Bleeding Love

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Hello, my name is Allison and this is the first fan-fic I've ever done. Therefore all comments will be appreciated, though I do ask that you don't be incredibly cruel. Remember the golden rule, kids.

Okay, a little bit of a despriction of the story. This is a variation on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel series. It takes place after Spike was killed and Buffy leaves Sunnydale with the rest of the Slayers. In this version, instead of popping up at Wolfram & Hart, he winds up in a demon demetion. This particular demention is called Gladeria and is ruled by humanoid demons who each possess one supernatural gift. There are three species :
1.Pures - a typically good demon that has a soul and abides by a code of morals. They are bitter enemies with the Tainted and have been fighting them since the begining of their recorded history.

2. Tainteds - an evil group of demons without souls or consciences. They war against the Pures and have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember. This group is cruel and unjust without any guidelines or codes of conducts.

3. Neutrals - a group made when a Tainted breeds with a Pure. It doesn't matter which one is the mother and which one is the father, if they are mixed, they all wind up neutral. It is very rare for a Neutral to have any type of power but supernaturals do occur. The ones without powers are usually hybrids that can't have children themselves. They are normally enslaved from birth and raised to serve whoever buys them. The ones with powers have to choose which side to stay with but some don't choose at all. These simply leave society and wander out into the desert to live alone without conflicts.

Gladeria is a desert like land with temperatures ranging from 90 to 105 degrees Farhenheit during the day to 40 to 60 degrees Farhenheit at night. It is rather barren and without much vegitation. The people hunt animals and cultivate crops in irrigated systems to mantain life as they know it.

I will add a character chart so that it is easy to keep up with the different characters shortly.


With a crash and a huge flash of light, a portal opened in an otherwise empty area. On to the red sand dropped a limp body. His clothes were tattered and damaged from the journey through the fabric of time and space and he had been unconcious for a while. It was night time in Gladeria and there was nothing in the still desert to disturb the vampire. As the hours passed he continued to lay out in the open, exposed so that if anyone walked by they could see him. Fortunately, there was no one anywhere near this area. Occasional winds picked up sand and grime, sending the particles swirling through the air. It was just an average night in the cold sand dunes and the new visitor made no impact on this.

Eventually, the sun rose like it always did. As soon as the first ray hit his pale flesh, the skin began to crackle and hiss as smoke radiated from the burning arm. The pain and smell of his new injury awoke Spike from his uneasy resting. Automatically, he scurried backwards away from the light that threatened to end him. He made his way under a rather large sand dune and took refuge in its shade. After inspecting his arm and muttering a few well chosen words, he took the time to examine his new surrondings. His first thought was that he was in hell. After dying, where else could he go ? He hadn't done anything to merit being sent to a pleasant afterlife, and this wasn't heaven by any means. Hell was the only logical conclusion. Hours came and went and as the time passed he began to realize he was still alive. Well, as alive as a vampire ever was. He still felt everything that he had felt before Sunnydale went up in flames and this place felt solid enough to exist.

A smirk spread across his face at the thought of how Buffy would react to see him alive again. No doubt she was already overcome with grief at his absense. He could picture her sitting somewhere, alone and bitter, missing him more than anything else. It was a nice fantasy, but little more than that. If he wanted to be realistic with himself, which he didn't, she was most likely busy training the new Slayers to be staking machines just like her. Or, maybe she was off with someone else... That thought antagonized him and made him even more anxious for the sun to sink and set him free. Over the day, his hiding spot had shrunk considerably and now he had even less room. He couldn't hide his relief once it started to reside and fidgeted as he waited to be able to exit his make shift hide out. Finally, the sun left and all that remained was the barest sheen of the sunset that gave him light to see by. He crawled out of his small burrow and dusted the sand off of his clothes as he looked around for some sign of which way he should head to get back to civilazation. The idea that he was in another demention hadn't crossed his mind and if it had he would have dismissed it immediately. That was ridiculous.

There were no buildings that he could see, no tracks in the sand, no noises, and no one around. He was all alone in this God forsaken waste land with no idea where he was or where to go. This might have intimidated some people, but he simply shrugged, licked a finger and stuck it in the air. According to his wind tester, the wind was blowing north. Spike headed directly south. He walked and walked until he made out a shape in the distance. This brightened his spirits and he increased his pace until he had gotten close enough to see that it was a small shack. It was then that his small reasonable side kicked in and made him think that this might not be smart. There was no telling who or what was in that little house and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out. As soon as he got about thirty feet away from the house he stopped and tried to peer into one of the windows. The window was crusted with dirt and grime and nearly impossible to see out of. Just when he thought he had made out the shape of something, he leaned too far in an attempt to get a better view and slipped down the dune he had been perched on.

"Bloody hell !" he shrieked as he tumbled down the slippery slope. He fell with a crash to the bottom and laid there for a moment rubbing his head. His little trip had made a considerable amount of noise so it was no real surprise when he heard the door of the small house open and slam shut. He sat up quickly and tried to prepare himself for whatever might come out to greet him. Spike rose to his feet and got into a fighting stance just in time to see that the occupant of the house was a girl. He relaxed immediately and chuckled as he shook the sand out of his jacket pocket.
"You had me worried there, love. Give a bloke some warning before you go slamming doors." All of his worries had been pointless. It was just a girl. Relatively toned, yes, but still, merely a woman. She was of an average height, fairly slim with dark hair. From the safe distance she was standing away from him that was all he could make out.
"What exactly is this place ?" he asked as soon as his clothes were once more free of the annoying grains of sand that kept clinging to him. He then noticed that she hadn't moved and was still not saying anything.
"Not much for words, are you ?" he said with a grin. He took a step forwards and saw her stance get defensive. That was amusing. This little girl thought she had a chance of protecting anything from him. He could quite literally pick her up and break her in two. It was a good thing he hadn't come across this one before he got his soul. If he had, she would have been screaming or running right now. Neither one of those would turn out pleasantly in the end. He took another step and was surprised to see that she didn't move back as well. At least she knew how to stand her ground.

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