B.B. Hood vs Solid Snake

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Bulleta watched as Jill recovered in the infermery. "Heh, taken out by a muscular man? How patachtic, and she was able to take out zombies 30 times her size. I better handle this." she said. As she left she packed up and smirked evilly. "Soon, we will take out the cast of Smash Bros. Brawl." with that she walked out. Bulleta set a letter up for a man, Snake.

A few days later, Snake walked in what was a war-torn aera. "What the--? Samus said to meet her here... hmm... Better be ready in case this is a trap." he muttered to hisself. He saw Bulleta watching a flower and smirk evilly. "Hello, Snake." Snake was confused, how did this girl know him. Next thing he noticed he had a call. "Otacon. Who's this girl?" Otacon checked the aera. "Oh no, that's Bulleta aka Baby Bonne Hood. She's a master assassin and killer known to kill many demons known as Darkstalkers. She carries a wide amount of weapons in her basket and is no walk in the park. She may look innocent and nice but when she's grinning stay away." Snake groaned. "Well this sucks. Hey, where's Samus?" he asked. "Samus Aran? My you're such an idiot. Didn't you have your commards check the sender?" with that Bulleta aimed a uzi at him. "I'm the "Samus" you're looking fer."

'Just great...' Snake groaned in his head. He had to watch out now.

* Type of fight: Life, each start with 500 health. There is no ring outs.

* Bulleta's move set

Standard special: Uzi shot (shoots her uzi)

Side special: Missle launcher (shoots two missles in the direction she's facing)

Up special: Jumping missle launcher (jumps twice and shoots two missles diganoly)

Down special: Apple For You (hands an apple to enemy and blows them up)

Final Smash: Cool Hunting (pulls sheet over her and two tall hunters help her shoot at the enemy)

* Snake can use all his attacks from Smash Bros. Brawl

* Bulleta's attacks from DarkStalkers (not specials or EX attacks) are the regular attacks.

C class DS can solo armies. Those same DS faint at the mere sight of Bulletta.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.