USH'S STAR WARS GAME 2009 (Updated!)- Main Rules

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At character creration you will be directed to choose some 'Merits'. These represent background advantages to your character. Some Merits cost more than one of your available Merits to 'take', they are noted as such.

Note that Merits are only available to 'buy' at character creation, representing links you have made during your life up until the start of play. Once you start playing, Merits are gained (or lost) entirely though role-playing- you cannot simply buy more with experience. Some Merits- like Lucky- can only ever be gained at character creation.


Restricted- must be specifically given by your template
Yu are an officially vested Knight of the Republic. This brings great advantages but many restricted also. Knights are given great legal authority and generally receive respect and co-operation from the people of the galaxy, but they must also adhere to many moral (easy for the Light Side) and legal (not always so easy) standards. Failure to do so may cause the loss of this merit.

Restricted- only available to Dark Side or 'Scum & Villainy' templates
You grew up beyond the reach of civilisation, where life is harsh and you had to adjust or die. The connections you made during your upbringing stay with you today. Taking this Merit means you may take two other Merits (obviously, you can only take this Merit once). However, your upbringing has left you socially scarred. You ignore the first success you roll in any social situation where you are trying to fit in with civilised culture (e.g. a Senator's reception).

A Master character with whom you have a special relationship, usually the one who trained you. Although usually unable to help in person, he or she will be around to offer advice. Don't worry if you are a Master yourself and want to take this - Ben had Yoda in the later films.

Your Master was/is a famed man, and some of the respect he gets rubs off on to you. If you are a Jedi, this means people will treat you as having extra authority and respect compared to your peers, more akin to being a Master (Masters cannot take this Merit). If you are a Renegade, this means that although you are not offically working for the Council, people are much more likely to treat you as being so. If you are a Dark Sider this also increases the respect you get from people, but in this case it is based upon your teacher's fearsome reputation. Note that if you want your Master to still be around to give advice, you should take 'Mentor' as well.

A non-Jedi NPC who you can count on for support and help. Note that allies are your friends, not your slaves, and their availability is dependent on how broad/useful they are.

Hence, Allies tend to come in two types. The first is an ally with a very specific function who is always around (e.g. an Astromech droid). The second is a generally competent person (a mercenary, smuggler, Senator etc.) who has a life of their own. This latter type of ally can do all sorts for you but if you call on them they become unavailable for use for a while after, to simulate the fact that they have their own issues to be busy with.

An information source. This can be bought several times. Each time it is bought you must state where your contact is. If you need inspiration try one of these: Jedi Archive, Jedi Council (worth 2 merits), the Hutts, the Senate, the Pirate Clans, Corellian Navy, Bounty Hunters...

Contacts will only provide information; they never come and help you out. Unlike Allies, though, they are always available.

A ship of your own, up to small freighter (e.g. Milennium Falcon) sized. Consult the starship rules below for more information. Note- this Merit isn't much good to you unless you have the Pilot skill!

You believe you are in the Galaxy for bigger things- some destiny, if you are Light Sided, or desperation to rule for the Dark. This effectively adds one to your Willpower score, except for the purposes of increasing it with xp. This is the only way to affect Willpower at character creation.

REPUTATION (costs 2)
You are famous throughout the Galaxy- whilst not a guarantee that every slave in the back alleys will know you, your name is well known enough for there to be a good chance you will be recognised. For Light Siders, your fame is for acheiving some heroic achievement that the Galaxy heard about. For a Dark Sider, this is normally for some great crime you have committed (be that a famous robbery or a horrific massacre). In any case, your Reputation will often put people in awe of you and this can open many doors- though it can sometimes bring unwanted attention.

TIES (costs 3)
A more powerful version of Contacts, meaning you also have some official standing, or even rank, inside the organisation, meaning you can influence them and they may on occasion provide you with Allies. This also comes with some responsibiltiy on your end of course. Note this has to be appropriate- Jedi cannot have Ties to pirate clans, or Dark Siders to the Jedi Archives- you simply would not be members of such things!

LUCKY (costs 3)
The Force is with you... you may re-roll two failed rolls per game.




Combat Schticks have no conflicts. However, some can only be used if wielding a weapon, and some only if fighting unarmed.

Assault (Barehanded or Armed)
For the discerning beserker nutter, a totally aggressive pose that is desructive and risky! Gain +4 to your attack pool, but all attacks on you this turn get +2 dice.

TAP: Re-roll all your attack dice that failed to score a success this turn.

Dodge and Weave (Barehanded or Armed)
A general defensive posture. Gain +1 Defence and +1 Armour

TAP: Instead, increase Defence and Armour by 5 this turn

Duck (Barehanded or Armed)
Get out the way of someone about to beat you up up close! Get Defence +2 against attacks made at melee range

TAP: Instead, gain +3 Parry against attacks made at melee range this turn

Feint (Barehanded or Armed)
A classic deceptive attack. If your attack roll rolled any 1s, immediately roll 3 extra dice.

TAP: Gain successes on 4 or more instead of 5 or more this turn.

Focussed Blow (Barehanded or Armed)
A style designed to disable an opponent. Stun your opponent if your attack has two or more 6s in it.

TAP: As above, and your attack this turn is Unstoppable

Impervious (Barehanded or Armed)
A combination of training and mental resistance to pain that makes it very hard to take you down unarmed. Gain +3 armour against barehanded attacks.

TAP: Ignore all damage from barehanded attacks this turn, and get +3 armour against all other attacks.

Martial Arts (Barehanded only)
A useful general fighting style. Gain +2 attack and +1 damage.

TAP: Instead, gain +6 Attack and +3 damage.

Street Fighting (Barehanded only)
A rough and deadly general style. Gain +2 damage and ignore armour

TAP: Gain a bonus attack on a foe attacking you in close combat; this resolves before his attack.

Flying Attack (Barehanded only)
Throw your whole attack into one leaping superblow! Lose three attack dice this turn, but gain damage +4

TAP: Use after this attack is successful. Gain extra successes on this attack equal to your Combat rating..

Power Attack (Armed only)
For those who like to take mighty swings with a weapon! Gain Attack +2 and Damage +2.

TAP: Instead, gain Attack +4, Damage +2 and inflict Knockback.

Twin Weapons (Armed only)
If wielding two weapons, you become very dangerous indeed! Gain Attack +2 and Defence +2 against attacks at melee range. However, you cannot tap any schtick other than Twin Weapons whilst it is active and used in a turn.

TAP: Use after a successful attack to immediately apply the same hit again.

Whirling Strike (Armed only)
A rapid armed style, great at dispatching crowds. Gain Attack +2, and hit Mooks on 4 or more with your attacks.

TAP: Use after a successful hit to safely disengage from combat and take a Move action away.


You have a fantastic capacity for stunt flying- useful in the chaos of battle! Add three dice to your Pilot pool for any stunts or tests demanded by cards in starfighter combat.

You love to get the maximum out any ship you fly, pulling the stick as far as it goes, your instincts still working evem at maximum G-Force. Any ship you fly has 1 added to its Manoeuvrability Rating.

You have a real nerve and steady hand when making a target run on a large opponent. Increase the Payload rating of any ship you are flying that has a Payload rating by 1.

Favourite Ride
You do more than own your own ship, you are almost one with it; you know every part of how all of it works, like a Jedi knows everything about his Lightsabre. You must have youer own ship (via the Starship merit) to take this Schtick. When flying that particular vessel, you get one extra die on ALL Pilot rolls made with that ship.

Jinks Master
You have a knack for flying defensively whilst still concentrating on yuor target. Reduce all damage taken by enemy fighters by one, to a minimum of 1.

Killer Instinct
You have a phenomenal sense during a battle of where the opportunities to get kills are. About half of the 'Melee' Starfighter Combat Event types can be converted into 'Closing In' instead if you have Killer Instinct; the event will say if this can happen.

Ruthless Hunter
Inferior opponents are easy kills for you; you pick them off without thinking about it. The amount of successes you need to destroy an enemy Pilot is reduced by one.

Soft Landings
Even in a crisis you have a knack for getting your crate down safely. If you crash you may make a Pilot roll with a difficulty set by the GM depending on circumstance. If the roll is successful, no-one in the ship is hurt in the crash and the ship will always be salvageable.

Speed King
You can handle a ship at extreme speed, and love to tweak power settings to get the most out its engines, going where others would not dare. Any ship you fly has its Thrust rating increased by one.

Tactical Awareness
You have a great sense for the position of ships around you and are rarely caught off guard. About half of the 'On Your Six!' Starfighter Combat Event types can be converted into 'Melee' instead if you have Tactical Awareness; the event will say if this can happen.








An important part of Star Wars- Prequel and Original Trilogy alike- is ship to ship combat, somewhere where Jedi have less of an edge than they do on the ground... though that said, it is Jedi that pull off all the amazing ship feats in the films.

In this game, a different action system from normal is used to represent such fights. It is a more abstract system where you do not say precisely what you are trying to do, more which area of the fight you are trying to affect. Events then happen to you and you attempt to match them as best you can.


Pilot Pool

Pilot is the only relevant skill in ship-based situations- both how well you fly and how well you shoot (as a stop gap, turrets can currently be fired using either Pilot or Heavy Weapons). The default Pilot pool is Dexterity + Pilot, and this will be used for the vast majority of Piloting rolls.

Pilots and Aces

Ship combat recognises two types of general combatant- Pilots, the equivalent of mooks (including the possibility of superpilots taking the place of supermooks), and Aces, which are named characters.

Pilots can be represented individually, for small-scale actions. However, in large fleet engagements, individual Pilots are not counted. Instead, both sides have generic 'Wings' of ships of various types. Wings make one roll (as if one ship was making the roll) each during an engagement, and the results of these rolls decide hoiw the engagement is going. It is not the roll of Aces to try and hunt down all Pilots, as they are not being numerically tracked. Instead, Aces can affect the situation much more directly than Pilots, to turn the battle in their favour.

Ship Stats

Ships have three stats- Thrust, Manoeuvrability and Armour.

'Thrust' is a general representation of a ship's sheer power, be that outright speed, acceleration or reactor systems. 'Manoeuvrability' is a representation of how agile the ship is.

These stats have two uses. First of all, your Pilot pool is increased when fighting a ship that has a lower thrust and/or manoeuvrability than you. Furthermore, a ship with a higher Thrust gets to attack an enemy first, which can be important when fighting Pilots as it is very useful to be able to shoot them down before they hit you. Manoeuvrability, however, gives larger pool bonuses.

Secondly, Thrust or Manoeuvrability is added to your Pilot Pool when making skill checks due to various events that can happen to you in space. Outrunning a giant explosion would be a Thrust check, whilst dodging incoming asteroids would be Manoeuvrability. However, such checks also come with a difficulty, which is subtracted from your Pilot pool.

The third stat, 'Armour', is a generic representation of how tough your ship is, based on size, shield systems and literal armour plating.

For Plots, Armour is a stat that details how hard it is to blow them up in one shot. For every shot that does not kill a Pilot, their Armour rating is reduced, meaning the next shot is more likely to kill them.

Superpilots and Aces instead use their armour rating like hit points- they are fine until their armour reaches zero. Superpilots have ten times a ship's armour rating as hit points, whilst Aces have twenty times.

Pilot Combat Rolls

Making an attack is very simple. You make your Pilot roll- as modified by your Thrust and Manoeuvrability ratings- and see how many successes you got. Against a superpilot or named opponents, you reduce their remaining armour points by the successes you rolled.

Against a Pilot, if you rolled twice as many successes as the pilot has armour, he is instantly killed. Else, his armour rating is permanently reduced by one. If a Pilot is hit when his armour rating is 0, he is automatically destroyed.

Examples- Obi-Wan is firing upon a Vulture Droid fighter. These fighter droids are very nippy but exceptionally fragile- their armour rating is 1. This means it takes just two successes to destroy such a fighter. If Obi-Wan flakes out and rolls just one success, this does not destroy the Vulture, but it reduces its armour to zero. This means any further hits would destroy it.

Even a TIE Fighter is a bit more sturdy than a Vulture. With an armour rating of two, Luke Skywalker needs four successes on an attack roll to destroy it outright. Anything less than that reduces its armour by one.

If our heroes are fired upon, they are never destroyed in one go. Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter has an Armour rating of 40, whilst Luke's X-Wing has 60. Successes rolled against them simply reduce this rating on a one-to-one basis; they will be shot down when their rating reaches zero.

Below is how Thrust and Manoeuvrability affect your Pilot Pool:

THRUST: a higher thrust than your opponent gives you +1 pool. If your Thrust is three or more points higher than your opponent's, this bonus is instead +3.

MANOEUVRABILITY: a higher manoeuvrability than your opponent gives you +2 pool. If your Manoeuvrability is three or more points higher than your opponent's, this bonus is instead +4

Capital Ships and Payload

Capital Ships do not take an active part in scenarios except in Events or as dictated by scenario rules (see below). However, they are often targets for attack. Capital Ships are attacked using Pilot rolls as normal.

Sufficiently large capital ships have to be attacked using torpedoes. Only ships with a 'Payload' rating can do this. Your Payload rating is your base damage against Capital ships when making runs on them. Very heavily shielded capital ships may reduce damage taken against them, but so long as your ship has a payload rating you can make bombing runs.

Wings of Pilots make bombing runs as dictated by scenario rules. Aces make bombing runs both when scenario rules say they can, and when the event system gives them an opportunity. Capital Ships can take as much damage as the scenario rules dictate.

Scenario Rules and Hits

A Scenario is a single space battle. Its special rules dictate what the objectives of each side are to win the battle. Scenario rules can dictate when capital ships can attack, how they might fire back, when the Death Star fires and blows up your flagship...

Most Scenarios revolve around the concept of trying to 'win' a round of battle. By default, the winner of a round is the side that scored the most HITS (not kills) on the other side that turn. Aces can directly affect this outcome by scoring hits on enemy ships, or by events that allow them to rescue colleagues, which means fewer hits have been scored against their side.

A short skirmish might simply say that the first side to win five rounds will cause the enemy to withdraw. A survival scenario might been that the players have to survive ten rounds and take extra damage for each round they lose. A strike against an enemy fleet might rule that Pilot Wings can make one attack on enemy capital ships for every three rounds they win.

There are no limits on scenario rules other than that which the GM desires.


Aces do not choose specifically what they are doing. Instead, each round they decide on which part of the battle they are helping out with, normally by attaching themselves to a Wing.

A deck of Events then decides what happens to an Ace in a given turn- be that a straight fight against an enemy, a chance to save a colleague, being fired at by capital ships, an opportunity for a bombing run or trying to avoid a collision. Some scenarios may allow Aces to encounter more than one event in a turn.

Some events are 'Scenarios', which instead represent lasting situations that affect an Ace for several turns.

Certain Pilot Schticks can make Events more favourable to you; this is noted on the Event itself.

Ship Stats

Below is a list of what ships are represented by the rules at this time.

If you take a Starship at character creation, you may take any of these ships available for your era, or make up your own ship that has identical stats to those listed below.

The second armour rating listed for each ship is what an Ace would get in it, for reference.


Jedi Fighter (generic light template): Thrust: 4 Manoeuvrability: 6. Armour: 2/40

Naboo Fighter (generic medium template): Thrust: 3 Manoeuvrability: 5. Payload: 1. Armour: 3/60

Aluran Interceptor (generic heavy template): Thrust: 4 Manoeuvrability: 4 Payload: 1 Armour: 3/60

Vulture Droid: Thrust: 6 Manoeuvrability: 6 Armour: 1

Damagran Scout: Thrust: 2 Manoeuvrability: 5 Armour: 3/60

P110 Interceptor (Red Lance fighters): Thrust: 5 Manoeuvrability: 3 Armour: 3/60

Modified Jedi Fighter (Anakin's as an example): Thrust: 5 Manoeuvrability: 5 Armour: 2/40

Firespray (generic larger ship template): Thrust: 3 Manoeuvrability: 3 Payload: 2 Armour: 4/80

YT-1300 freighter (generic small freighter template):: Thrust: 4 Manoeuvrability: 2 Payload: 1 Armour: 5/100


X-Wing: Thrust 6 Manoeuvrability 4 Payload 1 Armour 3/60

Y-Wing: Thrust 3 Manoeuvrability 4 Payload 2 Armour 3/75

TIE Fighter: Thrust 5 Manoeuvrability 6 Armour 2/30

TIE Bomber: Thrust 3 Manoeuvrability 4 Payload 2 Armour 3/40


''Clone Wars" is its own era, but we have not designed enough ships for it yet.

Note that player armour is sometimes tweaked- higher in a Y-Wing, lower in a TIE (players should really avoid flying TIEs... Vader had the right idea)

We assign most EU ships to one of the above templates. Z-95s, for example, are as Jedi Fighters.

Two tweaks- removed the rule saying that Guards can stack with other schticks (now, as per default, you can only improve one area once, so having a +2 and a _3 to Defence only gives you +3, not +2, reagrdless whether you are using a Guard or not).

Secondly- added the Pilot Schticks!

I will type up the ful Pilot rules sometime but basically they now consist of one of a wide possiblity of random events happening to each pilot each turn, drawn from a card deck (off-line, flashily produced for you on a laptop computer by clicking the 'next event' button, but I cannot emulate thart I am afraid) and you react as appropriate.

The event deck may grow as time goes by (indeed we hope it will, and we'll be keeping an eye on all SW space battles for more events that tend to happen in them), and so more Pilot Schticks may appear in future to help deal with them.

The basic system of Aces and Pilots is the same as in the old days, as is the way you shoot down mook Pilots.

Oh, another rules update that I shpuld have mentioned before- * ratings add dice to your dice pool against Mooks, rather than making them easier to kill.

Lord Melkor
Aren`t some of the martial mastery powers a bit weak compared to blade schticks? For example compare twirl to cleave, and schticks don`t cost force.

Blade Schticks are better than Force Powers. Even a Swordsman gets almost twice as many Force Powers as Blade Schticks; an Adventurer gets four times as many.

Twirl (and Spin) is actually best used when attacking larger targets; it is almost never worth blowing Force points on mooks.

Lord Melkor
Ha, so scholar types having only 2 is their main weakness, since they are not reall handicapped combat-wise in other ways?

Gallador`s only directly useful combat power is Staredown. But it seems it will work almost on anyone with the bonus from Charisma power.

This is very much true with the Scholar, yes- lacking a blade schtick is actually a larger combat issue than having one fewer sabre pool.

Staredown can be surprisingly effective, though is one of several powers that we'll be keeping an eye on for testing.

Lord Melkor
Well, it costs 2 points, so it cannot be used that often, and making an opponent automiss two times during the story( even scholars with pool of 8 would likely spend half their points on different things) does not sound like that balance breaking. And yes, I want something that will make me last few turns against Rogan.

Oops, I never really got around to updating the Merits section!

Done so now. iIf any new players want to alter their merits in light of that, I am amenable.

Captain REX
Question about Reflection. It says that when tapped, it can reflect any and all attacks that meet the 12 or lower specifications. Say you have that tapped and your Defense is 3 or 4 and the ten Mooks you are fighting only have a combat value of 5, meaning they are rolling one or two dice. Would you be Reflecting back and killing all ten of them, or would GM discretion come into play?

There is generally considered to be a limit as to how many you can kill in one go. Normally one 'group'.

Captain REX
Makes sense.

Are there going to be any tweaks to the system? I believe you mentioned more schticks might be coming along.

this is all....very confusing...
dont waste your time trying to explain it to me, its kinda like kotor 1 and 2 right?

with the carisma and the +2 and _1 stuff.

Changes 12/2009


- General tinkering with text to make it more informative. In particular- re-wrote section on how Mooks die

- Added section on armour, explaining difference between armour rating and armour pool

- Specified that making an attack ends your action unless you have an 'attack on the move' power, like Charge.

- Added section on cover

- Updated weapon list. All characters with guns are now expected to select with gun type they use. Added area effect rules. Added electrostaff (as seen in ROTS) as a weapon type. Added support blaster (the much larger rifles carried by clonetroopers) as a weapon type. Added area effect weapon types in new Heavy Weapon section.

- Written in change to how * ratings work.

- Updated refresh system to new odds- refreshes are now more common.

- Included the 'Unstoppable' rules, which always existed before but were never specified

- Added a rule about 'bonus attacks', meaning that you cannot get a bonus off of a bonus. This will help keep Cleave under control.


Important note- schtick updates are not yet complete!

- Both Guns Blazing is updated to give it more punch.

- As a result, Straight Shooter has been removed.

- Carnival of Carnage now has some targeting restrictions.

- Combat schtick changes have been made; I just don't have access right now. Coming soon!

- Balanced Guard now gives more armour but no Defence by default

- Focussed Guard has been reworked and became the first schtick that carries a fighting penalty. Similar schticks may follow as we want some other Guard options.

- Forward Guard has been improved

- Orthodox Guard has been improved

- Block has become the first non-Guard to have a penalty. Its use has been changed to Parry so that it combines well with most Guards but does not 'fill the gap' of Forward Guard.

- Charge's tap power has been altered and its basic power clarified.

- A revision warning has been added to Cleave's tap power. Its basic power is safe.

- The numbers for Reflection have been changed and a limitation introduced to the tap

- Perfect Strike slightly improved


These are still under revision. However, the tree structure is the same. The aim is that al Force powers costing more than 1 point are being removed or improved by reducing cost to 1. Hence, any force power still costing 2 has not been changed yet and likely will be so.

- Combat Push is now improved against named targets and works differently as a basic offensive weapon against Mooks.

- The defensive bonus from lifting is now automatic. You can take an action to ebcome even more defensive against slow moving projectiles with it.

- Grip has been altered

- Bombard does more damage and is Unstoppable

- The distinction between Sabre Throw and Advanced Sabre throw has been altered.

- Clarified Defensive Leap

- Combination and Flurry have been combined into a cheaper and improved Flurry, which is using multiplication for the first time

- Twirl and Spin have been combined into a much deadlier Twirl

- Clarified that Sidestep can reduce damage to 0 in a way that armour cannot.

- Living and Cosmic Force powers will be revised later

Looks good to me! I like most of the changes. Particularly Twirl and Flurry...

What does it mean for the Electrostaff when it says it can be used 'safely' against Lightsabers?

Melee weapons tend to mysteriously break when used against sabres; electrostaffs (as used by Greivous' bodyguards) do not.

Ah, gotcha. Is that breaking thing randomly determined or can you take an action to lop a weapon out of someone's hands?

Rolling successes against the target makes it more likely to happen.

The change to Flurry slightly confuses me. I really cannot tell if it's improved from what it was before! I guess I'd have to see it in action or something.

Mostly liking the other ones, though. Forward Guard w00t

To clarify:

Flurry costs one force point. It halves your attack pool. But each success inflicts the base damage of your weapon on one target. With a sabre, that is 6, 12, 18, 24 for 1, 2, 3, 4 successes respectively. It is capped at 4, as 24 damage is harsh enough.

Yeah, I must have missed the 'base damage' part. That is indeed rather awesome. Too bad about the success cap though stick out tongue

Lord Melkor
I am most interested in Cosmic and Living Powers, so waiting for this to be updated!

Bespin Bart
Just to be a pest, does Xeth's sonic blaster receive any different rules? I noticed the '-2 to dodge' on the solid ammo heavy weapons and it reminded me of the old rules for it.

Bespin Bart
Also, since it pertains to me, with area affect how do you determine mook kills?

Two successes kills the main target, three kills those around it also.

Special cases like a sonic gun are just done on the fly. It is a heavy blaster for most purposes.

Btw how will the spending XP work?

WIll be revealed soon!

I have a question about Orthodox guard and Perfect Strike then another one about Focused Gaurd and Perfect Strike.

Both OG and PS say they will turn a rolled one into success. If you would have them both in would that mean that if you rolled two ones then they would both become successes?

My question on FG and PS is a little different. It says in PS that the rolled one becomes a 4 but if you have FG in you need 5+ for successes. So does that mean that the single rolled one that turns into a success I would get for PS would still count as a failure if I had FG in?

1. Yes, you get both.

2. It would indeed be a failure.

I'm going to change FG to OG then as my move. I'm pretty happy with everything else.

Added rules for treatment and Heal all points.

What effects do *'s have on Supermooks now?


Oooh, sadness. Just makes them that much harder to off...

New Pilot schticks are up!

Bespin Bart
They look neat! Are the rules to follow? And will starships be customizeable once we have that full set?

Lord Melkor
No changes to Living and Cosmic Powers, Ush? Do I still pay 2 points for Staredown power?

ok, i have a question about the starship merit, you say "Ship customising rules will follow." but... i see no Ship customising rules... erm

Actually that's been junked- you just get the starship; the templates will go up before too long. Any betterness with your ship will be represented by Pilot schticks.

Some updates:

Combat rules updated- rules for the dangers of withdrawing from melee combat have been added. 'Charge' has been updated to specifically remind it makes you immune to this. Some Combat Schticks will as well, when that is updated.

Also, rules for using melee weapons against Lightsabrs have been added into the weapons section.


But the big news is, the Pilot rules (and ships...) are finally up!

Lord Melkor
I see that Martial powers that costed 2 points are now at 1. What about Living and Cosmic powers, for example Illusion?

By the way, that trick that Yalawari Pax did in your island of fire game, can it be replicated in the rules?

In theory. Is it in the current force trees though- no.

Things are still developing, on the costing froint.

Force powers updated!

Note all costs have been removed. THis is because the default csot for a Mastery power is now always 1 unless specified otherwise in the description.

Plenty of tweaks to many powers (Advanced Bombard, Fling Strike, Evade, Staredown... a few others...). Note the use of terms like 'Stun' and 'Knockdown'. These are powers designed for Combat schticks (giving them access to stuff that Blade schticks do not have- Blade scthticks are very dangerous in a more conventional sense). However, I still do not have a full list of the revamped Combat schticks (though they are all finished and tested!); I'll post the rules when those go up.

The Living and Cosmic trees are much less tested than the others, so future tweaks on effects and costs are more likely to happen there.

Some powers and scthciks (e.g. Strike, Reflection) can be used after the dice are rolled- in this case, I'll give you the option to retroactively change the situation after I post it.

Lord Melkor
Does Illusion warrant two point cost?

Aggravatingly, I still don't have a copy of some of the finalised schticks. I've updated the blade schticks as best I can; the Light Siders will have to use what I have for now.

Can Block stack? Say you're using Balanced Guard's +2 Armor but decide to to use Block for another +1? Or would you look at it as you do with pool, where the highest value added is what you take?

No powers ever stack unless specified.

That means that the Perfect Strike and Orthodox Guard only have 2+ Attack pool and not 4?


That is unfortunate, I hadn't considered that.

You do get the bonus of both changing your dice, though.

And we are in business!

All schticks have now been updated to their correct values. RUles for Knockback and Stun have been added.


Lord Melkor
Originally posted by Bardock42

Gallador on the other hand seems to have read it differently, if I understand correctly he thinks he can target all people below half his force power. Meaning if he had 8 and spend 2, he could target all with a force power of less than 6. Maybe he can explain better what he meant...well, or you could just tell us how it works, haha.

Actually I understand so the combined Force Rating of people affected matters, so with effective Force Ratingo of 10 only one person could really be effected.

I'll get a Domination confirmation for you when I can.

Minor updates made to Both Guns Blazing and Defensive Leap/

My current reading on Domination:

- Force points spent increase your Force rating for the purposes of this power

- You can affect up to halve your Rating in people

- Dominate those with the lowest Force rating in the group first.

- You cannot Dominate anyone with a higher Force rating

Ah okay, that's good to know. Partly cause it means Con's just fine as long as Gallador doesn't spend 4 Force Points on it stick out tongue

Although if you spend all 8 you can control the whole group except for Rand.

Small alteration made to the way lightsbare pool is calculated- i.e. it's not now calculated at all; it is just stated.


1) Are there going to be any new schticks coming out soon? Random curiosity.

2) Some of the schticks and powers have perks that aren't explicitly stated, like Gunslinger allows you to draw a pistol for free or Precision allowing you to perform delicate telekinetic tasks. Are there any other schticks/powers that have things like this attached to them?


I've been trying to find something in the rules about advertising other boards but haven't been able to.

Is advertising here allowed? I own a Star Wars RP board which has been running since April 2010. I'd love to advertise it here (and have you guys advertise at our place as well) but have no wish to break the rules.

Thank you! smile

Advertising other boards is generally prohibited, I'm afraid.

Bummer. Thanks for your reply anyway.

Have a good one smile

Bespin Bart
Does the schtick Ka-Boom! have any added effect against Mooks?

Literally yes but only if they have very advance warning, because Mooks typically don't jump out the way of explosions like supermooks and named characters do.

Lord Melkor
Ush, is seduction restricted skill?

Just to confirm, Seduction is no longer restricted but I need a good reason for Jedi templates to justify having it.

10000 Bolts has been nerfed, in preparation for the Bounty Hunter with the big gun using it.

Dueling Question or perhaps a possible exploit?

When in a duel, is there any penalty for trying to flee and then purposefully losing the flee mini-duel? With the goal of burning some bad cards, without any risk and forcing your enemy to burn potentially good cards?
For example you could take my Retro Duel in Rex's game now.
I'm fleeing, but if my draw was good, I could have intentionally played weak cards to get back in the normal duel and then used my good cards. Then if it was going poorly, flee again to either waste time until a redraw, or again to burn cards.
It seems like you could repeat this forever.

It's been a whole since I've looked at this but as far as I remember, if you lose a flee attempt then you don't go back to the main duel, you immediately lose the duel.

Lord Melkor
Why aren`t the XP and character advancement rules in this thread?

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