My comic book idea {elaboration needed} =D

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Hey everyone, well basically for my second year in college for graphic desgin im going to do a comic book now i know i cant make issue after issue and its just goin to be one comic book. We were asked to relate our project (mine being comic books) to what we want to study in uni, i want to study architecture and as a result my comic book will have various drawings of buildings through diffrent perspectives e.t.c....anyway thats not the point the idea for my comic book would be that NYC has been evacuated (reason undetermined) and then the hero comes and battles the bad guys (thats pretty much it but within the battle scenes you'd see more as to why new york has been evacuated...)

The main hero is well......."heavily" influenced by marvel characters..originaly he would be super hero looking probably wearing spandex and with a sword {you guys are probably thinking its already messed up..}, he is gonna be kinda rrogant and big headed but would still want to save the day...He will also have an alter ego, a mystical (evil) entity (name not decided) born thorugh the main characters deep and dark desires like killing, or more power, and as a result this alter ego takes over when these desires are exploited i.e. while pounding on a bad guy he realises that he enjoys it, or he thinks of him self as being to weak and NEEDS MORE POWER !! lol

-Firstly they are living ina world where "powers" are an everyday norm, if you had a power you would be classified as a mutant, other than mutants their are also people who want to gain power through magic and some demonic shit XD

- While in normal form he can fly supehuman strength (not off-the scales or anything like that but like Cap America, fast reflexes and agility, and his main power being able to put an energy aura around his sword to increase its cutting power and blast energy thorugh the swrod *now i saw sword only because it poses a significant link to the character i.e. He trained with for a long time, or a deceased loved one gave it to him e.t.c.*

-While in mystical entity form hios strength increases significantly, his appearence would be something lie venom/hulk, and the darkness. He would be able to take out monsterous tentacles from his body to attack make solid constructs through this black energy and manipulate this dark energy for other sutff like explosions and temporary lose of i know this sounds reallllllllly over powered but the way i am hoping o write him it wudnt seem that way....hes also durable, and loses his sword and power of flight....he can leap very high instead.

The main bad guy is gonna be the crazy type who is conviced as hell that he is write about what he is doing....strangely i want him to be the kind type but still have a very melevonent side to him..

- the powers he will have ar well.....he genetically modified him self he can shoot plasma beams out of his hands...super strength....flight, skilled in the dark arts (black magic)..and other technological stuff..

the minor guys would have basic powers like shotting fire, ice, using basic magic, e.t.c.

Please help me build on this *DO NOT WANT A NEW IDEA* just give me some advice on what the characters should look like names e.t.c.

THANKS ! big grin

Wrong forumstick out tongue

Good luck with your project though,

if you have any artwork or storyboards, you should upload them in order to keep this thread openstick out tongue

Originally posted by ScarletSpeed
Wrong forumstick out tongue

Good luck with your project though,

if you have any artwork or storyboards, you should upload them in order to keep this thread openstick out tongue

opps....where do i post it ??..sorry im kinda new..

it's all good,

I dunno, maybe post it in the comic forum, I dunno if they would allow it there, ask one of the moderators,

ask digimark007.

it might be ok in here, what your doing is technically artistic, just cause you aren't posting any workstick out tongue

I suggest posting some of your own sketchez anyway,

Ok i'l add some more art work the sake of this thread stick out tongue big grin

just to get is one of my early and rough desgins *emphasis on the rough XD*


now your thread will stay

Ok well i decided i wanted the hero to be somethin like iron man in terms of having a special suit with many funcation here are some designs tell me what you guys think and what i should change orrrrrrr....give me suggestions big grin

this one was inspired by some halo/gears of war

This one is slightly inspired by gundam (still want to stick with the comic theme) (bottom half of body not drawn yet just wanted to show you guys anyway lol)

aww man no replies sad

this isn't really the kind of ellaboration you asked for but then comic books aren't my "thing"

if your university course is architecture based...why not make one of the main characters abilities being able to see through stuctures so that some cells can be used to show what the city looks like from his point-of-view...say for example in order to locate enemies or victims....that way you can put some building structure into it as well as adding an unusual new power to a character

perhaps a cell when he/she is flying above the city and looks down and sees a certain building as a blue-print style vision

as for of basic principles in order to unconsciously portray opposing forces is the use of colour if you make the good guy blue...make the bad guy orange....good guy purple...bad guy yellow....good guy red...bad guy green

because these are colour opposites

as for your character designs...i think some of them are a bit the 1st one...keep things simple...

personally i would also use a fictional city...that would allow you to be more creative with the layout and the buildings

urmm i like the idea about being able to see through structures and yh the desgins i did were too much complicated and i also like the part about making my own city..i've also decided to make a simple character so that the drawing process doesnt tend to be over complicated but yh i'll see where it goes and post some of my *simple* desgins wink

i like the halo inspired one the best.

but i agree with jaden101, tis a bit ott.

i don't really know much about comic books either, so sorry if i'm not much of a help.

but if you need help with the story elaboration, i could help you with that.

and i could help you with costume design, if you needed that.

but other than that, i look forward to seeing the new "simple" designs. yes

Thanks man well the halo idea was inspired by iron man as well interms of having a super powered suit (also i need to draw things that would show UNIs that i know a thing or to about architecture since this is a college project) so if you could think of a plot i would really appreciate (all i keep thinkin of is a battle in an evacuated New York City messed lol)
feel free to help me on the desing as well

i also had another idea..basically the main hero is the avatar for the greek god ares and transfroms into him at will (kinda like Thor) and fights bad guys or demons or whatever
i've got a few desgins which i'll post later tho and if you wonna help me with this then thank you lol
when i say "simple" i really mean the oposite i cant do simple lol i *always* tend to overcomplicate stuff lol sorry thats just how i am i try my hardest to make it simple

i'll also take into account what jaden101 said about a fictional city

Thank !

well first off, you need a name for you're new city, lol. ^.^

as far as costume design, if you're gonna go with the original guy than i'd suggest this: well, since he's kinda got a big ego, as you stated, the costume may be simple yet elegant, something that took tons of time to come up with but looked like he threw it together in a few seconds. it may be simple yet stunning, drawing attention to him. and it would clash (because of his personality thingy he's got going on). black and white is your best bet but other color combos work too. and since it's got to do with buildings/architecture...well, some type of simple building design on his costume, perhaps?

lolz i got tons of stuff to help you with the design, tell me if i'm going overboard or if you like the idea.

as for the plot, an empty city is great for a battle ground, and you can get a good look at a building and it's structure if there aren't terrified bystanders running around all over the place, so that's a good idea.

now you just need to figure out why it was evacuated in the first place. yes

Ok firstly thanks alot for the ideas you given me secondly the city might have beeen evacuated (im gonna explain this in no more than 3 pages in the comic book) because of some evil dude who is really a perfectionist and demands nothing but perfection, our hero when he was little was born with some kind of virus which at the time the evil dude promised the heroes father that he could help his instead of getting rid of this virus they used it (or him) as a weapon as this provided a rich and large near infinite amounts of energy so they made a suit for him (to carry out his "work"wink they brainwashed the hero at the age of 17 and for 3 years went through a programme which would make him the "perfect" human being"/killing machine, at the age of 20 he wa sassigned to destroy the worlds most powerfull militarty bases which would allow the evil dude to take bases in a city (i *was* gonna do ney york) no the whole city has been deserted as it is the bases for the companys operations, when the hero was 25 hes father came the base (or city) and was killed rite in front of him which made him realise finally what company were making him do he manages to escape for months then manages to return(and this is where the present time starts) with his super powered armour he goes up against a city full of super solidiers XD and defeatef the final guy = this part was watered down alot lol so yh thts roughly what i'd intented also the part where the comapny takes him in and does stuff is gonna be shown in no more than 3 pages TRUST ME I CAN DO IT lol withotu making it look like a novel

As for the ares idea...the gods feel ares has so human side to him (not because hes a god and all lol) so they decide to place him in a wooden stick, now a boy manges to touch the stick and becomes the avatar for the god of war (thats just the origin not what i intend to put in the comic)

as for the take splace like a couple of years after the origin hades transports all the civilians of the city to a fake replica which is actually the underworld and ares must free them now as if that wasnt bad enough hades has also unleashed a couple of the strongest titants (including kronos) which ares must defeat and then take down ares to free the civillians) thats basically what i had in mind

the giant monsters would give me a great chance to draw the city through various angles and so will the final battle with ares

now the actuall avatar is a bit of a reluctant person where as ares is will to go into battle head first, in the ares form he is very very arrogant and boasts alot

as for powers well he is the god of war master of various fighting styles and weapon styles...also because he is the gods "chosen champion" he and only he must take down the titants and hades so five gods powered his sword giving it the power of flame, earth, air, water, and lighting appearence well you could help me with that XD
i'v only started with the face desgins

i now he looks more like a vilain but oh well lol

front view

one with helmet

okay, for time's sake, i'd go with the ares story. the other one is harder to explain in just three pages, and infinetly harder to draw, most likely.

also, as you stated, the ares one with the giant titans would give you a much better view of the city.

now, time frame. present, future, past, ancient history? cause that'll affect the costume. (present, more sleak, perhaps vintage touch, ancient history, it'd look prolly more like a gladiator costume).

as for the dude, he looks pretty cool. ^.^

i especially like the way his hair falls, but imo, the beard doesn't really do much for him. but that's kinda a personal preference of mine (no beards) so you prolly shouldn't take that piece of advice, lol. embarrasment

also, the ares story is a much simpler tale to tell, leaving a lot more room for illustrations and such. yes

ohh nice thanks so ares it is smile

oh and i kept the beard due to how he is portrayed in greek mythology (with a beard lol) im thinking the face looks more evil then good messed so i'll work on more desgins + i've been brushin up on my perspective drawing for the city

as for the time frame its present but i still wonna give him some armour (kinda like thor) with a torn cape lol why am i writting this i should be drawing

so yh if you could help me on how the comic would start i would be greatfull (the final battle would be with hades) also if you could say how and when he exposes his powers given to him by the gods (the elements and Zeus' lighting) and just for extra info the main weapon i plan to give him his a massive sword on his back and some minor weapons i.e. spears axe which he can create from any object sinc ehe is master of weapons and he will be a very good fighter (and godly strength)

and also please please please remember the dude must transform into ares

well, in the common sense of comic books, the story should probably start with the end first.

so like, at the end of the story, if the city is pretty much destroyed but he still hasn't fought Hades, you could have ares looking around, surveying the damage and what not, thinking to himself, and in the next frame, have him spot, idk, eyes or something out of the shadows, and he could think "there was only one thing left to take care of"...and then bam you start from the beginning.

you get what i'm saying? you'd do a flash-forward in the beginning of the actual comic book, then you'd go back to show what happened in order for the flash-forward to have happened.

so the order would go like this: FLASHFORWARD: Ares sitting surveying damage after battling all the titans. FLASHBACK: beginning of story, Hades bringing people to the underworld, whatever. Ares arrives to battle. Battles the titans. and now you've reached the same point in your flashforward. Now, Ares says "there was just one thing left to take care of" again and he battles Hades. the end.

you get what i'm saying?

i hope you do cause it's kinda hard to explain but i'll try again if you need me to, lolz. wink

Originally posted by Moiz786
one with helmet

i like it...very sparta inspired

there's a name for your fictional city "New Sparta"

lol, yh i life the whole flash foward inspired thing kinda like the Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk Series pretty cool...and new sparta WOW lol (city is set in present time lol)

urmm here is a draft proposal for ares (OTT i

definetly ott. ^.^

but still pretty good.

as far as the plot goes (and when avvy turns to ares), i'd say do it during the final battle or one of the bigger ones, right when he's about to be struck down, he turns into this war-god, totally catching the enemy off guard. ^.^

imo that'd work best, lolz. yes

but in his non-ares form hes pretty much a normal human o_0 lol

which means he'd just get struck down faster, which would make him ares faster. ta-daa!


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