My List: Top Fifteen Greatest Spider-Man Villains Of All Time

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Toku King
I made this a while ago, but due to its popularity on the CBR forum, I figure that I'll bring it here.
So, Let's get started!

15. Mysterio
Name: Quentin Beck
Why He's 15: Mysterio was definitely an interesting new villain. A fishbowl helmet, purple cape, fishnetted tights, and numerous tricks. But that doesn't seem to be that threatning, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Despite his looks, Mysterio is definately one of the most dangerous enemies, Spiderman could ever take on.
Quentin was once the master of illusion. He could make anything look real. So good at this, in fact, that he decided that he would go for some big money with it. He not only makes things easier for Jameson to rip on Spidey, but he even tricks Spiderman into thinking he was unbeatable! With this, Mysterio subconciously made Peter think he lost. Some impressive works right there.
But soon, Spideman figured it out and easily beat the badguy. This wasn't the end of it, though. Oh no. Mysterio came back as a lower worker of the Sinister Six, only to lose poorly.
Then, it got serious. Mysterio pretended to be a psychiatrist that made Spiderman think he was mad. The illusions made Spiderman think that he was seeing his badguys all of the time, to the point where he was going insane within his sanity! So good was this plan that Spiderman almost willingly took his mask off right in front of Quentin! Now that's impressive.
After this, Mysterio constantly made Spiderman think things were at their worst when they weren't. To make it hard to tell whether or not these later incidents were real, Mysterio would wait long periods of time so it would be undetected if fake.
Mysterio then did something even worse - He tortured Daredevil. Though it was Daredevil that took the suffering, Spiderman blamed himself for not stopping it. It is yet another burden he holds in his heart.
Now in the realm of the dead after shooting himself at the end of his fight with Daredevil, Mysterio now seems to have new employers and new abilities, possibly making him even more dangerous than before.
The first and best Mysterio, Beck will always be apart of Spiderman history as the first to choose brawn over brain, and then make it into a weapon not even Spiderman can tame.
Shining Moment: Mysterio switched from Spider-Man to Daredevil for a short period of time, resulting in his death. In this time, Peter felt solely responsible for the destruction of his dear friend's life. Scars like that never heal.

Toku King
14. Scorpion
Name: Mac Gargan
Why He's 14: Made by Jonah Jameson to be the ultimate Spider-Man killer, Mac Gargan as the Scorpion was the original Venom. With the same speed as Spiderman and stronger, Scorpion beat Spider-Man's like tossing away like yesterday's garbage. But soon, Spider-Man used Gargan's lack of intellect against him. But with this came a price. Not being able to get the suit off, Scorpion blamed Jameson for ruining his life, and constantly tried to kill the publisher. Soon, his powers were well known, and he was upgraded by numerous crime bosses. Now insane with hatred against Spiderman and Jameson and covered in enhanced weaponry, the Scorpion posed an incredible threat to Spider-Man.
Now as the new Venom, he'll be a bigger enemy than ever!
Shining Moment: Beating Spider-Man on top of the Daily Bugle building for all to see, breaking Peter's bones as well as his confidence.

13. Electro
Name: Max Dillon
Why He's 13: Caught in an electrical accident, Maxwell Dillon was given the mighty powers of electricity. From blacking out an entire city to manipulating electronic waves, it was almost endless. Soon, he got a crack at Spider-Man. Unfortunately, he was successful. In one touch, Spider-Man was out cold. From rubber gloves to water, Electro could not be taken on without at least a little help. With his massive determination and increasing insanity, Electro soon proved to be one of Spider-Man's most threatning enemies. As time went on, Electro's power grew. He became harder to stop, and was getting wise to the wall crawler's games.
Everytime Spider-Man won, Electro would become even worse to the point in which he cares not for any other life but himself. No matter what, Dillon swears to murder Spider-Man and proove his greatness.
With enough power to take down Spider-Man on his own and his psychotic lust for revenge, Electro is one of the worst enemies a hero coud have.
Shining Moment: Absorbing all of New York City's power, essentially becoming a god, and forcing Spider-Man to plead for mercy to keep the city safe. Talk about a spirit breaker.

Yoshi Paradise
...Where's the other villains?

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Toku King
12. Jackal
Name: Miles Warren
Why He's 12: Miles Warren was a professor at Peter's school, who had an odd obsession with Gwen Stacy. He had many projects to clone her, many going wrong. Filled with hatred and wishing for more money for his expiriments, Miles became the Jackal, a weird foe who thought Spiderman as a fool that would only ruin his plans. He first hired the Punisher to do his dirty work, and then many others.
Early in his creer, he was a pathetic enemy fo Spiderman. But soon, his cloning project was a success. By cloning Spiderman, he found out that he was really Peter Parker! Wishing to ruin the boy's life for interfering, the Jackal created numerous clones of him and Gwen Stacey, igniting the original Clone Saga! In doubt of who he really was, Spiderman's life was turned upside down by the vicious Jackal. No matter where Peter was, he would wonder who, or what, he really was, and feel the trauma of Gwen Stacey's death over and over in his mind after numerous leftover Gwen clones reenacted it to disturb Peter under Jackal's command!
A villain that should be more famous than he is, the Jackal started one of tthe most confusing and traumatizing wars in Peter Parker's life.
Shining Moment: Beginning the infamous Clone Saga that completely turned Peter's life upside down.

Mr Shindiggery
Good thread I am curious to see where Doc Ock, Green Goblin and Venom come in.

Toku King
11. J. Jonah Jameson
Why He's 11: Ever since the beginning, Jameson has always been a major thorn in Spider-Man's side. From funding some of Spider-Man's more dangerous enemies into existence to making Peter wonder if he is really doing the right thing, this cruel and obnoxious publisher of the Daily Bugle is a source of Peter's doubt, and a big reason why people fear him. While not physically a threat, Jameson has emotionally scarred Peter from the beginning. Guys like Vulture? No problem. The feeling of extra resentment and pure hatred against our favorite web slinger? That's bad.
Shining Moment: Turning the entire city against our hero to the point where he quit being the famous wall crawler.

Toku King
10. Kingpin
Name: Wilson Fisk
Why He's 10: One of the major rulers of the underworld, Wilson Fisk has been one of the few villains that had the cunning and imagination to dupe Spiderman. His ruthless hatred for the wall crawler and incredible power in the economic world make him almost impossible to touch. His other arch nemesis is Daredevil, who Daredevil believes to believe his greatest opponent. Now, Kingpin has complicated things even more by causing the current possible fate of dear Aunt May. And where did he do this? In prison. So now we know that nothing will ever be out of the grasp of the super strong, super smart, and super evil villain known as the Kingpin.
Let's see how he's going to get out of Spiderman's grasp now.
Shining Moment: Causing the sniping of Aunt May.

Toku King
9. Morlun
Why He's 9: To be honest, I can't stand Morlun. I think that the Spider Totem and Other stories were terrible. But, that in no way effects my position for him on this list. No matter what anyone says, the guy was definitely an A class threat.
Morlun was believed to be an ancient creature that fed on the life of others. But only one true life would sustain his needs, and that was the chosen Totem Spiderman, and possibly Ezekiel. Morlun proved to be almost unstoppable, never getting tired and had immense strength and speed, the kind that Spiderman compared to the likes of Hulk and Thor.
Morlun's lust for Peter's energy and his incredible raw power make him one of the most dangerous Spiderman enemies so far.
After their final battle in the Spider Totem storyline, Morlun came back, worse than ever.
This is where Morlun did something so bad that he HAD to be in the top ten - He ate Spiderman's eye, and then broke Mary Jane Watson's arm! When you do something like that to a superhero, you need to be on his top ten "don't want to see anymore list", and definately his top ten greatest enemy list.
If Morlun came more frequently, and didn't actually help Spiderman in one way or another every time he came, he'd be up even higher.
Shining Moment: Ripping out Peter's eye and eating it. Certainly a shocker.

Toku King
8. Carnage
Name: Cletus Kasady
Why He's 8: The son of Venom, Carnage was the only other symbiote villain to really cause some real damage to the world of Spiderman. Twice as powerful and twice as evil, Cletus Kasady was one very dangerous foe.
From killing little children to rampaging through City Hall, Carnage is above Morlun because of his sick persistence to not automatically kill Spiderman, but cause a vile boom of death and destruction so bad that Spiderman would not want to ever show his face again.
But with that, Cletus is also on this list for the fact that he is one of the villains Spiderman resents most, and Carnage loves every minute of it. With enough power to give our hero a run for his money and his sick joke of a plan to kill as many as possible while somehow dwarfing Venom in some ways, Carnage is one of the worst enemies Spiderman could ever imagine.
Shining Moment: Leading the events of Maximum Carnage.

Toku King
7. The Lizard
Name: Curt Conners
Why He's 7: Curt Conners was a hard working man who believed that science was the answer to the world's problems. After losing his arm in the Vietnam War, Conners donned on the responsibility to create a formula to regrow back his arm, and other body parts for others who have suffered the same fate. He tried using DNA from lizards, who have this ability naturally. He tried the formula on himself, only to have a terrible side effect. He became a terrible creature with a hatred for humans.
In their first encounter, the Lizard was very agile and strong, but lost easily to the formula. Spiderman was on his way, thinking that the Lizard was gone forever.
Soon, it was seen that the Lizard was actually now a subconcious of Curt Conners, and may very well return at any time.
Dr. Conners was a very close friend of Spiderman, and the good doctor was always doing his best to help out. But whenever the terrible monster appeared, Spiderman would have to conflict the right choice. He could always just make the Lizard drink the formula over and over again, or stop the evil killings once and for all. So whenever the Lizard harms someone, Spiderman finds himself responsible for it.
To make matters worse, the Lizard is one of Spiderman's most powerful enemies at this point. With speed equal to Spiderman, sharp claws and teeth, incredible strength, insane durability, a diamond hard tail, and incredibly vicious behavior, the Lizard does not go down without causing some kind of issue. Another issue is that the Lizard began to get wise to Spiderman to the point where things were almost expected from the wall crawler. Does the Lizard really see was Conners se, or do is Curt in control of the creature?
Nobody can be sure, but what is certain is that the Lizard is one of the most threatening villains Spiderman has ever come across.
Shining Moment: Using Billy as bait for Spider-Man, ambushing the hero, beating him into pulp, and leaving him for dead.

Toku King
6. Hobgoblin
Name: Roderick Kingsley
Why He's 6: There have been over 5 GGs, 5 HGs(fifth one is still to be proven), and almost 15 other imitators. But of all of them, only three were truly threatening to our hero. The original Hobgoblin is one of them.
Cunning, strong, intelligent, skilled, and evil, the Hobgoblin is one of those villains that just popped up to wreck havoc.
Roderick Kinsley, fashion designer extrordinare, stumbled upon the hideout of the Green Goblin to find all sorts of notes, weaponry, and even the formula. Taking the time to be skilled with his power and plan ways to conquer New York City, the Hobgoblin appeared out of no where and gave Spidey one heck of a ride.
Realizing the danger of this new enemy, Spiderman constantly tried to follow the lead of this masked menace and stop his reign of terror. Sadly, it failed. The Hobgoblin was no stupid thug, and constantly led Spiderman away from his tracks with false clues and misleading tips.
Roderick was also a threat as far as strength and weaponry go. Guys like the Rose have brains, but nothing to fully help it when he needs to do the job himself. Hobby, on the other hand, got much from Norman's notes and training to become a major physical threat to Peter, allowing him to escape numerous times.
One of the biggest mysteries in Marvel was the question "Who was the Hobgoblin?" Few villains are good at keeping their true names from getting out. The Hobgoblin, though, was always one step ahead.
To this day, the dreaded Hobgoblin could appear at any given time to rock the city once again, and with his brains and power, he could be successful.
Roderick was the only Hobgoblin to really stick out in his run, and always will be.
Shining Moment: Framing Ned Leeds as the Hobgoblin, and causing Spider-Man to mistrust everyone around him.

Toku King
5. Sandman
Name: William Baker, but also known as Flint Marko
Why He's 5: If there was anyone as popular, original, and flat out powerful as big shots like Doc Ock and Green Goblin, it's Sandman. Born in an abusive lifestyle and plunged into a life of poverty, William Baker grew up a bitter and strong human being. Going from crime to crime by a vicious and persuasive mob, 'Bill' lost a side of trust with humanity, and soon became angry and violent inside.
But what makes Marko so different was what happened afterwards. On a beach, running from the law, the crook was hit by an atomic explosion, granting him the power to rearrange, harden, and gain his now sand built particles.
Far more powerful than almost any foe the webhead ever faced, Spider-Man always must rely on his wits and speed to save the day. And even then, it takes numerous team-ups with high tier heroes such as the Fantastic Four and Iron Man.
Before he turned good, Sandman was as hard core and dangerous as they come. And with powers such as his, and with his great determination and obsessions with power and money, he is a very grave threat to the hero.
Shining Moment: Trashing New York City, luring Spider-Man out, and then almost suffocating him to death.

Toku King
4. Green Goblin II
Name: Harry Osborn
Why He's 4: Harry was the only other Green Goblin besides Norman to actually hurt Peter. While the original Goblin knew how to dish out even amounts of mental and physical pain(which he was really good at), Harry decided to go almost completely mental as his choice of weapon. With this, who was once Peter's best friend turned into a psychotic freak of nature that sinked so low to kill Spiderman that Norman would be proud.
From blowing up Peter's apartment to tying up everyone Peter knew with explosives to suping hiself up to monster proportions, Green Goblin 2 made Peter's brain explode with questions and fears. If Harry could blow up his home, there was no limit to what he could do.
Putting Spider-Man on a thread, the second Green Goblin toyed with Peter's mind and created a new world of hurt towards the webslinger that hadn't been seen since his father's time.
In their last conflict, Harry decided that he would save Spiderman from a burning building he caused, and it was the final act that he did. Peter asked "Why did you save me?" with a reply of "You're my best friends, Pete."
Though heroic, that too has scarred Spiderman deeply feeling much sadness and hatred for what all happened.
From grumpy bully to best friend to psychotic arch nemesis, the second Green Goblin proved that sequels aren't always bad.
Shining Moment: Many could be used for him, but the worst is making robotic replicas of Peter's parents, driving Peter insane as he wept on the floor with the sound of Harry's laughter on a video tape in the backround.

Toku King
Originally posted by Yoshi Paradise
...Where's the other villains?

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Don't have enough room.

Toku King
Everyone set for the top three?

Toku King
3. Dr. Octopus
Name: Dr. Otto Octavius/Octavious(depends on the writer)
Why He's 3: Otto Octavius was one of the leading scientists in radioactive testing and expiramental works. To further his accomplishments, he created four mechanical arms to give him the ability to mess with elements man could never touch with their own hands. During a testing of these "Smart Arms", an explosion went off, destroying the lab, and possibly Otto. While in the hospital, Otto is found to have had serious brain damage. While his intelligence was intact(possibly heightened), his sanity and compassion for his fellow man was gone. Now telepathically controlling his super powerful "tentacles", Dr. Octopus believed that he was the greatest form of life, and deserved only the best.
The now evil Dr. Octopus spread a wave of crime everywhere, doing as he pleased and never minding the health of others.
Otto is actually the first villain to beat Spiderman one on one with no tricks. After encouragement from the Human Torch, Spiderman came back for a rematch and won by a hair.
That was not it, though. No matter what, Dr. Octopus would constantly be causing the deaths of innocent lives in his personal gain or plotting to kill Spiderman. With all of those, he is almost always virtually successful, or close to it.
With the intellect of a thousand scientists, almost unmatchable strength with each mechanical arm, and insane determination to murder the wallcrawler, Dr. Octopus exceeds the others by proving that brains over brawns is one thing, but having just enough of both makes you worse than a guy who ripped Spiderman's eye out.
Shining Moment: Lashing out at the general public during a duel with Spider-Man, triggering the heroic and traumatic death of Captain Stacey.

Toku King
2. The Kangaroo II
Name: Brian Hibbs
Why He's 2: Of all of the villains to tangle with Spiderman, the Kangaroo is possibly one of the most fierce, powerful, and vicious of all. Making Carnage look like a school girl, the Kangaroo shows us the true power of a marsupial.
Actually, this is merely a joke. He's not really #2.

Toku King
2. Venom
Name: Eddie Brock
Why He's 2: Spider-Man has done it all. He's taken on cosmic warriors, creatures from another dimension, the brilliant Dr. Doom, Grey Hulk, a fifty foot tall spider beast, Morlun, and many other freakshows. Yet, Venom, the bastard hybrid of the misused symbiote costume and hate-filled Eddie Brock, is one of the only villains to ever give Peter Parker nightmares. And after what we've seen him try and desire, it's obvious to see why.
Eddie Brock worked for a rival newspaper to the Daily Bugle. His big article hit was his interview with the Sin Eater. He became incredibly successful and was given all sorts of dealerships.
But soon, Spiderman found out the real identity of the Sineater, and it was not the man Eddie pretended to interview.
With his house on eviction, no family, and no money to live on, Eddie soon focused intense training on himself, hoping to subdue his hatred for Spiderman. But sadly it grew. It grew to the point where Brock prepared to commit suicide.
Now we enter the symbiote costume. The back up suit Spiderman used in the Secret Wars, it was soon revealed to be alive and trying to take over Spiderman's body.
After the suit escapes its original capture by Mr. Fantastic, the suit goes after Spiderman yet again. This time, Spiderman remembered the weakness of the costume after hitting the bell tower while fighting a Vulturion - noise. It hated noise. Spiderman soon got the creature off. Feeling sad and abandoned, the suit left Peter alone to find the next closest source of emotion. Sadly, that was Eddie Brock. Sharing the same anger towards Spiderman as Eddie, the suit joins the angry reporter on their quest to rid the world of Spiderman once and for all.
I don't think I really need to go into detail on his powers(since most of you probably already know).
From helping Aunt May with clothes to "check up on her", to attacking Mary Jane in her apartment, to chocking Spiderman in his sleep and walking off, Venom is basically the enemy every villain never wanted. The one that could do anything he wanted at anytime, no matter what.
After numerous defeats, Venom grew angrier and more evil everytime, but it was in his first few appearences did he act his worse.
Later on good terms with Peter(a big disappointment), Eddie eventually killed himself, allowing the costume to latch onto Mac Gargan.
While Mac is dangerous, no Venom will ever have been as physically dangerous, or mentally terrifying, as the almost unstoppable and never ending threat of the one that started it all.
Shining Moment: Appearing at Spider-Man's house to terrify Mary Jane Watson. As Peter came back, he saw her on the floor sobbing and praying to God. And if not that, then murdering an innocent prison guard for his own benefit or beating Black Cat into submission.

Toku King
1. Green Goblin
Name: Norman Osborn
Why He's 1: From parading Spiderman's limp body around the underworld to killing Gwen Stacey, the Green Goblin is easily the biggest threat Spiderman has ever faced. Venom is the kind of villain that wishes to give Spiderman nightmares. Norman's wish is to make Peter's nightmares come true.
Most people already know the origin of him. Norman tried to make a special formula, only for it to end up blowing up in his face(literally). Brain damaged and psychotic, Norman donned the mask of the creature that was the source of his nightmares as a child. The Green Goblin.
The Gobln started off by merely wishing to take over the underworld, and actually almost successful.
These were the years where we were completely blown away. Not only was he smart enough to not get caught by Spiderman(not seen before at that point), but he was one of the few powerful, smart, and skilled enough to go head to head with our hero. Heck, he is actually one of the villains to defeat Spiderman the most!
Things got worse with Norman's condition. The more Spiderman interfered, the crazier he got. Soon, it got so bad that he sought out to find out who Spiderman really was. Then, well, the rest is history.
Killing Gwen Stacey was without a doubt the single most famous act of villainy in comic book history.
Did he stop there, though? No.
He was also the cause of all sorts of Goblins and Goblin imitators that difficulted Spiderman's life. He was even behind the trauma of Peter facing his own best friend.
Norman eventually came back. Personally, this was totally idiotic and a slap to the face of earlier writers. The good thing though is that while some made it worse, others kept us remembering why he's so dangerous.
It was unbelievable to see how Peter reacted to Norman surviving. Peter told Mary Jane that he had nightmares everytime he close his eyes for the entire year! Nothing scared Peter more than the Green Goblin returning. Not even Venom.
From killing Ben Reilly to dropping a building on Spiderman, the Green Goblin proved that given the right circumstances, he was 100% a threat no matter what.
With Peter's secret public, Osborn is more insane than ever. There are hints that he will actually turn on the New Thunderbolts, and go after Spiderman once more. Peter has though about that, and even once prayed to God(literally) that Norman would ever come after him, knowing that if he does, it may be their final battle.
In all of the fear and confusion, the original Green Goblin proves that the most unexpected enemies can be the worst of all.
Shining Moment: Norman easily has the most villainous and iconic moments of any Spider-Man foe, from blowing up the Daily Bugle to killing a bus full of people in front of Peter. But the most well known and heartbreaking, however, is the murder of Gwen Stacey. Even now, Spider-Man mourns her demise, and the dreaded laugh of Norman still rings in his head.

I would put Venom as no.1...he's way better than GG but thats just my opinion

Mr Shindiggery
Hmm I don`t know who I would put as number one for me its a tie between Doc Ock, Venom and Green Goblin.

Yoshi Paradise
Originally posted by Toku King
Don't have enough room.

Some of those posts could have been merged into one post.

Toku King
Originally posted by Yoshi Paradise
Some of those posts could have been merged into one post.

Tried. Didn't work.

Toku King
I also have a list of honorable mentions(not in order):

Kraven the Hunter
The Burglar

Black Adam
Originally posted by steverules
I would put Venom as no.1...

I wouldn't.

Mr Shindiggery
Originally posted by Black Adam
I wouldn't.

Who would you put as number one then Black Adam?

Toku King
Originally posted by Black Adam
I wouldn't.

That's what I'm saying! Venom is a huge ass threat, but since when has he done anything remotely close to Goblin's status?

Anyone else notice that the entry for Scorpion is not correct?

Lol at kangeroo man. laughing out loud

Originally posted by Toku King
Eddie eventually killed himself,

Wow, when did this happen??

Neo Darkhalen
it has yet to

I'm liking how both Carnage and Morlun are on the greatest AND worst Villains.

Neo Darkhalen
laughing out loud

Toku King
Originally posted by Micheal_Myers
Wow, when did this happen??

Marvel Knights Spider-Man: Eddie slits his wrists and jumps off of a building.
It was in retcon did he return.

Toku King
Originally posted by Micheal_Myers
I'm liking how both Carnage and Morlun are on the greatest AND worst Villains.

Greatest in threat, worst in everything else.

Toku King
Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen
it has yet to

Then you haven't been following Spidey closely.

Neo Darkhalen
No i don't follow the new ones at all.

And don't you dare and tell me how close i follow comics.

Toku King
Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen
No i don't follow the new ones at all.

And don't you dare and tell me how close i follow comics.

You were the one telling me it didn't happen when I read it, so don't you dare tell me that I don't know comics.

Neo Darkhalen
wow you used bold text, aren't you a special guy.

Toku King
Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen
wow you used bold text, aren't you a special guy.


Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen
wow you used bold text, aren't you a special guy.

Thats exactly what his mother says before she puts him on the bus with all the other special kids big grin

Neo Darkhalen
rofl. laughing out loud

big grin

Go on ign greatest spidey villain, it says it all!

here are my top 15 spiderman villains:
4)Green Goblin
5)Doctor Octopus
12)Kraven the Hunter

sorry i forgot 15.

6.doc ock

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