Whose Ship are you REALLY on?

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Things have been way too quiet around here. Let's see on what ship you'd be most likely to party...

1. Simple question to start things off: what do you think of pirates in general?
a. You will never have a better time than you will with pirates! Woo!
b. Pirates are dangerous. Sure it's fun to think about them being harmless party-folk, but they kill baby seals and steal gold!
c. It depends on the pirates in question.
d. Pirates...just a thorn in my side, really.
e. Pirates represent a mindset and lifestyle rarely seen anymore, and that makes them beautiful.

2. So let's say a pirate that's not your captain takes your ship. How do you feel about that?
a. Well, (loads gun) if I'm not back in 10 minutes, avenge my death.
b. Ooh, I'd love to get my hands on that renegade and punish him to the full extent of the law.
c. Well, let's see how he TREATS the ship. Maybe he deserves it?
d. Oh, not on my watch, thank you. This is MY ship.
e. Honor and principle bound me to track down the thief.

3. Okay, so you're safe and the ship is safely anchored. How do you decide to spend your time at port?
a. Hit the bars and discos!
b. Oh, I've always wanted to come here! I can't wait to sightsee and take some pictures and pick up a souvenir or two!
c. Explore the wild sea life around the ship.
d. Conduct my business arrangements and get out of there.
e. Interact with the people and do my best at the language I've been practicing. Ahem, "guten tag."

4. You've brought back a townie to the ship for some "fun." How do you get them in the mood?
a. Promise them a ride, of course. Everyone likes being on a ship in motion.
b. Stargazing in the crow's nest
c. Suggest some time for them to sketch the intricacies of the ship and compliment their talent.
d. Hmm. I suppose I would be civil and just wait to kill them later.
e. Take them into the cabin, have some music playing in the dimly lit background, maybe some incense burning...

5. Ah, it's daylight and your townie is still in bed with you. Congratulations on your conquest. How do you react when you turn over and see them sleeping next to you?
a. Scream as I remember last night's events.
b. Snuggle up. What?
c. Nudge them awake and have a talk about how this relationship will work.
d. Well, I'm good. (shoots them)
e. Clap hands. Suddenly a servant walks in bearing our breakfasts on lavish trays.

6. Uh oh. Their ex-significant other has just shown up and they look pretty mad. What do you do?
a. Cast off. They can't claim what they can't catch! So long!
b. (draws sword and gives threatening look)
c. Trick them onboard and then make them do the most degrading of the work.
d. Toss them in the brig and let them starve.
e. I agree with casting off, but I wouldn't even acknowledge them.

7. So back on the high seas. What are you most afraid of?
a. Drowning
b. Storms
c. Doldrums
d. Getting lost
e. Running into an enemy

8. And how does Jack Sparrow fit into all this?
a. Best guy in the whole world! I'm not the same without him.
b. (growls and says under breath) He is a good pirate, I'll give him that.
c. Jack? Wow, if he shows up here...I mean, what are the odds?
d. Jack! At last...
e. Jack is always welcome aboard this ship now that I'm in charge of it.

9. And last, describe what a ship really is.
a. A ship is a way for a man to be his own man, to do what he wants, live outside society.
b. A ship is access to a boundless sea that can take you all around the world.
c. A ship is a key to all the mysteries of the universe.
d. A ship is an instrument to take you from Point A to Point B.
e. A ship allows you to see the beauty of the earth.

Okay, results on the next post!

Okay! Add 'em up!

If you answered mostly As...You are on the Black Pearl. It's a tough old girl that's seen a lot of action. Nothing really surprises you and you like to just enjoy every moment. You mostly live in the present and have an optimistic view because you're so confident. But if someone starts messing with you, you can get pretty scary. You have a lot of bark, but it matches your bite. You just like to keep your bite hidden.

If you answered mostly Bs...You are on the Dauntless, Norrington's ship. You are a champion of justice, and that lets you see the world as a mostly good place. You are most likely very pro-military and if you aren't in it, you envy getting to travel the world and explore. You can be a little uptight, but given the right circumstances, you can be full of surprises.

If you answered mostly Cs...You are on the Flying Dutchman. You're kind of easily influenced. How you behave depends on who is around you. You are a mysterious person that has a wide variety of abilities and interests. You have a connection to the spirit world and tend to think of matters in how they influence the long-term rather than the short-term. You probably like philosophy and will discuss religion. However, you can also be insecure.

If you answered mostly Ds...You are on the Intrepid, Beckett's ship. Lavish and aristocratic on the outside, you're really just a terrifying little monster that believes the end justifies the means. I'm steering clear of you.

If you answered mostly Es...You are on the Empress as captained by Elizabeth. It is a simple ship, believing in simple elegance just as you do. You have a "peaceful warrior" mentality, very centered on honor and only fighting worthy opponents. Elizabeth helps you be a little more dangerous, though, so at times you can get as rowdy as the Black Pearl. But overall, your body is a temple and you seek enlightenment, saving parties and wild debauchery for special occasions.


Wow, that's really unique. SOOOO much fun to take! DId you write it?! Well done!!!

I'm a C.... and while I was surprised to be the FLying Dutchman, the description fits me eerily well i think!

Tramps Lady
lol, great quiz...im Asmile

i got b! yay being a military brat!

J.P Jaeh_Poole

look at my test results. so... um.. 'diverse'.

I'd say A has the most stuff in there though...

so, the Pearl..


Jaeh, I hate it when I get results like that on other people's quizzes. I guess that means you're a little bit of everything and can take your pick.

J.P Jaeh_Poole
see, I kept telling everyone I'm neutral, and this proves it. big grin

I hate that too.. usually I end up staying on one side of the boat, but this time I'm actually in the middle... eek!

I was really curious to see what everyone else would get. Where's Tigers and Rory been? And Sif and Tramps? And the rest?

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