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Powers: able to freeze objects in ice, aquakenisis, and is unable to be burned and his body can not freeze due to his body naturally lowers temperature.He can also breath underwater from him subconciousy aborbing the waters oxegan. His Body can even cover itself in ice armor that can withstand bullets from conventional handguns. This armor alows him to fly since he has aquakenisis and can levitate the armor since it encases him.
Hero:always on the good side
Race: Nefrity(mythycal creature simaler to humans in apeirence and have water and cold related abilities
Real name: Jeffery Quin
Bio: Jeffery was an average teen livin in L.A. He lived with his adopted parents and sister. His family was middle class, not exacly wealthy in L.A. He had a completly normal life, but not for long. He would wake up in the morning Finding his room to be stated as freezing yet he did not feel it. He soon would find extremely cold air come off him when angered. His temperature was normally 22 degrees f. He was panicking since he was obviously becoming far from normal. His body acted as though it was normal so he soon tryed to ignore it. One evenig while surfing Frigid fell off his board and noticed while underwater he was breathing.Now frighten again that he was becomeing worse. Frigid kept this all a secret from his family. But one day when he was walking on the board walk on a buisy day for the fair, A ride had caught fire with no known reason. In seconds it exploded with him caught in it. his body was unharmed but had kicked in some type of defense mode. He became extremely cold and ice was collecting on his body forming an armor like look as it soon incased him. Now there was fire everywhere. Knowing it could not burn him he ran into the fflames trying to put them out phisycally. Noticeing this was doing nothing he yeld in anger and a slight stream came from his hands. He consintrated harder and this stream was freezing the board walk and covering it with ice. After the fire was out and everyone was safe he soon ran off scared someone might recognize him. Noticeing his body was covered in ice you could not tell who he was. He soon dicided from this that he could become a hero!
Gender: male
Age: 16

Mando' Ade
this is the wrong forum to put this up in. if it isn't a story of fiction that you write then it does not belong here. begone foul beast.

Creating a character of your own is fictional..


Mando' Ade
yes but this forum refers to stories of fiction not characters of fiction. therefore unless you are gouing to post a story here, there is no reason to do this. thus, you are misusing this forum, wether by misunderstanding or otherwise.

this is really neat. I love it lol

Originally posted by Mando' Ade
yes but this forum refers to stories of fiction not characters of fiction. therefore unless you are gouing to post a story here, there is no reason to do this. thus, you are misusing this forum, wether by misunderstanding or otherwise.

Doesn't the bio part count?

Anyway, here's mine:

Name: Powerhouse

Real Name: Michael "Mike" McMahon

Powers: A high degree of invulnerability/durability, enough superhuman strength to lift an atomic bomb, superhuman speed, agility and leaping ability (he can't fly but with those, it's good enough). He also possesses enhanced senses of sight, hearing and smell.

Personality: A strong sense of right and wrong, will never (intentionally) do anything bad or illegal. This comes from a combination of being raised by a policewoman and reading "old-school" Silver Age comics. While he will occasionally do things for money, it will be either for charity or to fund his own heroics (for example, he expressed a desire to study law and get a medical doctorate, both of which mean things like college, which in turn means tuition fees.)

Bio: Michael McMahon was born with his invulnerability, a fact ascertained when he fell on the floor of the delivery room and the floor broke. As his mother, Stephanie McMahon, raised him (no father; in fact, she claims to have been a virgin at the time of her pregnancy), his other abilities developed, and she taught him to use them responsibly. One day when they were visiting Washington DC, they discovered that a nuclear missile was heading for the Washington Monument; if it hit, Washington DC would be annihilated. Mike ran out of their camper, raced up the side of the Monument, backflipped onto the nuke, rode it like a rodeo bronco, and managed to get down with it safely. The fantastic image of a fifteen-year-old boy holding up a nuclear missile was displayed on newspapers, TV, Youtube, etc. Now Mike's about to learn what a double-edged sword fame can be...

My character is awesomeee! (:

Name: Aura
Real name: Kate Taylor
Species: human mutant
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Powers and Abilities: originally she had the ability of Telekinesis, Telepathy to the 3rd degree, and energy manipulation, but due to a disaster, she was kidnapped by the government. she was tested on and experimented on. She was trained, and was used to be a weapon. The government made an accelerator, which drastically altered and secondarily mutated her powers. With her telekinesis, she can now control and move things at a molecular level, lifting things 10 times her weight. Her telepathy had extremely mutated. She can now go into the mind of others but go in deeper than before. She can make you see things, make her enemies have extreme "psycho blasts" to make them unconscious, or even kill them. she can erase memories, create memories, and even control minds. her lygokinesis, or energy manipulation, had made her extremely lethal. She could manipulate pure energy or "aura". She can absorb, generate, manipulate, or blast Arch's of electromagnetic waves or impulses. She is constantly absorbing the Aura or electromagnetic impulses that go off of everything or anything, because everything has aura. If she is hurt of injured she absorb a large amount of energy to help her accelerate her healing. Her energy that she absorbs can also give her invulnerability. If she absorbs enough energy, she can make herself invincible. Her telekinesis can make her fly faster than Jets. she can also use her telekinetic ability to give herself enhanced Human strength.

Biography: Unknown. She has to fill in the blanks of her past. She cannot remember anything for she was kidnapped at an early age. She recently escaped the governments grips of USING her. She became to powerful to control, for she cannot be controlled.

Don Mess wit dis *****.

Part Dos

Hero or Villain? : She can be bad if she wants too be.

Powers Part Dos: If she absorbed enough energy from another mutant she can take their ability permanently. Telepathy has grown into Clairvoyance. She can Find anyone or anything around the world. NEW: Precognition; she can see future events.
Projection. Through deep concentration and meditation she can project anything or anyone to her. she can Project herself anywhere at any time. Also known as Reality Warping
Teleportation through turning herself into pure energy and moving herself from one place to another at incredible speed due to finding different energy signatures at different locations.

Highly skilled in Hand to Hand and Armed Combat through Training of the government. She was taught from the best.

Weapon: highly skilled in Staff, Sais, and Acute Shooting.

villen Name:krayo
Powers: hepnosas
Weaknesses: mind reading
Costume Colors: black
Hero:can use powers for good some times
Race: irash
Real Name: kratos
His biography:born under radtion born orfan with unknown disese only know under the name freak and dork but later he got a home killed hes parents and went to harverd and grad but from there he startedto kill the inasent and it felt good so he meet hes friend nick killed him so from now he is geting hunted down by the goverment
i did villen

Omega Vision

Huh, I've created a whole (yet small) "system" of superheroes and supervillains, but due to my drawing skills, I never realized this concept.
Still, the storyline exists in my head.

So maybe I'll just present only two such guys - the one that is most important for general plot, and the one that is my favourite.

Fire blast (never could find really catchy callsign for this one)

True name: Jacob Deckard
Classification: Elementalist
Occupation: Businessman
Personality: Deckard is calm and reserved person, with general charisma and tendency of analysing the problem before dealing with it. A perfect leader, not to be easily driven out of control, and an idealist.

History: Deckard was born in New York, in a family of people owning a small industrial company. His mother died on a disease, when Jacob was a child, and his father was later killed in car accident, at the time when Jacob was still a teenager. Depending on his own since then, he took the leadership of family company and proved his managment skills, developing it from a small firm to a large corporation worth billions of dollars.
At the age of 36, Deckard gained supernatural powers, discovering simultaneously, that he is a descendant of one of the members of The Order - organization of four elementalists, that long time ago found a sacred altar that held four crystals of elements. Retrieveing those gave them powers of controlling those elements, which marked the founding of The Order. Yet taking the artifacts from their sacred place caused the disbalance between our world, and the world of chaos, which resulted in the opening of an unholy gates, through which the forces of evil tried to invade our world. Not willing to bring back the crystals to the altar (and thus restore the balance their powers were maintaining), they took the responsibility to repel the evil attacks. They were also giving their powers and fighting skills to their descendants, continuing the existence of The Order through ages. This lasted to the XV century, when the first psionics began to appear. One of them, whose real name is today unknown, and who is better known as Kagar, was to be (supposedly) the most powerful psionic in history. Using his powers, members of The Order combined their forces with Kagar's, creating a powerful seal, locking the access for evil forces to our world (not before a few agents of evil - including the Fallen Ones and Blood Spirits - entering our reality before the gates were closed). This seal was based on Kagar's psionic energies and life force. However, at this time, Kagar was corrupted by evil and turned against The Order, trying to reopen the gates. Members of The Order struggled to stop him, and eventually managed to defeat Kagar. However, they were unable to destroy him (also because of the fact, that killing him would annihilate the seal he sustained), so they gave up their powers, exhausting them to create a prison, where Kagar would be held. They were aware, that this won't last forever, so they ensured the returning of the elemental powers to their descendants at the time Kagar would release from his prison.
Back to present time. Kagar, unfortunately, managed to break the powers keeping him at bay, which also resulted in four people around the world (including Deckard) gaining the powers of The Order. Deckard, as the three other chosen ones, began to use his powers for good, unaware of the danger at the side of Kagar.
Meanwhile, Kagar managed to corrupt three other elementalists, and began a quest for four crystals, hidden in the world. It lated appeared, that they were all sold to various people in New York as antiques.
This marked the beginning of the race between Jacob Deckard, and Kagar (the latter supported by other elementalists - Stone, Storm and Frost, as well as by man possessed by the Fallen One known as Azrael), both sides trying to gather the crystals before the other one does.
Soon, this conflict was joined by the third party - animorph called Lizzord - who began the search for crystals on his own (for purposes unknown - probably we wanted to use their powers to bring the humanity to its knees). Lizzord managed to gain three artifacts, exploiting the fact, that Deckard and Kagar (and the latter's allies) fought each other (however, he gained the second one, taking it away from Deckard after engaging him in a fight and defeating him). This, of course, brought the attention of the Kagar to the reptile, who was attacked by triple force - Storm, Azrael and Kagar himself (Stone and Frost were earlier killed by Deckard already). Although Deckard aided Lizzord in battle (killing Storm during it), they were both defeated and imprisoned in Kagar's hideout. After regaining consciousness in there, Deckard managed to release himself as well as Lizzord, and they both engaged Kagar and Azrael, who were already using all four crystals to open gates for the evil forces on the whole world. While Deckard finally managed to overcome Kagar, Lizzord engaged Azrael, defeating and killing him (by devouring his heart). The Kagar was beaten, but again not destroyed, and the crystals of elements, after the interruption of the creation of the gates, vanished again. Lizzord left, this time as Deckard's ally (also because of the fact, that his true identity was Tom Harrigan - leader of genetic division of Deckard's company and his good friend).
Since then, Jacob's powers began to diminish, so he was looking for replacement for him as the defender of New York. He found it in the person of Jonas Blake, who, with Deckard's aid, became new hero, called CyClone. He proved useful not only in guarding the city, but in stopping another corrupted psionic - James Anderson - from achieveing what Kagar was trying to achieve. He was aided by Deckard and Lizzord in his struggle. After that, Anderson (with only the remains of his former psionic powers) joined them as the Spectre (Lizzord, however, left the group).
Later there was another disturbance, this time caused by a band of vampires (people possessed by Blood Spirits), but Deckard, as he was very weak at that time, did not interfere into it directly. CyClone and Spectre were aided by she-vampire Regina Ekart, also known by her callsign Hekate.
After it, Kagar reemerged, trying to gather crystals of elements again. Without the aid of other elementalists (his allies this time were another Fallen One, Gideon, and corrupted psionic known as Ignatius Cartnay), he assumed the false identity of multi-millionaire and created an army of clone soldiers to aid him in his endavour.
Deckard did not interfere into the last clash with Kagar directly, until he imprisoned all heroes - CyClone, Spectre and Hekate - after they got into his secret base, and were defeated by him. Then Deckard (who regained part of his former powers at the time when Kagar reemerged), who was later aided surprisingly by Lizzord, took action himself, but he wasn't able to defeat Kagar. However, Lizzord helped him to free the imprisoned heroes, and kept Kagar busy (after killing Ignatius in the fight) while they were trying to drain the powers from the acquired crystals, not letting their force to be used for creating gates. Thus, CyClone, Spectre and Hekate became new elementalists, and, with their combined forces, managed to finally destroy Kagar himself. This, of course, broke the ancient seal, that was created by The Order long time ago - but the invasion of evil was prevented, as heroes gave up their powers, returning crystals to their sacred place.
Since then, Deckard, with limited powers, is a leader of the team of heroes.

Strength level: superhuman, capable of lifting 5 tons.
Martial arts skills: excellent.
Special abilites: an ability to create and control fire. Various forms of flame attacks, including fireballs, explosive bombs, flame shield (using it, he is also capable of flying). His most powerful form of flame attack is the fire blast, a destructive strain of flame, that annihilates everything in its path. He is also capable of extunguishing fire, not only use it for destruction.
Resistances: limited invulnerability. Immune to fire.
Weaknesses: limited abilities in close combat. Limited resistance to physical attacks.

The Big O
Total awesomeness, dude. You should do a fan-fic. I'd read it.


True name: Tom Harrigan (altered; original one unknown)
Classification: Animorph
Occupation: Genetic scientist
Personality: There are basically two independent personalities, capable of thinking reasonably and even confront (or simply conversate) each other.
The first one, is the personality of Tom Harrigan. A reserved scientist, shy and locked up in himself, misunderstood by surrounding people. Quiet and not outgoing, he feels best when he is alone, not disturbed by the others.
The second one, is the personality of Lizzord, a vile Lizardman that was accidentally created by Harrigan. Although highly intelligent, Lizzord is a cruel beast, with lust for blood, who get pure joy and satisfaction from killing and bloodshed (as well as eating the flesh of his victims). A psycho with sense of humour - very black one. He is also very proud, confident in his abilities, and sees all other creatures as inferior.

History: Tom Harrigan was born in Los Angeles, in a poor family. He graduated the studies of biology and genetics, and took a job in a large pharmaceutical company. He was a husband and father to two children.
In addition to his usual work for the company, Harrigan also led the research on his own, basing on the animal DNA. During his work, he created - among the others - a serum based on lizard's genetic code. One day, during an accident in his lab, the was cut by the broken test-tube, containing that serum, which got into his blood. During first week after this, there were no symptoms of the infection, so Harrigan believed nothing happened. Yet in the second week he became terribly ill, which forced him to stay at home for that time. In the last day of that week, he transmutated for the first time, turning into human-shaped, lizard-like monster, the Lizzord. This, however, happened when he was alone at home, and he kept this fact in secret (he also believed, at first, that it was only a dream, because he lost his consciousness then, and later woke up in his bed in fine condition. Yet he soon realized, that a new "person" was born inside him. A "person" that quickly began to develop his own consciousness, and planned on taking full control over Harrigan's body and mind.
This eventually happened one tragic day, when Harrigan, driven into state of madness by Lizzord, killed his wife along with children. After realising, what he has done, he fell into despair, and his mind became easy target for Lizzord, who took full control of him, transmutating his body into reptile form. He then left Harrigan's home.
The time when Harrigan was fully controlled by Lizzord, lasted for two years. The Lizzord learned about his life and the humanity, killing people regularly to indulge his lust for flesh (he even defeated two superheroes - Deathwing and Drake - that tried to stop him). Day by day, it was becoming more and more hard for him to keep Harrigan at bay. Tom finally regained his own consciousness during Lizzord's attack on a family with two children, which reminded Harrigan the death of his own wife and kids. Barely controlling the Lizzord, he set on a journey in an attempt to begin a new live. Assuming new name, by which he is now known, he finally got to New York, taking job there, and eventually beginning his new career in Deckard's company. He was quite quickly promoted there, due to his skills, and became the leader of genetic research division, as well as good friend of Deckard himself.
At the time, when Kagar reemerged, Lizzord came to voice again, beginning to temporarily control Harrigan and transforming into reptile. It was then, when he tried to gather the crystals of elements himself, but he eventually joined sides with Deckard, forging an alliance with him. At this time, also Harrigan and Lizzord were beginning to form a peace between themselves. Tom, knowing that Lizzord won't keep his bloodlust at bay for too long without an ability to kill someone, made a simple deal with the reptile, proposing him to find vent to his lust for killing by slaughtering the bad people instead of good ones. Namely, criminals.
Lizzord soon left New York (taking an arsenal of gadgets, that were designed by Deckard especially for him, to enhance his combat abilities) and moved to Chicago in order to fight the local mafia, and thus find an occupation for Lizzord, who was eager to kill (killing proved to be like a narcotic for him - it brought him joy and satisfaction). He even forged an alliance with local police officer, who served him as an informant. Lizzord successfully massacred whole mafia, including two humans - man and a woman - possessed by the Fallen Ones (named Diana and Gabriel). It remained unknown, why did the Fallen Ones decided to became a leaders of mafia.
After returning to New York, Lizzord joined the team of Deckard and CyClone, but was rather not a permanent member. After helping them by defeating rogue psionic James Anderson, he left again, moving to San Francisco and fighting local mafia (and finding another ally in the police again). The criminals, however, proved to be more dangerous enemies to the Lizzord, as they used reptile's blood, left by him at one of the places he appeared (and was shot), to create a biocyborg, made as Lizzord' evil twin. This cyborg was known as Blackclaw, and engaged Lizzord in few battles - for the first time while assisting the criminals in robbing the bank, but he left before the fight was finished. The second clash between Lizzord and Blackclaw took place in warehouses, and almost resulted in cyborg killing the reptile. Lizzord survived, however, and used weapons made for him by Deckard in the next battle, which occured in one of mafia's hideouts, at the time when Blackclaw started to rebel against his makers, killing all people in the hideout. Lizzord took the upper hand in the third fight, but was unable to destroy the Blackclaw, who eventually escaped. Most of Lizzords equipment was damaged or exhausted during the third fight, so he wasn't able to use it again to his advantage. But Harrigan intervened, creating a serum, that temporarily increased Lizzord's powers and aggresiveness (thus risking the loss of control over the beast). This gave Lizzord the advantage in the last clash with Blackclaw - reptile successfully defeated his, dismembered, and then threw parts of his body into acid, drowning it wholly.
After his victory, Lizzord returned to New York to aid Deckard in battle against Kagar again. Then he again left the team of heroes, to move to the Chicago again, when a new psionic, known as The Tamer, emerged. That psionic caused the transmutation of five people into animorphs (Lion, Tiger, Werewolf, Minotaur and Gorilla) and then took psychic control over them, when their animal sides were still not developed, as was their control over them. Lizzord found an ally in person of female police officer Crockett, who initially tried to find and arrest him (Lizzord saw her only as ally, but Harrigan fell into love with her). Because of the enemy advantage in numbers, Lizzord was unable to overcome Tamer with traditional methods. He drove the animorphs away from their master, and then attacked him directly. Then he discovered, that Tiger and Werewolf were still protecting Tamer, which led to a fight, that Lizzord hardly won (not without discovering, that Crockett was kidnapped by his enemies for blackmailing him - as it didn't stop the Lizzord from attacking, hostage was killed, and Harrigan mourned her). Infected with Werewolf's saliva, Lizzord was also forced to repel the Tamer's psychic attacks, who tried to control him. The psionic did not succed, however, and was killed.
Later Lizzord rejoined and left Deckard's team various times, e.g. fighting Minotaur (and later Werewolf), who gained control over his human self and proved to be powerful enemy for Lizzord (his abilities were earlier limited by Tamer's influence) due to his superior physical strength.

Strenth level: superhuman, capable of lifting 10 tons
Martial arts skills: archmaster, unbeatable close combat fighter, employing his own sophisticated fighting style.
Special abilities: superhuman strength and unmatched reflexes (capable even of dodging bullets). Instant regeneration skills, healing wounds in matter of seconds (making him impossible to kill by most weapons). Capable of spitting acid (like a snake, spitting with poison) from glands in his mouth, at short distance.
He can also arm himself with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets given to him by Deckard (including two wristblades, lance, harpoon thrower, breast plate for protection, explosive charges, and synthetic, organic "fuel", perfectly sustaining his regenerative abilities).
Resistances: regeneration mentioned above. Limited invulnerability. Immunity to psychic attacks of any sort or mind control (due to the existence of two developed personalities - one takes the attack, the other functions normally).
Weaknesses: uneffective in combat at distance. His regeneration is limited and relies on the food he has consumed (flesh is the best "fuel"wink. When angried, he may enter frenzy, losing control of himself and making him dangerous even for allies.

Omega Vision

Omega Vision


(This is basically my attempt at "What would I Dream of Jeannie be like if it were written today, in our world of Youtube, ecological disaster and 9-11?" embarrasment)

Name: EnerGenie

Real Name: Stacy Walton

Origin: Stacy was at an alternative energy expo where an experimental demonstration of what was advertised as a new, unlimited source of non-polluting energy was being held. Unfortunately, the equipment malfunctioned and the energy ran wild. Stacy was standing too close at the time and absorbed all the energy into herself, becoming godlike.

Powers: As the EnerGenie, Stacy can control all energy and matter within a radius of 1,392,000 km (the size of the sun!). Basically, she's got the Phoenix/Solar powerset, with maybe some I Dream of Jeannie thrown in. (OK, so she's not the most original of characters... embarrasment) She also has limited telepathy, able to read and sense minds as well as communicate with them (no mind control).

Weaknesses: As already mentioned, the EnerGenie can only affect physical reality; no affecting free will (and she's moral enough not to want to). She can be hurt or disrupted by a powerful enough blast of energy, and can be affected by magic. She is also rather emotionally dependent on her boyfriend/"master" Randy Mitchell.

Personality: The emotional attachment to Randy is not only born of romance/love/lust; she needs it as a reason to stay grounded and "human." Or as she puts it, "You know those Star Trek episodes where they run into someone with godlike powers, and they turn out to be a ? I'm trying to avoid that." She's also quite heroic (or at least well-intended), and always tries to do the right thing.

Costume: Her "superhero" mode is a shapely, beautiful young woman made of fire. She is capable of taking on more human-like forms, like a harem dancer or her "normal" self (that of a redhead college kid).

Supporting cast:

Randy Mitchell: Stacy's boyfriend. He sympathizes with her and her "wish-granting slave-djinn" act, although he's too nice to actually take advantage of her. (Not that he complained when she first showed up dressed in a harem outfit and started belly-dancing for him! In fact, it was that stunt that prompted him to call her the EnerGenie in a later attempt at superherodom.)

Arthur Walton: Stacy's father, a wealthy Big Oil executive. Not exactly evil, but a cynical workaholic. (But mess with Stacy, or even Randy, and he'll be tempted to hire a hitman!)

Dr. Khalid: The chief scientist behind the experimental reactor that caused Stacy's transformation.

Senator Thornton: A politician who's backed by Big Oil.

General Stockmeyer: A gung-ho militant who gets 9-11 vibes from Khalid.

Kaufman: A crimelord who tries to have Randy and the Energenie killed (despite Randy's pleas that "We don't even fight crime! We're not vigilantes! We specialize in disaster relief!"wink.

The Symmetry Ascendant (aka Mr. 22)

"Ron" (Hieronymus) Ash is recently divorced, a teacher, and is one night visited by an artifact from the stars. If he accepts a unique job offer, he will gradually acquire an open powerset by developing his "implicate will": the faculty of will extended past the skin and able to influence quantum wavefunctions.

Origin(?) chronicled in "22", in Tales of the Talisman, summer 2009 issue.

Real Name: Jarred

Superhero Name: None

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: human (mutant)

Origin of powers: at age thirteen, came into contact with an energized crystalline fragment broken off from an asteroid originating from the destruction of the planet "Aor".

Powers: Powers vary- because of the origination of the crystalline fragment, Jarred's DNA shifted to join with segments of DNA trapped within the crystal. Thus giving him two forms

"Demonic" form- Jarred turns a dark blue color, sprouts dragon-like wings, is reduced to having four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot, one on the back area of the foot. Jarred also forms a thin tail and his irises turn a yellow tinge, along with his hair turning black. At will, he can protrude crystalline claws from his fists which are for the most part stronger than all Earth-like alloys (although composed of crystal, they appear to be metallic). In this form, Jared is extremely quick, agile, and strong- and can even manipulate some of the energy around him to a lesser extent, hurling blue-looking, blasts of manipulated energy.

Human form: Jared appears to be normal with no physical mutations. In this form, he can manipulate energy to a much greater extent- but is much weaker physically.
Basic Human Form Powers:
-ability to convert himself into a trail of a blue smoke-like substance, traveling at extremely fast speeds, and moving swiftly through tiny spaces.
-Ability to blast enemies with energy
-ability to open small wormholes and teleport at will, which takes much concentration on his part.
-various other energy related attacks

i wouldn't really be a hero. i'd be one of those who only wants personal gain but accidentally saves the world. i would be a vampire (not one of the gay twilight ones) called seducer who walks in the daylight and is irresistable to girls.

Hero Name: Brent Boyd

Powers: Uncanny ability to do powerful magic including: hypnotism, weather and nature manipulation, hex bolts (devastating bolts of magenta electricity capable of completely destroying objects and fatally injuring humans), reality shifting, great materialization.
He has self-proppeled flight. Eyes glow while using his powers.

Weaknesses: During his childhood he dealt with an extremely low self exteem and doubted himself often. It has cleared up well but it still affects him while using his powers.
No objects can bind him for long. He has a powerful field around his body that protects him from harm. But if you can get him to not focus on defending himself, a small amount of pain could render him unconscious.

Costume: violet collared shirt, black sweater, black pants, black shoes.

Appearance: Medium brown skin. Brown wavy hair. Violet Eyes.


Real Name: Brenton Boyd

Biography: Life Growing up in the city of Norfolk was hard for Brenton. He dealt with constant bullyingfrom certain individuals at his public school. His parents weren't rich but they weren't poor either. At an early age they noticed great talent in Brenton for writing and acting. So they gathered up money and soon, Brenton left for New York to attend a school for the arts and get away from the namecalling at his school. At his new school he made many friends and was very popular from day one. But with fresh fruit comes one bad seed. One day while he was by the school pool writing a poem when suddenly he heard, "Fagget!" A sudden burst of power exploded from deep inside Brent. And instantaniously, all the lights shattered and the thuggish boys completely desintegrated in a detonation of magenta electricity. That whole night he sat in the corner of the pool room crying, scared, and confused. Two women known as Zatanna Zatara and Ororo Munroe appeared with a man named Stephen Strange. They taught him together in the mystic arts and came to the conclusion that Brenton would be the most powerful magic wielder ever to walk upon the earth.

Common Enemies: Vain
Powers: Control of fire and is able to influence thoughts making others feel oppressed

Villain Name-Amun Sul
Alias-Anubis, Amun Ra, Horace, Apophis, Imhotep.

Real Name- Unknown

Age-6000 yrs

Appearance-5'8-145lbs-Dark Skin-Black Hair long-Yellow/Gold eyes-Athletic body

Race-Unknown-Thought to be from the underworld

Abilities- Able to control all senses through hypnosis.

Known weaknesses-Anyone who has the telepathic/telekinetic rating of P-12 or higher, though few exist.

Amun Sul first awoke in the Egyptian desert 6000years ago, and was taken in by the desert people. After discovering that he could control others, he left for the Kingdom of early Egypt, and placed himself near the Kings court. He eventually ruled in Egypt for 300 years, before being deposed. Last known appearance was in Germany in 1936.

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