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A/N: This is a little experiment I'm trying, making a songfic for Harry Potter using the songs from Linkin Park. Each chapter will have the start of another Linkin Park song. =)

Chapter One: Papercut

Those lingering lips. They froze in place, unable to move forward. It was the happiest moment in her life. A small smile appeared on her face, grinning so childishly. And he continued to lean in, kissing her at last. Then, a mirror drifted down from space, revealing the true identiy. It wasn't her, but her best friend...


Ginny woke, drenched with sweat and shivering all over. Darting out of her bed, she raced to a mirror, wanting to see if it was her, or her best friend. She didn't dare trust what the mirror revealed. But she had to know. She had to find out. Her eyes, they were glued shut, no matter what kind of force was applied, her eyes just would not open.

It was just a dream. None of it was real.

And if it was?

But it isn't. Open your eyes. You can do it.

And she did. A mixture of relief and joy washed away the fear she possessed. Now that she was awake, she couldn't go to sleep. Instead of climbing back into bed, she retrieved her baby blue bathrobe and descended the stairs to enter the Common Room. The dying ashes welcomed her, the warmth rushing to her. It must only be two in the morning. God, only an hour of sleep too.

And she doubted he was even back. They were acting strangely at dinner, him and Hermione Granger, her alleged best friend. She didn't want to admit that she had her doubts. But then the two just disappear leaving Ginny to stand guard of the potrait, watching everyone who entered. Neither Hermione or Harry entered. She felt the anger rise. The fiery red head wanted to find them.

Why was he doing this to her? Oh, but of course, Ginny was never good enough for Harry. What was so special about Ginny that would ever make him want her? Of course, he could see why he chose Hermione, she's pretty, talented, and oh so smart. Then wait, did Ron know? Privately, she wondered if Ron noticed too, and that it wasn't just her becoming paranoid.

* * *

"Ginny, you look terrible," commented the fifth year what's-her-face. She didn't even pay attention to who spoke to her.

Everything was falling. Normally, Ginny was a hard woman to break. Yesterday though, that was the start of the domino effects. The pillars that once held her up lay in ruins, forgotten. She didn't see Harry there. Nor was Hermione. It just led to more suspicion.

Why does it feel like night today?
She felt so tired. Even with a full night's sleep, Ginny didn't think she would be able to function at all. Harry was what kept her going through the day. And what about Ron? Her thoughts went between her and her brother. She didn't have the courage to tell him. So why was she a Gryffindor then? They were both betrayed. What else was a lie?

Something in here's not right today

Ginny didn't feel like herself anymore. Gasping for breath, she clutched her chest. It was impossible to live a life without him. She needed the air he breathed and no other. She could not lose him. No matter what.

Why am I so uptight today?

"Ginny?" it was her again, the annoying fifth year that felt like she could understand anyone's problems.

"What?" Ginny snapped, turning around and glaring at her. Anger blazed dangerously. The fifth year left without another word. Others around her started to mutter with one another. They were all whispering. Everyone in the Great Hall. Even her professors.

Paranoia's all I got left

What was that? She spun around, thinking that she heard the familiar voice. His familiar voice. She couldn't find him at all. It was like the two were avoiding her. There was one thing that Ginny didn't understand. What did she do wrong?

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