Gundam/Leo Vs. BW/Charlotte

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Hello then and good luck to everyone for this match.

It will be Monday 7:00 EST to Saturday EST.

Location: The prison. This is an old super powered containment area. On a planet like Earth but completely barren of life and covered completely with sand.

The prison is roughly the size and shape of the Empire State Building but under ground. The prison has long since been abandoned. All the power is off save one spot in the very bottom reserved the most powerful people.

This is the only active power nullfier unit still left operational and is still going. Any person within the unit, which is 15 yards by 15 Yards and 20 yards, will automatically lose their powers becoming a human stat wise. This is even if they possess an alien style body. The Unit is made out of tough metal(Slightly below adamantium).

Prep Time: I'm trying something a little different for this round. The prep time will be thirty relative minutes. That means no matter how fast you can move or think you will still only have thirty minutes to work with. Thus Snailman and the human light speeder would still have the same exact amount of prep time to work in and still have the opportunity to get the same amount done.

Judges: Ha-Son, Newjak, illadelph12

Each side receives 8 posts with which to get their point across.

Come out fighting and let's get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Blair Wind
Awesome. All of this is just so perfectly played.

Answer me a few things:

Can you show a scan of the wakandians studying anti metal and electronically storing such information?

Can you show me a reason for you suddenly spouting Cortez or Darwins powers?

Can you show leach's powers affecting an andriod body? He only works on mutants and mutated DNA

How do you have access to Brother Eye, or the Amazo chip? You are in a totally seperate universe using your characters, and the only DC one you do have knows nothing about those things.

Just a few things I wanted clarified. Also, you realize you have only thirty minutes right? I think you might have missed that point somewhere between how fast it takes to download large files of information (anyone ever tried to download a movie? geez), and creating tech that would take more than a simple thirty minutes.

But lets go on to that tech. First instant, which is faster: your simple teleporting devices, or my teleportation power based on Void? So fast, that even Majestic has trouble keeping up. You guys get stuck in the null field (which I am assuming is the end all of all null fields, and no Darwin like ability will counter).

Second, I teleport all your SA to pieces. I teleported all your tech my way. Not as stupid as it sounds, as I took Inertron (even Validus cannot break it, so the bomb trick wont work), and I took Captain America's shield and covered it with the same material (so the anti metal would not work, as since...nothing has ever destroyed that thing laughing out loud ). And even if it did, I can instantly teleport it back - remember, I have Savitar and Flash like reactions - and with Box's powers I can cure any metal "damage". As for the power dampeners, I am assuming you COULD turn off my powers, except that they are mechanical. Spartan is an andriod, and Amazo is well...Amazo. Robotic being and all. So again, teleportating them away will be a cinch.

I'm sorry, but past that I am at a true loss of words. Leo, I always respect you in these matches, but I truly feel like you would not be able to pull all this off. Especially with NJ's "relative" 30 minutes. Combining all those things, especially the download times, getting all the powers, then CAREFULLY handling anti metal, and testing it (that is if you even GET it), just seems like too much experimenting all at once. Really, it seems like a big waste because Leo overlooked some key details like the fact that many of my powers, and some of what Charlotte has going for her, aren't DNA based. Consequently, he's relying on anti-metal and some "fizzer" freqeuncy to destroy us...but the former isn't going to one-shot me, and the latter moves a lot slower than me. Especially when Im not using Adaptiod.

Sorry, but simplicity wins the battle here. Instant Teleportation ftw

eww . . . this is even uglier for them than i thought it would be . . .

first -- you think the wakandans what? keep all the info on anti-metal in their heads . . .? they're one of the if not THE most tech-advanced place on earth. and the wakandans have studied it well enough to have created an artifical version of anti-metal. no expression

so, yeah. i think they know it pretty well. not that it would matter too much -- sersi doesn't know how a dragon works either and she can create one.

darwin's power set was logged within cerebro's database, as are all the x-team's characters' powersets. see your partner's post for more details. wink

leech's powers don't need to work on the android bodies. the anti-metal does that for me. leech's powers WOULD work on void's powers though. as would the neutralizer. ergo, no teleportation. smile

as for the universe issue . . . What the f**k?

we all exist in the tournament within the same universe. i have a friggin' dc guy on my team! to question my access to the dcu is . . . shrug

so, yeah -- i have all of amazo's powers + the data from brother eye . . .

i actually can't believe you -- of all the people in this thing -- would question how much i was doing in prep. seriously. and did you compare my guys' abilities to DL to some cpu trying to DL a movie . . .? no expression

honestly folks, that bw would resort to that sort of argument pretty much illustrates exactly how screwed his team is.

i suppose i could show a scan of GARRISON KANE, wearing an outdated suit of armor DL'ing jefferies powers in the MIDDLE OF A BATTLE -- ie -- INSTANTLY, and calling up several powers mid-battle that he was DL'ing . . . but . . . why should i look any further than amazo or the SA? when they are adapting/copying they are essentially doing the same thing i am doing -- DL'ing information on the powers they are copying. they can do so instantly.

the hell -- i'm not a commodore 64! i have THE finest minds in 2 universes working for me not to mention the mind of an android from 1000s of years in the future. and you think there will be a question about how fast i can DL information -- WHEN MY TEAM HAS ACCESS TO THE SPEED FORCE??

oi. NOT a good line of argument to take my friend . . .

again -- the only real thing i did in prep was DL infomation. with the minds and tech on my team that is achieved EASILY. i then insta-create each amp and simply have sersi recreate them. again, nearly instantly. and did i mention SEVEN speed forceusers . . .

i know you WISH there was some way around the fact that i could do this, but there really isn't. erm

and about the notion that it's teleport tech v void's teleport speed. huh?? we appear on the battle field at the same time. we don't use our powers to get ourselves there -- the battle starts and away we go. there is no speed advantage whatsoever -- thank goodness for you because not sure you know this but i have SEVEN speed force users on my team . . .

so, we appear then the following happens:

anti-metal rad scrambles all your droid's abilities. recall we tested it on adamantium. (speaking of -- i never used cap's powers in a battle so how would you create the shield metal? and even if i did -- SA doesn't HAVE the metal, he replicates it, IMPERFECTLY. your additional shielding would be useless and would disintegrate immediately . . .) your inertron is no stronger than adamantium. it's metal. anti-metal rad pumped out in the quantities we're pumping it out would destroy it, if not instantly, it would be enough to seriously impair you, scrambling systems and tech. you might try and port the amps away but with the neutralizer and leech you can't. so you are forced to stay where you are while your armor liquifies followed shortly after by you yourself.

angie suffers an identical fate and madonna's cerebra armor also dies a horrible death -- even the promethium wouldn't last more than seconds. madonna/nate herself is rendered powerless by leech or the neutralizing ray. your box armor and other amazo also die. jefferies would be seperated from box as jefferies powers were neutralized so THAT amazo would be dead for multiple reasons.

so, quick recap -- box/ivo -- eliminated through neutralizer. jefferies loses all ability to control box, is forced to seperate from box, box disintegrates.

void -- loses ability to teleport anything because of neutralizer and/or leech and loses whatever ltd pre-cog it had to begin with. leaves armored/spartan to contend with huge doses from multiple locations of anti-metal rad. his android body and shielding wouldn't last more than a few seconds and would almost instantly be rendered inoperative or scrambled. the anti-metal also deals with the axe.

kallor thom -- neutralized

(btw -- funny now that I'M using the neutralizer, bw is trying to suggest its limitations . . . last rd, he seemed to think it would instantly take us all out when emitted from his 'million t-spheres' . . . heh)

angie/b8 are killed almost instantly by anti-metal/neutralizer

graviton -- neutralized

madonna/nate -- armor destroyed, powers neutralized

you guys entered a death trap. we closed it. your claivoyance is useless, as void is neutralized. besides, prove it's good enough to find us at sub-atomic size . . .

on top of ALL that -- with my access to the speed force -- you all are working in slow motion -- even your FASTEST guys are nothing to me. if it came to quick-draw: me>>>you

if they seem like they may be trying to escape SOMEHOW, all seven SA's use their rings to create spheres around the outsides of the room that would keep them locked in. and don't forget -- we are monitoring their EVERY MOVE with cosmic awareness. and our reaction-time>>theirs so we'll be ready in case one or 2 of them still have any fight left in them. we have darwin's power, so it's not like they can do anything to us anyway . . .

in closing: we made sure all rooms were filled with lethal tech, tech was working coming in . . . they die. you are completely and in every way, screwed. tactically, we trumped you guys. badly.

and really, what can be more simple than building an amp to emit radiations that kill all your team? i don't even have to resort to stealing your speed or, really, anything at all. once you're all liquified and depowered, terrax has fun doing . . . well, whatever he wants to do to you. smile

ps-don't forget -- we can fight WITHIN the anti-metal radiation and neutralizing powers. they would continue to be affected by both and can ANYONE seriously doubt what kind of devastating impact that combo of radiation would have on their heavily tech-laced team . . .? they'd be so scrambled and malfunctioned that even if they didn't all die in the first few seconds, they'd be absurdly easy pickings . . .

Blair Wind
Originally posted by leonidas
eww . . . this is even uglier for them than i thought it would be . . .

first -- you think the wakandans what? keep all the info on anti-metal in their heads . . .? they're one of the if not THE most tech-advanced place on earth. and the wakandans have studied it well enough to have created an artifical version of anti-metal. no expression

Yes, but how does black box know to find that information? How would they be able to find out about it? But here is the most interesting fact that I forgot to mention: Inertron is not an earth metal. It is the hardest metal in the known universe. Not to mention has properties allowing it to break laws of physics already, such as not even VALIDUS (strongest character ever created in comics bar none) could not bend it, And has atomic forces allowing it to resist any outside force. You would need to prove that anti metal could destroy those interatomic forces, and on a non earth metal. This comes from common sense VALIDUS can't budge it no matter the outside strength. Something beyond any earth force is holding that stuff together.

Prove to me that someone can neutralize the Void from Spartan. Seriously. Besides, with Amazo having the same powers, we can still teleport if people for some reason think that you can neutralize me. Remember, we still have LIGHT SPEED reactions people. Speed force or no speed force, I still have Flash and Savitars speed! I'm not sure if even Leo remembers that little fact. My reactions are on par with you. I upgraded Spartan to be that fast, and Amazo thanks to his powers is that fast.

You have to understand my position: HOW would they know to look up that information? That is like me saying that Iceman can go an buy a book on a weapon he never knew existed in five seconds. That is all. Prove to me that they would know about the information and where to find it.

Yes, I've done some elaborate things in my time, but I've come to realize that alot of the time you really need MORE time to do these things. Even at lightspeed, you still only have 30 minutes. And even if YOU can move at lightspeed, can the amounts of information you are getting move from computer to computer at those speeds?

Not really important in this prep scenario

No, we start at the same time, but in a quick draw, our teleportation works faster than yours.

But you have to realize, again, we are all working at light speed!!!! Just because you have "speed force" attached to your name, does not diminish that fact. We are not slow to you in the least. Having Superman's speed, Flash's speed, Savitar's speed, well we are doing pretty well.

Quickdraw: You teleport all tech into rooms filling a prison the size of the empire state building. We teleport you into one room. Which one sounds more plausible? Thought so.

Basically? We can react with the SAME speed you do, and ours is a simple A to B scenario where you have multiple steps to yours (getting every room filled). The prison will hold you captive. Period.

Ill try to keep my posts short, just so I dont get yelled at by smurph.

Charlotte DeBel
Charlotte's post #1

Legion winning mental duel with Nate Grey- the Nate who was fed the experience of the most powerful psionics on the Earth last round? Brave words, Gundam, but the only thing that Mr Haller would get is massive ass kicking. Really massive one.

Cortez never was in X-team period. Though I was planning on trying to resurrest his psi-essence from Astral Plane last round but decided it'll overcomplicate the things.
Leech? Remember, the Cerebro\Cerebra was rebuilt multiple times, and saying it still has data on any character ever appearing in X-Books is pretty ridiculous. Detailed and accurate data on current\important team members is what I think there is, and what I was relying on during my prep. No obscure things.

Now, Infonet is really potent thing, but it's connected to Marvel Universe. That's why downloading obscure files from DC via it won't really work. Kane data? I can buy it, but not the Amazo files etc.

Now, moving\thinking on multitudes of light speed. Spartan has light speed reactions himself. And extra picoseconds you spend doing your stuff will cost you life. We move on 99,9% of lightspeed- and can move even faster due to SA's ability to stack powers. In fact, using Vulcan\NewSon's powerset, we can nullify kinetic energy everywhere in the prison without need to use speedforce thing. You're stuck into there- and you're stuck even more with the next thing.

Darwin's powers aren't the way out of that... BTW, Super Adaptoid copying strictly intuitive power is a route to breakdown.
I remember you putting under serious doubt SA copying Forge's powers- Darwin's is even biggger stretch- that's why I didn't even think of actively using that power and keeping it as anything save passive data. His genetic makeup is constantly changing on intuitive level- if SA tries to use that power, he dies. You've downloaded and are using the power of doom, without even knowing it. In theory Darwin's powerset is almost as dangerous for SA-style robots as Aquarian's.
You are disabled the second you're trying to use it. We spend less picoseconds that you trying to use the same stuff, have cosmic awareness to monitor your stuff as well, our plan is simplier than yours, and you copied really dangerous powerset.

Charlotte DeBel
Charlotte's post #2

Getting things more clear
First of all, the thing about Leech and Void signature. A piece of Void can be extracted from a being, but it can't be neutralised THAT way- unless you think Leech can neutralise a part of abstract level being. The piece of Omnia, Mistress of Light (an abstract being) which is Void, can be removed by surgery on atomic level, or willingly given away.

Infonet is Marvel-limited thing, so no Amazo chip and JLA database for you. Unless you have proof that Infonet thing is multiversal no

Now, to antimetal destroying our cyborgs. Well, for one, Terminatrix's
molecular makeup is unstable due to it being SuperAdaptoidized- how can you destabilize UNSTABLE molecules? They're already unstable, so antimetal won't work here.
Even funnier... we have Jeffries' powers and Shift's powers into our androids- that can instantly counter the damage.
That's Shift resisting a Sersi-fashioned transmutation. So your major attack does close to nothing to us.

Adapting to huge amouth of EXOTIC power signatures in 30 minutes of relative time you have and perfecting those sounds like a stretch. The funny thing about prep time that round is that it can't be stretched using speedforce.

Next to our reaction speed. It's common knowledge that SA is capable of stacking power, and that Speed Force users have raced with non-Speed Force users. Wonder Woman was able to chase Jessy Quick pretty well, you remember.
And even if every of those speeds are within tourney limits (aka 99,9% of light speed) we're talking about sum of those. Flash+Savitar+Superman+Wonder Woman+New Son's absolute control over kinetic energy that can easily compensate speed force being non-plot devicy in nature...We're playing at equal speeds with you- at least in the first picoseconds of match and that's what matters here.
Spartan's teleportation is pretty much instant and our tactic is much simplier than yours.

all righty. let's review a few of the big issues first:

CLAIM 1: inertron is unbreakable and will protect from the anti-metal radiation

untrue. bw would love to have you believe it is this perfect metal that can't be broken. no in fact, validus HAS broken through it -- a friggin MOUNTAIN of it! superboy has ALSO busted chains made of it and mon-el has ALSO broken it. it's history is certainly no more -- and likely less -- impressive than adamantium's history and CERTAINLY less so than cap's shield.

inertron is a metal. it HAS been broken. nor is it 'alien', as bw alludes. it exists NATURALLY in the universe, like any other metal, and has properties as any other metal. it is denser, that is all. but it is atomic bonds that anti-metal targets. the 'denseness' doesn't matter in the least.


anti-metal rad capable of liquifying adamantium would destroy it.

CLAIM 2: we don't have time to DL everything we want to DL

power signatures can be DL'd almost instantly from a source -- in fact, at lightspeed since they are simply electronically transmited information. given the speed at which they can be transferred, power sigs don't seem to be very large in terms of sheer volume of data. B5 himself is capable of DL'ing 80 terabytes/sec. i have access to the MORE ADVANCED B8. to say i can't DL the information given how quickly and -- evidently how small -- the data sets of powers igs are is silly. even if for some reason you don't believe i can DL ALL info, i can stop anytime i want -- after say 5-10 minutes of straight power sig DL'ing. i'd STILL have the bulk of the powers. black box can scan and access the most prominent and important and i select those ones.

CONCLUSION: based on the speed and ease with which powers can and HAVE been DL'd by VASTLY inferior tech to my own, the suggestion that i would actually lack the time to access the data i am accessing is ridiculous.

CLAIM 3: black box would not have access to dcu

this one still boggles me. perhaps you don't understand the infonet, or bb's power. ALL ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFO PASSES THROUGH HIS MIND. ALL.

bb references god-like knowledge. cable doesn't refute him. information isn't 'sought out' by BB.


all the time.


think of him as a human internet. he is able to know EVERYTHING that is stored electronically WITHOUT seeking it. his problem was he couldn't SORT through it with his human mind, couldn't process and 'realize' all of it. i have freed him of that restraint. he KNOWS of the dcu because of all the dc characters and other universal characters. he HAS access to it. the infonet is not limited to marvel -- his power is to passively absorb all info. simple as. he would know through any number of sources -- tv's, newspapers, justice league computers/files -- instantly about brother eye and the amazo chip. and don't forget -- rachel has been in the minds of ALL your characters as well and would be familar with all this info based on that. i honestly don't get why you think his access would be blocked.

CONCLUSION: BB would CERTAINLY be aware through his own powers, or knowledge gained via tp, of brother eye and the amazo chip and he would certainly be able to access and DL the information contained therein.

CLAIM 4: void would not be neutralized

the neutralizer was developed through reverse-engineering of ROM'S neutralizer. rom's tech is alien. it was designed to be used against the alien dire wraiths. who, incidentally, possess strong magical abilities as well. rom's neutralizer has proven powerful enough to kill the the queen of the deathwings AND several deathwings themselves. a host of deathwings was powerful enough to lay a beat down and tear apart GALACTUS! (scans available if you really need them . . .) forge built a version of the neutralizer that was strong enough to neutralize the ENTIRE PLANET of dire wraiths! gyrich wanted the tech to use against earth so he could depower ALL SUPERHUMANS on the planet. forge so feared the tech he had it destroyed and swore never to create it again.

CONCLUSION: void is an alien entity. a FRAGMENT of an alien entity. the device was CONCEIVED to battle alien threats. there is no logical reason the void aspect would not be neutralized by the radiation.

a couple final issues:

--leech was a 'minor character'? What the f**k? leech was around for a long time and though cerebro was updated there is precisely ZERO evidence to suggest any data was 'lost' in the process. these power sets are used repeatedly in the dangerroom scenarios and as you pointed out, they have been used by the sentient cerebro itself to create AMALGAMS of the x-men. again, there is no logical reason leech's power set wouldn't be stored in cerebro as are the powers of all x-folk.

--darwin's power is not intuitive. he has no conscious control. his body adapts. there is no 'intuition' required.

--jefferies and shift's powers are neutralized so they can't repair the damage. anti-metal attacks ATOMICALLY. it goes beyond the molecular level. besides, angie's powers would be siphoned or they would be neutralized. OR -- since she didn't protect from the fizzer and is using adaptoid tech -- she is rendered into molecular GOO!!

and yes, leech CAN and HAS affected non-mutants. he's wiped out power pack's ALIEN-granted powers . . .

--please don't compare speed. once the match starts we are FAR faster than you. i share speed with gundam which means ALL of us are at LEAST as fast as you. my guys we far exceed light and can brush the speed force. you are in slow-motion to us. even among other speedsters, wally's speed has made them appear to be standing still. scans again available if required.

so, to sum up:

they appear in ANY room and the instant they do so anti-metal rad capable of liquifying adamantium strikes them. all their tech and metal components are destroyed or instantly disrupted. and powers are neutralized or siphoned. they have no chance to react because the radiation strikes the EXACT same moment they appear. no 'race' of teleporting speeds. the trap is laid for them AS they appear. they have been defeated tactically and have no way around the fact.

bw and cdb would have you think what we're doing is complex. even if you don't think we DL all the powers, we DO create all the tech. it's all we need. the amps appear simultaneously along with us and them, throughout every room.

their death is WAITING for them when they arrive. nothing could be LESS complicated.

ps--sorry smurph, i really did try . . . erm

psycho gundam
"Legion winning mental duel with Nate Grey- the Nate who was fed the experience of the most powerful psionics on the Earth last round? Brave words, Gundam, but the only thing that Mr Haller would get is massive ass kicking. Really massive one."

you forget the buffet of sarin i left you.

"It is estimated that sarin is more than 500 times more toxic than cyanide"

your team doesn't even have a functioning nervous system any longer, how is nate going to fight legion of all people when he can't even remain conscious? nate will be hating life.....well for only a minute. he won't be fighting back.

that is only one of the hundreds of lethal cocktails black death can leave you to suffer with, all combined with light negating darkforce.

and one last point i should have focused on:

bw was trying to make this a speed thing. well, let's look at what really happens at the very outset of the match:

we're in prep, and all of our tech is functioning and operational AS PREP ENDS. match begins and all of us AND OUR TECH appear on the battlefield, the tech pre-set during prep to appear, several amps in each chamber. at the same instant, THEIR TEAM appears.

so, EVERYTHING -- us, our tech, them, their tech -- APPEARS IN THE MATCH AT THE SAME TIME. the difference is we have our tech ALREADY working. they need to arrive THEN try and teleport us. before they can do that, they are buffeted by our various radiations which break down their bodies and steal their powers.

game, set, match. smile

psycho gundam
another tidbit about legion is that he can psychically mask his presence from detection and anyone he wishes to gets masked also.

and the radar blair is using isn't infallible as radio waves are on the weak end of the the electromagnetic spectrum, cellular phones are a good example of this, they suck ass in-doors as is and a metal prison the size of the empire state building (filled with sand) is three times as bad.

after it's all said and done, your guys will be powerless and dead.......... but just for insurance, remember terrax will be there to wtf pwn any thing that has the audacity to survive, that of coarse is after the combustible gas incinerates them first. terrax will be safe.

oh, and in case anyone thinks we cave the joint in on ourselves with the anti-metal rad -- terrax of course can absolutely ensure that the ground that surrounds the underground structure doesn't get any crazy ideas. smile

this will be my final post though i suspect they will have something to add before the match ends. all the reasons why we win have been enumerated above.

the one irrefutable fact is that as soon as they enter ANY room they are SIMULTANEOUSLY bombarded with anti-metal rad capable of destroying grade 1 adamantium, power neutralizing radiation and leech's own siphoning powers. and of course, anyone using the adaptoid tech dies from the fizzer (check their prep -- no one protected against that attack).

to teleport us or any of the tech, they would need to FIRST find it or us (and prove they can find us when we're subatomic in size and could literally be ANYWHERE in the vast structure) THEN teleport us. while they are looking they are bombarded by radiation that takes away their powers. simple as. even is they manage to port some of the a,ps from the chamber they are in, we're monitoring them and can simply access blink's ability to continually teleport in more and more amps instantly. the speed advantage is ours don't forget.

so, in summary -- we win. smile

oh, and a quick PS: i mentioned this before, but it bears repeating since this was their primary refutation -- even if you don't feel we would have adequate time to DL ALL the power sets i wanted, it doesn't matter. in fact, i didn't need to dl ANY power sets at all. all i needed were the amps and the anti-metal and given that all my guys have flash-like speed and can create insta-tech that is UTTERLY believeable.

Blair Wind
Problems with their prep

Wow, their prep is huge. So huge, that you would not be able to do it in 30 minutes, and everyone can see that. However, I digress, and continue talking about what they are doing:

You have a RELATIVE 30 minutes to EXPERIMENT with Anti Metal. laughing You are going to become an expert with the highly dangerous (to Marvel metals that have been shown) stuff in 30 minutes? Usually when using caution, you go slower wink

However, let us remember they ARE using anti metal. Leo goes on to state that he will be creating various other tech - the power ray, the "frizzer" - which I would think need metal to operate in the first place, but then go on to say they will create:

Now tell me, I'm not expert on mechanical engineering, but what if you specifically needed metal to create the process? How can you even be certain that non metallic materials will work or have the same properties to create your tech? What will you make it with, plastic? pfffffffffft. Prove to me that you can create the tech without metal, and I MIGHT start considering that it is even possible to do what you want in Prep smile

Then you would have to deal with the fact that Black Box's "superspeed" brain would still only have a relative half hour to DL ALL the stuff he is downloading - which, once reading this, is ALOT of information. And power signatures are nothing like DL'ing an encyclopedic amount of info on Anti-Metal, then going about running experiments, then DL'ing even more information

Additionally, Black Box has no idea how cyberspace connections, programs, and advancements work in the DCU, which has numerous super beings to have advanced it in a totally foreign way compared to Marvel. He has a relative half hour to learn the ropes, IF the infonet exists there and his powers work on DC cybernetic connections. Could be that, like Flash's powers do not work in Marvel, his powers would not work like you are trying to specify specifically in the DCU.

Also, you cannot shrink to Atom size unless you have the Amazo powers, which you do not. And if you want to pretend you do, remember so do we. Being able to see with Superman's vision comes in handy for Amazo wink

Your prep is full of holes, assumptions, unfounded theories. It is nothing more than a failed attempt at a grand scheme when you only have a relative 30 minutes. Burden of proof is on you that it would work.

Being metal doesn't mean it's automatically prey to anti-metal. Lead blocks natural radiation... no reason that anti-metal radiation should pierce every substance, especially those with clearly different physical boundaries, which of course include being an ALIEN metal from across the UNIVERSE from a totally different "existence" (DCU). A metal being natural was never a qualifier for anti-metal. Additionally, the burden of proof is on him, and semantics =/= proof.

Anti Metal
-This Statement is for those that believe the Anti Metal can do me harm -

Anti-metal cant liquify adamantium like metal that can instantly respread with Flash level reactions. The radiation, he claims, can liquify adamantium, so will therefore destroy my characters. But I can teleport the tech instantly, and even if I couldn't, my Amazo's can fix us up as fast as the radiation can touch me- since we have lightspeed reactions - meaning it might not even touch me in the first place!! Additionally Amazo has Spartan's powers without the Void, so we can teleport even if the judges think you can shut down the Void.

BESIDES, the radiation can be blocked. How? Well, I know I've seen Ironman block it just by standing behind a freaking stone! Assuming that the prison is unbreakable (since it is our arena), we could be in the hallways, and we wouldnt even notice. Leo, you are leaving much too much to chance

Moving on to the power dampening: Leech operates by shutting down the abnormal genes. The fact that Spartan has remnants of alien powers on him and that Power Pack had their powers inlaid in their bodies by an alien doesn't mean all aliens are prey to Leech. Would you say the physiology is the same in all aliens? Would things that work on a Kyrptonian work on a Martian? No, not all "aliens" are the same, and Spartan is a ROBOT. NOT AN ORGANIC BEING. Finally, burden of proof is, once again, on him.

Speed CAP
The fact that Leo can exceed lightspeed is irrelevant, because he's got a SPEED CAP - which we all have - and will be sharing his speed. So I will actually most likely be FASTER, even marginally seeing as we have Flash's powers, Superman's powers, Savitars powers, hell even Lightrays powers. Leo even has a scan of this where Flash states that the less ninjas they are fighting, the less speed the ninja's are sharing, making them faster. Take the reverse into order, and notice that he is sharing his speed with Gundam's team. We are faster wink

However, this is not about YOUR characters speed vs MY characters speed (which if looked at, seems to make MY team faster), it is my lightspeed reactions/speed vs your technology (which might not even work!). Clearly I win in that department, and voila my strategy still holds

Forge's thing
Amazo's more advanced than anything they've even begun to fathom, and there's no such thing as an "omni-neutralizer". At least, not without serious proof. Plus, unless it moves and reacts at lightspeed, Amazo can copy it and use it against them (just like he copied the Lasso off Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern's ring)... hell, Leo would actually have to show that the neutralizing process is literally instantaneous or Amazo wins the quickdraw.

Also, if there's anybody even standing partially in the way his plan fails... Forge's thing is a ray. It would need to hit Amazo straight on - and not be copied by Amazo- without him using those Flash-level reactions, and if any object or person is a little bit in the way, it hits them instead. And by then, Amazo's destroyed the amps, transmuted the amps, or blinked it out of existence. Hell even if it hits him straight on, if it does not work LITERALLY instantaneous, Amazo just copies it

Amazo can adapt, copy, and take away ALL your toys. Period. You guys are fighting on a level below my characters.

My defense/attack strategy

It is quite simple. My speed allows me to counter anything you might possibly throw at me, and I have three teleporters (Spartan, Amazo 1, Amazo 2) plus any that Charlotte has copied from me. We all have Robotics, can counter everything you have tried to send our way, and still need to do only ONE thing: Teleport you to the Null room. Period.

You guys have no proof that your technology would work on our foreign, alien, and unique cast of characters. Once your technology fails, what will you do then? We have the advantage in this match up with our long range INFALLIBLE tactic, unlike yours which depends on so many factors which can be summed up as: How do you really know it will work? Again, our alien-ness to your characters will SEVERELY hamper your ability to use your tech effectively.

Your strategy is too unbelievable to work, while ours involves teleporting you with clairvoyance into the null field. We win through, again I state, simplicity.


This is a close match.

B-Dub has a valid point in regards to the amount of time it would take to create all of the devices to the exact specifications necessary. The question is whether Sersi (or Forge using Sersi's powers via SA), a being who has turned random office furniture into a music band, and modified Ironman's armor with a wave of her hand, can create fully functioning advanced tech out of the blue? I'd think so, but given that Newjak pretty much neutered the speed advantage in prep this round, Leonidas and Gundam only have a 'relative" half hour, meaning if they speed up their own actions related to normal time, the passage of time accelerates to match, and the volume of these devices (they claim 100s to thousands) would likely not be possible.

Now, Sersi can likely create the anti-metal and power negating devices from scratch in moments, afterall, that's something I'm pretty sure she's capable of given her feats of matter manipulation and transmutation. However, the area of effect of these devices (how far apart do the teams begin battle?) and whether they'd render B-Dub and Charlotte's team inoperative before they can react (given the speed of Void, Engineer, and Amazo, I'm not so sure) add another wrinkle. Even with the nullifiers and devices that Leo and Gundam created in prep being active at the onset of battle Spartan and Amazo would still possibly be able to disable the devices in the first instant of battle before the effects/signal from the devices harmed their team (given that Leonidas overlooked using the speed force on the devices to speed up the spread of the frequency's effects when battle starts).

There's also the matter of Gundam using Terrax to essentially collapse the building in on B-Dub/Charlotte's team at the onset of battle. I don't think Amazo or Spartan would be harmed by this act, but maneuverability will be greatly limited. I'm surprised no one thougt to attack the electrical system of the building itself. Taking out the power of the building via EMP would have been one of my first moves given that everyone will be trying to utilize the cell in the basement as an offensive measure.

Also, if you consider that the inhibitors would be disabled, Engineer and Nate are still at play (Nate amped with Cerebro), and I don't think Legion can handle an amped Nate in a psi battle.

A lot to consider in this battle...

...but the deciding factor (or lack there of, I should say), is the fact that the inhibitors Leo created, though they likely would work, could be taken out before they became a factor due to the speed at which Amazo and Spartan/Void operate and the fact Leo didn't enhance the speed of their effect with Savitar's speedforce powers, and beyond that method of attack, which would disrupt their ability to teleport Leo/Gundam's team into the inhibitor in the basement (assuming that Void's powers would be negated by the devices in the first place).

Judge Vote:

B-Dub and Charlotte. thumb up

There was a lot of options left on the table in this match, and a couple tactical blunders as well. However, as B-Dub reiterated a few times, sometimes simplicity is best, and it doesn't get any simpler than just teleporting Leo/Gundam's team into the basement at the onset of battle. Though Savitar is faster than Void and Amazo, with the speed cap it becomes a wash, and Leo not utilizing any other abilities (energy manipulation, speed sapping, creating a gigantic hunk of anti-metal and not relying on the Adaptoid abilities at all, etc) left his other advantages wasted and relied on the tech, which wasn't itself sped up and left his team open to counter attack. Though Leo/Gundam had the devices active coming into battle, the effects still have to reach B-Dub and Charlotte's characters inside of a subterranean skyscraper, and Spartan/Void and Amazo could counter before that happened given their own speed and Void's abilities. Maybe with more posting these oversights would/could have been addressed, but as it stands, I have to vote for Charlotte and B-Dub.

psycho gundam

sorry -- i never respond to judges votes, but there MAY be some confusion here.


there is NO 'speed cap' for amalgamated characters, and savitar is amalgamated with vulcan. there is no 'wash'. each dupe of the savitar/vulcan amalgam IS faster. legally so.

which is precisely why i ALSO said at the end of my prep:

not sure why you'd think i left that little ability on the table, ill . . .

Both teams did an excellent job debating. This was a close match, however I feel that Blair's team went with a simple yet highly effective strategy. Their combined team's powers and speed provided a perfect counter even if Leo's tech had been plausible. I personally believe that Amazo would be able to copy all their weapons and tech anyways, so all the shut down stuff would not have worked. The problem with Gundams prep was preposterously too long. I do not believe they would be able to accomplish the things they did, being that their prep was too long. Their tech comes into question as to if it even can be plausible. Also, they didn't really have any counter to Blair's multi teleporters, being that I do not believe their tech would be plausible. I doubt that Black Bolt would be able to operate in the DCU as he would not know any of the applications, programs, or tools used in that world.

Judge Vote : Team Blair

Originally posted by leonidas
sorry -- i never respond to judges votes, but there MAY be some confusion here.


there is NO 'speed cap' for amalgamated characters, and savitar is amalgamated with vulcan. there is no 'wash'. each dupe of the savitar/vulcan amalgam IS faster. legally so.

which is precisely why i ALSO said at the end of my prep:

not sure why you'd think i left that little ability on the table, ill . . .

I didn't miss that part Brotha. The issue is that you shrunk all of your team members down to sub atomic size and left them resting on the back of the emitters:

You're at sub-atomic size in a building the size of the empire state building against beings nearly as fast as you, and you didn't come into battle dampening your opponent's speed, you presented that as an afterthought. I found that to be the flaw in your plan. By your own words your team is resting on the backs of some of the emitters waiting for something to happen. You don't have any offensive or defensive posture whatsoever. No shields are raised, no energy dampening fields are being emitted by Savitar/Vulcan, no anti teleportation frequency is being emitted by Savitar/Vulcan (at anypoint), and most importantly, the spread of the radiation and nullifiers was not sped up by your speed force users, and you're going up against Spartan with Void's powers, who is a half step behind you in reaction time to begin with since you never actually slowed things down, you just said you could, "but that's really just too easy . . . ". It was never an actual action, it was just a threat, which really surprised me because that was really an end game if you'd just actually done it. You relied to heavily on the tech in my opinion. Nothing you presented gave me the impression that you'd be able to counter B-Dub simply teleporting those emitters away (given Void's speed and ability to teleport multiple objects simultaneously, and the fact that you never actually removed all of the speed from your opponents, just said you could) and your team into the basement (seeing as to how you're characters are just sitting on the backs of the emitters waiting on instantaneous actions to occur with cosmic awareness).

You had all the right tools but didn't use them right. If you'd simply said that at the onset of battle you remove all motion from the battlefield, insta-freezing everyone save your team, then positioned your emitters and bombarded your opponent with the rays, you'd have won this match hands down, no questions asked. But what you did was port the emitters all over a giant building and sat back and waited.

Sorry man. You know I'd love to vote against that lil bastard, but I can't in this instance.

no worries. taught me a lesson about creativity and simplicity. wink

Simple vs creative was the name of this game.

I think simple won this round. It isn't like Leo and Gundam's strategies did not have a chance nor with more detailing could not have won the day. The thing is that normally when people go Simple and their opponent goes for a complex one, they generally have to waste less time defending their own smaller number points which gives them more to point out numerous problems with the more complex plan.

To shorten this up some Leo/Gundam's more complex plans forced them to defend themselves more making them seem on the defense while Blair/CB's less complex one allowed them more opportunities to poke holes.

I don't think you guys ever fully countered this. I also think with the time limit as it was you guys tried to do too much, with too little.

Vote: Blair/CB

Winner: Blair/CB
Therefore they will receive 2 points for a team win.

Leo/Gundam will get none.

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