Quantum of Solace Theme

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Apparently it's going to be the first time a Duet has done a Bond song, Alicia Keys and Jack White. I read this on the news today. Anyone know any more information on it?

People like the choice?

as long as they make it so that you can skip it on the DVD... the songs are always the most boring and annoying.
In Die Another Day it was doable because it showed scenes that contributed to the movie (but the song was horrible); if they do it like that again, it might be ok. But about the singers: I tried but I failed to care a rat's ass about it.

I don't give a shit about the damn song. Throw some ambient background noise in and I'll still be eating popcorn.

Alicia Keys and Jack White? eek!

Money droolio

Amy Winehouse is going to release her Bond theme, that didn't make it, on the same day the official song comes out to show that hers is better and will be higher in the charts... apparently...


Apparently this Coke advert has the new theme in, but an instrumental version. Not impressed yet.


The actual theme, with the vocals this time.

R u kidding me! keys gone hardcore? this theme is not working!

It is rather crap. Not happy with it at all. It's not going down well with a lot of people actually.

I think it's alright. Not terrible, but not spectacular. The piano bits are cool. In fact, the only bad thing about it is the singing.

Casino Royale has the best Bond theme though imo.

Best Bond theme ever?! the music was fine but the lyrics nothing special.

I think that "Another Way To Die", much like "You Know My Name", is a song that grows on you with time. Neither of them are classics, IMHO (and I'm sure will never be regarded as such), but they're certainly miles better than Madonna's "Die Another Day".

Personally, I think it's a huge shame that Amy Winehouse never completed the Bond theme that she was working on with Mark Ronson; she's got a great, Shirley Bassey-esque quality to her voice that I think would have suited a Bond film very well indeed. Maybe for Bond 23, eh? Or, failing that, why not just bring back Shirley Bassey - can't go wrong with her stick out tongue .

Originally posted by MildPossession
Best Bond theme ever?! the music was fine but the lyrics nothing special.

Haven't seen enough Bond flicks to provide an unbiased answer, but yeah, of all the ones I've seen, Casino Royale had the best theme smile

I'd rather listen to Die Another Day over the new theme...

The new theme sounds like crap, actually. Wait for Jack White and Alicia Keys' career to come to a sudden screeching halt.

You know, I was listening the The Last Shadow Puppets yesterday and was thinking they could have had a really good go at creating a Bond theme, all the 60s/70s style of music they have in their songs. I was actually thinking out a Bond credits sequence in my head while I was exercising to their music.


Laura Palmer
I hate Alicia Keys and I hated the song the second I heard it, but it starts growing on me...

The theme for the Bond game is better than the theme for the film...

i loved Another Way to Die

It's not a very good song, but still way, WAY better than Die Another Day along with a lot of other 007 theme songs.

You know my name from Casino Royale is my favorite bond intro song ever. I remember back when I saw it in theaters, when the song came on a lot of people kind of looked at each other and nodded, almost like they were surprised that the song was good lol

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