There Will Be Blood

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I just got the 2 disc DVD for There Will Be Blood and it is a must have. The packaging is made recycled material almost like parchment paper. Here are some large pics of the DVD cover.

Here is the 1 Disc Box Cover.

Here is the Two Disc which is the one I ordered. The Extras include 15 Minutes of pics, research, ETC., Trailers, Fishing sequence, Haircut/ Interrupted Hymm, Dailies Gone Wold and THE STORY OF PETROLEUM (ea 1923)

I will be getting the 2 disc edition, didn't know it was special material.

This movie was so overrated

confused Am I the only person that found this movie as exiting as watching paint dry?

I thought it was excellent, beautifully shot, the music score is fantastic too.

This movie was too long. I don't mean "I don't like long movies" - THIS movie was too long. I think they were shooting for an epic - they forced it. Overall it was worth a watch.

I did like the movie very much.
You most certainly have to be in a certain mood to watch it though.

This movie is a very curious sensation. It's like being in a closed room where footsteps are muffled, or sounds are different. Very strange and dry, but beautiful, and yes, long.

I looooove when they make paper dvd covers that fold out like books. I love when they make them kind of like a special edition hardback book. Just makes it feel more 3-D and collectible, tangible almost. I really liked this particular paper edition alot for this movie.

I was pretty upset when they stopped making the Harry Potter dvds like that after only the 2nd one. They made it seem like an awesome mixture of the DVD and book world.
However, it does not wear and tear well with Children. wink
I wish they'd at least offer two versions of some DVDs, so we could choose.

^ The special edition paper cover is fantastic.

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