Killzone: The Lost Lines

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Killzone: The Lost Lines

Chapter 1: First Contact

The dropship fell through the muddy weather like a stone, buffeted by high winds, rain and lightening as it tried to reach the Helghan surface. Captain Jake Viquez held onto his restraints with both gloved hands, hoping that the storm would give them cover from Helghast anti-air defences. Beside him in another drop-harness was seargent Bob Silverman, a recruit from Earth who took quite a liking to war on the front. Corperal Derek 'Scope' Spiner sat opposite him. His blue eyes were a shade of hazy gray in the emergancy lights of the dropship. Derek's face was calm and controlled as he stroked his sniper rifle with an ungloved palm. Beside him were Lieutenant's Kevin Trastor and Bryce Carvana. Six other troops filled out the payload of the drop.

Captain Viquez glanced out the slitted and heavily armoured plate-glass as a flash-bolt from the lightening nearly struck them. The dropship shuddered under the turbulance and felt like a rollercoaster as Viquez's stomach churned when the gravity randomly shifted around him. The craft jolted as it was hit by a massive gust of air.

"One minute!" The pilot shouted.

Viquez looked up. "Ok people. This is a kill or be killed drop. Remember that the Helghast are at home here, we're entering an environment that they are used to and we are the first ISA assualt team to land." He got anxious looks from several troops including Silverman. "Lock and load. Prepare for drop. Attack wave Alpha will be behind us. We are to cause as much havoc as possible, take out the air-defense turrets and cut off Helghan communications."

Kevin looked up with grim determinationon him face then looked to Bryce. "If it has red eyes, sir..."

"...we'll kill it!" Bryce finished.

Viquez nodded to the two Lieutenants. "Right. Twenty seconds."


The Helghan command centre had long sinse known that an ISA attack was immenant. On a screen pasted in red lines was the storm pattern that surrounded the zone above. Orange dots represented the approaching ISA dropships and blue dots marked AA gun emplacements. The screens operator pressed the command button and the blue dots began flashing while the storm lines expanded.


"Fifteen seconds!"

Loaded and ready the ISA assualt team waited for a green light or the soft shudder of the landing gear to tell them to pop the hatch. Neither happened. Instead the dropship stalled as the wind pushed them from below. Suddenly bright tracer fire scattered through the air along with the streaks of missiles and bolts of lightening. It caused a mass hysteria as explosions ripped apart the surrounding wave. Reducing 50 dropships carrying 550 ISA assualt troops to merely 17 dropships and 187 troops in a matter of seconds. The remaining assualt craft crashed to Helghan. Some exploded, some shredded, others simply grounded themselves uncerimoniously in muddied ground while several sucessfully landed.

Viquez held on to the drop-harness as the dropship spun and careened through the air. His stomach lurched as the world for him twisted with freightening speed. Caught in a freak tornado the ship spiralled out of even a sense of control and hit the ground. The first hit broke the Captains restraints and caused the craft to bounce and flip back into the air. Viquez fell out of his seat flying towards the opposite bulkhead and Spiner when as the ship spun in mid air 180 degrees he found himself slamming head first into his own seat. "Ah!"

The dropship flipped several more times across the ground then corkscrewed around as rain slicked mud caused the ship to dig gouges in the ground. The craft slammed into the metal mesh of a defense wall and the cockpit crushed inwards. With a final flip the dropship settled into the mud 200 hundred meters from the inner defense mesh after flipping over it and spreading the ground in its wake.

The wind howled and the rain made thudding noises as it soaked the craft into the ground. Viquez's body was caught between two broken crash seats and a metal pilon. His face was bloodied and his left are hung limp. Seargent Silverman quickly unbuckled his harness which had been hanging from a single remaining support pilon and fell to the upside ceiling scrambling over to the Captain. "Sir!"

Lieutenant Carbana unbuckled and fell to the upside down roof. He quickly knelt beside Silverman who was checking the unconscious Captain for life-signs. Kevin got free and gathered his M82 assault rifle then moved over to the emergancy lower hatch controls. The controls shorted out when he activated them. Sending sparks across his tactical outfit. "Powers out."

Other troops dragged themselves free and with curses and yelps they fell to the ceiling deck."Lieutenants?"

"Frank. Get that door open and prepare to move. Bryce hows the Captain?!"

Bryce stood and looked over. "He'll be dead in a few hours.. He needs medical." Carvana turned and helped Derek down. "Seven."

"Right... Shoot him and then gather the extra ammo."

Bryce nodded, understanding that Viquez would be better with a quick death as would be merciful. He raised his assault rifle and chambered a round.

Silverman stood back, a med-scan showing vitals in the red. He turned and went to retrieve his M82.

Five of the ISA soldiers flinched when the expect flash and bang of the mercy shot killed their leader. Frank managed to manually open the emergancy hatch to the harshness of wind-swept rain and to see grazing explosions in the air as Helghast fired into the sickly yellow-gray murky storm. He climbed out, slid along the undersides hull and fell into the mud. Three others followed. They slid down the downtrodden hull and landed beside Frank. The Private quickly sweeped the area visually but the thick soup of the strom rain impaired visibility. The others fanned out to covering positions as Corperal Derek spashed into the muddy water. He raised his sniper. "Stay sharp. The Helghast will be all over us in a minute."

They nodded.

Inside the downed dropship Lieutenant Carvanar, Lieutenant Trastor and Sergent Silverman gathered their weaponry and covered Viquez's body in a blanket. After checking and bringing the one remaining com beacon they hoisted up and slid down into the muck. Trastor shouted "Shit! This is like walking through jelly only much more harrowing. Private Garcia, take point and head for the defense mesh. There should be some Helghan scout outposts there." Lightening lit up the faces of the ISA troops. Thunder rumbled in a thronging mockery of laughter as the squad set off.


"38 ISA assault ships confirmed destroyed while 12 ships are as yet unaccounted for. We believe that at mostly the ISA have landed about 100 living troops in isolated pockets of 10 grouped assault teams seperated across a wide area. Shock troops and scouts have been deployed in the north near defense sector N72G8 mesh."

"Good... foolish ISA insolents. Report on the progress of the search."

"Sir." The offer dropped into a bow and left.

When the Helghast officer had gone the figure turned to a video-com unit. "As you can see Scolar Visari, the ISA are hopelessly over matched. With time we will route these to rightfully claim Vekta as our own." The man grinned underneath his hood.

Visari smiled. "The Helghan dream will be bourn again. I will contact you again when I have attended to my plans."

"Always my Lord." Visari's image disappeared and the Helghan's smile vanished. "Always..." He whispered and sat at his desk. "Always..."


As storms brew and rain falls. As brave soldiers die and battles are waged. As oppositions fight and hearts thump. There comes a time of quiet recollection in the face of death. The calm before the storm.

To be continued.. Please post comments.

Lt. Valerian
The best intro of your stories so far. Quite like it, expect this one to be very good.

didnt notice it before, but the killzone 2 trailers are the invasion of helgahn. also, the helgast have a weapon that shoots lightning like anti air.

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