Star Wars: Dark Reign

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Chapter 1 "Search."

The squad of Stormtroopers moved down the dark hallway with their blaster rifles raised. They stopped at each door they came to. "Ferran, Daral. Check the room." The five Stormtroopers sliently fanned out into three covering positions while the two troopers checked the room.

Daral waited till Ferran was poised on the otherside of the door before he pressed the door pad. The door rolled back and Ferran waited. "Go."

Ferran followed closely by Deral entered the room and activated their Chronomatic Light Emitters. The CLE beams lit up a portion of the wall and floor. Ferran passed his beam over the room. He saw crates and barrels stacked up against the far wall and piles of boxes inbetween. "Doesn't look like anyones been in here for a while, captain."

"Make sure of that."

Ferran's CLE highlighted the white armour of Daral as he moved forward to sweep the room. The Stormtrooper shifted his rifle back and fourth, its beam lighting up the way through. "Cover me." He walked carefully around boxes and made his way over to the stacked pile at the end. Nothing. "Nothing." Daral said into his com and rand back. His boots clacking on the floor.

"Clear." Ferran turned and preceeded his squad mate out the door. The door hissed shut behind them.

The squad moved on. The com officer activated his private link to the squad. "Captain Trest. Theta squad has reported no Rebel activity in warehouse block 'A'." The Stormtrooper squad came to a large room at the end of the hallway. "They are moving up to block 'B'."

"Hey. You think intelligance was wrong?" One of the Stormtroopers asked as he raised his rifle and peered into the room.

"Never know, Carkan. Its happened before." Ferran answered as he covered the doorway.

"Riiight. Its not like our jobs ain't boring enough already. When are we gonna see some real action, man?!" Daral burst forward into the room, rifle raised. "I bet there aren't ant Rebels left. I bet they packed their transports and ran."

"Quiet guys... I heard something." The captain held his hand up for silence. The squad haulted. The sound of rain pattering the plexi-window slits in the slanted roof suddenly became louder and more eminant. The squad activated their CLE's and scanned the room. After several minutes they cleared the room and move onto the next hallway.

"See, it was nothing." Daral stepped around to the captains side.

"Don't be so sure it was nothing. If you keep that attitude you'll find yourself at the wrong end of Admiral Vassisk's blaster."

"Admiral Vassisk is just another overated Imperial commander. We always get the dea-" A bright red beam leaped fourth from the end of the hallway followed by the sound of the discharge and exploded against Daral's chest. He was flung back into Ferran who toppled over from the force.

"Sniper! Take cover and return fire!" The captain raised his blaster rifle and fired down the hall while pressing himself to the wall. Dammit. They waited till we had no cover! Sith shit!

He was joined by the remaining three Stormtroopers and they layed down a line of fire at their oppressor. The assailent fired again. Catching the wall, half a meter from the captains vizor. "Carkan. Contact command. Tell them we have encountered resistance."

"Sir! Control this is Delta. We have..." blaster shots lit up the hallway as the fire fight got underway. The com operator continued. "...return main power to 'C' Block. Repeat return main-"

The next shot knocked Carkan down as his helmet exploded. He screamed as firey flesh exloded outwards from the vizor. Blood spattered Ferran as he ducked to the side. "You rebel scum!" Ferran shouted. be continued.

At the end of the hallway the Rebel sniper smiled to himself. "Yes. Insult me all you want." He fired his pulse rifle again and then got up and ran for the nearest sub-hall. Th lightening came back on as the Imperials carried out the dead operators wish.

The captain looked down at Daral now under better lightening, he could see the charred crater in the plastoid armour. It had barely been penetrated. "Will he live?"

Ferran nodded. "He is unconscious but he will live." The Stormtrooper activated Daral's distress beacon and then turned to see the remains of Carkans brains across the wall and floor.

"I think we are dealing with one sniper, we should persue him but I'm almost positive its a trap." The captain activated his com. "Theta. This is Delta. Can you converge on our location. We are..." He passed the transmission to another trooper who gave their sitrep and position. "Delta. We lost a good soldier today, lets not let these so called freedom fighters get away with murder." The remaining two Stormtroopers nodded. "Private Nada take point. Ferran take the rear. Lead the way private."

Nada nodded and set off at a cautious pace. They reached the end of the hallway to find it clear. "I'd say he went right but instict is telling me to head through that tech room over there."

"We should come out somewhere north of this wing. We can then circle around... But if the Rebels expected us to go around then it would be wize to trap both route's."

"Yes sir. My thoughts exactly."

Ferran joined in. "We could get Theta to get behind them and we could approach from the hallway and get slaughtered. The tech-room route would offer the better cover."

"Agreed. Tech-room."


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