S02.5E02 - Going Postal 2 - The Houseguest

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Echo races home to protect his girlfriend Gina, and finds deadly uses for his new ability.

Webisode 2- "The Houseguest" (full episode)

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Captain REX
Certainly a brutal end for the Constrictor...


I kinda like the constrictor in the first episode, but in this one not so much

... still can get over the fan-made quality of the webisodes

...at least in the last one we have Mrs. Petrelli herself

...weren't we talking about only having a thread for each story arc and not every episode?

well... Rex said to put in in the episode listing... and since nobody said anything in the first thread (it was never edited to have the story arc in one thread) I figured why not post the next episode in a single thread...

besides... there's been so little activity in this subforum lately, I thought an extra thread wouldn't hurt big grin

... I'll wait till tomorrow to post the next episode (If someone doesn't do it before I do). Let's see if Rex edits the first thread and closes this one... or maybe not

BTW: the last episode is somewhat good... Angela makes it all better

Well, its the off-season. You can expect some inactivity. I don't think the answer to that is to artificially create "activity".

wan't talking about creating activity... I see no reason why an extra thread could clutter... or at least bother anyone around here. Besides there will be just as much posts in one thread than in several (in this case an extra couple)

... but like I said, If Rex or any other mod see fit to have it all in one thread, so be it...

...anyways, what's your take on the mobisodes?

it's already different from the graphic novels

in the GN, he told Gina about his power while they were dating

Originally posted by S_D_J
...anyways, what's your take on the mobisodes? I like them srug

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.