300 Limited Edition 3-disc set

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Warner Home Video has announced a 3-disc Limited Edition of 300 which stars Gerard Butler. The set will include all the features previously available on the Two Disc Special Edition, but now adds an additional bonus disc. This 3rd disc contains a new documentary ("To The Hot Gates: A Legend Retold"wink which provides a comprehensive and dynamic description of the process filmmakers followed to take an ancient legend through a graphic novel and finally realizing it as a feature film. In addition there is a bonus Digital Copy of the film, a 52-page hardcover art book with a personal message from director Zack Snyder, and a lucite display with motion film image and six collectible photo cards.

OUT 18th November 2008


Double dips suck. I shan't be buying it.

I bought a steelbook edition of 300 for a present for someone last year, that's all I will be spending on the movie.

I'm fine with my "regular" edition.

I'm fine with my 2-disc one.

I'm really getting tired of this practice of releasing a movie and then several months later re-releasing it with more stuff. I know capatalism is the word of the day for movie studios but jeez. Damn near every movie I currently own has been re-released in some form.

Won't be getting this. They've already gotten me for Kingdom of Heaven and Spiderman 2.1.

I held out for the four disc Kingdom of Heaven edition, didn't bother buying it on the single cut dvd since it was Ridley Scott.

I've learnt to wait... you can always tell more or less what films are going to get a new dvd release in the future.

Or if I'm not that bothered then I will just get the 2 disc edition normally, but can always find a really nice edition of a film if I like it enough to buy with box slipcases, exclusive shop covers and editions(did that with The Orphanage, and Cloverfield last).

You can always sell the one you have now and put that money towards the new edition, I've done that a few times. I did it for the latest edition of Apocalypse Now, even sold my original for more than what the new one cost online!! ha ha.

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