Charlotte/Leo/Gundam Vs. BW

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This will be the start of the final round of matches before the championship match. As stated before this will be a 3 v 1 match. Should BW win he will have a clause that allows him to challenge the winner of the tourney upon his return. Should the trio win the winners of each pool will get the chance to exchange one of their picks with someone from B-Dub's roster.

Match will start Friday 7:00 EST

Match will end Wednesday 7:00 EST

Judges: Newjak, Illadelph, and Ha-Son.

Location: The Vortex where the wind always blows, and blows, and blows. You are inside the bubble. I'm sure you guys remember it from the first round of matches way back when. If you do not here is a quick refresher course. Energy bubble, if you can not fly you gain the ability to fly this time though it will be at Mach 9.

The sphere will be the size of the moon this time. Inside you guys get to see what a real super sand storm is. At the center exists a foot wide ball which is the eye of the storm and the only place where the wind is calm. Inside the bubble a constant stream of wind is always going around and around the bubble of energy.

The wind moves at half the speed of light, but that isn't the worst. Debris from tiny bits of sand to Car sized bits of Adamantium are caught in this maelstrom of air current. There is so much sand visibility is effectively reduced by 80%. So between the lack of sight, the high speed, and the hella hard object flying around at half of the speed of light you guys should have a merry old time.

Prep Time: One year of relative prep time.

Good luck everyone.





Brains over brawn all around.

I'm so proud. big grin

psycho gundam
oh well, blair's team can help science by being the first people to finally tell us what what poison gas tastes like.......wait never mind, they will be dead long before that.

This match is going to be a ***** to judge. Wow.

Blair Wind
There are two IMPORTANT things I would like to discuss here in this post.

First, if people want to know how I could go around the Cubes, well it is simple...first let me explain.

All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu

Upon hearing that Ult. Reed Richards bottled a star, I had to know for what. I also realized that once you had copied my powers (admittedly I kept throwing Lightray out there on purpose for you to copy), I knew it would happen eventually, and given this match I knew it would happen here. Leo, you are a smart guy. I really do respect you and your team members for coming up with a plan of this magnitude. However, I was too well prepared. I tactically outmaneuvered you. It is not always about the biggest weapon (which admittedly I still have since you are powerless wink ), but by taking away YOUR biggest guns I have won the battle before it even began.

You see the cube is run on power, more specifically solar energy:

In your own words, and I quote

I think you will find my opening post sufficient in why you no longer have energy to run the cube (any cube), or even yourselves. If you notice, entire suns are drained by the Concentrator, and you go and fill it up with solar energy. The energy you used to develop and sustain your precious cubes is instantaneously converted by the Concentrator and thrown at you in the biggest attack any tournament has ever witnessed.

See, the cubes are a pretty big deal, but by cutting off the power source they are nothing more than pretty little cubes. No power = no results.


Before debates are had in the minds in the judges of which opening post to pay more heed to, let me focus on one little simple fact:

Leo's is illegal.

Yes, illegal. In this tournament. If we can all remember, Akuki had to repick characters because he was going to combine the sword of might and amulet of right (I think those were the names).The POINT of the matter is that you are NOT allowed reality manipulation even post prep and meshing. No reality manipulation allowed. Period. Red did not allow Smurph to access the Ultimate Nullifier with prep, or make HoM wanda, and neither did NJ, the current stand in director. I was not allowed to draft Freedom Ring (who could wish for anything and warp reality in a 15 foot radius). And I believe Leo himself said that Akuki's characters should be banned because it wasn't fair. So really, being that according to Leo and co. they can reshape reality, time/space, and "wish" me to lose, well, the attack is voided and I win anyways.

Either way you look at it legally (his energy gets sapped so he can no longer operate the cube) or illegally (making my prep the only one that matters), I STILL win.

Sidenotes of interest:
Gundam has some kind of gas/acid thing. I point you to our Legion Rings:

Anyways, my team wins both legally, and in the disqualification of their prep.

the most powerful weapons in 2 universes colliding! eek!

can't say we wasted our year of prep, and you can't say we haven't tried to make this thing entertaining! laughing out loud anyway, let's have at it!

ahh, silver-age pseudo-science at its best! laughing out loud so i'm to believe that when that was fired, all energy everywhere was drained? the oan battery for instance? if galactus was in dc, the gun would have left him powerless? it would have drained all the cosmics of all their power? i don't really think so, bw, but that's the thing with using 'tech' from so long ago -- it wasn't SUPPOSED to make sense. sometimes, despite scans, people CAN use common sense to put things in perspective. hell, the concentrator was developed on the planet PLAHT. get it -- it was a PLAHT DEVICE! laughing out loud gotta love the silver age . . . incidentally -- terrax's power stems/is sourced in the MARVEL universe. are you now saying this gun can drain all power from ALL universes . . .?

anyway, one type of energy i know for a fact was NOT drained, was kinetic energy, since all of them were still able to move. what does THAT imply . . .? shifty

and i'd like to point out that -- according to your own scan -- it took a MINUTE to do that . . .

yep. big grin now, that surprisingly has ZERO relevence to you or your weapon though. because, as you have repeatedly said AND shown via scans, your weapon draws all the power from the UNIVERSE.

the speed force exists OUTSIDE the universe.

it is an EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL, COSMIC energy source. (shown a number of times already, but scans available if requested). in fact, neron himself claimed it was a type of 'heaven'. and in fact, it IS a metaphysical realm that houses the souls of dead speedsters. in that way, neron was exactly right -- it IS a heaven, for speedsters.

so, really, all you need to do is prove that your weapon can drain power that exists OUTSIDE the universe, and you'll have been correct in your assessment of being able to cut me off from the speed force. if you can't, the speed force is alive and well in this match. big grin it is even indirectly IMPLIED that the SF is outside your gun's ability to affect -- everyone was still moving and as i've proven with past scans, ALL movement stems from the SF. Kinetic energy included. your gun did not drain the ONE type of energy that may have helped you most!

more importantly than that even however, is the fact that the SF is INFINITE. i've actually been hoping someone at some point would try and drain me . . . shifty

so let's say for a moment that one of the judges DOES feel you can drain the speed force somehow (i'd love the explanation from anyone who DOES believe that since kinetic energy was left unaffected . . .) it would actually ensure your death. cobalt blue tried the exact same trick on flash, and, well, it didn't end well for him . . . no

and as shown many times -- savitar's control over SF>>wally's. so, as soon as you try and drain me, i simply overload your weapon with LITERALLY infinite energy. your weapon explodes and you all die inside it as all that absorbed energy erupts and kills you. if you claim the null field protects you from even THAT size explosion, i'd be dubious but you'd still be without your only chance in this battle as it would be you guys v NINE cosmic cubes . . .

that's akin to me saying i build a device that blocks out aquarians's null field. i could claim it, but, given that it has never been done before, there is no reason anyone should BELIEVE it. especially when his field actually shuts DOWN any tech in it's area:

you're claiming b5 is smart so he could come up with a way to incorporate the null field into this weapon, but aquarian's null field has NEVER been tampered with like that in all of his appearances. it simply shuts down energy. incorporating it in the way you want (to help make an ENERGY weapon more powerful) is actually ANATHEMA to its function. there is no logical way to conclude that the null field would 'protect' your energy weapon . . . saying b5 is smart is NOT a good enough reason.

seriously . . .

it would have been easier just to say you make a 'kills all heroes' weapon. you have absolutely ZERO proof that aquarian's powers can be tampered with in that (or really ANY) way, or modified like that. i'd LOVE an explanation from ANYONE who believes otherwise . . .

hmm . . . first, if precog (AKA -- SPYING ON PREP!) were ok'd by red, that rule should CERTAINLY have been made public. i could show scans of powers i have access to that would grant ME precog powers as well -- i'm sure others would have benefitted from knowing that little secret too. spying on prep via precog SHOULD be illegal. if it's not, then i'd call on nj to allow us an addendum to our OWN prep. cdb and myself have BOTH copied all your powers. that would INCLUDE the precog. and no, it doesn't matter if the power was showcased or not. adaptoid doesn't have to SEE the power to copy it-- if there is a superpower near him, he copies it. belova copied wolverine and gained his healing without ever seeing it work in the battle. so if b5 had precog, so would we.

really? cuz i've never seen that. theoretically it's possible, but there is no proof he has that level of control over his power. that's why i use his ability to ACCESS the speed force and savitar's KNOWLEDGE of the force. vulcan couldn't do it alone. hell, with his own power he can't even break the lightspeed barrier . . .

LOL i love how in this tournament suddenly any energy manipulator can add or steal kinetic energy just because flash can! only problem: NO ONE ELSE CAN PROVE THEY CAN DO IT!

ok, so. why does bw's plan fail?

1. "he drains all the energy in the universe". a completely silver-age idea that would be laughed at today and that common sense should tell you was hyperbole and never really thought out. but, regardless, in prep, i used the SF to ALSO empower the cube (tactically outmanoeurved indeed . . . shifty ) when i added SF to it. you can't drain extra-dimensional energy, but as proven, i CAN overload you with an infinite amount of energy. my cube is just fine, my SF is just fine, and your weapon blows up all around you, likely killing you all. our shield of course saves us from the explosion . . .

2. no proof WHATSOEVER that he can tamper with aquarian's null field like he says. ZERO proof.

3. as was proven in my match against bw and cdb -- just because something was STARTED in prep, does NOT mean a team can't react to it. your weapon does not INSTANTLY drain anything -- hell, you all were granted enough time to defend against the INSTANT neutralizing effects of forge's wepaon! your weapon is PROVEN to take time to accomplish its draining effects. it took time to drain the suns -- a minute, in fact. given how much i amped my speed (outraced instantaneous travel . . .) if i have ANY TIME AT ALL, it's too much. ialso also made the wish BEFORE prep ended. it's effetcs (amped by SF) would take effect SIMULATANEOUSLY with the start of the match. at best you START draining in that time. my wish ends any draining and prevents you from coming CLOSE to draining us completely.

4. your're correct in saying that it took stellar energies to start the cube working. HOWEVER, in the case of the cube, once it is going, it is self-sufficient and INFINITELY POWERFUL! your weapon has never proven capable of depowering something on the level of a cube even WITHOUT the additional powering from the speed force. it contains far more energy than a simple star. the star was used to START it. once started though, the cube effectively changes matter into energy. what's that mean? in order to drain a cube completely, you'd need to eliminate ALL MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE. because MATTER -- not STARS -- is now its energy source.

5. as far as legality -- i asked to have akuki's guys banned because an OMNIVERSAL weapon was a bit much i admit, and it would be something he could use every match in battle. i had a hard time finding a convincing way to do the cube. everyone likely knew what ult reed could do, and no one objected. had you tried to ban ult reed in drafts, i doubt highly it would have worked. you're not gonna get this banned. ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that YOU are bringing to bear the most powerful weapon in YOUR universe -- one you thought could DIRECTLY COUNTERACT A CUBE! laughing out loud nice try though.

my universe's weapon>your universe's weapon big grin

Originally posted by illadelph12
This match is going to be a ***** to judge. Wow.

okay judges -- i'll save you some time, perhaps. it has apparently been left to you to judge the legality of the cubes.

in my defense, all objections that i raised to any characters were raised IN THE DRAFTS. we had AMPLE time to research guys and find out what they could do. i have no doubt bw knew i could do this a LONG time ago, and so did most. and yet -- no one objected to reed. would ANYONE have objected to reed in the draft?? hell, she didn't know it, but cdb could have made a cube a while back as soon as she copied black box's power. bw could have done the same. both needed a slightly different method, but i've been DREADING the fact since they copied me. i wouldn't have called for the cube to be banned. i'd have been po'd at myself though. erm

this issue is different from the amulet/sword issue (which again was raised IN THE DRAFT where all objections were SUPPOSED to be made) which was an omniversal weapon that would be merged immediately and could be used in every match, nor is it a power of a particular character. this required a lot of meshing and some copying. there is NO CAP to meshing, and/or tech. and let's not forget bw is using a weapon that DRAINS THE UNIVERSE OF POWER and shoots back at us a bolt of energy that combines ALL THE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE! he also thought his own weapon a capable COUNTER to my cubes. erm

the cubes most certainly SHOULD be considered legal under the rules. there was AMPLE time to object WELL before this match ever began and no one did.

banning them now would quite simply be a very very cheap way of ending this match. but to the judges: if you ARE gonna rule them illegal, do it now before i, or anyone else, bothers to post more.

any questions, please ask.


psycho gundam

i have like uber powers n shit.

i said i wasn't gonna post anything til the legality issue was resolved, but who knows when anyone is actually gonna vote on that, and i'd like to point out a couple of other quick points about the draining that bw claims happens:

i'd like to see proof that THIS:

was REALLY caused by the concentrator. there is no mention of the weapon in that scan, so how do i know the weapon actually drained those powers? confused

in the scan that immediately follows it:

superboy certainly doesn't make mention of losing his powers, and doesn't appear to have lost them by his reactions. neither do the others give the appearances of having suddenly lost THEIR powers. there is also mention of the destruction of the EYTH system in the first scan i posted above. did the weapon destroy the system somehow? i thought it only drained?

so, my questions are:

(1) how do i KNOW the concentrator is what resulted in the heroes losing their powers (since no mention of it is made in the scan, and no, bw, much as i respect you in these things, your WORD is not enough smile )?

(2) the SAME force that took their powers seemed to be responsible for destroying EYTH. but if the weapon only drains, how'd THAT happen?

last thing -- in the second scan, the people mention that there is no electricity or atomic power. what proof is there (aside from the ALLEGED proof of draining superpowers) that the concentrator can drain anything BUT electricity or atomic power? it clearly doesn't drain from ANY source as one of bw's scans say, because it doesn't drain kinetic energy or bio-electric energy (and that IMMEDIATELY SHOULD CALL INTO QUESTOIN THE VALIDITY OF ALL THE SCANS). i don't know how we can even believe the claim of it draining superpowers without there ever being a mention of the concentrator being the cause for the loss of powers . . . erm

that's the problem again with silver-aged tech: it NEVER makes sense, and it requires a suspension of PIS to believe it. no way we can logically say that such an unproven, unsupported weapon can be used to achieve what bw is trying to achieve. forget the fact that with aquarian present, aquarian's ENTIRE HISTORY screams that he would PREVENT the weapon from ever working in the first place . . .

oh, and if we overload and blow it up, they're REALLY screwed because once they are all inside the weapon as bw SAID they were:

the very proximity of the amazos to aquarian will ENSURE they are all shutdown or at the least copy his field which will ALSO ensure they are shut down. oops. laughing out loud

note that WITHOUT a cube, his weapon is overloaded by the infinite energy of the speed force and he has killed his most powerful members (the amazos!) by sticking them in a hatch inside the weapon with aquarian! big grin

psycho gundam
*going by blair's post*

thanks to charlotte our teams are greatly reduced in size, when they are also materialize into the battlefield, they will also be within the same concentrator eek! your gun is firing at nothing! and with wundarr's null field our teams can't fight...period, but once the concentrator fires all the energy it absorbed, our cosmic containment units will be reactivated....then we pwn.

*going by blair's post*

Blair Wind

Charlotte DeBel
More clear clarification on the uses of cubes. As was already stated, the "wish" thing is stupid and violates the rules. So what we will actually do with them?

The thing is very simple- first, we put them in zone of distorted time, that still leaves them able to move so that it's not OHKO, though, but really slow- their 1 second=real world 1 hour within that zone. As they're trapped there, we remove all their teleportaton means, incasing them after that in block of solid adamantium. The very "after that" thing isn't that much of delay, as there's three cube users to perform one stage each.

Sorry for silience- examssad

that's all well and good except for 2 things:

(1) the field does NOT keep me from moving. it keeps me from moving beyond a certain speed limit. but i don't HAVE to move to steal your speed. by manipulating the speed of your weapon and team at the sub-atomic level, i can freeze you completely without ever having to move. and perhaps more importantly,

(2) aquarian's powers have NEVER been muddled with in that manner. to allow it to work WITH your energy weapon would be to alter his power completely. you can't say -- 'the null field will allow THIS energy but not THAT energy to function within its parameters'. is it possible that b5 could do something that no one has ever done and find a way to nullify aquarian's field? maybe, i guess. but you want it to nullify SOME energies (ours) and not others (yours). WITHOUT A SINGLE IOTA OF PROOF THAT IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE. there is no logical way anyone can accept that.

aquarian's powers nullify energy. period. using it in the way you are trying to is nothing but OUTRAGEOUS and unsupported speculation.

laughing out loud

pfffffft! my favourite counter! big grin

and actually, i'm comparing the TYPE OF ATTACK, not the character in question. i've proven 2 very important things with that scan: (1) the SF is an INFINITE source of power, and (2) it can be used to overload something that is trying to DRAIN it.

you're weapon is trying to drain my power. my power source is infinite. it WILL overload your weapon. your weapon WILL explode. with all your amazos powerless inside your weapon, (thanks to their proximity to aquarian . . . whoops . . .) your team is completely finished once that occurs. smile

of course, that's even IF it can drain the SF AT ALL! conspicuously absent from bw's rebuttal is ANY DEFENSE AT ALL against the idea that the SF is extra-dimensional and hence OUTSIDE the powers of his weapon to affect. of course, there was no defense offered simply because he HAS no defense. don't forget -- i have SIX emperor speed adaptoids, ALL with ludicrous speed. while the cubes are being used, and the SF is unaffected by your weapon, i could simply have the other adaptoids steal your weapon's speed -- something we could do easily while your weapon (which has nothing close to an instantaneous affect) is TRYING to drain us. simple as that. once that happens, i don't even NEED the cubes! gundam's attack will finish you -- especially since your strongest guys are all rendered useless through your tactical error of placing them all in such close proximity inside the weapon. smile

you can claim it, like i could claim i simply create a shield that blocks the affects of the null field. only i realize it's never been done and have no evidence that might convince anyone . . .

hmm, don't know who you were talking to but he was very confused. the SF is the source of ALL speedsters' powers. EVERY speedster has 'access' to and a 'connection to' the force. some simply have greater access than others. savitar had a VERY strong connection with the SF, and his access is self-evident -- his SPEED is proof. under his own power, he broke the lightspeed barrier and brushed the SF itself. what he was always after was MORE. wally MAINSTREAMED the SF. THAT is what savitar wanted. his skill in manipulating the force was FAR greater than wally's ever was though. it was savitar who taught WALTER everything he knew of the speed force, and how to use it in ways wally never even imagined.

to say savitar was not 'attuned' to the SF is blatantly inaccurate. in fact, his control was SO great he STOLE the speed of every speedster on earth EXCEPT wally! and again, that was only because wally had the strongest, most direct link to the force. with vulcan's ability to tap into the SF, savitar's OWN access and knowledge, his ability to use the SF would be far greater than ever. and it was ALREADY greater than anyone else's ever was.


if you're claiming that, it falls to you to prove it was special circumstance because i've never seen that was the case -- and given the unceratinty with which you raise the issue, i know YOU can't prove it either. hell, that's arguably not even the fastest wally has ever gone! if he reaches a certain speed he ENTERS the SF. so he has gone faster. savitar has gone as fast as you can possibly go WITHOUT entering the SF, so any speed wally has reached, savitar himself could reach. he can even enter tthe SF on his own, (which is how wally ended up defeating him) he just couldn't escape, like only wally was able to do.

again, savitar's speed and ability to WIELD the SF was ONLY limited by the amount of SF he could access. with vulcan, his access is far, far greater than it ever was. (the whole savitar issue has been proven with scans, but i have others. if anyone really questions what i've said, just ask and i can provide the necessary scans)

laughing out loud

if i want? you might have had to suggest that in prep, though frankly that is about as believeable as the whole "synch'ing the null field with an energy weapon plan" is -- that is to say -- NOT believeable at all . . . changing tactics in mid-stream is never a very good idea and makes your original plan seem even MORE dubious . . . somehow . . .

NOT the best defense since CLEARLY he isn't smart enough to do ANYTHING -- if he was, legion would be pretty boring . . . and since NO ONE has ever tampered with aquarian's field (let alone MERGED it with a friggin ENERGY WEAPON!) i see no reason to think b5 could do such a thing when no one else ever has.

nope, it can't actually, it's a matter converter. it's energy source is MATTER! to cut it off, or drain a cube, you'd need to eliminate ALL MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE. (another point you never bothered to even attempt to counter in your post . . . .) nor has your weapon ever SHOWN the ability to drain anything CLOSE to a cube in terms of power. and again, the cube is a source of LIMITLESS power. how do you drain that?? about as effectively as you drain the SF, that's how. smile

nah. your weapon takes time -- it is proven in your scans that its effects are NOT instantaneous. the cubes (amped by SF energy) would work before you had a chance to drain them completely (if anyone believes you could drain them at all), or i could drain the weapon's speed ANYTIME because you CANNOT drain the SF due to itsextra-dimensional origin. we win with the cubes, or we win via speed steal. either way doesn't matter.

you can't drain an infinite cube. you can't drain the SF. and even if your speed amping IS believed by anyone -- i'm STILL faster!

we win. easily.

i'd STILL like to see the full context for that. even in the scans you showed (and you sound . . . not quite like an expert on the scans my friend . . .) it never verifies the weapon was the cause for their loss of power. i don't suppose i'll get anymore evidence though, so i'll need to take your explanation as truth, but a scan showing the weapon firing at EYTH or some SOLID evidence would have been nice . . . erm

nah. i powered the cube with SF energy -- it works WAYYYY before you can even TRY somehow draining something with limitless power. SF still works cuz you can't prove the weapon affects extra-dimensional power. i have SIX adaptoids who can steal the speed of your wepaon before it does ANYTHING of consequence -- and they have all day anyway because they will ALWAYS have access to the SF.

really, we win this quite handily. he never defended the 2 biggest things -- our continued access to the speed force, and his inability to deppower a cube because it's energy source is MATTER, not energy. we have NINE cubes. even if you don't like the wish, i can drain his speed, overload his weapon with infinite energy and we STILL have 8 cubes against him. the claim of draining superpowers is dubious (superboy didn't seem to have been rendered powerless when it was used) and he has even helped us out by wiping out his own team inside his weapon.

have fun in spain. big grin

Ok, after all the theatrics and politics, we can get down to the brass tax:

1) During prep Leonidas activated a forcefield which would protect himself and his teammates from anything:

With all the hub-bub over the legality of the wish and ohko, which has been rectified, this action here, after the Cubes have been deemed legal, makes B-Dub's attacks essentially harmless.

2) B-Dub claims to use Vulcan's powers to increase the speed of the machine like Leonidas is doing with Savitar/Vulcan. Problem being, as in the prior matches, there's no evidence that Vulcan can increase the rate of kinesis in other objects under his own power, and Leonidas is using the amalgamated Vulcan/Savitar; Savitar who has a direct ability to manipulate the speed force energy, and Vulcan, whose powers are to manipulate various energy sources. Being merged with Savitar is what gives Vulcan access to kinesis/speed force manipulation, not his own powers alone. Also, as evidenced in previous matches, when Amazo copies Flash, he doesn't copy the speed force/kinesis manipulation, he just simulates super speed. There's no reason to believe you'd have access to, be able to manipulate, or be able to counter, the Speed Force.

Also, he used evidence of faster than light speed transportion (ships that travel at faster than light speed) to substantiate his ability to speed up the rate at which the Concentrator draws on energy. That's a stretch that I can't accept.

3) The Concentrator, per the scans, only drains certain EM energy sources, as Leo stated:

The scans work against you in that regard B-Dub. So, as Leo pointed out, there's no evidence the Concentrator saps kinesis/motion, so the Speed Force would be unimpeded, it doesn't drain sound, as the Legionaires are clearly speaking as the machine is active:

so it clearly doesn't drain the entire EM spectrum. It also doesn't steal the bio-electric impulses of the human brain and body (which are within the EM spectrum). As a matter of fact, the only person in that scan that seems to be depowered is Cosmic Boy and his EM based magnetic powers. We're not even sure if Lightning Lad (who was also present), Saturn Girl, or Phantom Girl were depowered. As a matter of fact, Saturn Girl seemingly flies across the room to save Cosmic Boy from being crushed by the block he was lifting with his magnetism powers (flies, or a very, very, very fast and long distance dive). At no point in any of the scans is there evidence that all super powers across the board were drained. All we have evidence of is that it drains nuclear power (Stars, Nuclear Reactors), Electricty (Vehicle Batteries, power plants causing black outs), and Cosmic Boys magnetic abilities (EM based).

4) Aquarian does offer a problem. It's just about impossible to harm him, and his powers just so happen to come from a cosmic cube, so I'm not sure that Leo's Ultimate Cubes, even in concert, are going to override the effects of a 616 cosmic cube on Aquarian, particularly since Aquarian's powers work specifically to negate the use of powers on him. That may be a wash, though it doesn't really help the rest of B-Dub's team.

5) The Concentrator can't be left on indefinitely, and Team Leo is shielded against it (see #1). Once the time runs out, it's pretty much curtains.

So, upon taking everything into consideration, I've come to the conclusion that the only logical winner of this battle would be the team of Charlotte, Gundam, and Leonidas. Leonidas protected his team from the Concentrator/Aquarian beam in prep, and the machine can only be operated for short periods of time. Once the machine shuts down the only line of defense left for B-Dub is Aquarian, at the expense of the rest of his tech based teammates, against 9+ cosmic cube bearers.

That is essentially, for lack of better terms, a gangbang orgy.

Judge's Vote:

Charlotte, Gundam, and Leonidas. thumb up

Ok then with illegality of the Cubes and Concentrator disbanded for this match I think this match really comes down to which super weapon to believe.

On a personal level I find both weapons to be a little over-hyped in this match. I often think things like limitless power and infinite power get toss around way too much in comics. Then you look at the scans and realize the feats show different stories all together.

The Concentrator:
When reading the words, this seems like a doozy of a weapon. It seems like it should wreck entire clusters of Galaxies. Yet, with all the supposed energy it had it was only used to destroy a few solidified suns. Impressive, but not exactly the best tech based attack ever seen in a comic book if you want the truth.

The Ultimate Cube:
Once again another seemingly awesome sounding weapon with little or no bite with what is being hyped up to be. At the end of the day nothing really ever challenged the Cubes power other than low class heroes. Yes it made teh Earth putty in Thanos hands, but honestly for an "Uber" cosmic power I find it lacking. 616 Odin on panel has done better feat wise.

Although only the inadequate nature of one of these weapons was brought to the forefront. Only the team challenged BW's use of the Concentrator. While B-Dub was more than willing to give Leo cake and let him eat it to. Therefore for this match I must assume Leo's weapon is the Universal Be-All-End-All Leo claims it to be.

On the other hand Leo has bought a few issues regarding the weapon B-Dub built.

One) what level of energy could this Concentrator really absorb. As Leo pointed out would this thing drain Galactus, or some other high level cosmic. No evidence was brought up by B-Dub for me to believe so. So I must assume a high level cosmic energy source could possibly withstand and fight the effects of the Concentrator.

Two) Could this thing drain the speed force. Leo made the point that it was Extra-Dimensional, and that the Concentrator was never shown to be able effect anything outside of it's Universe. So I must assume Leo could still have access to the SF.

Three) Was it the Concentrator that took away the Superhero's powers. I'm sorry Leo but plausible denial only goes so far. You never gave me a good explanation on what else it could have been that sapped those powers. So I feel the Concentrator can sap at least certain super powers.

Four) That the fact that Kinetic Energy still existed as shown people moving does mean that Leo would still be able to use SF gained powers.

Five) I'm sorry BW but simply saying B5 is "smart enough" isn't good enough. I can not simply take that kind of statement and allow for the possibility that he can mess with Wundarr's Null Field.

Six) That the Cube once powered can basically use matter itself as energy was never countered. Which means that Leo would not lose the power for his Cubes to work.

With all of these points considered. I have to says that Leo's weapon is more than capable of countering and overpowering B-Dub's weapon.

Therefore my Judge Vote goes to:

Good job people.

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