Star Wars Audio Drama's (various)

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Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire

Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire is a new series that takes place four years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. The Emperor is growing more powerful by the day, but his thirst for power and control are still strong. Henceforth, Palpatine sends his apprentice Darth Vader to begin a conquest of non-Imperial-controlled systems, beginning with the peaceful H'rahk Sector, located just outside the Expansion Region. But unbeknownst to the Empire, this sector is under the protection of the rising Rebel Alliance.

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Episode 3:

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Episode 5:

Star Wars: High Stakes

1,447.7 years before the Battle of Yavin, it is the time of the Darksiders' resurgence as the New Sith Empire rises in opposition against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. The Sith have been staging "hit-and-run" attacks on the Republic capital world of Coruscant, quickly leaving shipyards and military bases crippled. The location of their secret strike base is unknown, and the Jedi have decided to seek out its location so as to neutralize it and hopefully cripple the Sith's military forces. Therefore the Jedi are hiring starpilots from all around the galaxy to seek out the base's location. However, the Sith are already aware of this plan and have dispatched a fleet of warships to hunt down these starpilots and destroy them before they find the base . . .

Episode 1:

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Star Wars: Anthology

The Star Wars: Anthology audio drama series project began in May 2003 and launched with its first episode in July 2003 as a means of continuing to produce original Star Wars fan audio dramas, by series creator Nathan P. Butler and other interested creators, under one unified imprint. As they say, safety and notoriety often come in numbers.

The series began with five original tales by series creator Nathan P. Butler, including Dreamscape (winner of the 2002 TFN Fan Films Scriptwriting Contest), Doubts Cast, The Mob, Addiction, and Responsibility. For former two scripts were based on film concepts by Butler and Pete Dixon, while the latter episode was intended as a prequel story to Second Strike.

The sixth and seventh tales comprised a second era for the series, with new episodes written by guest writers Sean Koury (No Way Out) and Christopher Walker (To Overcome) and mixed by Steve Fluharty.

Now, a third era has begun, as new writers enter the series, mixing their own tales to hone their skills. These new writers that you'll see in the coming year include Gregory Harbin, Ian Bowie, and possibly others.

Star Wars: Addiction

Star Wars: No Way Out

Star Wars: Dreamscape

Star Wars: Doubts Cast

Star Wars: Responsibility

Star Wars: To Overcome

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