Why Pirates are soooo much more lovable than Ninjas:D

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Tramps Lady
I thought we could start this...title speaks for itself:P

1.Ninjas are supposed to be silent, not endlessly witty and charming, savvy?

2.Ninjas go where they're told, but a Pirate follows nothing but his heart.

3.Being friends with a Pirate means you'll always head home with a little extra cash.

4.Pirates may not be the best friends you have, but at least they're honest about being dishonest.

5.Pirates come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is a Pirate out there for everyone!

6.Singing romantic sea shanties is part and parcel of being a Pirate. Ever see a ninja sing? I don't think so.

7.What's more lovable than the stench of a Pirate who hasn't bathed in a month?!?

8.Ninjas always have to be in their black tights crawling around and stalking people. That's just creepy!

9.Pirates wear clothes when they go out, while ninjas wear pajamas. Who wants to go on a date with someone wearing pajamas?

10.Ninjas rudely sneak up on people. Who likes to be snuck up on? Pirates are very polite in the way that they notify you when they are about to attack you.

Oh, SEVEN--Definitely number SEVEN!!

And hats--you forgot hats--ninja hattage, uh, I don't ever remember even possibly seeing something in that line.

Smiles!! yeah, smiles, ninjas have that face all hidden--how can you ever tell if they are smiling, now pirates, well, even if it's right prior to them attacking ya, at least you get to see the smiles.

Black, boring, hot, in the Caribbean with all those gorgeous tropical colours----

And individuality--clothing and personality--ever, really! remember any particular ninja you have happened to meet--no, whereas I remember every pirate (hyperbole) I have had the introduction of. Clothing the same way, oh, Miz (ninja) Trampslady, er, no that's (ninja) WilloftheWisp, er, no (ninja) Texxy....whereas, Piratista TrampsLady!! yes indeedy, you have come up with one really strange outlook (roflmbo) on the program. Thanks doll, I needed this one today before I start being something far more strange than a ninja...da da da duh--an adult!! Sometimes it's just a necessity!!

11. Pirate pistol vs. ninja nun-chucks? I have a Raiders moment where the ninja is showing off his skill and the pirate just shoots him.

12. Ninjas would be wayyy too afraid of the supernatural to release a goddess.

13. Pirates are more forgiving. Don't believe me? How many ninjas do you know that have been slapped as many times as Jack Sparrow?

Tramps Lady
14. Ninjas have names like Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatell. Who has time to say those?

15. Ninjas can look like big creepy turtles

lol texxy:P

*clears throat*

16. Ninjas say "If you kill all the wolves, you're gonna have a crap load a bunnies! And by bunnies I mean...Stupid people."

pirates say "..Savvy?" ---now THAT'S SEXY!

lol sorry, that ninja quote was sooo Ask a Ninja.com!

Swaying while you walk, definitely sexxy and definitely so not ninja!

Reading, the code the weather the faces of loved ones--MAPS, man nobody but nobody has such cool chartage as Pirates!!

Moral ambiguity?

AND RUM--much beloved RUM and oh, critters, krakens, parrots and such. Ninjas might be those things but they don't usually have pets.

17. A pirate just may save you from drowning. A ninja might just leave you there so you can be one with nature.

18. Ninjas don't get their own cabins that have no dresses in them.


Tramps Lady

19. A ninja has to train, mind and physically. A pirate is born like that

20. How hard is it to kiss a ninja? Its like having to kiss spiderman, taking off all that mask stuff...a pirate.....is just....wow...

21. You never know when a ninja may just be a blacksmith in disguise.

Tramps Lady
22. Ninjas don't care about their weapons, they can easily use their fists and feet, a pirate needs his effects

23. A a ninja makes weird noises as they attack you.

24. Ninjas don't sail ships... pirates sail on ships...

25. Ninjas need high tech gagets, and pirates win battles by strength.

26. A ninja would never get ideas about you after seeing you stroke a bottle and promise to teach him a song.

Now there's a rare bit of footage, donchaknow!

my notes....oh, yeah, curses--pirates and curses, brings out the motherlies in ya--ninjas, no, no curses--hard to want to sit them on your lap and cuddle.

27. Pirates include people like:

Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Davy Jones
Captain Hook
Calico Jack

and many, many more

Creative names, colorful personalities, totally original and unique - every single one of them

They say things like, scallywag, landlubber, swashbuckler, savvy, gully- livered, arrgh, matey, me hearty,yo ho, etc.

Pirates know how to navigate a ship correctly AND can walk on land (though it's not as easy for some than others)

Ninjas don't have those cute puffy shirts

Pirates have Jolly Rogers, and a better slogan

Good ones, dretta. I don't know any cool ninja slang.

LMAO!! Hey these r funny! lol

32. Off the top of your head you can name more pirates than ninjas!

33. While ninjas have probably been to Singapore, they probably don't engage in activities that focus on clothing removal.

Yeah==much much better flags, Miz Dretta!! laughing

Tramps Lady
34. Pirates just "happen" to have no dress in their cabin...I believe ninjas don't even HAVE cabins...

^^^ I know you might think that's like Willo's, but technically, how she said it, it was like "they get cabins, but the have dresses in them"


35. Seriously? Pizza-eating ninja turtles.. I'll admit, they're WAY awesome... but I cant be in love with them AND think they're hot...

36. Ninjas have Masters and Pirates have Captains (and frankly Captains are just cooler and HOTTER!!!) lol

37. Pirates are ROCKSTARS!!!

38. Pirates PARRRTTTTY!!! and Ninjas meditate (although meditating is nice...sometimes!)

Pirates are very witty and playful whereas ninjas are serious and you can't even see their faces

Pirates could even be undead and are still and witty and loveable

41. Pirates have pets like monkeys or parrots... can you name a single ninja pet?

laughing Well said Miz Potc--and further more--pirates have a much cooler base vocabulary and are very polite--it's always Mr. Gibbs or Master Turner, The Commodore...and they know egregious and can navigate--they know avast, oh and my personal favorite--they know cool phrases like freezing the balls off a brass monkey!! Oh and the devil and the deep blue sea.

funfactoid: cannon balls sat on little tray called a monkey--iron ones rusted so they were made of brass. When it got really cold, the cannon balls changed shape slightly and slipped off. evil face The Devil was the longest seam that had to be caulked around the ship --the fattest part of a ship and was about halfway between the deck and the water. If you fell off the bosun's chair where you were hanging and working you would be between the devil and the deep blue sea eek! --bad news. wink

50. Pirates have pet monkeys. Ninjas are monkeys.

51. Pirates are cooler.

Miz DethRose, love your siggy, darlin'--and I ne'er thought but you're right--they are monkeys. Oh, those ninjas.

VESTS--and BOOTS--and pirate dancing, just boys, but sometimes with the ladies.

And although, it's mostly an all boys club, pirates do have certain fine places for lady pirates--oh, and a lot more democratic--equal work, equal pay....

Anyone know about Ninja nummies? Cos with the exception of rum, I'm at a bit of a loss on the food related aspects of pirates?

There is the pirate workplace too--so much more appealing than some dank and drafty old ninja temple thang.

lol Thank you.

Pirates say argh. Ninjas say aiya!

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