How would you WRITE Captain Jack Sparrow?

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we talk about how great he is and how much we love him. you have to admit that his lines are your love to see him with Elizabeth. You love to see him while he's plotting and scheming and being a pirate.
But then I actually realized, more than ever before, how truly fascinating he is. I'd always thought of Jack who will do anything necessary to get what he wants but that's only true to an extent.

This is a good point: (quoting from another forum)
The lying is a big obstacle, call it pathological. Jack Sparrow uses language when it makes people do things. He tells people what's going on, even his own crew whom he depends on and who depend on him, on an "I need you to believe it" basis.

Case 1: The Kraken is coming! Jack is gibbering in fear under the stairs! Gibbs deduces that something is coming for the ship, and when he confronts Jack, Jack, where a normal person would figure the game is up and just tell him, comically insists that there's "nothing!"

Case 2: Jack sends Will to the Dutchman. He knows that Will has some loyalty to him; Will risked his neck to get him off the noose. He knows Will's father is bound to the Dutchman, and knowing Will, it's obvious the boy would do just about anything to free his father, regardless the risk to himself. The sensible thing here is to tell Will what's going on, have Will get the key, then cooperate to get what they both want from Jones. Instead, since Jack can't ever tell anyone the whole truth, he betrays his friend and forces him to carry out his plan, trusting to Will's luck and ingenuity to figure out what he needs to do.

i think jack's unwillingness to share is what makes his relationship with elizabeth special. have u noticed she is the only one he's ever just shared information with without needing anything?

I adore JE fanfics. they're the only ones I read, write, breath, admire...and there are so many well written JE fics. but i honestly don't think any JE fic can be true to Jack's character completely. unless it's 'just a fic' with JE moments but no entirely SPARRABETH fic(that is interesting to read) can ever capture the sense of Jack. that's why the movies were so entrancing...the movie wasn't about JE but JE was certainly the best part of the movie...

putting my Sparrabeth shipping aside...i don't think jack is a very romantic character unless it serves him...or it's just 'fake' sweet talking a strumpet to fall into bed with him. he might have feeling for elizabeth but that's just so out of character of him that he's not willing to accept it..

then again...i really don't think he's a drunk..

here's the would YOU write him? what would be your main ingredients to writing him?

here's link to forum with the same topic. i think they have some great points..

don't let my rambling put you off...what do you think?

As someone here who's been doing Jack's bio on fanfiction and is coming up on some of the things that happen in the movies, I agree he is utterly fascinating to write and I'm having a blast thinking like him and getting under his skin.

So, you think any fic that is flat out, unabashed sparrabeth is out of character for him? I'll admit, it's hard to see him as "leading man"-ish as some of the authors on there make him. It's hard to capture that quirkiness.

However, I disagree that he's a pathological liar. He actually lies very little. He does use words to get what he wants, but he tells people the truth on "need to know" basis. Gibbs doesn't have to know what the compass does, so there is no need to tell him. But he NEEDS Elizabeth to use it to get the chest. So he tells her. It's not coincidence that any time we see any real development in his character is when he's with Elizabeth.

But I do think he is capable of love. All people are. While T&T disagree on what the compass was pointing to when Jack abandoned the Pearl during the kraken attack, one of them says he thinks it was pointing to what it pointed too all along, which is Elizabeth. He looks out for her, and it's hardly ever in his interest to do so. Even when they meet, he decides to save her because it's the right thing to do, regardless of the fact a bunch of guards are with him.

I think if an author could capture the complexity and humor of their relationship, it would seem in-character. And boy, am I hoping I can pull that off!

I think that is a fic is just about their way it can stay true to Jack's character. Because it usually doesn't have a plot! and I think that's the problem...romance fic writers focus on the relationship and dialogue. hell! they even put Jack and Elizabeth in some very intense character situations but then the plot is worn and old and we've all heard it before...

I think characters are the best part of the's kinda like The Godfather. The second one might be even better than the first (character is better than plot) but you have to have the first if you want to make sense of it all!

what ingredients do u need for jack? funny, manipulative and charming i'd say, even though technically we shouldn't find him charming. i think the best part of jack is that he has to be unpredictable...and as long as you have the main adjectives right you can make him do ANYTHING AT ALL....

but the main reason i brought this thread up is because no matter how much i love sparrabeth i hate it when they make jack all mushy and romantic....they don't even give him good, 'jack' lines...

it wasn't always like this. i remember when the majority of fics were good and now it's the other way around!

I know what you mean. Like the whole first page on is nothing but implied sex and spelling errors. I read the beginning of your fic, tee, and I have to say, it has some intrigue in it. The way I see it, not just for sparrabeth, but all romance, is that the characters have to be doing something. Quests and conflict and impending doom bring characters closer together. That's why the island scene works so well in COTBP and brings out the chemistry between Jack and Liz. Liz is doing something the whole time and they've both hit pretty much rock bottom since it's kind of a given that they could die from being there.

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I sometimes miss writing fanfics from POTC, but like, I feel like I've exhausted canon fics and would need to expand into AU...

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AUs can be fun~ I don't think I've ever actually seen any POTC ones though. Now I'm curious...

AHHH. Now I want to ModernAU???!?!

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Modern AU, modern AU! What setting? Characters, ships? C'mon, let's go, let's make it happen. 8)

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