The Beauty and Beast Unit/B&B Corps

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Snafu the Great
From left, Laughing Octopus, Screaming Mantis, Raging Raven and Crying Wolf.
From left, Raging Beauty, Laughing Beauty, Crying Beauty, and Screaming Beauty

Old Snake has his work cut out for him.

In order to get to Liquid Ocelot, he has to shoot his way through his elite SNAKEHOUND unit, also known as the Beauty and the Beast Unit.

Each femme fatale has suffered through severe war atrocities that reflect their personality. And they all believe that by killing Old Snake, then their pain will end.

For being the most creative (not to mention the hardest on The Boss Hard Mode) bosses in the Metal Gear series, we respect the B&B corps.

Laughing Octopus was born in a small seaside Scandinavian town known as the Devil's Village. It was there where octopus was eaten customarily. However, there was an anonymous cult that hated the village for this. During Octopus' teenage years, the cult was able to gain access to heavy weaponry, and they struck the village with a deadly overnight assault. Soon enough, the village became a war zone, ending with the cult gathering all of the surviving villagers and executing them one by one, all but Octopus.

Instead, they referred to her as the Devil's Child, and forced her to torture her family and friends and then kill them herself, all the while making her laugh hysterically. Fearing death, she did so, killing her entire family. Eventually, the blood staining her skin turned from red to black, resembling the octopus' ink which they loved so.

The event left her emotionally scarred, laughing with pleasure while killing her victims. Eventually, she was recruited into the Beauty and the Beast Unit, soon becoming Laughing Octopus. She apparently was informed by Liquid Ocelot that by killing Solid Snake she would be cleansed of her pain and sorrow. She was fitted with an Octocamo suit developed by DARPA and a tentacle-barren helmet, which she could use to carry herself as well as attack.

Raging Raven was born in Aceh (Indonesia), a place that had already seen years of war, she was captured as a young child by soldiers (whether they were rebels or with the government, it was unknown) and was kept in cages along with many other captured children. These soldiers beat the children every day due to all of the rage that they had built up by seeing years of war. The kids tried to hold on to hope and attempted to cheer each other up by reassuring one another that help would soon come, all the while barely clinging to life by eating what little scraps of food there were, but the soldiers would call them parasites and shit-eating ravens and beat them harder. Eventually, the soldiers suddenly left for unknown reasons, leaving the surviving,weak and helpless children to get eaten alive by the birds. The ravens picked apart the children one at a time but when they came for her, they instead somehow managed to cut her bonds and she was freed. In that moment, she was filled with an uncontrollable rage that smothered her soul. She tore apart the ravens and then pursued the soldiers. When she caught up with them, she waited until nightfall and then killed all the soldiers and the civilians that they had captured, all the while screaming and cawing. To her, there was no difference.

That is why she screams "Rage!" all over the battlefield, it was what those soldiers had imparted on her.

Crying Wolf was born in Africa, a chaotic war zone at the time due to the belief of ethnic cleansing. Soon enough the conflict reached her village, with the rival faction slaughtering her parents and siblings, leaving her a refugee. But before leaving she took her only living relative, her baby brother. One day, they came across an enemy unit, causing them to hide in an abandoned shack. Unfortunately, her baby brother started to cry. Knowing they would die, if his cries were heard by the soldiers, she wrapped her hand as tight as she could around his mouth. It was only after the soldiers left, that she came to senses and noticed her brother was no longer crying. Taking her hand off, she saw that he wasn't even breathing. Horrified, she traveled through the thick of battle carrying her dead brother in her arms. Shortly after, she began to have visions of a wolf walking beside her. Every night, it would cry and howl just like her brother did.

Eventually, she reached a government-run refugee camp, still holding the rotted corpse of her brother. The camp was crowded with refugees like herself, and little children like her brother. The cries of the little children tormented her day and night and she soon envisioned the wolf answer her sorrowful screams and watched as it made its way around camp and silenced the children forever. She had tried to stop the wolf but she was powerless to. By the eve of the enemy raid, she had killed all of the children. However, she never could come to cope with the truth, always believing that the wolf had killed them, not her.

Screaming Mantis originates from South America. Fleeing from military she hides in a house that happens to be a torture camp. She hides amongst the bodies of the victims in the basement. The constant screams torture her along with the lack of food and fear of being discovered. After days she observers a black mantis eating its mate, following its lead she beings eating the corpses that piled up around her. During her time under the torture camp she suffers a mental break and develops impressive mental powers. She leaves the basement using her powers she kills the torturers and the captives. Their screams still echo in her mind, torturing her.

An unknown time later it was said that she was captured and given the personality of Psycho Mantis via nanobots and hypnosis in an attempt to control the other Beauty and the Beast Units so that they would actually be effective in combat. Psycho Mantis returning from the grave because of this was an unintended but much welcome side effect, him being able to partially manipulate the women into functioning as actual war machines. Because of her role as the internal leader and controller of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, Drebin calls her the "Beast of Beasts."

After she has been defeated Psycho Mantis returns escaping from the body of Screaming Mantis , he uses her power suit to manifest his powers. He attempts his old forth fall breaking tricks. Failing to read your memory card, the PS3 uses a hard drive. And attempt to "move your controller" but is unable to with a SIXAXIS but gleefully rejoices "the Rumble is back!" is you are using a DualShock 3. After his display of power the Sorrow appears to return Psycho Mantis back to the grave.

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Superboy Prime
Didn't know they wer modeled after real women. Odd.

I like the beauty and beast corps. First because their robot suits look awesome and actually ressemble the animals they are named after, but because they are traumatized and reach out for Snake's embrace. I would post videos of them but I doubt there are any on youtube since they all got deleted or something. I've got a question the **** do they kill Snake by hugging him?!

Originally posted by Superboy Prime the **** do they kill Snake by hugging him?!

Nanomachines? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Superboy Prime
Nanomachines...the be all end all answer to all of MGS problems.

Originally posted by Superboy Prime
how the **** do they kill Snake by hugging him?!
Heart Attack...Old people like Snake can't get that excited.

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