Last Survivors: The Beginning-Sign up and Discussion

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Just Jacob
You and few others are holding up in a house in a large residential district of a huge city. The city is still pristine and beautiful, just no people can be found. Your only company are the others that live in the home. Food and water are becoming scarce and leaving the house is slowly becoming the only option. There are supplies located all over the city, but getting to them is the hard part. The only things standing in your way is a horde of thousands of virus infected people. They care not for their own survival and live only to kill you. They are not dead, but have lost all form of their own humanity. Reason, or pleading have no affect on them. They will kill you in a heartbeat. Your only option is fight your way out of the city, and look for others that might have the same strange immunities to the virus that you have. Constant assault from the infected have left the defenses in shambles, and the defenders exhausted. Ammunition is in a decent supply, but food resources are nearly depleted. The survivors have resorted to drinking sodas and eating energy bars to stay awake. Being awake and falling asleep are two very important details. If you fall asleep, you'll most likely be the cause of your own, and the other survivors' deaths. Since the city has expanded so largely, it's about a three and a half day walk out of the city. Using a vehicle is impossible due to the thousands of infected that stumble their way through the streets. Are you up to the challenge of escaping the city?

You and a few other lucky people have an odd immunity to the infection. Not all survivors have the immunity and will change when touched by an infected. Those who can not be infected are usually called "enforcers" by the other survivors.

Supplies are running low, and a large group of survivors are trying their hardest to escape. Life or death all depends on how good the person next to you is. Without them, everyone will die. Stay together.

Combat Experience:
Life Left Behind: ((Sounds cooler than Biography))
Motivation To Survive: ((Loved one, or just will to live. Etc.))
Weaponry: ((I don't mind a little creativity, but no lasers and stuff))
Gear: ((Basics like a knife if you want, radio, ammo, etc. The more gear you have, the slower you are.))
Location at the start of the outbreak:
Basic Appearance:
Alternate Appearance: ((NOT required.))
Skill: ((Marksman, Engineer, etc.))
Body Type: ((Athletic, Average, Etc.))

1) Pistols- Small side-arms used in a last moment ditch from your main weapon. Also used for melee if you have none.

2) Shotguns- Heavy duty weapon used to clear out large groups of infected. It's best to work in tandem with a pistol, so not to leave any surviving infected.

3) Assault Rifles- Fully auto, semi, or single shot weapons meant mostly for spray-and-pray situations. Single can also be used for a middle-ranged sniper weapon.

3) Semi-Automatic Rifles- Will spit out a round every time you hit the trigger. Usually used for sniping, or pulling the attention of the infected.

4) Rifles- Long-range weapon best used by someone a safe distance away. Best to have either an assault rifle or shotgun nearby so not to be jumped by infected.

5) Explosives- These depend on what you can salvage and what you can make. Engineers can make all sorts of explosives.

Blunt Weapons- Basically used to crack some infected skulls. What else do you need?

Blade Weapons- Since the infected are not living dead, they will eventually bleed out, if injured enough.

Vehicles- Not advised for long term use, since they only attract more infected and can get trapped in a mob of infected.

1) Infected- Just an average person infected with a new bio-virus. Very strong and very fast. East to take down alone, but can be deadly in large numbers. Extremely Violent

2) Hunters- Infected with a genetic adaption. Their back legs are very powerful and they leap great distances ((50 Feet)) and hit their target. Fortunetly, they let out a deep grunt, which makes them easy to hear coming.

3) Tanks- Very large infected that have almost unbreakable skin, but multiple hits can take them down. Very rare to see the sculking the city.

4) Smokers- Aptly named because of a thick smoke that pertrudes from them when they are alarmed. It is impossible to see through the smoke and can almost blind you momentarily. They also have a long whip like tung that can be used to hang survivors.

5) Witches- They spend their time writhing on the floor, so it's easy to avoid them. If they are alerted, your best shot it to run from them, because they are the most powerful infected.

6) Boomer- When shot, will explode spewing out putrid bile onto survivors within range. They can also spawn other infected, but they are far weaker from lack of movement. Can also vomit on survivors within range, blinding them momentarily.

Just Jacob
Name: Jacob Book

Age: 24

Combat Experience: U.S. Marine

Life Left Behind: Just a simple marine trying to make enough money to move back to his home town.
Motivation To Survive: He finds that he just has to know if his old love survived the attack.

Weaponry: Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun, Jericho 941 F

Gear: Backpack for supplies, flashlight, extra ammunition, cigarettes,
radio, hot wire kit.

Location at the start of the outbreak: Court case. ((My opening post))

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 6'2"

Basic Appearance: Still wheres his digital cammo from the first attack.

Alternate Appearance: Jeans and a T-shirt

Skill: Marksman.

Body Type: Muscular.

Mando' Ade
Name: daren herth
Age: 17
Combat Experience: plays airsoft, paintball, laser tag, etc.
Life Left Behind: some hacker who made monny by stealing credit card numbers, id's, social security, etc. ((even from other characters))
Motivation To Survive: wants to live to see another mac (or pc)
Weaponry: m4 with red dot scope obtained from airsoft kit, glock 18c, also with laser from airsoft. and his powerful paintball gun.
Gear: ammo, hacked walkie talkie (works as radio), detonater, rc controller (10 mile range)
Location at the start of the outbreak: apartment
Weight: 189 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Basic Appearance: usually wearing camo jeans and a red and black jackket. black vans
Skill: hacker, engineer
Body Type: Average

vehicle: whenever he finds an suv with its keys on the streets hey rigs it with explosives, finds a way to attract zombies, runs away to cover, then blows the thing. sometimes he rigs it to the rc controller and drives it into a zombie zone/area filled with zombies, then blows it

Just Jacob


jalek moye
Name: Jalek Moye

Age: 26

Combat Experience: years of martial arts training, underground fights, and hunting experiance against large predators

Life Left Behind: A wanderder that would try to test his abilites in all aspects of combat

Motivation To Survive: Experiance this great challenge

Weaponry: Bastard sword, machete, and 2 tomahawks

Gear: Bastard sword in scabard on his back, 1 tomahawk on each thigh, machete laid horizontally on lower back. . One dagger strapped to left calf under pants, and spiked leather arm guards

Location at the start of the outbreak: apartment

Weight: 170


Basic Appearance: Shirtless with baggy cargo pants and combat boots. Wears a white headband that says Skill gained from effort in chinese kanji.

Skill: martial arts, hunting, various survival skills

Body Type: Muscular

Post bio soon big grin

Name: Bob Lindon

Age: 25

Combat Experience: Royal Marines

Life Left Behind: On shore leave from the HMS Brighton.

Motivation To Survive: Survival.

Weaponry: Issued with a 9mm pistol, but he will aquire more.

Gear: Backpack, flashlight, extra ammunition, binoculars,
radio, compass, whistle, med-pack.

Location at the start of the outbreak: HMS Brighton (subject to change)

Weight: ...

Height: 185cm

Basic Appearance: White Naval uniform.

Alternate Appearance: Marine combat camo.

Skill: Varied, he is good at some stuff, good marksman.

Body Type: Slim, built.

Ayáme Tetskomi
Name: Ayame
Age: 23
Combat Experience: taikwando training and boxing
Life Left Behind: A hard working mechanic struggling to make a living everyday to feed her younger brother (who was lost in the crowd when the infection began)
Motivation To Survive: she beilves her younger brother is still out there somewhere.
Weaponry: assult rifle, and two katanas
Gear: ipod and pocket knife
Location at the start of the outbreak: school (she was registering her little brother)
Weight: 115
Height: 5'4
Basic Appearance: she has long red hair, wearing black gloves, black boots, overalls with a hole in the right knee and one suspender on the left shoulder, and a white wifebeater.
Alternate Appearance: White wifebeater, sblack shorts, black combat boots, and hair up.
Skill: mechanic, sharpshooter
Body Type: slender/ built

Name: William Brenthood
Age: 25
Combat Experience: US Special Ops, Iaido and kendo master
Life Left Behind: Joined the army's special unit training to prove himself, as well as taking classes in the art of the sword, in his free time.
Motivation To Survive: Sees life as a game. Doesn't want a game over.
Weaponry: Triple coated 1.50m katana, M40A3 sniper rifle
Gear: M40A3 ammo, good for arround 100 shots, food for 3 days.
Location: In a commercial mall, eating and making supplies of food.
Weight: 220 pnds
Height: 6'5''
Basic Appearance: Tall, black hair, blue eyes.
Alternate Appearance: Black shirt, deep blue jeans.
Skill: Marksman, Samourai, Intellectual
Body Type: Athletic

Just Jacob
All approved and we will all start at our outbreak locations and then RP till we just get to the house, and then we revert back to current time, when all the supplies are gone

jalek moye
wait so are these infected things trying to eat us?

Just Jacob
It's like a type of rabies where the people just want to violently kill anything that they can see. Like rabies, it's spread through bite, and occasionally through touch. There are a few lucky ones of us who are immune to it.

jalek moye
so they are biting us but not eating us

Just Jacob
Well if they rip a chunk out they will eat it, but they usually stick to beating us to a pulp and then going to town on our bodies

Mando' Ade
so its bassically just like the delta contagion in hazmat?

Just Jacob
Nope. This does nothing to the body except drive you insane. Once you get infected you become apart of a hive mind

Ummmm.... Left 4 Dead? Of 28 Days Later?

Just Jacob
I already said that it was Left 4 Dead

Is there still time to join in?

Just Jacob

Ayáme Tetskomi
one more character.... lol (you'll know who he is.)

Name: Gregory

Age: 17

Combat Experience: street fighting/boxing

Life Left Behind: A younger teenager just getting into the street cred, he worked to help his sister out but not much.

Motivation To Survive: he is going to find his sister, yes he was injured by the things but he is immune to whatever it is that they have.

Weaponry: Assult Rifle, M40 rifle, AK 47

Gear: Backpack with supplies, spray can, ipod

Location at the start of the outbreak: he was registering for school when he was seperated from his older sister by these things he has no clue about.

Weight: 123lbs

Height: 5'3"

Basic Appearance: a baggy white tee, baggy pants, a gold chain, white tennis shoes.

Alternate Appearance: camo wifebeater, black jean shorts, black jordans, black gloves, dog tags.

Skill: technician

Body Type: slim/athletic/Muscular

Originally posted by Just Jacob

Nice smile

Name: Tyrone

Age: 30

Combat Experience: Filipino martial arts training, play fighting with neighbor's dogs.

Life Left Behind: an unglamorous but pleasant job running a small restaurant together with friends. An ex girlfriend that is still on good terms and family (father, mother, younger sister, grandmother) spread out over town. Current location and status of loved ones, unknown.

Motivation To Survive: striving to grasp the situation and find his family members.

Weaponry: tactical folding knife, long and durable keychain, aluminum baseball bat, claw hammer, utility knife.

Gear: cell phone, back pack, 2-way radio, a paperback copy of Yamamoto Tsunetomo's 'Hagakure', flashlight, a mix of fresh and vacuum packed food, screwdriver, claw hammer, utility knife, hemp string, cigarette lighter.

Location at the start of the outbreak: Restaurant.

Weight: 86 Kg (please, don't ask me to use that madness called the imperial system) stick out tongue

Height: 1.86 m (same as above)

Basic Appearance: trim shaved head, Hollywoodian beard, black cargo pants, gray short sleeved shirt, dark brown urban boots, dark blue hooded summer jacket.

Alternate Appearance: -

Skill: experienced cook, versatile H2H fighter, naturally charismatic (has a knack for earning people's trust quickly), fairly stealthy.

Body Type: athletic

Mando' Ade
lol, can you please use that madness called the imperial system, lol, jkng

Fat chance... I'm Swedish. stick out tongue

Just Jacob
Name: Devin Ross

Age: 36

Combat Experience: Delta Training

Life Left Behind: A strictly military life, and an ex wife, who refuses to akllow him to see his son, or daughter.

Motivation To Survive: See that both of his children survived.

Weaponry: M9, and an M14 Assault Rifle

Gear: Military radio, flashlight, Swiss army knife, map, canteen, field health kit, air signal, smoke grenades, door charges.

Location at the start of the outbreak: Redstone Arsenal.

Weight: 220lbs

Height: 6'3"

Basic Appearance: Complete military garb, including a gas mask.

Skill: Excellent marsman and fighter.

Body Type: Military

Mando' Ade
awesome, i live in montgomery, that means he would be near here at the beggining of the outbreak. nice.

Just Jacob
You're a Bama man too?

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