Smallville Season 7 Episode 17

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Wow! This is the ultimate.. Everything smallville is about has led up to tonights show! Fantastic.The best superhero tv show to date.

What? ermm

Yawn! Another filler episode. I'm not even going to b**** this time. sleepy

Really this episode was actually great, for a filler, IMO. Liked Clark's dialog, am intrigued by what Lex found. I'm guessing directions to the fortress. Did anyone else catch Chloe's blow the world up and start over remark? Possibly a prelude to what Brainic and Zod may have attempted on Krypton?

Oh, and Chloe looked great! eek!
How bad is it to have romantic feelings for a fictional character if you still fully realise sadly they're not real?ermm

And when the hell did Jimmy turn into James Bond?

So we have a great episode last week that supposedly made Clark and Lex mortal enemies, and this week they hardly get any screen time? Its hard to stay excited for this ****ing show anymore, and thats sad.

Ok, so there was a thread in Ksite that I think sums up why I didn't like this episode. Too funny I had to post it here. It's called "Worst Plot holes ever"

- Lex helps Jimmy, Jimmy knows about it before hand. Huh?
- No explanation for Lex being red flagged by the government.
- Lex in Zurich right after the whole 'red flag' thing. Huh?
- Chloe knows a bit too much about the Law's of physics.
- Employee benefits in a a locked briefcase? At a party? Late at night? Whaaa?
- "I won't let Lex hurt anybody else!" "I don't care about Lex or the keys!"
- Government agent relies on Jimmy to catch a "terrorist" than just gives up because Lex said so?
- Jimmy doesn't question Chloe about the secret afterall? Why?!?!?!?!
- Chloe was about to fess up to her secret? Just like that? Huh?
- Other. I know there are a lot.

Hahahah Cant.... stop ... laughing....

Terrible episode, Smallville is the master at killing momentum.

Just speechless ... I was so excited when I`ve started to watch the new episode and what ... 90 % of it was "blablabla" and 10% "I think its time Kal-El to go back to Krypton(or w/e it was)" WTF?!

The Pict
Descent was such a good episode but this one was terrible. Hopefully the next episode can make up for it.

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