MASS EFFECT: Dalmoria's Fall

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Dan Westfall
OK, ppl, this is my first submission and i would like for it to go pretty good.

The story takes place a short time after the Geth attack (Geth are robotic race of aliens created by the Quarians, and then shortly afterward, they rebelled and are now the galaxies biggest threat) on a planet named Dalmoria. The planet is a newly discovered one and resides in the horse-head nebula. Not long after the planet was discovered, several colonies were built there, seeing as how the environment and atmosphere were hospitipal. The planet goes through seasonal changes just like earth, but has a longer revolution time. Days are roughly the same as Earth's. One colony, the 5th one to be exact, reported witnessing a strange falling light, and then all communication was lost. Now the outlying colonies, (where you the players come) in are beginning to form a search party to investigate what has happened to colony 5.

All I request from those of you that do play is please co-operate, no short submissions, and once I start it will be very hard for any1 to join, so plz dont complain or send me e-mails saying I am rude, this is a warning ahead of time.

If you decide to play, create a character using these basic descriptions

Race: (Human, Turian, Krogan, Quarian, Asari, Salarian)

Name: (Be creative for alien races)


Hobbies/Skills: (Stuff your good at, be sure to keep it within reason)

Weapon Proficiencies: (Not Required, but weapons are Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and grenades (yes there are many variants))
please choose to if any

Appearance: (Not to short, not to long)

Occupation: (just a basic outline)

Other: Include whether your Biotic, in tune with tech, normal, or a combo of two, and include anything else thats not listed (History etc.)

If you do not know anything about mass effect, please go to "" Happy Dance

You need permission to start a game. Try reading the thread that's stickied at the top of the forum that says "read first".

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.