S2.5E01 - Going Postal 1 - A Nifty Trick

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Official Episode Preview

Echo DeMille, an everyday mailman, discovers a startling ability that quickly makes him a target.

Going Postal Webseries Trailer


Webisode 1- "A Nifty Trick" (full episode)

Official Site (US Only)



If it is later decided to have all "Going Postal" webisodes in one thread, then the mods (mainly Rex wink ) would edit the thread and thread title.

Here's the first webisode for the Online Series Story Arc "Going Postal"

Here's the episode for download (for those outside the US) in great quality (not youtube)
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just disable the .srt file when watching (disable subtitles in whatever program you use to watch videos) or if you don't know how, just erase the .srt file altogether (won't affect the video) (the .srt file is an spanish sub)


I really liked how it began, but the quality of the overall episode feels a little too fanmade, the acting of the Company agent isn't really good, but the FX are somewhat OK. I like the introduction of two new powers, to the second one really doesn't strike you as a really powerful (not in the way it was done at least)....

let's see how the second episode fares

The power to scare dogs! Awesome!

thank you for giving consideration to those of us outside the US

i hope it downloads alright

it downloaded ok and i watched it

i figured it would be longer considering the trailer and all

yeah... webisodes/mobisodes tend to be short.... will see if the other ones are longer

BTW: I messed up the trailer... the real trailer is in the "News" thread

who makes the webisodes anyway?

According to the credits, they're made by Retrofit Films, I guess an independent company... but they are treated as official episodes, that tie into the continuity of the show, and NBC is still in charge of the production, and Kring is still the producer.... we'll see how the other episodes turn out

... Somehow it feels like "Origins" ... in a way....

is that what the mid-season season was supposed to be called??

YEP... It was called "Origins" and it was supossed to be around 6 episodes, with completly new characters and confined within themselves (Kinda like a one-shot comic)

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.