Captain Picard vs Captain Kirk

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Young Kirk vs Picard

Fist fight, no weapons...10 rounds

Mr Marvel
Picard All Day!!!

psycho gundam
kirk, he was a real space cowboy.

was picard ever really in a h2h battle?? kirk ftw, imo. he was a bad ass . . .

Steve, wrong forum. We have a Star Trek forum now.

Moved..... ------->

Edit: Kirk wins this in .00385 seconds of the 1st round.

Neo Darkhalen
I knew this was coming, i stayed away from making it, but at last it's here.

Anyway Kirk would win, why? watch the film where the two fight each other.

Kirk beats god himself.

Kirk in 3 seconds flat.

picard why is this even a debate?hysterical

Mr Parker
I think he probably means when Picard was young,otherwise this thread is pretty moronic.when he was young,it could be a good fight,but thats a no brainer if were talking Old Picard and Kirk from 60's show. roll eyes (sarcastic) Like someone said,3 seconds flat in that case. laughing

Young Picard...though old Picard can do pretty well considering his age he would get his ass kicked in 3 seconds by a young kirk

grey fox
Is this show Picard or ripped First Contact Picard ?

Big Len
I have a question for you?

Who is more likely to be more masculine a guy who is lucky to get laid once a series or a guy who gets laid once an episode. Drop kick, swing on the door fram, double hammer fist and ripped shirt for the win!


Kirk for the win wink

Neo Darkhalen
Picard was beaten up by Kirk in a movie, so i suspect Young kirk could do the same.

King Kirk

Symmetric Chaos
Kirk would win a physical fight no matter how you match the two of them.

Endrict Nuul
Kirk in one maybe two hits.

Lord Chariol
Have you seen Picard throw a punch? It's terrifying.

He'd give a haymaker to ol' Cap'n Kirk. Jim T would go out like a light and Picard will pull his uniform down in mild incovineince. Nothing to be concerned about. He'd step over the unconsious Kirk, replicate some Earl Grey, and listen to Berlioz.

Flying Kirk kick ftw.

picard has more class than kirk. in fact the 'captains log' he leaves in the toilet has more class.

make it so

Jack Daniels
Kirk would win next he would kick riekers butt then take Dr. Crusher AND Deanna Troi in the ready room just for good

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