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Gloomy Ninja
Chapter 1.

As the night air filled her lungs,Camille hurried on home.Staying late after school took most of her day.As the sun set she thought of her day,remembering what her teacher said theres going to be a new student in her school.This should be o so great,new kids oways are the odd ones in the school.
As Camille entered her house she could see her parents fighting agen,whats new in this house the same old bull crap every day.He parents oways got into arguments,they acted like 5 year old,they forgot about there daughter, and Camille took care of her self. Heading to her room she was greeted by the sweet Camel sent.She pulled her self into bed to just relaxe and drift into a deep thought.

Camille did this every night since her and her boyfriend broke up.She liked being single and on the other hand not. She pulled the sheets up to her chin and fell asleep as her mind seem to stick to one thought vampires. As she fell deeper into her dream she was really being warned about the new student ,Camille oways had a sence of something that was going to happen before it did.She just ushly brushed it off saying she was nothing specular.

As the sun peeked into Camille's roo her parents where all ready on there way to work,Camille did her her same routine,shower,brush her teeth and get her school work ready. Camille was oways greeting at school,she just finally got her her permanent,she knew how to drive for a while, the age of 16 made her life all different,it sends a rush into power. As the same friendly faces ran up to her,with there fresh sent ,over whelming at first but soon enjoyably. Reaching out for hugs the bubbly girls talked about what they heard.Camille was different she was a preppy ,she was more scene.With multi color hair,with retro clouths snake bite fangs some tattoo's on her arm.She stuck out but she was friendly.She looked over the girls to see a new face walking in ,he seem to be pulling him self out of a black slim car,his hair fluffy and black,a scene kid? he looked good from her sight,but he seem a little off. Pushing the girls aside she took a couple looks,he went straight in no looking at anyone,everyone seemed to stair like a moth to a light. As everyone was called in Camille looked around a couple time for the new guy,as guys tryed talking to her like always didn't get her normal attechen her eyes scanned through the crowds,where was this guy.As she rushed to first period she could see him from the corner of her blueish greenish eyes.But as the crowd near the door seem to get bigger and she was the shortest in-the group her eye sight of him was cut off.She pushed her self in the class before getting trammeled on,meeting a couple of her good friend,she just locked her eyes on her books,when she heard a whisper or to she looked to the door the new student walked in,he had a purple amulet from his neck and shades on,dressed in tight black clouths,he took a seat in the black,slacker? Camille's eyes followed him there.As the teacher snapped to get her attechen the class started.

After 3 period Camille followed the new student she found out his name,Leon.He had lunch with her,well at the same time.She felt nervous to try to talk him he sat aloun in the lunch but all the girls where staring he was hott and weird at the same time,he was a different taste.Camille grabbed a drink and sat in front of him,making no eye contact,he went on wighting .

"can i help you"-Leon-
"just wanted to talk"-Camille-

Ill add more on i half to go.Ill write more later.\\

Gloomy Ninja
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Gloomy Ninja
Camille smiled at Leon,even though he didn't take the time to look at her.His mind seem to be pulled some where else,he seem to be not so talktive,that seem to be a little off.Camille pushed her hair back for a moment so she could study him over.When he seem to speak agen he spoke slick and smooth,that type of vocie that would send chills down your spin.
"Im just saying there is no point on carrying on a conversion with me,dont waste your time,and You have no clue on what your doing"-Leon spoke hard and rough.
Locking eyes on camille he stood up quickly and slid his way past people out of the lunch room,leaving Camille looking at him.

After a couple periods,the thought of Leon kept camille on the edge of her seat,biting her lips,she could smell his sent,strong and powerful.She tryed to under stand what he meant when he said that she had no idea on what she was doing.He was such a tease ,she hurrayed out of the room,school finally over.She picked her speed up and hurrayed down the hall before her friends left.She pushed by people breathing in the heavy scents of people,allot of kids these days thinks its cool to spray heavy scents on them.It gets sickening after awhile.When camille turn took a turn to the left to get down the the othe rhall way,she crashed right into the person she didn't want to see the most.Her ex boyfriend,he was a jock and he was probably the most immature guy you can meet,if he didn't get his way no one could be happy.He couldn't catch her before she crashed onto the floor,when her books hit the other end of the hall,she just looked up frighten for a momenta,he was a tall broad guy,nothing could really knock him down,especially her,so small.That stupid smile crossed his face,in disgusted camille looked away trickling her nose and reaching out for her books.Picking her self up,she mumbled a sorry and tryed to go to the right of him.Before she could get by his arm had reached out to touch her face,smooth and cold he pulled her close.She grumbled and try to pull away but his body muscle was stronger then hers.She looked away,he leaned closer and bent down to her level.
"What do you want"-Camille,she snapped and pulled her face back,
"You know what i want"-Mark smiled.
"Pig..let me go"-Camille looked at him with no care in her eyes.
''a pretty gal like you should be with a guy like me ,you know you liked the old times"-mark seem to be enjoying this.
Camille had been avoiding him for a month now since they had broke up.She was still angry and upset with him,he was a pig just like the rest of the jocks.
"Let go"-Camille screamed.The halls where empty now she was going to be late,she started to strugle more and more now.Before she could breath Leon was behind her ,he pulled her away from mark and placed her behind himself.Leon was much taller then her ,he stood there blank,Camille poked her head on the other side of him to see what mark was doing.Mark wasn't to happy with any of this.
"Who the hell are you ."Mark tryed to sound strong,but failed.
"Leon,but that doesnt matter,the young lady told you to let go,and when she asks to let go ,you let go,be a gentlemen for a momenta and stop being a pecie of ---- for once."-Leon said with a smirk on his face.
"..."-Mark wasn't the smartest one out of the bunch ,he just took any problem he had and turned it violence.He took a charge at Leon,which you should naiver do,you know that naiver change at your opponent ,you should let them come to you. When mark tryed slamming into Leon,all Leon do was smirk and hold out his hand,grabbing a hold of mark and smalled him into a locker,a fist being swung at Leon,he caught it in time and ducked and head butted mark,slaming his fist into marks face.Camille took steps back, scared,and wondering what could happen.A couple moments left mark sat on the floor hardly moving.
"Best to move,before some one comes."-Leon said with out even looking at her he pulled away and walked on.He knew camille was going to follow him,so he picked up his spead.
"Wait!"-Camille called out trying to hurry up to him.
"I wanted to say ---"-Camille was cut off she was flashed some part of his fang,he didnt know she seen it but she stoped in her tracts.He walked on her body felt like it was going to crumble.

will write more but i half to go.

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