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Jack Daniels
yo!!!!!! wheres the story?!! Im interested but your givin nothing even with the link...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bespin Bart
The story is linked at the very bottom of his profile.

Am in the process of transfering the story to KMC....

Obsidian Fury
Been there, seen that big grin

I should review it hmm


Star Wars: The Jedi Nexus

Chapter 1 "Apparitions and Instructions"

"Luke." A voice spoke eerily into the darkness of the night. "Luke." The strange but soft voice repeated.

Luke was lying in his bed fast asleep with a frown creasing his brow, giving the impression that he was troubled. In the Force he was mentally reaching out to the mental summons trying to discern its source. Slowly he woke, the Force tugging at him.

An open window in the wall that overlooked the dense jungle of Yavin IV allowed a warm caressing breeze to gently flutter the curtains and waft through and into the room, bringing with it the sounds of the jungle foliage beyond.

"Luke!" A much sharper voice snapped. The voice had been much closer to Luke and was not simply a gentle summons but more of a command.

Luke did not hear the call physically but the voice resided in the part of his brain where sound would normally be intercepted.

Luke's eyes snapped open and while yawning he glanced at the digital chrono on his bedside cabinet. The unforgiving and brightly defined red numbers that made Luke blink several times before he could see the numerical display told him the time, locally, was '02:37'. Early morning.

The Jedi Master removed himself from the bed, slipping out from the covers and placing his bare feet on the cold laminated wood-tiled floor. Luke imidiatly flinched but quickly used the Force to remove the remaining tiredness, both physical and mental, from his body. He glanced out the window to notice the sounds of the jungle had quietened somewhat. Luke turned his head to view his bedroom as he robed himself.

The long brown and heavy nerf-wool fabric stopped a few centimeters short of the ground.

He then made his way over to the small kitchen utility within the room. After Luke settled a pot of stimsuline onto one of the stoves heating rings and switching it on, he turned back to survay the room, opening his mind to the Force.

As the Jedi Masters mind wondered he could sense the ribbon of Force energy that was emitted from his Jedi Academy. He could feel the potential that were his many sleeping students, the brighter Force glows that were his fellow Jedi Masters, the smaller Force resonance of the hundreds of animals that resided in the living, breathing jungle that surrounded the Academy, and something else... something he couldn't quite place his mental finger on.

Luke focused more energy into the task and after several seconds his mental search bore fruit: Within the realm of the Force that was life he saw beings that shone brightly. Their presences were pure Force energy, a manifestation of a physical being passed on into the flow of the Force. Luke reconised the presences instantly and a smile creaped across his face as two blue hued appiritions of Obiwan Kenobi and Yoda materialised a few meters from him in the darkness.

After several moments Luke bowed his head and greeted each one in turn with a nod. "Ben. Yoda."

The small and ancient, green skinned and blue hued Force ghost of Yoda lowered its head while Obiwan 'Ben' nodded. "For interrupting your sleep, sorry we are." Yoda spoke kindly but had a strange edge to his voice that Luke couldn't identify.

After several quiet moments, Obiwan Kenobi, the Jedi Master who had first instructed Luke spoke with such sadness in his voice that Luke could not even begin to contemplate why. "Luke. This may be the last time you us ever see us." Obiwan sighed and Luke noticed that Obiwan looked very tired, as did Yoda for that matter. Luke nodded in understanding of what Obiwan had meant, the greying master continued. "Luke. We have little time left, and even as I speak our connection to the physical plane has diminished and soon we will pass into the life flow of the Force." Obiwan paused and took a slow deep breath, one that sucked up no air.

Luke took into consideration that Obiwan was a Force ghost and was not physically within the world of the living and so he wasn't phased by the phenomena.

"Luke, we are proud of what you have achieved in returning the Jedi to the galaxy, but soon all all you have done, everything that you have achieved..." Ben Kenobi trailed off, his voice soundind pained, his expression blank as he started staring at Lukes wall.

Yoda looked up and the three foot tall Jedi Master continued for Obiwan. "A rupture within the Force, there has been." The small green Jedi croaked, his ponted ears twitching as he spoke. "This rupture. Tear the very fabric of the galaxy, it will." Yoda waked forward, seeming to float towards Luke and acted to prod him with his walking cane. "Everything that achieved you have," the Jedi Master paused for effect, "for nothing it will be."

Luke sighed, listening to the transparent ghosts had been saying, and nodded after a few seconds of thought. "What must be done, masters?" Luke asked, inclining his head slightly.

Ben Kenobi blinked and turned from his black staring. The two-time mentor, first to Anakin Skywalker, Luke's father, then to Luke himself, sighed and spoke. "Luke..." He faultered, taking a moment to collect himself before he continued. Luke looked up. "Luke," he began again, "you must go to Xarmerr system."

Luke had a sudden feeling of deja-vu. The words: 'You must go to the Dagobah system...' flashed through his mind and a smile spread across his face. "What will I find there?"

Yoda spoke. "Find you will, knowledge. Secrets kept there, they have been."

"I fear I time has drawn to a close," Yoda looked over at Obiwan as he spoke,"we must save our energy." Ben's mouth did not move when he spoke the next words: "I feel it is coming."

Obiwan's apparition started to dissipate and Yoda nodded as Ben Kenobi's shimmering blue body finally disappeared into the flow of the Force. Yoda remained and turned to Luke. "With caution proceed you must. Once more rests on you, the fate of the galaxy does." The nine hundred years old Jedi Master turned from Luke, walking up to the window sill where even the slightest breeze that had at first fluttered the curtains picked up as Yoda looked unseeingly out across the vast, dense, dark jungle of Yavin IV. "Luke," Yoda whispered, "ahead dark times lay. Of those you trust, be mindful." With that Yoda's glowing Force apparition fizzled and disappeared along with one sentance. "It is coming."

Luke continued to stare at the air where Yoda had previously been for a minute, his mind mulling over what Ben and Yoda had said, untill the pot of stimsuline was fully heated and the stove indicated it with a short beep. Luke shook his head and moved over to the kitchen utility where he poured himself a cup of the steaming hot liquid. He sipped the hot drink, burning his lips. "Ah!" He wiped his lower lip with his free hand and glanced at the digital chrono: '02:46'. Nine minutes had passed.

With little point in going back to bed, Luke Skywalker decided to start researching.

The jungle moon of Yavin was filled with noise, as the sounds of the planets nocturnal wildlife flowed into the room. Luke relaxed as he walked into his fresher, filling his body with the Force.

Leia Organa Solo, the Republic's President, stood before the assembly of senators on a repulsor podium. The senate building in question was a magnificent size, which encompassed more than ten thousand senators and was filled with similar but smaller podiums to the President, which was now slowly circling high above what one would consider 'ground level'.

One of the senators was speaking. The senator that currently had the spotlight was Arkat Mressa, a female Yslarian of Yslar.

The Yslarian race were humanoid in general. They were characterised by their blue skin, short height and somewhat stocky build. Mressa was four foot three, had brown flowing hair braided in a bun and was wearing a regal white dress brimmed with thin blue stitching. Her singsong voice echoed throughout the grand chamber. "From what I have heard," The senator's voice echoed within the grand senate hall, her basic was almost plausible as a first language and the alien senator spoke the language with her native twist of musically elongating the 'E' sounds and her voice was amplified by countless speakers and heard by all the senators, "the Yslar Dominion would not benefit greatlyyy in joining the Reeepublic until weee are sure that the Reeepublic can stand by its own promises of safetyyy, securityyy, freeedom and peeeace."

Leia stood at the podium. "Representative of the Yslar race and fellow senators. I am sure you are all worried of the stability of our government. I will tell you this now," Leia's voice boomed out, "the Republic is in a much stronger position, economically and our government is stable as you can see." She tried to put confidence into her voice. "Since the Snotzenexer incident, our government has under gone some radical changes. Rest assured that we are contending with all the problems that has arisen from the recent Imperial attacks and takeovers."

The senator from Iom, the planet on which Admiral Snotzenexer had at first taken control of the Varion Imperial Bank and had begun what many investors and the media had at the time considered, a miracle, being able to accurately predict what and where to place the banks stock. Then after he destroyed the company, the bank gained millions from exchanged stock. The senator spoke up. "The Iom government has clearly stated that they played no part in the events that transpired during or after the time of Snotzenexer's take over. However, that doesn't rule out possible link to our planet and so, on behalf of our government we would like to offer the Republic our sincerest apology."

Leia turned to the Iom senator. "Senator Viol Kollor, the Republic does not hold Iom, its people, or its government, responsible for the events that have taken place regarding its Varion Imperial Bank." A series of repulsor holocams buzzed around the Senate arena, and in particular, centred on Leia and the Republics repulsor platform. "I reassure you senator that we hold no bad tolerance to your government."

One of the former Imperial senators from the planet Gionirif, Ronal Jion made a comment. "I would like to remind the senate that today's meeting is in the welcoming of several new members to our Republic." the man said mockingly, his fellow senators laughed among themselves. "Not to clean up the mess that the Republic has gotten itself in."

Leia gave Jion a hard stare and turned back to Mressa. "It is of course your frethas decision if you join the Republic." Leia had taken the day before this meeting to study the Yslarian race. She kept her features passive when she used some words from the Yslarians native tongue, although inwardly, she smiled. Leia hoped that 'frethas' stood for 'peoples' as the short summary on their language had indicated, although there was no direct translation from basic to Yslaran.

Arkat Mressa cracked a smile in a human fashion; she had studied as well, her people used music to convey emotion and it had taken her over a week to learn to speak basic and to practice human gestures (Yslar's love to learn new things, Mressa being no exception). Her smile didn't falter when Leia returned it. Mressa spoke. "Wee should have no trouble in convincing my 'freeethas' to join the Reeepublic." Mressa dropped the smile and adopted a grin instead. "Weee will discuss with our peeeople," she used the human word. "And will join, pending our acceptance."

Leia allowed herself a grin of her own.

Twenty minutes later, Leia exited her repulsor podium and ran into the arms of Han Solo. The ex-Smuggler swept his wife up off her feet and the two embraced. They kissed as Han gently settled Leia back to the floor. Han grinned and Leia smiled as husband and wife looked into each other's eyes. See-threepio hovered about behind Han. His golden mechanical frame gleamed in the light from the glow panels that lined the hallway. "Mistress Leia did the senate meeting go well? You seem happy." The droid stated the obvious. Han shot threepio a look that the robot ignored.

"Yes, threepio. Everything is fine." Leia answered without paying much attention. Han and Leia strolled away down the hallway. Han glanced over his shoulder at threepio as they turned to head for the speeder park. The protocol droid tilted his head and shuffled after the couple.




Lando was sat down in the only place he felt fully safe after the Snotzenexer incident, and that was in the lounge of his freighter, the Lady Luck. He was seated in one of the padded chairs, which had been bolted down to the deck. He relaxed back, skimming through his messages. He opened and read the one from Han first. 'Hey buddy,' it read, 'thanks for everything. See ya soon.' Lando frowned at the rather short message, and then, after sending an equally short reply, closed the text and skimmed through his other three messages. Noting one from a small computer parts fabricator in Prasado system, a Borsan Computech Limited. They expressed interest in becoming one of the mines regular clients. Lando sent a quick message to the companies official, informing them to send out a representative of their company to view the mines workings. He'd obviously have to tell his crew to avoid showing the Borsan representative any of the Imperial hardware or the hidden Imperial tech rooms.

He then closed the message folder and opened the Imperial document folder that Jalence had thankfully tagged for him. Lando glanced at the array of five folders each given a code and number tag. Lando opened the top file tagged as 'ISWARO-156'. As he skimmed through the information in the file his eyes widened. "No way." Lando immediately got on the com to Mansenchin.

"Yea? Lando?" The man answered tiredly, he had obviously been sleeping.

"Get Jalence and meet me in the Lady Luck." Lando said.

"What's up?" Mansenchin asked, his voice becoming much more sharper.

"I think you were right. There is another outpost."

Three minutes later, Lando was standing in the Lady Luck's lounge with three people sitting in front of him; Jalence, Herta and Mansenchin. Lobot stood by Lando's side. Lando was speaking.

"Jalence has found out the location of Imperial Special Weapons and Research Outpost one-five-six. Although from reading the file on the outpost I know very little about it except its location: The star system J-12301, it is uninhabited according to our charts and the ones here in the data centre. It is a system of three large planetoids and one gas giant that orbits an orange star. The star produces a very large and strong gravity well that keeps the three large planets in orbit and at the outter limits of the system is an asteroid field. The data on our captured Imperial hardware is dated for nearly thirty years ago and would not have been updated since that time." Lando let his collective audience take it in. "The fact that the outpost is still transmitting is something to be grateful for." He looked over at Mansenchin then across the rest of his people and wondered where Jim was. "I plan on going to check it out but I will need some help, so I'm going to Coruscant." Han may enjoy the escapade, he thought. "Anybody who needs to visit the capitol of the Republic should take the chance. We leave in two hours."





Obsidian Fury
You have yourself a real talent for descriptive writing. I liked this story a lot, and I did not have any problems at all keeping trace and interest up troughout it. I normally do when it comes to long stories (Primaly due to my difficulties with reading overall and that often has me grow tired of it) but you did a great job with this story.

I do love how you have brought in so many different characters in the story, and how you are using the Star Wars universe well to its great potentials. You asked me privately to tell tell you truthfully both good and bad sides of the story, so here comes my very personal perspective of the few things I did react to:
As minor a detail it is, I suggest you write Obi-Wan rather than Obiwan in the future. It tickle my natural calm for some weird reason. Then, also, I am more of an action/romance type. The story was truely awesome. I just happen to be the kind of person that get attracted to love and violence stick out tongue

With my personal view of it all stated, I'll rate: 7/10 so far thanks to your awesome writing, well descripted, planned and well used SWU. The missing 3 to 10 is due to the lack of love and violence stick out tongue

I know another chapter is on its way, and I am excited to read it wink

Chapter 3 "Old Masters"

"You have failed me."

Mara Jade opened her emerald coloured eyes to the voice, startled she glanced this way and that to identify its owner.

Her eyes took in her surroundings, which was total blackness. It was this fact that caused alarms to go off within the ex-Imperial assasin's mind. She tried to scrutinise her surroundings; demanding her eyes to pick something out. As her point of view became clearer her eyes took in a sight that gave her a sinking feeling of disbelief as she found herself floating in the endless void of space, the blackness receding behind brilliant dots of light that were stars.

Mara inhaled a huge gasp of air and didn't realise she had done so. The fiery red head was in a temporary state of shock, her mind racing as the thought of what she believed was going to happen to her- exponential and elosive decompression. Mara forgot to take into account the fact that there was no air in space and so technically she wouldn't be able to breathe, but this fact only very slowly dawned on her.

From out of the speakled blackness the face of the long dead Emperor materialised out of the unbounded gloom and seemingly stared down on the form of Mara.

"You have failed me, Mara Jade." The Emperor's voice boomed without even vibrating the air around her. Of course their should not have been air but that was no-longer Mara's concern as she looked horridly up at the Emperor's visage. His wrinkled, gray features were contorted in a hideous grin that carried the pure evil of Palpatine's spirit in a very casual manner.

Mara swallowed in a gulping gesture that didn't suit her and slowly motioned to speak. She had begun to realise that the Emperor's spirit was talking to her directly. Then again- it was possible that this was simply a dream, but at this current point in time that concept eluded her.

Palpatine's grin continued on into a smile that, to Mara, was the very same as a death threat. The Emperor spoke. "You served me well once, you carried my word to the corners of the galaxy that couldn't hear me. Your life is mine to control." His voice, echoing through-out her mind, sent shivers down her spine.

Mara tried to counter. "My life belongs to me! You..."

"I am your master, Mara Jade." Palpatine cackled, her name spoken as if it was the vilest curse in existance. "You serve me. I made you what you are."

"No." Mara tried desperately. "I am my own. I am not a tool, something that can be used..."

"Really," the Emperor reasoned, "we shall see. Soon I will return to the plane of physical existance."

"No!" Mara all but screamed. Palpatine grinned once more. "No!" She tried again. The question "How?" sprang to her mind and the Emperor's spirit picked up on her anguish.

"Very simply." He cackled. "The Force is in chaos, the nexus will soon open and the rift will form, then I shall return..." The Emperor started laughing. Her eye's widened.

Mara awoke from her dream with a start and a small yelp that even startled her, her eyes snapping open to her given quarters on the jungle moon of Yavin. The red haired and often fiesty trader had to blink back tears as she tried to cover up her emotions visually and in the Force, of which was sure would disturb any curious or sensitive Jedi. She was drenched in sweat, her normally shiny red hair tousled and sticking to her scalp, the bedding sheets wrapped around her as if she were drowing in them.

After freeing herself from the entwined fabric and later stanging under the nozzel of a cool shower, she reviewed her dream. Mara remembered the Emperor, and more importantly, she remembered his last words. She spoke these words aloud and wondered their meaning: "The Force is in chaos, the nexus will soon open and the rift will form, then I shall return..." What was this nexus he mentioned?

As Mara wondered she reached out with the Force and found Luke's presence, awake and alert and near-by, in the Jedi Academy's library. She would ask Luke.

Mara switched off the nozzel pressure, putting an end to the caressing and refreshing water that now simply dripped from her naked body.

After drying, Mara selected a dark green tunic and grey pants, she dressed and looked out the rooms window. The light of early morning, dawn, was just reaching over the treetops and mostly still reflected off of the red gas giant, Yavin, milions of kilometers above. It would still be a good two hours till the systems sun was at the correct angle to light up the Academy's side of the jungle moon.

The big EH
your bringing back the emporer, how lame.. no offense though, i just hate palps

Jack Daniels



Jack Daniels
I REALLY like where this is going! and to the comment of bringing back and hating palps well hes the biggest villain in star wars your suppose to hate this ties in nicely and the connection between mara and luke ties in also very well....mara was a BIG deal in EU...very nice reaper I cannot wait till you post more!!!!!! Thanks Reaper!

Jack Daniels
kewl your own artwork to go with the story!...again I like where this is going!

Seer Q'Anilia
Keep the good work up smile Sorry. I am not much of a talent when it comes to reviews.

Jack Daniels
Originally posted by Seer Q'Anilia
Keep the good work up smile Sorry. I am not much of a talent when it comes to reviews.

us critics and reviewers don't have to be all that just give our opinions...thats all reaper and kewl writers want...I jus hope reaper can get back the rest soon!!!! Go Reaper..."and TRS"

It will be a while before this story is continued, as I need to finalize the next few scenes & chapters....

Jack Daniels
we wait patiently nah were not patient just hurry the heck!!!

My computer has crashed and the OS has locked up I hope my files are in one piece... lol... the story has been delayed indefinately. Apologies to all my fans... As for reading this story, try the connecting stories to this one by David Pontier... I highly recommend 'Dark Ring' and 'The Snotzenexer Trilogy'... followed by my 'Jedi Nexus'. Let me know what you think of them... I'll call David and tell him that his stories are still loved.

I also hint that you read his other works too.

Jack Daniels
umm okay but save those files!

Lt. Valerian
All I have to say is: Beautiful.


Jedireaper you will find the four previous stories to this one there. Dark Ring -to- A New Rebellion

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