Marshall and Forrest Law

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Snafu the Great

Tekken does the late Bruce Lee proud with their own homage to the man himself. And since no one has done a respect thread on either Laws, I guess I'll do.

Nationality: American (Chinese ancestry)
Age: Marshall - 25 (Tekken); 27 (Tekken 2); 48 (Tekkens 4 and 5) Forrest - 3 (Tekken, seen in Yoshimitsu's ending); 25 (Tekken 3)
Height: both stand at 5'10"
Weight: Marshall - 152 lbs; Forrest - 146 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (Marshall's eyes were green in Tekken 1)
Blood Type: both have the same blood type, which is B
Fighting Style: both use Jeet Kune Do. Seeing as how they are modeled after Mr. Lee, it's fitting.
Occupation: Marshall - former chef and dojo owner, now a dishwasher in Japan; Forrest - second master of the Marshall Dojo, unknown afterwards

Snafu the Great

It was good to see Marshall Law back in Tekken 4, I missed seeing him even though we had his son in Tekken 3. They need to bring Forrest back, they are on the sixth series and we haven't seen Forrest since 3 and TTT.

BTW: I saw Marshall Law in Tekken 6, he looks amazing! He has the Jeet Kune Do style and He looks like Bruce Lee! He should win the sixth tournament in the case that they can't decide amongst the Mishimas to win. Let the Dragon bust these Demons up this time!

I like Jin Kazama but I wish that they didn't have to make him the head man for the tournament in this one. I liked it when he was the contender while being the champ!


Snafu the Great
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Snafu the Great
Originally posted by atv2
Do you know if Bruce Lee was Chinese-American or just pure Chinese? I read in his biography that his nationality was American but I'm not sure if he is mixed with China and U.S.

Bruce Lee was 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 German, from what I read.

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