Zeitgeist and Devil lance v.s Laminator X and Akuki

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Welcome to round 2 of Pool A.

This match will be a week from start time.

Prep is 12 hours long.

The Location: An Abandoned New York City

Judges will be announced soon.

I have not received Opening Posts from Zeitgeist, Devil lance, or Lam X.

Thus they forfeit their prep time and their partners can not have access to them for prep either.


I've been moving houses and haven't had access to a computer for over a week... just prior to losing my internet, I sent my write-up to Red, and couldn't have known until now that he couldn't just send it to you himself. erm

Originally posted by Zeitgeist
I've been moving houses and haven't had access to a computer for over a week... just prior to losing my internet, I sent my write-up to Red, and couldn't have known until now that he couldn't just send it to you himself. erm Seeing as no one else has replied yet if you get it to me in 15 minutes I will post it. wink

So one reply just yet.

Sorry Smurph you had your chance.

The match resumes and you will be denied your prep time.

Actually, I didn't have my chance...

I logged off immediately after posting that, as I was able to use that computer for the 30 seconds it took me to write that post...

I got a working internet about 5 minutes ago and everything in the new house is now settled enough that I can send it to you.

Sorry for the confusion, but we were supposed to have this network up about last Saturday, if not earlier... I PM'd it to Red thinking that you guys could at least communicate within each other. srug

I'll send you the prep now, but I really couldn't have responded to this situation before now... sorry for any hold up.





Originally posted by Akuki
1. You're fast? Guess what? You're within the range of the Anti-Assasination suit, we have all of your speed boosts, plus our own. You're going to have to prove that skrull circuitry works faster than you (perhaps) and Maxima + Meggan. The latter is, obviously, laughable.

Originally posted by Akuki
2. The idea that you're going to be able to build a device that completely encircles all of New York city in 12 hours is laughable. Not only would it require a ridiculous amount of materials and construction time, but it's REALLY REALLY stretching the no attack rule during prep time since we would obviously notice something like that and just blow up portions of it. seriously we would have to be complete idiots not to notice a giant dome being constructed around the city with us in it. No. Nothing that I have done stretches the no attack rule. You attempting to attack it would completely break that rule, but I see nothing preventing me from building as large constructs as I please during prep.

Meanwhile, I'm almost positive that you don't see us during prep, or even that we're prepping in New York.

Originally posted by Akuki
3. The idea that your device will be able to annihilate all of New York City from existence is frankly laughable. Black Bolt going full out in the magnified area was able to create a rift the size of a football. You're telling me that you're going to somehow be able to increase the power of the fully magnified scream by Black Bolt by around a billionfold? It's just not going to happen. "Black Bolt going all out?"



Blackbolt whispered a single syllable. Reed didn't instruct him to scream, and he barely opened his mouth. Not to mention, the aim of the machine was to take out that portion of reality. This machine will be aimed at a much bigger target. Reed can alter it as such.

Finally, this Black Bolt is the size of Galactus and Meggan can alter her vocal chords and related abilities for a further boost.

And, finally, finally... this is a full out scream.

Your team gets completely decimated.

Originally posted by Akuki
4. We will be entering the battle in lightform, and as such, black bolts scream is worthless against us. All of the things we mentioned were things done in preptime before we took lightforms. The bombs will have been set to go off the instant that the battle started, and we would have activated our forcefields before the battle started as well. In fact, those bombs present quite the problem to you, since them going off would have sent an emp that would destroy the machine, meaning that your attack would just be a massive explosion, not a dimensional rift. No... light is matter. Light exists. Light is a component of reality. You are in light form, and you're just as vulnerable as if you were in jello form.

As is the radiation, explosion and general disastrous effects from the bomb.

You all cease to exist.

(That's a win for me, by the way)

Originally posted by Akuki
5. targeting you is incredibly easy, your the only living creature in the area other than us, and we could just send out a massive omnidirectional pulse to fry every mind in the area except our own. Plus consider the incredible speeds that our telepaths will be working at having the speed boosts due to the Anti-Assasination suit, sending off a mental attack before you speak won't be a problem at all.
Speed boosts? Telepathy? What anti-assassination suit?

1. Proof that skrull curcuitry works once it's turned into gamma radiation?

2. I don't see why you'd keep your mental abilities once your mind was dispersed between millions of light particles.

3. You're all entropy anyways. Black Bolt's reality-tearing voice wins out.

If you don't read any other post, read this one.

Originally posted by Akuki
When it comes down to it, your attack is interesting, but highly impractical, and simply won't be enough to K.O. us due to our defenses and Dr. Solar's abilites, while you haven't provided any practical way for you to survive the onslaught of our psychic attack.



The opponent's are using Prodigy's mind to try and absorb all the knowledge of various psychics to create one super-psychic.

Only problem is... Prodigy, as far as this application goes, is utterly useless.

So, to bring you up to speed:

-Their main method of attack won't work
-My main attack will annihilate them

Game. Set. Match.

Edit: Per the tourny co-host, this post was over the time limit.
Sorry Akuki. sad

Ouch. Though I hate voting against Akuki, I'm going to have to in this instance. The reality destroying machine is a genius prep idea, and surviving nukes really doesn't compare.

Also, as to the notion that a sped up Reed with the help of a matter transmuter like Firestorm couldn't produce the device in half a day, I'd have to disagree, because with Firestorm on the task it's not really a matter of assembling components from scratch, he can simply create it assembled and operational, even if only in segments.

Vote: Zeitgeist and Devil Lance.

I think there is a serious speed difference here, and this match really seemed to come down to which doomsday attack would work.

Personally I'm gonna have to go with the faster team.

Vote Zeitgeist and Devil Lance

er, unpinning . . .? confused

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