Solid Snake's sidekick (and REX designer), Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich

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Snafu the Great

Poor Hal. He may be a hotshot computer whiz, but he has the worst luck when it comes to women.

He banged his stepmother, only to have his father find out and drowns himself. Emma avoids the same fate, but hates her stepbrother afterwards.

He had a thing for FOXHOUND sharpshooter Sniper Wolf, but that was not meant to be, as she died in a sniper shootout with Solid Snake. Perhaps it was Stockholm Syndrome.

Well, at least he gets lucky with Naomi before she dies in MGS4, so that counts for something. Maybe he can hook up with Mei Ling.

Either way, we respect 'Otacon' Emmerich, since he is one of the driving force in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Dr. Hal Emmerich, also known as Otacon, is a founding member of the group Philanthropy, along with Nastasha Romanenko. A master engineer and the eccentric designer of Metal Gear REX, Otacon becomes a close ally of Solid Snake once he learns of REX's nuclear strike capabilities.

A devoted fan of anime, Hal's chosen nickname is the short form of Otaku Convention.

After the death of Hal's mother, his father married a British woman with a child of her own named Emma, who adopted her new father's surname. Hal and Emma became very close, and developed a mutual infatuation. Shortly afterwards, his stepmother seduced him, and they held a brief affair.

When Hal's father learned of this, he committed suicide by drowning himself, dragging in Emma too. Emma expected her brother to save her, but he didn't know it was happening as he was with his stepmother at the time. Because of this, Emma has always claimed to have hated her brother.

Shortly afterward, Hal ran away from home and didn't see any of his family members until several years later. Choosing not to continue with school, he instead began to educate himself via the Internet. He became a big fan of anime, and started calling himself Otacon, short for the Otaku Convention, which he never misses.

Eventually, Otacon was hired by ArmsTech, Inc. to be the lead engineer for the Metal Gear REX project. He jumped at the chance to make an actual mecha type robot, which appear frequently in the anime he enjoyed. He was led to believe that it was a mobile defense system, but in reality it was a nuclear doomsday weapon.

During the Shadow Moses rebellion, Otacon encountered Solid Snake, who informed him of the true nature of his creation. Devastated, Otacon realized that he had written yet another chapter in his family's dark history: his grandfather had worked on the Manhattan Project, and his father was born on August 6, 1945, the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

During this time, Otacon had developed a strong attraction to FOXHOUND member Sniper Wolf, possibly under the effects of Stockholm syndrome. Distraught that Snake would have to kill her, Otacon eventually came to terms with her, himself, and his position in life.

With Otacon's assistance, Snake was able to destroy Metal Gear REX and defeat the terrorist uprising. After the schematics to REX were placed on the black market by Revolver Ocelot, Nastasha Romanenko and Otacon set up Philanthropy. Following this, Snake and Otacon began a partnership and close friendship that would continue through the next decade, as they would continue to destroy Metal Gear REX derivatives that were currently being developed by almost every country in the world.

Two years after Shadow Moses, Otacon was forced underground after Snake had been framed by The Patriots during the Tanker Incident. After the Tanker had been sunk by Ocelot, Otacon managed to sail over to the still sinking tanker in a small boat and save Snake, quickly replacing him with the deceased body of Liquid Snake. Having faked Snake's death, the two of them went underground.

Otacon eventually came out of hiding after he learned that Emma, his sister, was working for The Patriots. He eventually made up with Emma, as she helped them destroy GW, but she died shortly afterward. Despite falling into deep despair, Snake encouraged him to move on and rescue all the hostages held in the Big Shell. Apparently he was successful in this, and stays in contact to support Raiden until he defeated Solidus Snake.

When Snake met back with Otacon (supposedly at their hideout) he was given the disk to go over that contained the data of The Patriots names and whereabouts. After this Otacon told Solid Snake about The Patriots information on the disc. One of the names was the biggest contributor to Philanthropy's cause, but apparently all twelve of them had been dead for more than 100 years.

After The Manhattan Incident, Snake and Otacon disappeared, and lived a quiet life. However, in 2014, thanks to the booming War Economy, Roy Campbell asked the pair to help eliminate Liquid Ocelot, head of the PMC mother company Outer Heaven. Snake and Otacon reluctantly accepted, and Otacon assisted Snake from his ship the Nomad using Metal Gear Mk. II. Their first mission in the Middle East was a failure after Liquid activated his first test attempt at disabling the SOP system in his PMC troops.

When Snake then infiltrated South America and managed to rescue Naomi Hunter, Otacon rescued them and Raiden using a chopper. Afterwards, aboard the Nomad, Otacon and Naomi Hunter were assumed to have a physical relationship (as Naomi pulled him into the helicopter on the Nomad and shut the door). Also he started to not wear his glasses because Naomi commented that he looked "handsome" without them.

Otacon was crushed though when Naomi left the Nomad and re-joined Liquid Ocelot and Vamp again. And on Shadow Moses Island, after Raiden defeated Vamp, Naomi confronted Snake, Raiden, and Otacon (via the Metal Gear Mk. III). It was then she revealed that she had terminal cancer, suppressed only by the nanomachines in her, and there was nothing more that could be done about it. She then injected herself, suppressing her nanomachines and effectively committing suicide. Otacon, devestated, could not help but recall how many women in his life whom he had loved died.

Otacon later assisted Snake when they boarded Outer Haven and helped him to dismantle GW which had been restored by Liquid Ocelot. After Liquid Ocelot himself was defeated for good and, Otacon was seen attending the relatively small wedding of Meryl and Johnny Sasaki with Sunny. There, Sunny made friends with a local boy. Otacon saw this and told Sunny that he will allow her to start living on the outside now. It appeared as though Otacon was aware of Snake's plan to kill himself, as he started to cry and explain that Snake won't be back for a long time when Sunny asked where Snake was.

When Snake did not commit suicide, Otacon and him had a short conversation about what they would do now. Otacon said he would gladly stay with Snake and chronicle the remainder of Snake's life as Snake waited to see what the era would bring.

Superboy Prime
Hal is awesome. He is pretty much the only real friend Snake has. I like how he gives him support. For Mei Ling's sake lets keep her out of Hal's reach.

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