Would You Rather...& SWMP

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Would you rather....

Saw this on the Doctor Who site and decided to see if we can play all day with this as well.

Would you rather...basically, you pick one of two scenarios and tell why--then you pick who you would rather SW--date, marry, or have walk the plank.

The next part being: Make up your own, then the next person creates their own after answering yours. Could be anything--silly, outrageous, in or out of the movies, whatever pair of activities you so desire. Tell why, please.

Spend the weekend with Tia Dalma (pre-disolving into crabs)


Spend the weekend with Barbossa on the way to Davey Jones' locker.

Me, I think that it would be a blast to hang out with Tia Dalma cos I would really really like to query her about a certain Captain and his attributes.

And now, the raison d'etat: SW(Date), Marr-i-age, or Walk the Plank.
oh, let's see....who will we choose for this first group....oh, I know.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Hector Barbossa
Captain Sao Feng

What say ye, piratistas? Who's getting what nod?

Ooh how fun! My brother and I play this all the time!

I would rather spend the weekend with Tia Dalma, too. Sailing with Barbossa and co. would be fun, but I like my creature comforts a little too much. I mean, I'd have to have a guarantee Jack would date me once we saved him to go in the first place. And I think I could take Tia if she tried to kill me.


Jack: Marry (is there really any surprise here?)
Barbossa: Date
Sao: Walk the Plank

Okay, so here are my two scenarios:
Would you rather
1. be Norrington's sword (the special one that Will made)
2. be Bootstrap's kick-ass knife

For marry, date, walk the plank, choose from the following:
- Davy Jones
- Beckett
- Mercer

I would rather be Norrie's sword!

- Davy Jones: Date
- Beckett: Marry
- Mercer: WTP

Okay, Would you rather.... (This is hard to think of!:P )
-Live forever with Jack just as a friend
-Have one "non friend" day/night with Jack

teehee I don't know...

Do these always have to be characters from Pirates? big grin

For marry, date, walk the plank:

Tai Huang
Gov. Swann

Hecky do--I don't know--I vote any pirates movies, DMC, AWE, Crimson Pirate, Treasure Island....of the Caribbean--I was thinking about ones we know from the franchise cos that's the way the Who one run. Okay, please stop me--please say you know what I'm trying to stumble over....you done well, definitely Mercer to Walk the Plank (okay, had to look at that 4 times to understand, lmbo). Date Davey...kissing? Cuddling! yeah!

Oh, evil face wicked wicked wicked evil face IHeart!! Wicked twice times ten! sweatOne nightdroolio...or oh, my . oh, heaven help the sailors--I'm aching sweat on this one. I'm coming back to yours later Miz wickednessIHeart, lol!

LOL Glad you enjoyed it haha It took me a while to think of.

Originally posted by IheartPocky

Well, I tried to be polite on this one--however, there's folks what have come and left quiet like, so I am taking it that this is my question after all.

I'm going the M,D,WP first

I would so marry--Tai Huang, his loyalty and ability to think on his feet really appeals to me--right body shape, could learn to chase the dragon I suppose.

I would Date: Gov. Swann, every woman needs at least one sugar daddy in her lifetime--he's intelligent, educated, has nice manners and you would get lovely dresses for your trouble.

Pintel sorry, a little too free lance for my taste--wrong body

Now to the $64,000 question: Friend or lover, bff or one shot--good piratista or bad piratista--you know I'm going to have to go with BFF and just hope that Jack doesn't see his best friends as his sisters exactly--that you would eventually, for some reason or the other get those beloved benefits....cake and eat it too, I'm thinking!! Gosh, I feel sullied and unusual....

And now my choice again: Marry, Date, or Walk the Plank!!

Mr. Cotton and/or his parrot
Joshamee Gibbs

And your druthers:

let's see, pressganged to a HRM 's navy
Flying Dutchman cruise director

J.P Jaeh_Poole

Marry - Gibbs... I dunno, he's loyal and knows a lotta stuff, I guess....
Date - Marty - cause he's funny! although I have the feeling that I'd prolly be grossed out with him if ever that happens...
Walk the plank - Cotton/parrot - not that I don't like them.. it's just, can you imagining marrying/dating the two? how'd you guys work it out? I could barely understand the bird!

and I'd rather be Flying Dutchman's cruise director... provided i could breathe underwater and i'm not completely tied to the job- or something like that.. would be fun to look around under the sea...

Marry, Date, or Walk the Plank... big grin
Sri Sumbajee
Captaine Chevalle
Gentleman Jocard

^ tell me if i got the spelling wrong, lol...

Be with Captain Teague talking about Jacky's most embarrasing moments(assuming that he knows a lot)
Walk around with all the strumpets Jack's been with talking about how good Jack is in... um.. bed.. hehehe.....

hope no one got too scared with the scenarios!

answer away! big grin wink

Ha ha. Good ones!

Marry: Gentleman Jocard. There must be a reason he's called a gentleman and the other two just don't seem, well...you'll see.
Date: I'd date Capt Chevalle. But it seems to me that he could swing the other way if you know what I mean. I'd go on a date to see if I float his boat.
WTP: Sri Sumbajee. Hiding his own voice for as long as he can? I don't know. Doesn't seem honest.

I'd talk to Teague any day. The strumpets wouldn't be impressed with Jack sex stories since they have a few to share of their own. Plus I like knowing what people were like when they were kids and dumb teenagers, lol

Would you rather...
1. be dumped by Jack because he wants to go off with Liz, which would be inspire T&T to write a revised version of AWE that is just the coolest movie ever where we get our sparrabeth ending.


2. keep the movie version of AWE that we have and have a one-night stand with Jack. Jack shares the story with T&T, who decide that it is best that no more POTC stories be written at all.

J.P Jaeh_Poole
I choose curtain number one! One nights don't last... well, long, obviously, but the movie AWE version would last forever! (well, sort of)

um, because I'm interested in knowing what everyone else would say to willo's awesome question, so, i ask the same question lol!

adding MDW- Jack the Monkey, Cotton's Parrot or the kraken? big grin

Marry the parrot because it could talk to me
Date the monkey just to say I dated a monkey
Kill the kraken. It ATE Jack! Come on, that's a no-brainer!

Ah, for me no brainer no one nights (well, exceptions to the rule always...just can't imagine any at this point). Dumped, yeah, as long as I could say it was mutual becos I'm so vain, I probably think this song is about me...

marry, date, walk:

Tia Dalma
Strumpet brigade

J.P Jaeh_Poole
marry- Lizzie. I like Lizzie- and that's that.
date- Tia. scary, creepy, freaky, and yet overly interesting. i like the combination...
walk- strumpets - well whadaya know, what if they got weird diseases from all their excursions and all that, and they don't look like they're the type of people to be tied up to someone...

MDW - Murtogg+Mullroy, Pintel+Ragetti, bootstrap+some random bloke serving DJ...

would you rather-
Stop Lizzie from killing Jack...
Stop Lizzie from marrying Whelp- er, Will.

Really good questions, Jaeh!
M: Murtogg and Mullroy. Think of the fun logic debates you could have with them.
D: Maybe I'm just weird, but I would date Pintel and Ragetti. They seem nice by the end of AWE and they usually mean well. And who knows? They may clean up well.
W: Bootstrap and the FD crew. I don't know what it is, but I don't like Bootstrap all that much. Maybe it's because he abandoned Will. Maybe it's because he killed James. Maybe it's because he's just too pitiful.

I'd stop Lizzie from killing Jack...after they kiss, of course. See, my thinking is, if Jack were alive at the end of DMC, AWE would be completely different and so Will and Liz may not even get a chance to marry. They seemed to be having some problems even before she kissed Jack, and with him around to plant those seeds of doubt in her, who knows what could have happened?

M, D, W: Tai Huang, Koehler (from COTBP), or Captain Bellamy (from DMC)?

Would you rather...

1.) Be Jack's sister or
2.) Be Jack's mom
3.) Be Jack's daughter

Forget the shrunken head business. Just which relationship with him would you like the most? Keep in mind none of these allow you to sleep with him.

J.P Jaeh_Poole
I'd follow up on the MDW later...

but before I forget, I'll answer the Would you rather part first- I'd rather be Jack's daughter. That's bound to be fun, and think of all the things you might learn from your dad if he's Jack, lol!

J.P Jaeh_Poole
M: Tai Huang - he looks like he's loyal.. smile
D: Koehler- he seems really really interesting...
W:Captain Bellamy- sad to say... I just don't remember who he is! *scratches head, grinning*

MDW - Will, Sao Feng, or Barbossa

would you rather-
Jack gets to marry Lizzie but he gets the "Davey Jones Job"
Jack doesn't get to marry Lizzie but he finds the FOY and lives.. er, forever!

Me me!!!! I'd rather be Jack's mom becos--well, it's so much fun to play dress up and I have a couple of utterly dorky, but precious little outfits I'd just love to employ and then there's all the cuddling and how baby Jack would Smell, cos babies have that wonderful wonderful intoxicating odor about them--and I could be the boss of himself and watch that little mind just growing and watch him fall in love and dream for him, what delights the world might hold for him and to see him fall in love the first time. And then there's the whole mom-son adoration thang, where he would adore me and choose someone like me to marry (actually how appropriate becos I am reminded of Elisabeth when I think of myself (lol oh yeahhysterical. And I could make piratey pb&J sammies for him and his little piratey buds and watch him learn to write and READ to him everything his little mind would absorb (and seeing as how he's mine, well, that would include lots and lots of very grownup literature to help him understand his world). And I could be there to throw my arms open wide so he could run home and climb in my lap and be comforted when he had a booboo. And I could send up a prayer for him the first time he sailed away with Teague and think his da was too hard on him really, but know that children need the yin and yang of their parents to grown whole and real. And I could accept Teague's love with open arms and show my baby Jacky that his peeps love one another even if they are grumpy sometimes and that they love him and made him from the deepest strongest love in the world. And I could stamp my little foot and put my hands on my hips and say really loudly "Johannes Teague, you had better get your chores done now, I'm not saying this again. There will be absolutely no plundering at all for a week if you don't keep to the code!" and swat his precious bottom to insure he gets on to his responsibilities. And I could send a note to school and keep him home on his birthday, when I get to spoil him without recourse. And I could bear the sadness of seeing him grown mostly, but still young and watch his heart break the very first time and still know he'd be okay at the end of his life, becos he is (finally) that man he wanted to be, Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's like being the daughter, the apple of his heart, well that's like playing forward in soccer--you get to be all out there and making moves and racing ahead, whereas, being mom, well, that's like being the goalie, where you get to see what is unfolding in front of you and you get to anticipate and quietly direct play and do your dead level best to take care of what comes your way to best support and protect your team (children). Can't have such wonder without children, it's just Moms, wow, Moms are the bestest--true pirates, steal your heart, take all they can and give nothing back. And to be Jack's mom--now that's a woman, got two men, Teague and Jack to love her, one earned by beauty and brains, one earned by example and faith. Whee, gets me all alternately, hot and bothered and weepy, mushmelon....oh for heaven's sake, isn't it just the most glorious to be a girl/woman/female/double XX is the best!!!!! (And I keep seeing Miz WilloftheWisp holding new piratisto, CJ in her arms and it sure looks like all of the above to me! How's that sweet boy anyway?)

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