Collection of One shots

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River of Time

At last, after so many years, it was over. The war ended. So many dead. Just so many. And there he was, standing there. A hero. She watched him fall to his knees, exhausted. And to think he was dead! So many people believed it. Even You-Know-Who did. She was going to rush to his side-

Days flowed downt he river of time. She tried walking against its current. it would've been easier if the river was frozen. She didn't know how to swim. There he was, at the beginning of the river, so close, yet so far away. Someone else called for her, she turned around seeing a refelction of him. Both called for her.

She was drowning, no longer able to fight the river. Neither tried tos ave her. She screamed for him to save her. Gasping for air, she couldn't reach the surface.

And everything froze. Her body remained motionless. She half expected him to reach out and grab her hand and pull her out. Where was he?

Pressure started to take control pulling her deeper. Was this how her life was supposed to end? She tried to move one step back to move two forward. Autum lost to winter, the water starting to freeze.

Images rapidly flashed through her mind. Her family. Friends. Him. They all went with the river as she moved against it. They were moving while she fought.

It was as if a weight held her down. She remained in one place as the current continued. If only she could unsheathe her wand and free herself.

As life moves on, she stays in the same spot. Do people adapt to change? At least she knew one thing would never stay the same. No matter the blood, sweat, or tears, one definite thing would stay the same...

Time continued once more. The river flowed carrying her down, too tired to fight it anymore. The past would never overlap the present. She looked at him once more before turning away one final time. She whispered softly her final words to him. "I love you."

The Dance of Death

The final dance. Life and death. Only the sound of his heart beated as he faced chaos. Those around them ceased to exist. The final stage unfolded before them as they circled each other. Green and red fired never breaking eye contact. Only one could live. Only one could survive.

A green light shot toward him, as his enemy made the first move. Familiar with the certain dance he flawlessly evaded the curse sending a spell back at him. A spark of insanity flashed through his mind. Closing his eyes the Master of Death released all fear.

* * *

Barely clinging to his life, he glared at the ringmaster who revealed his story. Immortality escaped from his grasp once more. All this time his thirst for blood clouded the lord's mind. This was the last and final mistake he would make.

With death in his hands he planned on winning the war. He felt no remorse for his actions. He cared not for anyone other than his own existence. Soon everyone would be at his will, the king taking over the pawns.

* * *

In the end only one would be the victor. Only one would rise from the ashes. Death was the only solution. It did not fear him. Stepping onto the chess board meant risking everything he cared about, treasured, loved. The dance of death knew no mercy. He was prepared to complete it. To bring back order, it meant that he had to tame chaos. It was the only way.

In sync with the rhythm, he followed the beat. Without his sight he was able to dodge the curse that would kill him. He allowed his his mind, his soul, to become as one similar to what he did to him. The only difference was he did not take over his body.

* * *

A wave of pain crashed against the wall of his skull. Without warning his mind was penetrated, raped by his enemy. He tried to fight him off, but he kept ocming. It felt like he was going to fall to his knees. No, he couldn't. He wouldn't.

Oh, but he was stronger than that. So much stronger. No mere boy would make him crumble. He would stand strong, the current would not break him.

* * *

The thoughts he head shook him drastically. He could feel the cold bitter hatred. His body shivered, he would never feel warmth again. There was only one hcoice left for him. He had to pull out of his head before it was too late.

A storm of fury followed soon after, knocking him to his feet. Rapid lightning of various colors shot at him. A few of them missed his head, just barely. He was a solemn rod sticking out above everything else. It was easy to strike him down.

* * *
He would not stay down. Bolt after bolt he continued to defy him. Anger flooded, drwowning all self control. He was the eye of the storm, destroying the peace that they created. Chaos threw all that he could at him, the dance never changing, never ending. He moved with grace, knowing what would happen if he misstepped.

Now was not the time for him to fall from the cliff. Even if he was clinging with his right hand, he would still fight. He reigned over the wizarding world far too long to allow a mere boy to end his life's work.

* * *

The grand finale soon approached. The swimmer exhausted, too tired to carry on. He could not allow himself to lose focus on his goal. If he gave up now,then he would sink to the bottom of the ocean. He would not give up, however.

With strong determination, he vowed to continue the fight, to make it to the other side. Where one feared death, the other did not.

* * *

He could see the boy growing tired, he could see it in his eyes. His hunger mounted to its peak. The only thing he wanted was to see him die. The blood that he thirst for was equivilant to a vampire needing to feast.

The end was near. With a spell unexpected by his oppenent, he knocked the boy to his feet once more. Now that he was out of sync, he prepared at last for the kill.

* * *

All at once a single gasp reached his ears, forgetting others watched the fight. Caught off guard, he laid on the ground, unable to move. There was nothing he could do. The end was near.

As his life approached its very limit, his mind thought of her. He saw her at Godric's Hallow staring at a tombstone, at his tombstone. He felt so helpless, unable to comfort her.

* * *

Step after step he moved closer to his prey. He tilted his head curiously aiming his wand at him. And he smiled reaching the climax. He successfully ascended to the peak of the mountain, ready to end his life at last.

To him, the sixteen years, the sixteen long grueling years, was a life time within itself. He lowered his body, looking into his eyes, wondering what was so special about him.

* * *

He wasn't all that different than him. There he was with those piercing, cold eyes as Harry laid still on the ground. He reached for his wand, knowing that if he act now, the last of his pieces would fall out of play. Only one chance left, just one.

Quickly he released the spell that held him down and blew him backward with one of his own. Enough defending, moving to the frontal position. MOre curses flew at him, he deflected each one without effort again. Then one of the curses hit his opponent near the heart ending his life. At last it was over. He tossed the wand aside and fell to his knees, too exhausted. "Check and mate."

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