Respect the White Devil, Raiden

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Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime
Complete version of Raiden vs Solidus Snake, my bad.


Icy Ninja
I used to hate him, but after mgs4 i think he is a complete badass I give him the respect he deserves

Superboy Prime
I didnt like him during my first playthrough of MGS2, but after replaying it and coming to understand what he was created for and his character he was a badass indeed. Problem is Rose made it a pain with all her whinning etc.

And of course after MGS4 he is an even bigger badass. Shit he juggles Metal Gear Gekkos with his feet. ROFL.

Superboy Prime
Huge Spoilers. Don't click unless you don't mind having MGS4 spoiled

Cyborg Raiden & Old Snake vs Vamp and a LOT of Metal Gear Gekkos


Did Raiden really hold back Metal Gear Arsenal?

And I wanted to rip Rose's neck out.

Superboy Prime
You should use the spoilers man.

And...I just watched that scene...Dude he held it back with one arm. That was just beyond badass

Enjoy Raiden's uber badassery


Neo Darkhalen
He upped his game in MGS4, i give him respect on the basis of his efforts in MGS4.

Superboy Prime
He earned my respect during the events of Sons of Liberty because he was afraid and had many psychological issues that he managed to overcome to complete his mission and stop Solidus. That is being a real badass IMO, but alas it is still cool to watch him become the successor to Grey Fox.

dammit, none of those mgs4 vids are available any more sad

I love this thread!

Superboy Prime
It is a shame the vMGS4 videos no longer work. His Arsenal Gear feat is worthy of respect, not only because of the physical strength he employed but because of his loyalty to Solid Snake.

This is a tribute to Raiden. it highlights his feats from MGS4: including him fighting Vamp, holding back Arsenal gear to save Snake and fighting the FROGS without arms.


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