Because I Can

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Because I can
smile poetry of mine anyone?
if you're really bored feel free to read smile
thank you!


Because I can
Humanity Forgets
A panoramic view
Staring over the edge
For more.
Ambidextrous roads
Run like a river by my side
As I judge the world,
An emancipation of dissonance
It'sRaw for your touch.
Storms graze overhead
Leaving only memories beyond
Feeling only the pulse
From everywhere
The heart (...of the cause)
Humanity forgets
The second you open your eyes
To the stunning sunlight
You are born to live
And conquer
This world not of your own
Alongside pouting princess
And foreign figures
You open your eyes to
Brutality and reality
Humanity just forgets

Because I can
yeah... i write kinda weird poetry smile

Because I can
The Theory of Life
Extinction of the human heart
What are we doing to compensate?
Survival of the fittest
With suffocation arousing
No pulse
Evolution is one step behind

Speak to my memory
No lies lay ahead
We're lighting a fire
Now watch it spread
Ankle deep in love
No on can escape
The sun is getting high
And a blind web it spins
Pulling all in orbit with itself
Stars in your eyes
You hold on to let go

Dance and Dance
Without the motion
But emotion
Releases me
As the world lies
In a short-term focus
Not living.

Because I can
and one more for now...

March to the Scaffold
Don't let the night get away
Legs of a centipede
The forest looms ahead
Kicking and correcting
Itself .
Each branch greeted me
With an ambiguous wave
As we followed
The cold nipped at our heels
A protective b****
Guarding it's sanity
As we made a path
To the end of our journey
Secrets lurked,
Like termites eating our insides out
Leaving us a shell

A march to the scaffold
we trudge
Longing for it to last forever.

The sun threatens
Our pace quickens
Stripping the leaves of their trees
We call out
A fallen bird for its mother
Nature protecting us
The final steps into the open
The noose awaits before us
Hells throat,
Ready to consume.

You're scared, I too,
Our feet dangle
Like when we climbed the trees
We struggle no more
Our tears evaporating
And the Gods pick us up
An epilogue to a shameful life
Forgiven at last.

wo-oh! very jittery rythem, nice wording though big grin

Because I can
thanks smile
thought i'd put up some more just cause...

i'd really like some criticism too thanks smile

This is a Early Modern English poem we had to write for school, Chaucer style
i've just left out the y's instead of i's and the -eths

When my love swears to be real
She is my everything, and all I feel
An Angel of comfort always by my side
Confronting all evil with her fair pride
Unripe hate is banished by her fire
All i can do is wonder and admire
She fetches away all my breath
With only a mental civil war to be left
Of a Holy War, adreams escape her not
O, my love, such power she has got
With her lips she unclad me still
Her heavenly touch, so much could kill
O Lord, the love i do abhor thee
Give me all power to set my soul free
Consuming, engulfing, never to let me go
A Bielzebub, my low, my foe
She is a wreath of light within my life
To make her my cupid, my lonely wife

~Bun Bun~
I really like your writing big grin

Because I can
big grin thanks Bun Bun smile

Rogue Jedi
VERY cool stuff thumb up

Because I can
smile aw thanks RJ

will post more when i find something worthy enough stick out tongue

Because I can
The sun crept up to the morning,
Right on time.
It chose a place
Any place
To first let the sunshine go.
In a backyard
A dog blinked in the earliest rays
That the sun expressed.
It kissed the dogs coat
Spreading warmth from the tips onwards
Soaking up the dew
The few people up and about embrace the sunshine
Giving day a meaning
The sun starts the clocks ticking
Counting the hours of warmth left
Clear skies, the sun leaps from the horizon
Full of love on this particularly hot day.
The sun kissed all.
The skins of those on the beach
The boy's arm on a train
The girls hair in her English class
The grandmother waving goodbye in the window to her grandchildren
For the last time
Yet it lingered, filling up the wrinkles of age
A warmth to stay forever.
The sun was getting naughty
Licking those without protection.
A red lick to the nose of a small child in a pram
The child feels it, and attempts to lick back the midday sun
Reaching forward, tongue straining
The sun witnessed everyday life and the accompanying emotions
A man smack his wife
Another making love
A teenager hugging their friend
A teacher cracking it
The sun just smiled upon the day
Giving sunkisses to those who stop and welcome it
Late afternoon, the sun yawns
As most people make their way home
To their Family
House mates
Joining them on their journey
Crowded, sweaty trains
Freezing buses
Banked up taxis
And content cars
The sun kisses the world of each individual
Good Day
and waves goodnight to the sand and sea
Slipping into limbo for a fraction of a second
To Dawn another day on the other side of the world
To a boy in love, whispering
"You are the taste of summer
You give sunshine a new meaning..."
The girl just smiled
And stepped into the light
Thanking the sun for another day
Of sempiternal sunkisses for the world.

i'm not its biggest fan, but whatever stick out tongue

Oh cool. All your work is neat-O, mhmm. Great job Ms. I. Can

Because I can
Originally posted by Scythe
Oh cool. All your work is neat-O, mhmm. Great job Ms. I. Can
big grin thanks Scythifirous

Crappy but cool writing.
Keep it up wink

ah muna eat choo.

Because I can
Originally posted by occultdestroyer
Crappy but cool writing.
Keep it up wink
Originally posted by ScarletSpeed
ah muna eat choo.
SCUM big grin

Because I can
The Simple Things in Life
I am the simple things in life
Things that make you love
The things that make you who you are.

I am the swear words on your parents lips
The pair of shoes on the powerline
The dodgy wheel on the trolly
The tongue that just wont roll
The tears of dew on your morning grass
The dark side of the full moon
The blister on your heel
The loose seem of your hem
The last word of a book
The unknown harmony
The grains of sand at the bottom of your bath
The dud leg of a classroom chair
The initials of love carved into a tree
The chick thats too afraid to fly
The door that just wont stay shut
The finger that always cracks
The breaks in the footpath.
I am the yellow traffic light
The sleeping flower
The pencil with the teethmarks
The bindies in the summer grass
The single drop of water from your finished shower
The last cloud in the waning sunlight
The horses shoe that got kicked off
The tension in the air
The one cent needed to make 99 cents a dollar
The slippers on your grandfathers feet
The one link on your necklace that holds it all together

How simple is your life?

Ya Krunk'd Floo

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