Best Johnny Depp Kiss

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This is how it works. Watch this music video that claims to capture Johnny's best kisses. If you know of others, please post a clip. Then we should vote for the all-time best kiss of his. Nominations will be collected through tomorrow night and then PM me with your votes!
- first clip with woman in red dress "Blow" (continues into red montage)
- second clip in the sheet "Arizona Dream"
- third clip with that annoying hair in Johnny's face "Cry Baby" (also could be known as the tongue clip)
- fourth clip with Christina Ricci and Johnny having really good hair "The Man Who Cried"
- fifth clip with woman in white dress "Don Juan de Marco"
- sixth clip that is silhouetted and has the girl against the wall "From Hell"
- seventh clip with long haired girl outside "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"
Interruption with other Cry Baby kiss

- eighth clip with Juliette Binoche "Chocolate"
- ninth clip is the famous sparrabeth kiss "Dead Man's Chest"
-tenth clip with short-haired woman who is Charlize Theron "The Astronaut's Wife"
- last clip "Edward Scissorhands"

Okay, so here are the rules just to be clear:

1. Watch these clips.
2. If you want to nominate another clip, post it for all to see.
3. You have until tomorrow night (25 March) to post these additional clips.
4. Then the nominations will be locked in.
5. PM me with your vote on which kiss is the best, the overall best.
6. The results will be posted on 31 March along with the winning clip.

OH GOOD GRIEF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I feel... really quite scandalous watching those scenes!!! I can't believe those were all in films--- they seem much too intimate, too real... you know, most love scenes in films are quite obviously acting--- too perfect, too rehearsed... but with him, it seems too real...

i will be PMing you my nom... but I just need to comment here, for fun sakes...

fourth clip-- dear God in heaven!!! Christina Ricci looks like a child! I don't know the story well but it seems I will have to see that movie--- it looks dark and artistic... why is Johnny always playing a gypsy??? That's too hot. On a random side note, I have gypsy heritage on my mother's side and really identify with that part of me, but when I was living in Europe, people were just outright cruel about it to me, even in this day and age. I wonder that Johnny gets on so well in France, since all his time playing gypsies has taken its toll on him... wink BUT the other point I wanted to make with this clip is, they don't actually KISS the way I see it...

the From Hell one is really effective--- short and sweet and full of tension...

I have to say, the one with Jack and Elizabeth is the most unique--- I mean, it's the only one where Johnny isn't taking charge, you know? He seems so vulnerable somehow in that one... so innocent or something.

He's all around too good at this. He kisses like he is having sex. Can I say that? I feel so scandalous. But he doesn't just kiss when he's kissing onscreen. He's completely in the moment.

Good choice for enlivening this forum, Willo! smile

Hmmmm Can anyone tell me the context of the From Hell kiss? I will make my decision from there big grin

anyone really care to enlighten me what this has to do with PotC? erm

Originally posted by Nanami_XIV
anyone really care to enlighten me what this has to do with PotC? erm Comparing Sparrabeth kisses to the same actor with others in other movies?

Pervs, all here Miz Nanami, and let's face it in a disney film well, there's a noticeable shortage of lip-age and Mr. Depp. I would like to add the vid
so that my beloved Don Juan Demarco (about 1:12 or so) might be included--the speech what goes with it well, now there's the tale.

I think Johnny's best kiss hands down is with JB in Chocolat. It was like he was trying to devour her whole and she was trying to eat him too. If I could be on the other end of any of his movie kisses that would be the one I would want to be on the receiving end of.

Pocky: The From Hell kiss context is that Johnny is investigating Jack the Ripper and Heather Graham is a prositute turned informant for him. They've been working together and becoming more and more attracted to each other.

Don't forget Tex's other Don Juan de Marco kiss! I only have one vote so far, so keep the PMs coming!

ko, if i have ever been more longing to be would be any of the women in that video...but im going with Cry Baby...

Okay, we have a 3-way tie. Come on, guys! It's watching Johnny kiss. It's a fun task. 31 March is almost here!

I can't decide which Johnny Depp kiss is best.

i think im gonna go with either the cry baby kiss or the JB chocolat kiss

All right. We're down to 4. So everyone, pick your favorite from the last four choices.

1. The Sparrabeth kiss.
2. Cry Baby
3. From Hell
4. Chocolat

I have to go with sparrabeth... be true to my roots, and all that. wink no, i actually do think it's the best. the movement, the situation, the context, the complications of their relationship... it's so intense... so wonderful. smile

I haven't been on here much lately so I missed this....but I vote for...

1. Kiss of Death in Dead Man's Chest...duh!
2. Astronaut's Wife...with Charlize Theron
3. The shillouetted kiss in "From Hell"
4. The Red Dress Kiss from "Blow" with Penelope Cruz


big grin

Looks like we'll have a winner, lol!


and... just for celebration...

and the re-vamped version,

I love that revamped version. It makes me wonder: what does everyone think about the music already accompanying their kiss? It is dark and even a little menacing in my opinion. I do like how it just comes to a stall when they show Will seeing it. It fits his reaction very well. But the rest of it...I don't know. It's like Jack and Liz should have had their own theme that would have worked whether the writers decided on a sparrabeth ending or not. Their relationship deserves one.

Yes their own theme!!!! Ohhhhh that would have been hot.

Truly, though, I find the music in the background of the kiss very effective--- though I love the re-vamped version for its epic feel, the original music is quite foreboding--- you get the sense that, after this, nothing will ever be the same--- they are both crossing some internal boundary, and the simplicity of the music doesn't steal focus away from the shock and awe of what is happening--- rather than getting swept up in a purely emotional pretty picture sort of feeling, you feel the tension, the surprise, the angst of it all. It is a perfect lead up to Jack's "ello beastie" moment with the kraken. Brilliant cinematography.

HAHA!!! lol I'm sorry I missed it. I wasn't on in quite a while do to my mock exams and other things going on. I think of KMC and JE everyday though (how could I not?)
Why am I not surprised with the final winner?

The Winner is:

The Kiss Johnny gave me!!! *faints*

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