to write it. I'll leave that to willo and kate.
BTW I just realize the governer was kept out of I changed this scene just a tad.

CUT TO...Beckett's office

Beckett: Hmmm....that tomato's a hell of a spitfire!!

Mercer: And how!

Beckett: Any nickle where they're flyin' to next?!

(Beckett opens a bax of cigars, takes one and extends the box to Mercer.)

Mercer: Search me! She left with Sparrow...who knows?

(Takes a cigar and pours both of them some more whiskey)

Beckett: Spit it out Mercer. Do you think that fly boy carries a torch for the Jane?

Mercer: Sparrow the king of the streets turned sap for a dame? Now that would be worth my penny. We'll find out about that.

Beckett: Make sure we do pal. It could be top shot info if we wanna bump that sheik off the map. For now let them find the key for us...

Mercer: Now you're on the trolly. To taking the streets back!

Beckett: To owning the gin mill!

(they clink glasses and drink)

CUT TO...the Flying Dutchman

(Will knocks at Bootstrap's door and he opens)

Will: As much as it kills me...I need your help.

Bootstrap(pleased): What for?

Will: I need the key.

CUT TO...The Dutchman navigation room

(Will sneaks to the back while Bootstrap distracts the men)

Bootstrap: Pipe down boys! Good news...Poker in the back room. Captain's permission.

(They cheer and desert the room leaving Bootstrap to search the cabinets)

CUT TO...Davy's cabin

(Davy's asleep on his piano, Will sneaks behind him and grabs the key from his pocket and replaces it with his pen. Rushes out)

(He runs back to the navigation room)

Will: Not to beef on you paps but I should've put on my cheaters. How do I escape a submarine?

(Bootsrap holds up a diving kit and grins)


(Bootsrap in kneeling beside Will who looks quite pansy like in his diving outfit)

Bootsrap: It's where we get rid of the's the only way out.

Will: You're nifty old man afterall. I'll get you out of this dad...

Bootsrap (hands him his gun): Everything's Jake pal. Good luck...

(Will jumps in)


(Will drags himself across the harbor and leans against a wall. Something sticks to his wet hair. He grabs it. It's a wanted poster with Jack and Elizabeth's pictures on it...he knows Elizabeth's safe)

(He also knows Davy must be after him by now. He makes a run for it)

Tee, this was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!! I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!! i LOVED the diving gear to escape the sub... and the conversation between Beckett and Mercer about Jack and Elizabeth--- those two sparrabethers!!! smile

Mercer: Now you're on the trolly. To taking the streets back!

Beckett: To owning the gin mill!

GREAT lines... keep it up! smile WE MISSED YOU!!!

it was awesome smile please continue

lol glad you liked it. The two of you have inspired me.
I missed this and I will certainly jump in from time to time but for now...curiosity scene anyone? plz?


That was AMAZING GIRLS!!! I've missed this story so much, you guys have to continue!!

One of my favorite parts:

Liz: I'm here to find the man I love.

Jack: Uh...very flattered, son, but bank's closed if you know what I mean.

Liz: I mean Will, Jack.

Jack: (turns) Lizzie. (to Gibbs) Hide the hooch. Well, well, well, last I saw you in this gin mill you had some loser cramping your style. (sees Norrington vomit into the street) I see little has changed.


big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

I love it more and more. smile

(cracks knuckles) Okay, big scene ahead. I think I'll take this one.

CUT TO...the Black Pearl.

(The car has stopped briefly so Gibbs can check the map. Liz is off by herself, smiling)

Norrington: It's a curious thing...

Liz: (adopts straight face) I don't know what you mean.

Norrington: The jig is up, doll. (winks at her)

Liz: Clam up, will you! I trust him, that's all.

Norrington: And while you're trusting him, how are things with your latest fiance? (walks off and drinks down a bottle of gin hidden in a paper bag)

(Liz flips through the journal to distract herself. All of a sudden, she stumbles across a drawing of her face. She snaps the journal shut and sits on a picnic table. Jack approaches)

Jack: What's eatin' ye, baby? (offers her some hooch)

Liz: I just thought I'd tie the knot by now is all. It's all I've been able to think about for so long.

Jack: Well, ahem, you know, if it's going down the aisle you're looking forward to...followed by some consummating...

Liz: Uh, no. We're a little too different, you and I. I don't need some mobster on my shoulder telling me to do things the angel on the other would disapprove of.

Jack: Yet one day you'll give in. One day you won't be able to resist. It's a mobster's life for you.

Liz: And you. One day you'll give in to showing the world you're a good man.

Jack: Say that again?

Liz: (edging closer) One day, you'll be a real shiek and do something fantastic and there everyone will be (even closer), ready to give you a hero's welcome. You'd like to taste a hero's welcome, wouldn't you?

(They lock eyes, about to kiss. Jack carresses her cheek.)

Gibbs: We're here! (folds up map)

(Liz runs up front with Gibbs)

Ah Willo I'm so happy you're back!!! i missed you!!! awesome scene... I'll do some in the morning... smile

Thanks Willo.You are doing a great work. smile

*FAINTS* Ur back! And you wrote the best scene ever. it rocked my world.
I can't wait for your bit kate. I'm so glad ur not letting this thread die. YAAAY!

Bump. I'm waiting for someone to go before I start this back up.

oh man totally my bad... i'm all on this tomorrow. smile

Gasp! Okay, Kate. I'll let you tackle the "treasure." I have some things to fix on the boring end...I mean, the Will end.

(On the submarine. Will is watching some crewmen playing gin.)

Bootstrap: Trying to play?

Will: And how. (to them) Deal me in! And deal in Davy Jones as well.

Davy: (enters) You called?

Will: Let's make it interesting, drugstore cowboy. I win, I get the key that unlocks your swingin' love song to your bearcat.

Davy: (seething) And should you lose, you filthy, slimy pushover?

Will: You get me, a whole life of serving you. What do you say to that?

Davy: Pet me! (but is dealt into the game)

Bootstrap: Wait! Deal me in too. Same stakes: my life instead of Will's if he loses.

(They play.)

Bootstrap: Gin!

Davy: You liar! Let me see that. (smacks Bootstrap's cards out of his hands and finds an ace up his sleeve) Well, well, well, game's over. Will Turner, you can go back to the land...if we decide to make port. Guess you'll just have to scratch out your stories on my sub's walls. (laughs and exits)

Will: (to Bootstrap) You idiot! Is no one home up there? It wasn't about winning or losing.

Bootstrap: (thinks) The key?

Will: Now he's catching on. Didn't you see that his eyes rested on his pocket when I mentioned the key? That's where it is!

CUT TO...Davy's cabin

(Davy is fast asleep in his bed. Will sneaks in. He pickpockets the key and tiptoes out of the cabin.)

CUT TO...interior of the sub.

(Bootstrap is commanding the sub. He has it surface briefly. Will comes up to him.)

Will: I got it! This is just the berries! I can't wait to hear that song and see him cry like a little girl.

Bootstrap: Sounds like a plan, kiddo. Here, take this. (hands him his knife)

Will: Ritzy. But won't you need it? You didn't have to help me.

Bootstrap: Don't be a sap. They can't do anything else to me. Go now. Go save your girl and put an end to this mobster. (Will gets ready to go, but Bootstrap pulls him back and hugs him) You're a swell kid, Will. (Will leaves and Bootstrap calls after him) Don't take any wooden nickels!

beautifully done!!! smile it's amazing how you can make Will seem exciting. And I LOVE Davy Jones in this. "pet me".... LMAO.

for some reason my browser's not letting me get at the dmc script right this minute... i'm getting a new router so it's being fussy... i'll post as soon as i can get it.

LOL! Loved it! Especially Will saying "Ritzy"!! I couldn't stop laughing!!! big grinbig grin

LOL i feel LOST...

Cut to Will on the deck of a small fishing freighter off the coast. Onboard are a rowdy crew of partially drunk fishermen.

Bellamy: (eyeing Will dubiously) So... last you remember you were in Tortuga Joe's, and then you find yourself here in the middle of the puddle?

Will: That's about right.

Bellamy: Sounds like you had a hell of a night, kid. And more than one soggy cracker. The hooch aint what it used to be.

Will: Anyhow let's book it to shore before I wind up in Belize.

Bellamy: Not so fast, mister. We've got a cargo of fish to drop.

Will: Fish?

Bellamy: (stepping in front of a load of booze) Yeah, fish. Ever since old Beckett took the macho seat we've had to light it up, just to make ends meet.

Crewman: (runs up from the wheel) radar's showing some risky business on the ribbon, sir.

Bellamy: Applesauce. Get me a ciggy and the kid a pair of suspenders.

Crewman: Ain't like that. We're talking big guns.

Will: Jones.

Bellamy: Jones?

Will: Yeah, the Squid. It's possible he's after me, and likely he'll blow this freighter to 1930 just in case I'm on it.

Bellamy: Run up the Swiss flag, boys! We've got a submarine to tank!

Suddenly, the Sub surfaces and a massive underwater torpedo lets loose, heading straight for Bellamy's boat.

Bellamy: Holy moly! What kind of torpedos are those?!

One blows up a few hundred feet away, creating a small tidal wave and destroying half the ship.

Bellamy: Not the dreaded K.R.A.K.E.N. torps?! I thought those were only available in Europe!

Will: Looks like we're in for a doozy.

Another torpedo strikes, and the ship begins to sink. Crewmembers dive into the water frantically as the Sub gets closer.

Bellamy: (watching all the liqueur go under) Damn! (grabs a flotation device and begins paddling away)

Will: (getting an idea, he swims to a floating crate of the hooch, pries the lid off, and slithers inside.)

In the command center of the Sub, Jones and his gang are smoking cigars and celebrating.

Gang member: If that sorry sheik was on there, he's not anymore!

Jones: I do love the smell of destruction in the morning.

Meanwhile, Bootstrap is plotting courses, sweating and looking worried and upset. He spies the floating crate of booze and a thought strikes him.

Bootstrap: Hey boys! We're in luck!

Jones: Hardly an appropriate way to mourn your son's passing.

Bootstrap: Something to soften the blow, sir. (points to the radar screen) Looks like they left us a present.

Jones: Send someone up top to bring it in. (rubs his hands together) It's been a long day...

I love the line "holy moly." So glad you remembered dear old Bellamy, God rest his soul. K.R.A.K.E.N? Love it!

CUT TO... Jack, Liz, Norrington, Pintel, and Ragetti leaving a longboat and coming up to an island. Pintel and Ragetti are minding the boat.

Pintel: What you suppose the song is that's in the chest?

Ragetti: Chest?

Pintel: What they're digging up.

Ragetti: Oh. I had forgotten. (thinks) Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey?

(Norrington is the only one digging. Jack and Liz watch from opposite sides.)

Norrington: I've hit something!

(They all scramble and lift up a small chest. They break the locks and sort through some of the junk in the notes, an old photograph, some costume jewelry.)

Liz: Look! (picks up some sheet music and begins to sing it) There's a somebody I'm longing to see/I hope that he turns out to be/someone to watch over me.

Norrington: It's real. You were telling the truth.

Jack: Naturally. You don't think I spin these yarns for the fun of it, do ye?

Will's voice: (off-screen) You high-button hayburner!

Liz: Will! I thought you had gotten bumped off! (kisses him awkwardly)

Jack: How did you get here?

Will: Turkey vultures. Oh, and I met my father on the Dutchman...after you abandoned me, you ossified palooka! Put 'em up!

Liz: Wait, wait, abandoned him?

Jack: Yeah.

Will: And I met my father, did I mention that?

Liz: (to Jack) You lied to me?

Jack: Right again!

(Will goes to the chest and begins to gather up the sheet music. Jack pulls a gun on him.)

Jack: Just what do you think you're doing?

You're up, Kate!

Gah! So good!!! big grinbig grin Loved how Liz totally ignored Will and was focusing on Jack, hehehe wink Can't wait for mooooreee!! big grinbig grinbig grin

Good.Write more please.I'm enjoying it.

bump. Someone want to take on the fun 3-way sword fight and hitting Will with an oar?

Okay, up to me...

Will: I'm taking this song and singing it to the Squid. I'm no Bessie Smith, but I can croon just a little. Allow me to demonstrate...

(Jack lunges forward and points the barrel of the gun into Will's neck.)

Jack: Can't let you do that, pal. You bump off old Davy and then who's going to see to it no K.R.A.K.E.N.s blow me to smithereens?

Norrington: (pulls out a knife and surprises Jack, who drops his gun. Jack whips out his knife instead) I'm afraid I have to be the one to take that song, gentlemen. Got no beef with ya, just going back in Beckett's good graces.

(They all begin to fight. Elizabeth watches.)

Elizabeth: Well this is just the cat's meow! Fighting! You know this isn't solving anything? (they pay no attention to her) Um...hey! Hey, guys! Check out these gams! (She exposes her legs in a sexy manner, but they pay no attention) Fine!

(She lights a cigarette and watches the fight until she catches Pintel and Ragetti running off with the chest.)

Elizabeth: Applesauce. (runs after them)

(The guys continue to fight, running deeper into the island and inside the ruins of an old church. The key changes hands many times. Finally, Norrington corners Jack. Will joins up with them.)

Will: (out of breath) I'll just let you finish him off, sound good?

Norrington: With pleasure!

Jack: Pipe down now! I don't think you want to be doing that.

Norrington: I think I do. (has his knife at Jack's throat)

Jack: I would think you'd want to bump off the pill that stole your girl, leaving you out to dry in your glad rags, not to mention eventually leading to you becoming just another mobster in need of a job and a haircut.

Norrington: Enough! (shoves Jack so he falls down, but at enough distance to get away) Unfortunately, Mr. Turner...he's right! (Norrington turns on Will)

(Norrington and Will fight. Jack for the moment, has the key.)

CUT TO...Elizabeth

(Elizabeth runs after Pintel and Ragetti, her own knife drawn. She heads them off at the pass.)

Elizabeth: End of the line, boys.

Pintel: (he and Ragetti draw knives) Don't think so, doll!

(Before they can turn on her, Jones' men come running up behind them. Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti fight them off, Elizabeth doing most of the work. Before long, she is the only one fighting and Pintel and Ragetti have the chest again.)

(They start to laugh at their success, but some more crewmen come up. As they run from them, they drop the chest. Jack sees this.)

(Jack runs to the chest and packs up the song, heading back to the beach with everyone else.)

Okay, NOW will someone continue? Good parts are on their way...

lol!!! so great! gams!!! hah!
kate? willo? you guys are great

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