Official Signature Contest - Rules and Entry Thread

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Here we go! Time for this to start.

Theme: You will have TWO themes to choose from. All entries must fit into one of the two themes! If you manage to combine the two...more power to you, but it's not going to get you extra points stick out tongue

Theme One: The Four Seasons

Theme Two: Anime/Manga

Categories: You will enter your entry into one of two entries. Beginner is for if you are new to Photoshop, new to sig-making, or just plain don't think you are good enough to compete with some of the more advanced makers. Advanced is for those who are confident in their skills and have been working with Photoshop or making sigs for a long while. Please state what category you are entering under when you post your signature!

Requirements: The signature must be within KMC size limits (540x150 pixels) and under 100kb. Going over will result in being disqualified! Also, do not post until you are completely sure you are finished and that it is the correct size. You will NOT be allowed to change your entry! Also, all signatures must be made by you and must be new work - submitting an old sig is not allowed, as is submitting something you did not make! You are also not allowed to wear your entry as your signature until the contest is over.

Deadline: To give plenty of time, the contest will run for four weeks, and will end at 11 PM CDT on June 6st 2008.

Judges: We have three judges for this contest.

Myself queen

Digimark007 slide180

Phucked Up darthvadur

Do not post in this thread unless you are posting your complete entry! All questions and discussion and such should go in the Contest Discussion Thread!

Entering as a beginner.

Combination of both Anime and The Four Seaons theme.

Here goes nothing...

Alright, here we are, I'm gonna go in the beginner category because I've never actually used Photoshop and I'm not very good anyhow. Alright, see, it's fall, because that's when birdies migrate, but this one was the only SUPER COOL bird picture I could find that worked well, even though I'm not really sure cranes migrate. Anyway, here goes.

Da Pittman
Advanced Category pitt_shifty

The big EH
edited by mod - DO NOT POST IN HERE unless you are posting an entry!

I'll go in what ever category Pitt's in.
Come on, Come on Toushi!!!

Where's baka?

Well here it is...
I am guessing I go in advanced. confused

this is just terrible but w/e
meh not worthy of advanced but yes thats what im going with

I was told to go Beginner so heres my entry!
Didnt like the size limits but it will do!

Advanced. ;___;


Rogue Jedi
My first sig ever, I aint gonna win, but here ya go:

Phucked Up
Originally posted by Rogue Jedi
My first sig ever, I aint gonna win, but here ya go: didn't read the rules.

1. It has to be about the 4 Seasons or Anime.

2. You're not allowed to use the signature until after the contest is over.

3. You didn't specify which category you wanted to be in Beginner or Advanced.

Rogue Jedi

Oops, well, you're not allowed to create or post a second sig for the contest, so if you disqualify yourself by not reading the rules, oh well.

Now, no more posts in here unless it's an actual entry.

Rogue Jedi
Even if I already made it? So I misread the rules, are you seriously gonna DQ me for that?

Lt. Valerian
Beginner, as Digi suggested.



The Winners!

Beginner Category

First Place

Second Place

Advanced Category

First Place

Second Place

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all that entered!

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