Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

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Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

Part 1: Endor

"Prepare to cut in the sublight engines on my mark." Lando watched the timer count down from six until it reached zero. He pulled back the hyperdrive leavers and the swirl elapsed into into lines of white light and then into the mottled background of space. "Mark." Lando felt the Milennium Falcon buck slightly as the sublight engines pressed their already rapid forward momentum. Lando took a few seconds to grasp the size of the moon like sphere of grey bafore them orbiting the lush world of Endor. The sensor board lit up as the rest of the fleet arrived out of hyperspace. Larndo toggled the fleet frequency. "All wings report in."

"Red Leader standing by." Wedge Antillies piloted his X-wing fighter as he looked at the target ahead.

"Grey Leader standing by." Came another voice.

"Green Leader standing by."

"Lock S-foils in attack position." Wedge said while fliping the switches on the panel above him. Wedge's X-wing's wings opened and settled into the familiar X shape.

The fighters following the Falcon and Wedge and mixed about the fleet all opened their S-foils. B-wings followed by X-wings all complied. The A and Y-wings charged their weapons.

Admiral Ackbars voice boomed through the speaker sets of every Rebel ship. "May the Force be with us."

On the Falcon Nein Nunb scanned to battle station ahead. Nothing. No reading at all on any kind of energy field. He said the very same to Lando.

Lando frowned and looked over at his copilot. "What? We've gotta be able to get some kinda reading on that shield. Up or down."

Nein voiced his opinion.

"Well how they be jamming us if they don't know if... if we're coming." Lando's mind reeled as he stared out at the ever largening Death Star. He quickly hit the com. "Break of th attack!" Lando began flipping switches and grabbed the control stick. "The shield is still up!"

Wedge Antillies was puzzled and looked at his own sensors. "I get no reading. You sure?"

Lando didn't argue with Wedge. "Pull up! All craft pull up!" He orientated the Falcon and looped around, putting everything into the engines.

The hundreds of starfighters swooped around. Several exploded against the still functioning particle shield. Their pilots screamed and then became ions as their craft disintegrated against the shield.

"Take evasive action." Ackbar ordered. The Mon Calimari battle cruiser 'Home One' and the other Calimari cruisers, Corellian corvetts and the assorted other ships ponderously turned away from the immence Death Star. Admiral Ackbar barked more orders. "Green Group stick close to Holding Sector MV-7"

The fighters and cruiers continued to swarm in random away from the Death Star.

"Admiral, we have enemy ships in sector 47."

Ackbar turned back to the forward screen. "Its a trap!"

Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

Part 2: Its a trap!

The Falcon levelled out and Lando looked upon the vast Imperial fleet as it encircled the Rebel ships. Ackbars voice echoed in his ears: "Its a trap!"

Lando increased shields and equalated the power from the engines. The sensor board suddenly lit up with hundreds of red echoes. "Fighters coming in!" Lando called as the grey TIE fighters roared into view. Lando tried to judge the amount of odds and was suddenly at a loss when the TIE fighters opened up at close range. Lando watched as TIE after TIE fired and the green lasers that lit up space between the Falcon and the enemy fighters.

Lando hoped the Falcons shields would hold as he plowed through the center of the TIE formation. He fired several shots and managed to destroy a TIE Interceptor.

The Imperial fighters streaked passed and headed towards the Rebel fleet. Lando spun the Milennium Falcon on its ventral axis and inverted so the freighter came about heading back towards the fleet. "Squadron Leaders break off and give 'em hell."

"Good luck Gold Leader." Wedge laced his X-wing between the Falcon and a TIE bomber and came up on the tail of an Interceptor. "Red Leader to squad. Split into pairs and defend the capitol ships." Wedge fired several shots at the Interceptor which half veered and dove to its right. "Red two with me." Wedge followed the move and elevated his flight path slightly.

The Interceptor rose up to overshadow his opponent but met a firey fate as Wedge's lasers chewed the nimble but unshielded fighter to frozen molten metal.

A Y-wing exploded trying to avoid the TIE on the slow crafts tail, and that TIE was destroyed seconds later by Tycho Celchu in his A-wing. The fast Alliance fighter barely avoided the blast when another TIE was in the brackets.

"Accelerate to attack speed. Draw their fire away from the cuisers."

"Copy Gold Leader." Wedge replied as he finished two TIEs attacking a Corellian corvette. He and Red two spotted the Falcon.

The Milennium Falcon rolled under the mass of a Calimari cruiser with several TIEs on its tail. The Falcon inverted and dove upwards laterally to the cruisers engine pods, Lando slid through between the massive fusion engines and was immediately confronted with an exploding X-wing. The Imperial fighters following the freighter did not slip through between the engines and were instead shaken apart by the interferance from the largely functioning engine. Lando smiled. He turned and bracketed another TIE.

Red Leader and Red Two's X-wings flew low over the surface of the Home One picking off TIEs. Wedge spun to his left, up and around and onto the tail of a flight of Bombers. Red Two reacted a little slower and managed to pick off an Imperial Interceptor. The Empires fighter exploded and Red two flew through the chaff.

Wedge loosed a torpedo at the Bombers who were about to drop their load. He watched all three fighters disintegrate when the torpedo exploded and caused the payload to go off.

Lando watched as the X-wing dived under the explosion and level out behind the Falcon. "Good move Red Leader." He appraised.

Red Four disappeared as it was taken by three different TIE fighters. Wedge looked over then spotted another flight of Interceptors and Bombers.

Lando spotted the three Interceptors coming parrallel to Red Leader and voiced a warning. "Watch yourself, Wedge. Three from above." He pulled the Falcon into a roll loop. Green lasers flashed passed the cockpit. An alarm buzzed when the Falcon was hit.

Wedge increased his shields. "Red Three, Red Two. Pull in."

"Got it." Replied Tycho and his A-wing wheeled in after the two X-wings.

A TIE Interceptor blew when a Y-wing rose from behind. Then a second Interceptor. The A-wing unfortunately lost conntrol from being hit by the first Interceptor and collided into the Calimari cruisers shelds below.

"Three of them coming in, twenty degrees."

"Cut to the left. I'll take the leader." Wedge followed the Interceptor closely and fired his four wing-tip laser cannons. The TIE erupted into a ball of flame. He pulled back and up then hugged the hull of the Calimari cruiser. His tail misread his maneouver and smashed into the cruisers shields. Wedge noted several TIEs heading for the Medical Frigate. "Gold Leader this is Red Leader. Lando those TIEs to your port. They're heading for the medical frigate."

The Falcon swung around and headed for the boxy elongated frigate. The gunners in the quad turrets fired at the two TIE Interceptors chasing an A-wing, destroying one and sending the other into an uncoordinated spin that ended when Lando fired the forward lasers. Not waiting for the next wave, the Falcon flew under and around the forward box section of the medical frigate and had a moments respite. He could see the Star Destroyers ahead and wondered as two Interceptors chased by an X-wing flew past the cockpit. "Only the fighters are attacking." He said. "I wonder what those Star Destroyers are waiting for." The Falcon turned an headed back to the fight.

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