Respect Mr. Terrific!!

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Blair Wind
Respect Mr. Terrific!!

These scans come courtesy of DarkCrawler and I from when we used him in a tournament. Enjoy!

Natural Aptitudes

Bio: Holt is described as having "a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes", as he called it, easily picking up and retaining complex skills and abilities that other men spent their entire lives perfecting. Before he began his career as a superhero, he already possessed 14 Ph.D's (two in Engineering and Physics -- including doctorates and masters degrees in Law, Psychology, Chemistry, Political science, and Mathematics), was a self-made multi-millionaire with a high tech firm called Cyberwear and was a Gold medal winning Olympic decathelete. An example of his intelligence would be when he was performing emergency surgery on teammate Alan Scott after reading about the procedure in a medical text book and subsequently becoming Dr. Mid-Nite's assistant. As Holt himself put it, "everyone has a talent...Mine is learning."

He is tremendously intelligent, easily moreso then Batman, for example, when he was only six, he already read and assimilated the works of Bohr, Einstein, Planck and Feyman. He learned the theory of time-and space continuum while other kids were struggling with Sesame Street.

Shows how good he is in strategy, playing chess against two opponents with eyes closed:

Fighting skills. He's not only an olympic level athlete, but has also black belts in six martial arts.


All of Mr. Terrific's technology has been created by himself, since he is the "Third Smartest Man Alive." He has created things such as the T-Mask and the T-Spheres, each having different capabilities.

Nanotechnology is woven into his specially designed "T-Mask" (which is molecularly bonded to his face and can appear and disappear at will). Through the use of nanotechnology, he can do a great many things. His mask also protects his face from chemicals and relays mental commands to his T-Spheres by detecting the subtle movements on his face. The mask works in conjunction with an earpiece to act as a communications system.

He is aided by his "T-Spheres", floating robotic spheres which can do many things, including project holographic images, project laser grids, serve as cameras, link with outside data networks and orbital satellites, open electronic locks, allow him to fly by bearing his weight, explode with enough force to send Captain Marvel flying back, generate powerful electric charges, and strike as flying, projectile weapons.

Blair Wind

His mask is pretty useful, it's able to scan the vicinity, and calculate how many people are coming at him, how far they are, how fast they are moving, hell, he can even see their temperature level. NOBODY is going to be able to sneak on him.

He is capable of connecting into other technological equipment and things with his mask:

More connecting:

Takes over every radio and television station in the world:

Invisible to Technology

The T-Mask also allows him to be invisible to all technology and forms of electronic detection

Here he remarks how he is a "walking blind spot" when it comes to technology.

Even Batman's night vision lenses, while not working on purely electronic standpoint, can barely see him.

He is again, completely invisible to technology:

He is capable of extending the cloaking field to a greater area as well:

Even the nigh-invincible OMAC's can't spot him.

Invisible to ANYTHING electronic.

Terrific can walk right through the base of OMAC's, the Brother Eye satellite. Machines can't hear him, see him, or record him.

Blair Wind

He usually carries 3-5 of them, but he has a gigantic supply of them as seen here:

A thing to note, he DOESN'T need to command his T-Spheres with speech. His mask doubles as an encephalic broadcaster, enabling him to command them with his mind...even if he is laying on a hospital bed, and isn't capable of moving or talking:


They can create extremely intricate holograms, with sound included. They are good enough to fool Ultra-Humanite, a telepath, with the powers of the freaking THUNDERBOLT for some time.

More use of his holograms, fools a thug:

Fools Kobra, and with enough realism to make it seem like he killed Sand:

Of course, he can use holograms to make people invisible:

Weapon Capabilities

They can explode, with enough force to separate Captain Marvel and Black Adam and send them flying:

His T-Spheres can shoot gas out of them, here they are equipped with cloud of cellulose:

They are able to release electrical charges:

T-Spheres are able of creating lasers and laser grids, to very specific degree as seen here when he gives a command of what they need to be:

Computer hacking/scanning

The T-Spheres can scan things pretty damn they detect nano infestation from blood, three parts per million:

They are able to download data and show it to him:

T-Spheres hacking into things:

Remember when I said that nobody will sneak up on him, well, that IS true. His T-Spheres automatically warn him of things trying to sneak up on him, like even Batman:

Here he creates a super probe T-Sphere, that will send a continuous signal in ALL directions both past and future!


T-Spheres creating some sort of forcefields that he uses to levitate couple of people off the ground:

He can use them to levitate himself:

I've been waiting for this... great job Blair.

Can't wait to start reading it.

Mad respect brotha.

Blair Wind, you are the manclap! It's about time Mr. Terrific gets a respect thread. Nice job so far thumb up thumb up

Mr.Terrific tells Black lightning that his one superpower is that he can't be detected or recorded by machines.

Blair Wind
I already have that scan up stick out tongue

I'm not sure if I will ever have more to give since I have all I could find on his standard tech, but if anyone has anything besides what I put you are welcome to put it here

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Fanboy Is this a feat here? One of the few people batman calls friend?

Oh, this thread needs some updated smile

Mr. Terrific uses his T-spheres to capture and disable Captain Nazi.

Michael vs the Sphinx.

That's an intelligence feat on several levels.

Originally posted by Q99
Michael vs the Sphinx.

That's an intelligence feat on several levels.

What comic is that from?

Justice Society of America #35

And here's a new one, from Justice Society of America #52.

A villain has done something to remove Mr. Terrific, a gradual process that's been going on for awhile. Mr. Terrific gets a video from the villain, who explains that how he did it is only in one place, the villain's mind, to prevent any of Michael's smart allies from figuring out a way to reverse it... and by the time Terrific gets the video, he'll be dead, suicide.

So Mr. Terrific has lost most of his intellect and has no clues on how to get it back. But, he has a solution:

Get it back the hard way.

Pure determination feat.

Damn...Mr Terrific is one of the few truly iconic black superheroes.


Mr. Terrific done right. Found this one much better and much closer to comicbook counterpart than who they have in the arrow verse

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