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Oh my gosh! The American Film Institute is taking votes on the ten best movies of several genres, animated, comedy, action, etc. Well, under fantasy, COTBP has been nominated!

This link explains what the AFI is and the bottom of the page has a link to the downloads. You can vote for your favorite movies and mail it in! Let's get POTC up there with the rest of the great movies!

So cool. i'm voting...thanks for the link willo

I can't wait to see COTBP up there. A while ago I checked the best kisses on AFI and you'd be happy to know that the JE DMC one is on cool is tha?

I had no idea! That is cool. I'm glad such a prestigious organization recognizes the POTC series for what it is, a perfect adventure series.

J.P Jaeh_Poole
can't vote - not from U.S.!

*sighs irritably*

well i think POTC is definitely a contender....i shall go vote...

I think I saw somewhere that the special will be on June 27th. We'll get to see if POTC is one of the top 10. I hope so!

It's actually on June 17th at 8.

Ta dearie--I love to vote at those moments as they pass by!! Thanks for being an eagle eye and finding out about this.

Just to boost up all the sparrabethers here, I'm on the AFI website, so excited about watching it tonight since I watch it every year, and there is something really interesting about the 100 Years, 100 Passions list (best romance movies)

1. "Casablanca" - 1942
2. "Gone with the Wind" - 1939
3. "West Side Story" - 1961
4. "Roman Holiday" - 1953
5. "An Affair to Remember" - 1957
6. "The Way We Were" - 1973
7. "Doctor Zhivago" - 1965
8. "It's a Wonderful Life" - 1946
9. "Love Story" - 1970
10. "City Lights" - 1931

7 of the Top 10 don't have their couples end up together. Things go wrong. They don't get a happy ending. I won't say which ones in case people haven't seen them, but isn't that interesting? It seems the romances people remember and like the best are a little star-crossed...kind of like J/E.

haha! I know i saw that too...and that's what i thought. star-crossed lovers all the way..

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