How does lack of external references affects personality ?

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Like, does everyone believing someone is bad makes that person bad ?

In a case a truth can't be accepted due to inability of comunication of someone, or simply because something may be causing its rejection by everyone else ? For example, a person who lies too much is not expected to say the truth and people sometimes don't consider the possibility of that person being right.

Of course everyone denying a truth doesn't make it false, but how does it affects the personality of the person who is being denied ? If everyone else treats someone as a bad person sometimes that person becomes a bad person. That person does not have any external support that he/she may not be a bad person. That is something only the person may believe with no acceptance from external references.

I think external references may be always a need, it is like its believe in psychology that our ego is formed or at least influenced by those external references. So, is an external reference always needed, or can someone live all by his own belief without any external references ?

very good topic, i started sumthing liek this a while back. i believe labelling and corellation of labels with others havea huge impact on how people develop. take this example of sex for instance. in itself it is not a bad thing at all{quite the contrary} and yet every gangster/rebel/mob boss as well as the underworld, would directly or indirectly have a lot of it in itself. this is due to people's perception of what contitutes BAD and when people feal that they are infact bad, or are labelled as rebels they unconciously assimilate such things into their behaviour to FIT that label. same as with smoking or doing drugs. drugs will always be associated and celebrated in the underworld, and yet outside the damage they cause or the escape they give from reality, thereis nothing EVIL or dominating about them, certainly nothing which would make them fit the mould of gangsters or other criminals based on just the basic properties of drugs.

its a bit like this, not all drugies or people into having multiple sexual partners are bad. but generally, most bad people have their lives closely associated with these qualities, and that is due to labelling and these people trying to fit more comfortably into these labels for whatever reasonm.

If you tell someone something long enough and keep repeating it, they will eventually come to believe it. You rob a person of their self-esteem and confidence in themselves, causing them to doubt themselves and their own sense of reality.

It's society. It doesn't mean it is correct, but it has an influence, I.E. Programing.

It's called a self-fulfilling prophesy. Storm summarized it best.

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