Not Feeling Accepted

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A reference: the Conspiracy Forum rules state you shouldn't be caught labeling people as a heard of sheep for following the government. Plus, that this forum is for discussing conspiracies.

It is as though you are juggling that KMC or forums in general are definitely right (referring to things such as its stated rules,) even though everyone seems to label people as sheep for following the government.

The only social forums I find are completely uptight and about banning people for fun, however, or not responding to people who don't seem intelligent or happy.

Since most all online groups are really a pre-existing or just starting out social aura, I felt uncomfortable here and at other forums on this notion. Some groups actually end because of one person if they are just starting out. I was uncomfortable that each group pretends all online social activity will disregard some areas of right and wrong as though hot topics, such as "f***ed up" topics. Such as, most of what goes on in the world is what the Conspiracy forums state against.

What made me uncomfortable was that all the topics insult me personally, while everything I post people come out and say it had insulted them, when it wasn't politically insulting. Such as, any topics that compare people and animals would insult me because that is what it's like if you don't live in England, or Germany, or maybe if your family has Irish and you don't really like it as a whole country.

I wouldn't want to be kicked out of a group where I met lots of people just because of the idea I was bad being as I had perfect behavior and grades in school. It insults me because no one else was into school in my classes, but I see topics here I've never seen. I have a younger sibling, and I know how they always get the television and all the technology. I'm sorry, I never had time to flip through the actual science channel. I've seen all the popular movies, but I've never heard of any of these movies at any of the forums I go to. I don't spend my life reading trash and I don't know where people get this from. Most of my life is pretty calm and more about social things, like the color of clothes. I am interested in other things, but I don't want to be labeled as both the nerd and the anti-social.

So, was there anything offensive about what I wrote? Did you recognize what I found as important in the things everyone weighs in life? It's not a complete rounded description but a description of the ways I feel I wasn't given opportunity in some things but excelled in everything I was supposed to.

It's because you're black.

Originally posted by Blax_Hydralisk
It's because you're black. Isn't that racist? I can't say no I'm not black because that would be racist to whoever is. I can't say I don't want to be black, same thing. I am not more black than you, though. Do you consider black a bad thing? As a personal choice, I am a white person. You mean some people don't have to chose? Whatever you mean, that's pretty rude. I thought the right thing to do was to say what you believe in and do. Why would you say all that I wrote is comparably black? That doesn't make sense. I am not powhitetrash, though. I don't read powhitetrash, either. So, I hope you got the point, being as you must be a racist, which is bad. You don't even have a picture of you on your profile and you're a senior member. Notice, you answered in a rude way but didn't really feel like talking to me? So, I clicked on all this for nothing, in a way. I hope you're not picky and are wondering all the wrong things I wrote or that I didn't explain enough. Because it's pretty black and white. One person states something, and someone else can respond, based on if they have any feelings on it. Most things, no one cares if you have feelings on the issue being discussed or on what you are doing.

So, what, you are saying you want to be the white one and I have to be the black one? If you think there is such thing theoretically in philosophy as a black race, that would be your problem and something I'd love to discuss.

Sometimes, the black race is superior to the stupidity of the white race, and that's something else in race you have to accept.

hahaha...he's wasting his own time typing all that.

I'm fairly sure you could say that you weren't black, without being racist.

Apparently not.


If you have to make a thread about it...... the answer is probably yes.

solution to your problem:

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